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  1. Cindy was Bethenny’s replacement in season 4. She was awful. Season 7 definitely was my favorite cast and one of the best seasons of the show.
  2. Absolutely. Every time she doesn’t understand why one of Ben’s VICTIMS or in Eve’s case, mother of the victim, would still hate this man she just looks like a [!@#$%^&*] idiot. It’s terrible writing.
  3. Also a JM fan. Don’t get all the calls for recasting.
  4. I will say Abby and Nate do have chemistry. But I can’t see the show committing to them as they never do for Abby. I was also really into Abby/Tyler but we saw where that went. I’ m a few episodes behind and started fast forwarding a Mariah/Tessa scene and the soap gods blessed my fast forward finger with a Kyle/Lola scene. I could not be less interested in those two couples if I tried.
  5. I thought Rafe and Carrie actually had chemistry during that period when they were hooking up and working together.
  6. So let me get this straight. Ciara is mad at Eve for hating the man that killed her daughter? This backwards ass writing to prop Ben the serial killer. Rory is an idiot.
  7. GT really came into her own as Phyllis and was actually the first time i ever liked the character. I’m really dreading Giggly coming back especially she’s going to be doing that thing where she repeats her lines five times.
  8. Nice promo but it sure did spoil like every single return.
  9. I guess it makes sense since there's a previous precedence that's been set.
  10. Pretty boring episode. Brandi has ruined her face and is still not over her Vanderpump obsession. The ladies are so disappointed they don’t get to gang up on Camille because her house is about to burn down. Lisa Rinna’s daughter is AWFUL. Harry seems completely over his entire family including his wife.
  11. So why does Anna think Peter is hers? Someone implanted her twins memories into her head? I’m not currently watching but I follow the threads.
  12. I have yet to actually catch an episode of her as Kristen. It’s going to be so weird to see. That was a role I kinda viewed as unrecastable but here we are.
  13. Saw another report with quotes from Lisa that she’s done. I’m not surprised in the least though. I also don’t think I’ll be watching next season as the only person I like on the show now is Camille, and I have zero interest in seeing her ganged up on as has already begun. I really just hate that this means Rinna and Kyle finally got what they wanted.
  14. Exactly. This is a cast that just works. If anything I’d bring someone back like Heather but not get rid of the two originals who have never left.
  15. RHOP Didn’t Ashley make it a point to say she wasn’t drinking so she could get pregnant? Now when Candiace points out her drinking, it’s a problem? I’m confused.
  16. I always enjoyed Skye, her time on AMC is before my time though.
  17. I was just coming to talk about Camille’s blog!! She summed it up perfectly, at this point in time you’re not allowed to say ANYTHING nice about LVP. And once again she pointed out, NONE OF THIS would even be a story of Dorit just returned the damn dog like she was supposed to. The women refuse to acknowledge it and that’s why it’s impossible to side with them or see Dorit as the victim. Honestly I’m ready for this season to be over. Also, I don’t see LVP coming to the reunion to be ganged up on. It’s the whole reason she stopped filming with these cows.
  18. Nick genuinely seems baffled that a man wouldn’t want his brother to raise his child when he’s alive and well. It’s hilariously ridiculous.
  19. So she does a Q&A session where audience members get to ask her questions. As far as the other Housewives go she was really diplomatic and professional with her answers, she didn't bash anyone. She said coming out of the reunion she's closest with Sonja and Dorinda. She was really excited about being friends with Dorinda again and was like "We're back!". Someone asked if Tom was well endowed, and she stated "Why do you think I married him?" She said Jacque and Tom were excellent lovers. She said she never had sex with the Pirate, but that Sonja did. She also said the Pirate was a little dirty for her but that he was hot. She defended Barbara against an anti-Barbara question. The people I was with and myself, were shocked how many people at the show don't like her. I find her pretty inoffensive and it seems they've minimized her role as the season has progressed. She made some jokes about her most recent brush with the law which we all laughed about. She was honestly in great spirits and seemed super appreciative of what a packed crowd it was. Jill Zarin's daughter Allie was in attendance along with Tanya from RHOA.
  20. So I went to Countess and Friends last night in Atlanta and it was absolutely AMAZING. Luann is actually quite the entertainer and is very charming. The place was packed out and everyone was totally engaged. Luann has an AMAZING figure and wore some beautiful dresses. She even had us all yell out the designer at one point which was like cathartic for everyone lol. I can't say enough good things about the show. I now see why she's so excited about it. If you get a chance to go, you absolutely must go guys.
  21. Denise lost points for me tonight big time. Rinna was a c.unt. Shut up Denise. Camille is clearly the new target.
  22. I thoroughly enjoyed Heinle when I believe Victor was gone like last year or so and she was just a total bitch in her rivalries with Abby and Ashley.
  23. Rex is a doctor now. I only watch on occasion but I haven’t heard any mention of his previous computer genius life.
  24. I remember I believe my mom may have watched All My Children when I was a child. I have distinct memories of knowing Erica Kane/Susan Lucci. I was really big into Dawson’s Creek and Savannah growing up which made the transition to soaps pretty easy. I started with Passions then moved onto Days. Slowly but surely I got into OLTL, AMC, and GH. Eventually I started watching Y&R with the occasional viewing of B&B but I just didn’t have time to watch that many soaps. I now only watch Y&R and DAYS, but mainly Y&R. I still have a soft spot for a lot of the Days characters, mainly the vets but the show just isn’t appointment viewing for me anymore. Lol Khan you’re better than that, it was clearly a joke.
  25. Why does Adam need half a billion dollars to start a new life? I’m enjoying nuAdam but it’s really starting to bug me that the growth he did under Justin Hartley is completely gone and ignored. I fast forward all Kyle/Lola and Sharon/Rey scenes.
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