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  1. I cringe every time he says “our fans” … not sure how many people watching these reunions are his fans.
  2. On Twitter someone asked if he read Nic’s book and his reply is he doesn’t have time. If someone is going on your show to promote a book shouldn’t reading it be Job #1 as an interviewer?
  3. Hello all ... I’m sure this has been discussed but couldn’t really find the answer. I’ve always enjoyed when characters crossed over to other shows, but this one always made me wonder how and why. The characters of Mike and Hope Bauer crossed over from The Guiding Light to Another World in 1966 for a year. I’m surprised CBS would allow a character from their show to go to competitor. Or did CBS not really have a say since they were both P&G shows. Was AW hoping for a ratings increase by having these characters on... they did go up in the ratings a year later although probably unrelated. 1966–1967 Season 1. As the World Turns 12.7 2. The Edge of Night 10.9 3. The Guiding Light 10.8 4. Search for Tomorrow 10.7 4. The Secret Storm 10.7 6. Love of Life 9.5 7. Another World 9.0 1967–1968 Season 1. As the World Turns 13.6 2. Another World 10.2 3. The Guiding Light 10.0 Thanks for any insight.
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