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AMC: Huge uncasting Scoop!

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I'm just shocked by this! Why bring her back FROM the dead, trash her character, and then kill her off AGAIN!? I think AMC is going to be canceled with all the changes they keep making. If I were Cam Mathison, Jeff Branson, MEK, or Susan Lucci I would be looking at my options right about now! It doesn't seem to matter if you are talented, they are just looking to chop heads! I'm so glad I stopped watching this stupid show months ago, but after all the years I invested in this show it still hurts! I won't be doing any more quick stops while channel surfing anymore either! They don't deserve the fans they have!! Thank you Frons and Carruthers for running this show into the ground!

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HELL NO...NO THANKS!!! We were on the Cady-go-round for THREE years. And I liked the B*tchRo she was in the beginning. Not wussy Jordan-humping-baby-obsessed Ro she turned in to.

That being said...Rosanna emerging from her coma would be the perfect way to explain what Carly does once she skips town for Maura's maternity leave.

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I actually believe it. Cady gets her rocks by coming and going. All this fuss was made about her big return which bombed and now she's bailing again?! She better be stone cold dead this time.

Cady's probably headed to Oakdale where she'll be pampered to and given her [!@#$%^&*]y role of Rosanna back.

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She was fired people. Read that SOW interview piece above.

If anyone is left who doesn't realize AMC is completely and utterly f*cked, I think professional counselling is in order because we should be way passed the denial stage.

Tad & Dixie was really all the show has going for it. God help me I feel sorry for Megan McTavish, I really do. She loved them and she would have done a great job with them.

Now lets see how safe Walt Willey's fans think he is.

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I feel a wave of sadness now. I think eventually, all the soaps are gonna be gone before I turn 30. But OLTL will go before AMC, I think.

James Mitchell hasn't been a presence for years. He's a veteran and AMC treats him and others horribly.

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Here is the latest from SOD On-Line:

Cady McClain Off AMC

Two-time Daytime Emmy winner Cady McClain, who returned to the role of AMC's Dixie in December 2005 after a four-year absence, is leaving the show by month's end. Executive Producer Julie Hanan Carruthers is staying mum for now, noting, "I want viewers to have the experience of how it plays out. It’s very heightened stakes. It’s one of the strongest weeks we’ve ever done." But she gives Digest the inside scoop on Dixie's dramatic exit in next week's cover story. The issue, dated January 30, 2007, will be on newsstands on January 23

Courtesy of Betty at New Beginnings:

Cover Story...

AMC: Shocking Death!

Which of these heroines are killed? (Bianca, Dixie, Kendall, Babe)

It is Dixie, one of AMC's most beloved heroines, who becomes the third woman to die at the hands of the Satin Slayer!

The killer has left a satin ribbon at the Chandler mansion for Babe, while gardenias have been delivered to Kendall.

The s/k watches Kendall on the Fusion rooftop.

Ryan can't persuade Kendall to leave Fusion. Erica also tries to persuade the girls to leave Fusion, & while there she introduces Maggie to Josh. "Have you met Maggie? She's just like Babe, only imported."

Ryan & Josh drug Zach with truth serum & Zach reveals life-altering information.

Tad & Jamie deduce that in sending gardenias to Kendall, the s/k is skipping Babe & going right to Kendall, the ultimate target, & suspect David of being the s/k. Babe is horribly upset by this & goes straight to Zoe...Babe & Zoe wake up in bed together, and JR happens to walk in.

Tad askes Dixie for a date, they kiss, & the following week the s/k strikes Dixie. Carruthers assures viewers that it is not a pretend death.

Casting ABout/Grapevine

AMC is casting a new leading lady, a familiar name from the past - and recent on-screen mentions of Greenlee may not be coincidental.

Comings & Goings

Who's coming:

Adrien Rieder (Kenny Adler)

Who's Going:

Tanisha Lynn (Danielle Frye)

Cady McCLain (Dixie Cooney)

VCR Alert:

Zach remembers more of his past on Monday, January 29.

On Tuesday, January 30, Dixie realizes Kathy is Kate.

Thumbs Down!

It's hard to believe AMC gave Julia Barr the swan song they did - which was not to acknowledge that the actress & her alter ego, Brooke English, were leaving.

Mail Bag:

Some Bianca fans are all for Bianca starting a relationship with Leslie.

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