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  1. Speaking of Jonathan and his "tumah," that was almost as irritating to me as Spike being deaf from birth-both stories seemed to have been changed in order to satisfy a mistake or to soothe an actor's definition of his or her character. Who knows? Not I.But what is interesting about Jeff Branson is that his Jonathan had huge chemistry with Leven Ramblin's Lily, but none with Ava. I don't know if that was an acting choice on his part, or what, but it was very noticeable to me. I also loathed SS's Greenlee, possibly because the timbre of the actress's voice invariably gave me eye tics. I believe that what happened to her was unforgiveably ugly, but she was never Greens.
  2. I miss her too. She was fabulous, even when the material was not.
  3. BTW, Zach and Kendall are still together, and will be forever. Agnes certainly knew what she was doing.
  4. Myrtle and Santa? I'm a fiend for Eileen Herlie.
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