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  1. LOL I must not have noticed!!!!
  2. WHAT?!? No Jed or Judith
  3. WOO-HOO is Sophia finally catching on to Edmund? Will Kelly save the day? Try not to leave us hanging too long Greg!!!! PLEASE!!!!
  4. I can't wait Greg!!! Hope the new job is going well. We missed you on Wed. but the show went on and Mel did a great job!!!
  5. "Consider them disturbed!" WOO-HOO Go Augusta!!!! I could just see her saying this!!! LOL I can't wait to see what happens next. I hope she kicks Dr. McCreepy's ass!!!
  6. What she said!!!!!! LOL
  7. It was nice you brought back some familiar faces for Cruz's funeral. Great to see Pearl and Cain there. It was funny how the first thing CC said about Brick was why weren't you at your mother's funeral?! Love how Eden flipped out at the end!
  8. LOL I thought that was funny too.
  9. WOO-HOO, finally someone sees Sophia alive and well and brainwashed!!! LOL Can't wait to see what happens next.
  10. OK my guess is...................WANDA DE JESUS!!!!!!!! LMAO Of course she would have to dye her hair blonde. LOL
  11. WOW that was close!!! I was on the edge of my seat with Soretta and McCreepy LOL Thank God he came to his senses!!!
  12. Great writing!!! It was worth the wait. LOL I'm loving all three stories now. I don't think I like that smile on Dr. McCreepy's face, just a little too eager to show Sophia the shower. LOL
  13. WOW, can't wait to read the next episode!!!
  14. Love the creepy castle picture!!! LOL I can totally picture Dr. McCreepy working in his laBORatory "creating" Loretta. Loved the panic that came over Pamela when she found out that Kelly and Ashton are going to London!!!
  15. I can see the influence of watching the dinner party clips in this episode!!! Great writing!!!
  16. Did anyone get to listen to the interview? I missed it. Let us know how it was.
  17. MATHIS?!!! You have got to be kidding!!!!! LOL You did that on purpose.
  18. Elizabeth and Pamela better watch out!!!! When she comes back she is going to be going for their throats!!!!
  19. Thanks for the scenes with Sophia!!! I can only imagine what you have in store for her now that Edmund caught her on the phone. Great job with all the party scenes I could just picture CC's expression when he saw Keith with Elizabeth!!!
  20. I listened to it last night, it was soooo cool!!! I will definitely be there on Sunday!!! Love that you brought Justin Deas back, he is the only Keith for me.
  21. So funny that poor Rosa got caught on her mission!!! LOL
  22. I was wondering the same thing!!! LOL
  23. Ok, here goes.....I hated all the new characters that were thrown at us, the Walkers, Suzanne, Santana (Wanda), Micha and his daughter, that whole stupid story with Mason and Julia and the haunted house, Rafe/Lisa/Lily storyline UGH!!! They should have focused on the characters that we loved and gave them the spotlight instead of wasting our time on these second-rate characters that no one cared about!!!! Of course I hated what they did with Sophia getting her addicted to drugs and marrying Ken!!! UGH!!! Then CC getting Santana pregnant, ewwwww!!!! Don't even get me started!!!!
  24. I think it would be cool for them to find Sophia too, it would be quite ironic if they were the ones to help Sophia get home to her family. Thanks for the birthday wish!!!
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