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  1. Ooo, this is looking interesting. This whole Boss story is intriguing! Joy and Steven will be a hot match. Love it!
  2. Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell: Stop making all your new 'nice' female characters so damned boring. EUGH.

    1. Soaplovers


      I agree with that. Carrie, Jennifer, and Hope were not sweet and saccharine heroines back in the day.

    2. cassadine1991


      Lorraine Broderick better do something about this

    3. Soaplovers


      Lorraine Broderick isn't a headwriter on the show, she is basically in charge of pacing and breakdowns.

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  3. Well, give them SOME credit. I still think they believe DAYS started in 1983, at least. You'd think the show didn't exist before the Bradys arrived.
  4. That was great! I'm loving Kirkland's concern about revealing his bisexuality. That's fantastic and should be explored more on soaps. Can't wait to see more of the Christy Carson drama! Your dialogue gets better and better all the time. Loving reading these shows!
  5. DAYS OF OUR LIVES #11 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: ML Cooks Abby fidgets awkwardly at her desk, pretending to organize files to distract from her nervousness at Jenn's invasive line of questioning. ABBY: You don't believe me? I mean, Mom, why would I lie? I'm fine! I swear! JENNIFER: And so that's why you just moved the same file folder to one side of your desk and back twice? Abby stops and looks up at her mother with a hint of irritation. She drops the file on her desk and folds her arms. ABBY: You know, you and JJ have been on my case for awhile now about
  6. Well that was a...lovely image. Not surprised Devon threw up! Loving this new story with Sharon, Dru, and Sheila. This is gonna be GREAT. Interesting to see Iris involved. Loving the crossover already. Great show! I'm excited to see what's coming up!
  7. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Ep. 10 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: ML Cooks Sami won't take no for an answer, and continues to prod Kate for information on Jordan. SAMI: Come on, Kate. You can't leave me in the dark about this. KATE: Ohh yes I can. In fact, I consider it my responsibility to keep you in the dark about this, because until this information is public, I cannot run the risk of you shooting your mouth off to anyone in the heat of the moment... SAMI: Hey-- KATE: ...Which you are rather infamous for, even you will admit. Sami glares at Kate, not willing to admit
  8. We all know Jordan Ridgeway's glasses are fake. At the very least she has contacts. Bo's absence might really affect Hope in a big way. Hope you stay tuned!
  9. Maxine will have more of her own business to attend to soon. Gabi is a bit of a nutcase, let's all be honest about this. Glad you guys liked that ending. It's just the start for those two.
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Glad the SK thread gave you a bit of a gift from us to you! Haha!

    1. ChitHappens


      Haaa. Thank you. That was a really good gift )

  11. DAYS OF OUR LIVES #9 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: ML Cooks Jennifer turns the handle to the records room, startling EJ and Abby, causing them to reclothe hastily. Jennifer is about to step in when a voice calls out her name. LIAM: Jennifer! Jennifer is pleased to see Liam, and her long face brightens up when she does. JENNIFER: Liam! HI! How are you? Jenn leans in and hugs Liam. Liam graciously kisses Jenn's hand. Jennifer is charmed, giving a muted smile. LIAM: M'lady. I am well. What about you? You seem a little less...yourself than usual. JENNIFER: O
  12. OO, i'm intrigued by Joy. Loving the tie-ins with ATWT and the whole P&G universe. You've done really well at tying everything together. It works rather seamlessly! Keep it up! I'm enjoying this!
  13. Daniel tells Jenn "I need to know this is going to go on forever". I SURE AS HELL HOPE NOT.

    1. Mathewson


      Me too!!!!! Daniel is so incredibly repellant and makes Jennifer even more annoying than she usually is.

    2. Khan


      It won't go on forever...but it probably will outlive us all.

    3. AlexElizabeth


      The idea of Dannifer going on forever is enough to give me a stroke!

