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PSNS: Friday January 5

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At this point, most viewers don't think Sheridan planned the rape because it's such a cruel and unimaginable action.

Most think it's just Spike being Spike and a follow-up to the attempted rape in the cave.

I hate these rape storylines on Passions, but I shamefully have to admit this one is intriguing and better executed than the others, which were merely plot points.

:(So ashamed

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lol at the shame, nass. Awww.

I'm not ashamed though.

I am thoroughly entertained by the Sheridan storyline. Again, do I agree with her actions? No. Do I believe in rape or people using rape to hurt another family member? Certainly not. But this is fake, and I have to say, I'm VERY intrigued by this, perhaps "Passions'" most perverse story yet. This definitely tops almost incest. It's just so shocking!

I guess I'm falling for it, JER. Hook, line and sinker. :)

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Most people already think Sheridan's cracked due to her mental problems ala Beth. Believing this already, most have found her button hiding ways deplorable. Imagine if/when it's revealed she set up everything.

Beth was not forgiven, and Sheridan won't be excused for her behavior if a mental disorder is used as an explanation.

An aunt setting up the rape of her niece just to destroy a romantic relationship of the man she dumped gets no pass. At least Beth would have more sympathy because Luis did her wrong.

Nope. Viewers will only accept Sheridan as a redeemed character if it's Alistair controlling her mind or if she's Beth in disguise.

It's MUCH easier to redeem Fox and Chad. Shoot, they don't even need to be redeemed because what they are doing is the norm on a lot of soaps. Sheridan's behavior? Nope.

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