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Days:SOW Cover and Spoilers

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DAYS Cover

Belle Breaks Down

John Rescues Marlena

Bo & Hope: Tragic News

Sami to Austin: Move In with Me

This Week:

John pleads with Marlena for another chance

Lucas meets a new woman

Shawn Comforts Belle

Bo blows his top over Patrick

Can't Miss: Monday Oct 17

Bonnie keeps Roman company.

Week of Oct 24

John attacks Alex, then accuses him of brainwashing Marlena.

Mimi gets a job

Donald trump visits Salem.


Belle's Hell -SOW Article -Spoilers

After Seeing Shawn kiss Mimi and nearly falling off the roof, Belle breaks down this week on DAYS.

"Belle returns to the loft and Philip can tell she's upset." sets up Martha Madison (Belle). Belle tells Philip she went up on the roof to get some air. She doesn't say anything about Shawn and Mimi being there. Belle's inital reaction is nobody wants her becuase she is so worthless. She is desperate for addection from Philip and negs him to make love to her."

But he won't. "Philip says it too soon; it wouldn't be good for Belle." signhs Madison."He thinks Belle is tired and upset, but she feels completely dismissed by him."

Philip sends belle to bed, but she can't sleep. So, she heads back to the roof. "Belle starts looking through the music th. at Shawn and Mimi were dancing to, " says Madison. " She starts to feel sad about about losing Shawn and about all the problems that she's going through. She's anxious and scared. She doesn't know what to do."

Enter Shawn. "She doesn't want to talk about this," continues Madison. But Shawn insists, "so they end up having a heart-to-heart. Belle explains what's going on, and Shawn reassures her that everything will be fine."

Then Shawn admits he wants what Philip has. Belle asks, "You want me?" previews Madison. Not exactly. "Shawn says he wants a family and a wife who loves him, but not with Belle anymore. That's what sends Belle over the edge. She feels there is no hope for them as a couple. Belle has made a series for mistakes and now she's stuck in a life she doesn't want."

And that's when Belle breaks down...in Shawn's arms.


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Well, if Shelle fans can't have the real thing, this'll do. :D

Altogether, it sounds like a decent week's worth of scripts, although I can't help but harbor a secret desire for Bonnie to be sent far away and that bar blown to shreds. Austin's "This sure ain't Tuscany" line made me laugh out loud.

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