  14. Aww Kay I'm glad to see everyone coming together though. Bye Tucker. Can't say I'll miss him. Can't wait to see more!
  15. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Ep. 8 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: ML Cooks Jennifer steps off the elevator at University Hospital, making her way over to the desk at the Nurses' Station. Maxine is there to greet her. MAXINE: Hey, honey. How are you this morning? JENNIFER: Oh I'm alright. (sighs) Is Daniel in? MAXINE: Yeah, I think I saw him head in early this morning. Why? Maxine raises an eyebrow with a wry smile on her face. Jennifer shakes her head in warning. JENNIFER: Don't get too excited, Maxine. We're not getting back together, I can guarantee you. MAXINE: Now,
  16. Aaaaand that's EXACTLY what I expected. HUGE backfire. Good work, Murphy. AWESOME episode though. Can't wait to see what happens next.
  17. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Ep. 7 written by A. Washington-Beeby story consultant: ML Cooks JJ steps downstairs slowly to see where his mother is. Finding her studying papers in a folder in the foyer, he makes his way down delicately. JJ: Uh...mom? Jennifer stops immediately and turns to JJ with a smile. JENNIFER: JJ! Good morning! JJ: Yeah, good morning. Look, uh...are you in a hurry or do you have time to talk? JENNIFER: No, I've got time...but honey, if this is about Daniel again, I don't want to hear about it-- JJ: Look, it is, but it's also about me, and I think you should hear me
  18. Agreed. Was she a nurse or a doctor when Valerie left Salem? Was she romantically involved with anyone on her way out? I'm assuming she broke things off with Abe before her departure.
  19. Yeah, can't say I'll miss Harmony much. I love what you're doing with Lily. I have a feeling I know what'll happen after her surgery. Hehe. I agree with Cary, Murphy's plan's gonna backfire and the aftermath is gonna be HUGE. love it!
  20. Nice to see the Edge of Night references. Gives us a little update on Raven I can't wait to see more of "Joy". heh.
  21. Interesting, this proves that the 1972 copyright was taken off the titles as early as November 1983, instead of 1984 like is commonly thought. Great to see these early 80s episodes! Nevermind, the intro was dubbed in. Still interesting to watch though. These scenes really make me miss WN as Roman and Alice
  22. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Ep. 6 written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: ML Cooks Brady is heading back home from Theresa's when he receives a text from Sami that reads: Get to the brady pub NOW!!! its important Brady rolls his eyes at Sami's text and ignores it. He's about to put his phone away when he gets a call from Victor. He grumbles as he picks up. BRADY: Grandad. VICTOR: Brady Black, I was about five seconds away from calling a search party. Where in blue blazes have you been all night? BRADY: Okay, grandad, I thought we agreed that I was going to be living alone l
  23. This sounds fantastic. I love Sharlene and her DID. It always fascinated me to see her deal with that. I can't wait to see what comes next. Steven as her therapist will be great!
  24. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Ep. 5 written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: ML Cooks Theresa is in bed with Brady, reaching frantically for her phone, which Brady is denying her. THERESA: Seriously, give that back. BRADY: Only if you promise me you won't even try to take another picture. THERESA: FINE! Now give it back! Brady slowly lowers his arm and hands Theresa her phone, which she snatches back brusquely. THERESA: What the Hell was that for anyway? BRADY: I'm gonna tell you something about me, okay? I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but I run a pretty big conglomerate, oka
  25. Yeah, definitely just had a phone conversation with Meredith Scott Lynn. That was the icing on the cake of a really good day!

    1. Mr. Vixen

      Mr. Vixen

      How did that happen? Love her! I always remember her from her small but memorable role in Legally Blonde.

    2. beebs


      Mutual friend hooked us up. AW's Constance Ford's neice, oddly enough. I've been really fortunate to randomly meet these really cool people this past year. She once told me about being sick in the hospital as a kid and Connie sending her flowers from Steve & Alice's wedding to the hospital. SO COOL!

    3. Mathewson


      wow! I couldn't stand her in Legally Blonde or in anything else I ever saw her in but I like her a lot more on Days! Love her tweets!

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