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The City


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Created by

Agnes Nixon

Barbara Esensten &

James H. Brown

Executive Producer

Jean Dadario Burke

Supervising Producer

Heidi Adam


Laura Rakowitz

Directed by

Joseph Cotugno

Written by

James H. Brown

Barbara Esensten,

Ron Renauld

Juliet Law Packer

Rick DeGregorio

Tony Lang

Tita Bell

Lynn Martin,

Randy Holland

Royal Miller

Kirk Aanes

Story Consultant

Agnes Nixon

Videotaped at ABC Television Center in New York


Courtesy of In Loving Memory - The City

Created by

Agnes Nixon

Barbara Esensten

James H. Brown

Executive Producer

Jean Dadario Burke


Laura R. Rakowitz


Robert Scinto

Joe Cotugno

Casey Childs

David Pressman

Nancy Stern

Andrew Becker

Head Writers

James H.Brown

Barbara Esensten


Dana Herko

Tom Citrano

Bill Levinson

Ron Renauld

Kirk Aanes

Tony Lang

Millee Taggart

Story Consultant

Agnes Nixon

Coordinating Producer

Heidi Adam

Consulting Producer

Nancy Stern

Associate Directors

Harriet Wohl Goldstein

Karen Johnson

Angela Tessinari

Technical Director

Frank Schiraldi

Production Executive

Rick Figalora

Production Managers

Vivian Ramos

V Gantt

Technical Manager

Michael Luzzi

Lighting Directors

Candice Dunn

Howard Sharrott

Lightworks Editor

John Tumino

Lighting Consultant

Rick DiGregorio

Scenic Designer

Boyd Dumrose

Assistant Scenic Designers

John Magoun

Eric Harriz

Costume Designer

Elsa Ward

Assistant Costume Designer

Rhonda Roper

Casting Director

Julie Madison

Associate Casting Director

Heather Baird

Casting Assistant

Lauri Hogan


Trish Gaines


William J. Deblock

Nancy Mannon

Production Assistants

Nadine Aronson

Winnie Dunn

Assistant to the Writers

Ellen Meckler


Danielle Faraldo

Assistant to the Producers

Beth Kravitz

Production Associate

Jean Marie Hanmer

Camera Operators

Mary Flood

Roy Hutchings

Eric Johnson

Adam Keith

Tom Shepard

Judy Willinger

Charles Papert

Brant S. Fagan

Tom Stukas

Boom Operators

Ed Raab

Carla Nation Reid

Ed Witherspoon

Videotape Editors

Stephen Cali

Jack Hierl

Technical Support

Robert Bovino

John Dibbins

Bob Dietzsch

Myron Kohut

Stage Manager

Brendan Higgins

Music Directors

Terry Walker

Jerry Pilato

Business Manager

lene Mille

Outside Props

William Maher

Arthur Minor

Dennis Kronyak

Makeup Artists

Cynthia Faye

Alan Cutler

Hair Stylist

Joyce Carollo

Kira Iratian


Dorothea Brehm

Nanette Clausen

Wanda Miether

Millicent Taylor

Alice Weldon

Studio Coordinators

Rhoda Gilmore

Tony Pascarelli

Original Music by

Scott Schreer

njj music inc.

"The City" Theme Composed by

Scott Schreer

Videotaped at

ABC Television Center in New York

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