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  1. Wow I'm shocked people would actually want to recast Samantha Freakin Brady. It's bad enough we have new Vivians and Kristens.
  2. I don’t care what Danielle says to her, you don’t throw or pour drinks on someone not once but twice and not expect to get your ass beat.
  3. I guess no one watched this season...
  4. And Marge has it [!@#$%^&*] coming. She’s thrown a drink on her twice now.
  5. Wow. The reunion was really something else. I feel like Bravo is purposely torturing Vicki and I almost feel bad for her. You can see how important this show is to her. I imagine Shannon and Tamra would probably act the same. I don’t think anyone came out of part 1 looking good, Kelly Dodd included.
  6. Wow was Tuesday the season finale?? That episode was amazing top to bottom! Anyone else watch?
  7. Vicki’s party was missing old OC housewives. We got Duff which was a nice treat but I miss when the finale parties had returning wives from the past.
  8. Being good on twitter does not make you an interesting housewife to watch on tv. Emily and Gina shouldn’t have even been back for a second season.
  9. RHOC Another solid OC finale. I believe this season was a great return to form. I would give Vicki her Orange back, keep Tamra, Shannon and Kelly. Bring on some of their real friends and finally get rid of Emily and Gina. Try hard Braunwyn needs to be a one and done.
  10. https://people.com/tv/rhoc-season-14-reunion-trailer/?fbclid=IwAR2tIQBlbjqrSFUo0pO4JQbvBrWHblBC3jOih28pXwcdLlzrIS9smNJyDlw OC Reunion trailer...Vicki gets demoted and is still seated next to Andy. Again explain to me why Vicki doesn't have an orange this season. So ass backwards.
  11. No sympathy. She joined the coven pretty easily last year.
  12. I would like it addressed though how Mariah and her family got over it though, cause they were all close when the show started.
  13. I can’t believe you would say something like that. Quad is the only bravolebrity I hate more than Kenya, putting them on the same show would be the end for me as a viewer. Thank you!!
  14. RHOP I’m curious to see if Juan will actually look like he’s interested in Robyn with these new developments.
  15. The article I read on Instagram said it was Denise. RHOA Marlo’s event didn’t feel like an actual event, it felt so budget for the way Marlo likes to present herself. I don’t like Kenya but I did chuckle at her doing this. Marlo handled it better than I would have. Porsha having no time for Nene was everything. I loved it and it makes sense. Honestly after that reunion none of them should talk to her. Eva also proved by only showing up on FaceTime that she’s not needed.
  16. I love this show honestly. Robin Givens chewing the scenery and all. I wouldn’t recast.
  17. If it’s true then it’s well deserved. That dumb ho had her own show canceled, and then took over LA and ruined it while running the whole cast off except for Malaysia’s dumb ass and Jackie.
  18. I was actually shocked when this season started, to learn that Jennifer and Jackie had developed a friendship off season. I feel like we don’t see that often.
  19. She annoys the [!@#$%^&*] out of me and Dolores is not wrong about her, but it felt like it came out of nowhere.
  20. Is it me or is Jackie vs Dolores really random? I mean I hate Jackie so I don’t mind but it feels producer driven more than anything else.
  21. How did Will kill Adrienne? Have they explained that?
  22. Jesus christ these women are tiresome.
  23. I don’t know why Bravo was kidding themselves thinking they could do OC and have it be entertaining without Vicki’s antics. They should’ve just given her her Orange this season after they edited most of the damn show to be about her. No one is watching the show to see what Emily and Gina are up to. And Braunwyn is was too thirsty. Tamara got out completely unscathed by the takedown attempt. She’s a damn pro.
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