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PSNS: Friday January 5

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Sheridan is definitely working along with the rapist.

Chris, watch your back.

Miguel/Kay/Fox = Pointless

Theresa, dump both Jared and Ethan. Anyone else notices that Theresa's spark is gone? What happened to her vibrant personality?

Whitney and Chad = Ugh

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Yep. I said it weeks ago. Sheridan must be Beth since it's obvious she is in on the rape and is trying to make people think Fancy is going nuts. She tried the same plot on Sheridan before. Emily Harper is rocking this but I can't stand all the attacking.

Ethan needs to die. I was so happy Jared came back. I know Theresa will always love Ethan but guy needs to let her go. She is finally moving on without his sorry ass. I loved when jared just bursted in Chad and Whitney :lol: . Theresa still has her spark thanks to Lindsey Hartley's and her awesome betrayal but the character and actress are being wasted. Let her move on with Jared and move on because this E/T/G crap has gone on for far too long. In fact, it has gone on 4 years too long.

The wedding sucks with the exception of Julian, Ivy, etc all being there. I could care less about Fox/Kay/Miguel. End it and let's move on.

Chris needs to go too. What a useless character. I remember SOD reporting Adrian Wilson was out around the time Beth and Alistair left. Why is he still here? He is a waste of space and the budget.

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I have started a new poll to fill in for the missing TOP 10 (only as long as it is down). Once it comes back this will stop. The procedure of picking the ballot will change some next week. I got the idea for this too late to get it started this week.

Check it out at:


My introduction paragragh explains things. Hope everyone will participate.

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Wow, we have a bunch of negative Nellies on the board today!

Sorry guys, but the show ROCKED today!! But that should come as no surprise; "Passions" always does the big events really well. I liked how the Ethan/Theresa/Jared and Chad/Whitney sexfest happened upstairs during the same time that Fancy's near second rape was also upstairs, running concurrently with the wedding downstairs. So much action!

Now for comments:

Sheridan is NOT Beth. It's obvious what Sheridan is REALLY trying to do. Sheridan is trying to make Fancy appear crazy so that history can repeat itself. Notice, Luis already believes Sheridan -- aka "the other woman" and not Fancy, who believes she was attacked again. Sheridan feels vindicated for Luis not believing her when she said Marty was her child, and he believed Beth, aka "the other woman."

Mean Sheridan is sooooooooooooooooo hot. And amazingly, Mac looked 35 and not 50, as she had in last week's episode, so that dress really flattered her hot bod.

Loved the "Fox is dying" reveal that clearly only Migs and Kay knew about.

REALLY enjoyed that brief ET makeout session. :wub:

I still can't tell if Jared is good or bad but one thing's for certain: Ethan is OBSESSED. Sorry, but he never had proof, just a "gut feeling" that Jared was "bad news." (Who talks like that anyway -- other than people living in the '80s?). Anyway, sorry Ethan, but Jared is GOOD. GETOVAHIT.

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED how Sheridan hinted she wanted Chris dead.

Can I say it enough? Mean Sheridan is INCREDIBLE!!!

Loved today's show. It might have been a keeper but it's too bad that I recorded it on the low-grade stuff.

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JER has a thing with turning his good girls bad in one form or another. Letting viewers see them do a complete 180. And I'm not going to lie and say that it isn't fun to watch, because it is. It's always interesting to see a character acting SO unlike themselves... but when all is said and done, you usually end up with a ruined character, LoL

And he always gives them an out. So, I'm sure that Sheridan will be Beth.

Look at Marlena (Possession/SSK). Then Charity (Zombie Charity). Both went bad, but both had outs. Marlena was possessed by Satan, and for the SSK she dreamed it all up. And Charity was a zombie.

He'll give Sheridan an out, too. *coughs* sheisbeth *coughs*

I'm not even watching the show, and that's my official prediction. Let's see how right I am.

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Thank you, nass.

Sorry, Kenny, but Sheridan is not Beth.

It's clear that Sheridan has snapped and is making Fancy live HER life as a form of revenge. Since Sheridan can't have Luis, she's clearly making Fancy appear crazy (like Sheridan really went crazy) so that Luis won't believe her about the attack (just like he didn't believe Sheridan about Marty) so that Fancy can feel the same pain that she went through, and hopefully, break it off with Luis.

Sheridan intends to destory the Lucy romance. Without love, or the hope of love, she's coming into her own as a Crane. I've seen this sort of thing happen in real life to otherwise well-adjusted, "normal" people. That's why I KNOW this is the real Sheridan.

Otherwise, she wouldn't ask why this is all happening to her and why she is being "bad."

Beth NEVER questioned her actions. Heck, she was so deluded she eventually believed Marty WAS her son.

This is not Beth.

Thank God.

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