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  1. Oh God. I can tell already Carly's gonna go into one of those annoying tirades that's grated on me for years. Ugh. Very good episode. I am a bit lost on some of the stories, but I know you can guide me along. Great work!
  2. Yeah, I'm with ML. The story that grabs me is Patrick's drug additction. Hoping to see some more familiar faces from pre-Guza/RC days too. I'm sure you can balance it all though. I love your work at AW, so I can't wait to see how you do GH.
  3. Alright. So I only vaguely know what's going on in the show right now, but it looks good. I like the interactions and I do love that Monica is being featured as much as she is so far. Hope that continues. Jason I haven't liked since he got in that car crash in '96 but...enh. We'll see. Looks good so far!
  4. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Ep. 26 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson Nicole opens the file folder that holds all her research on EnerNext for Percy. NICOLE: Alright! Nick raises a finger, as if to ask a question meekly in a classroom. NICK: Uhh...question. Nicole continues to be short with Nick responding almost before he has a chance to finish his sentence. NICOLE: Yeah? Nick is taken aback by Nicole's impatience with him. He carries on, though he's treading carefully so as not to show any outward irritation with Nicole that
  5. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Ep. 25 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson Kate wakes up in her condo on a bright, sunny morning to a loud banging at her door. She stumbles over to the door, groggy, sleep-deprived, and upset at being awoken. KATE: I'm coming! Would you calm down? You morning people make me sick. She opens the door to her condo, ready to lay it on the person on the other side. However, behind the door is Billie...with all her luggage. BILLIE: Hi, Mom! I'm home! Kate is surprised to see her daughter so early, and at her con
  6. Anyone have a specific timeline on when Kim Brady and Phillip Collier ended their engagement?

  7. Looooove Karynn. Such a good episode just based on her scenes. I am so looking forward to her on this show. Malcolm's gonna need to sober up before he does anything. I don't even know if he's aware that this tape's for real and that he didn't just dream it. Haha. Roxanne need to make her mind up. Too late though, it's made up for her. Oh well. GREAT show!
  8. Great episode. Lots of great stuff happening. I love Karynn and Karl's arrival. They look like they're gonna be fun characters to play on. The jig is up between Roxanne and Nate. Ooooo! Malcolm's so drunk, I'm amazed Hilary would go within a mile of him.
  9. Thanks, Carl. I know it's gonna be slow-moving at first, but things are starting to pick up, so I really do hope you catch up on it. Thanks for reading!
  10. That's quite the episode as well. The aftermath of 160's explosive reveals is to me even more compelling. You've done a great job with the emotional climax between Stacey and Jake. And I love the mother-daughter moment between Donna and Vicky. I cannot wait to see what happens in 162 between Jake & Vicky. EEE!
  11. This was absolutely fantastic. So many big reveals here. I loved seeing Stacey and Vicky's struggle for the test result. Vicky's in major trouble. Donna and the fire at the club? This is gonna be great, especially since Joy's involved. And the battle for Cory went brilliantly. Iris's paternity coming out was a masterful move. Hopefully it can be worked out. I'm liking the direction it's taking. You've done a REALLY good job with this one. Great work!
  12. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Ep. 24 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson Jordan and Rafe walk through Town Square together, hand in hand. They joke and flirt with each other casually, both smiling widely. RAFE: ...And so then Gabi runs to Ma and just screams her full head of "Dario threw his waffles at me" JORDAN: (laughing) God, it might be so nice to have a big family that's that close. You have so many awesome memories together. RAFE: Yeah, I just...I wish we all lived closer together. And I really miss my sister, Ari. JORDAN: Arianna? T
  13. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Ep. 23 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson Abby looks confused at Nick, as they sit next to each other on the bench at the pier. ABBY: What? Nick, what do you mean by that? NICK: I just have a feeling, that's all. Abby, you've had so many crappy things go down this past year...it's not fair. You're due for some good news. ABBY: I would definitely agree with that. You know, Nick. I'm really glad to have someone to talk to. I mean...it's really hard keeping everything to myself sometimes, you know? NICK: I know exa
  14. Yeah, Vicky in a rage is dangerous. Ohhh this will come crashing down on her SO fast. Can't wait to see how that finishes up. The Battle For Cory continues. I really want to see how this hearing plays out. Will Rachel get involved at all or is she completely absolved of it? Awesome show!
  15. Some more great stuff, Cary. Loving Vicky's rage. It's so her. Reminds me of Anne Heche Vicky as I was reading it. Good stuff. John & Gregory is gonna get messy fast, I can see it. Can't wait for more!
  16. That was a great episode! Great scene with Roxanne and Nate, and I did like the surprise of Hilary hiding in the closet. How she even get in there in the first place? hahah. TGVN, ridiculous as always. Love it. Great show!
  17. Great episode yet again. I love how well you use the AW and P&G histories. I never realized Lisa was a revisited character. This episode is very interesting. So happy to see Carl awake again. Definitely can't wait to find out what is going on at this mysterious clinic!
  18. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Ep. 22 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson Will walks into the living room of his apartment, putting his jacket on. Sonny, holding the baby, and Gabi, helping to finish dinner, turn, still concerned about Sami's disappearance. SONNY: You going out to look for your mom? WILL: Yeah. Still haven't heard back yet. Not even a text. I can't even get ahold of EJ so...yeah, I'm really starting to worry. So, Sonny, if mom comes around while I'm out, let me know, okay? SONNY: Will do. Will & Sonny kiss, and Will head
  19. Oh brother. All of Salem falls to their knees to save The Great Dr. Jonas from ruin! JJ offers to throw himself in prison! Nicole nearly ruins her own happiness! Brady magically gives up all his vices in the span of an hour! ALL FOR TO SAVE...a...guy who spent the first years in Salem shtooping a teenager, then her grandmother, then her uncle's wife...uh...then her uncle's...sister...umm...ew.

