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  1. Let's see...I remember Vanessa who was married to Bruce Sterling, and he had a daughter who got involved with a guy named Rick Latimer who was running some kind of casino. Rick's boss had a daughter who was very much interested in Rick. (That part sounds a little like GH, to me. ) I remember Joan Copeland played two characters on the show...Maggie, who died of leukemia...and a (twin?) sister with blonde hair later (probably because someone realized they killed Maggie off too soon). Bonnie Bedalia (not sure of the spelling for her name) played Maggie's daughter. I was too young to really u
  2. There were twelve arcs. The first started in December 2000...Fate. It focused on Ian and Eve's love story, and Kevin and Lucy getting back together. Following that was the first supernatural arc...Time In A Bottle. That was Karen and Frank's love story. Tainted Love was third...the introduction of Caleb, the vampire. Tempted (which aired around the time of 9/11) mixed up all the characters and introduced Rafe, Lucy's cousin/angel. It also marked the exit for Caleb, for a time. Miracles Happen was the shortest arc...lasting only one month. Lucy and Kevin got married, Julie (one of the
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