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GH: Guza wants Genie Back!

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Saw this in the new TV Guide:

GH: Dreaming of Genie

General Hospital head writer Bob Guza wants Genie Francis back BIGTIME. He says a March plot will have Laura's battling ex-husbands "going toe-toe in an effort to unravel the mystery of who killed Laura's father. It'll set the stage to bring back Genie."

Just one hitch: ABC has not yet made a deal with her.

Get with the program ABC!

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I only want her back if Guza is actually going to write for her~ Yes, the 25th anv. thing was nice and touching, but Genie is better than even that and she deserves to have a storyline, not just an eppy here and there for nonsense. It would be a waste of her time and ours.

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