    1. cassadine1991


      IKR? He acts all high and mighty and lest her forget all the crap he has done

    2. AlexElizabeth


      This storyline blows!

  20. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Ep. 21 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson Sami sits in the garden outside the DiMera house. Guilty over her feelings of uneasiness with her son Johnny, and reeling from her resugrent memories of her rape by EJ, Sami is completely overwhelmed. From the house, Mary, the maid, calls for her. MARY: Ms. Brady! Are you okay? Mary steps out of the double doors out to the garden, and calls out to Sami again. MARY: Ms. Brady! Sami finally pulls herself together, snapping out of the despondent trance she was in.
  21. Maxine re: Dannifer: "Who wouldn't root for them?" Uh...

    1. AlexElizabeth


      LOL, I mentioned that line in the Days thread the other day. It just about killed me.

  22. Ooo, that's interesting. Marissa may be a lost McKinnon? Loving the mysteries coming to a head. Iris better watch out! Gotta love how both roles Beverlee McKinsey is famous for are now besties. Too perfect. Great show!
  23. Oh brother, Victor. I swear I hear a Clint Eastwood western at the end of that scene. Lol. Love the Malcolm/Leslie scene. Good on her for defending herself. Love that character. Malcolm's so f*cked up. Great intro for karynn and Karl. This looks like fun ahead.
  24. OOOO This b!tch don't play. Christy is amaaaazing. I can't wait to see how this all goes down. Scooter's dead? DAMN! I love how she's got her hands in so much of the story going on. GREAT work connecting it all up!
  25. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Ep. 20 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson Sami is in the garden, deep in thought, thinking back on her fight with EJ, his revelation about his raping her, and their son together, Johnny. Sami thinks of him, but for the first time, Sami connects her young son with EJ's ultimatum in the car during the snowstorm. Her pain, her feeling of violation, her sense of helplessness in the situation. She flashes back further in that moment to her rape as a teenager. She tries to stop the associations, but the flashbacks overwhelm he
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