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  1. That's right!!! She's back! IN EPISODE 9 OF GENERAL HOSPITAL
  2. CAN YOU FIGURE IT OUT??? http://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/blog/176/entry-9704-gh-8-who-is-watching-nina-reeves/
  3. SEE THE CAST LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/blog/177/entry-9702-cast-of-characters/
  5. IN EPISODE #6 OF MY GH FAN FICTION: Carly realizes why Bobbie is taking the pills. Shawn says goodbye to Sonny. Max and Milo share their news. Nina wonders about Franco. Valerie enlist Maxie's help. http://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/blog/176/entry-9681-gh-6-is-tony-jones-alive/
  6. http://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/blog/176/entry-9662-gh-5-scott-confronts-bobbie/
  7. General Hospital - Episode 5: 6/14/2015 TIME OF DAY: NIGHT (JEROME PENTHOUSE) Ava is sitting down. Ava: Oh, Julian. You could not take longer to get home. The door handle jiggles. Ava stands. Julian: What the hell. Ava: Hi Julian. --- (MAXIE'S APARTMENT) Maxie enters her bedroom. She has a robe on. Her towel is wrapped around her head. Maxie: How dare you! Nathan wakes up. He sits up in bed. Nathan: What's going on? Maxie: I was going to paint my toenails, before I went to bed. But, you decided to throw away my glittery, pink, sixty dollar, ordered and delivered nail polish. Nathan that nail polish was a once in a lifetime... Nathan: Maxie. Maxie: What! Nathan: I didn't throw it away. Maxie: What? --- (FLOATING RIB) Lucy comes in crying. Felicia: Oh my god. Lucy, are you okay? Lucy: I'm fine. Felicia: I can tell you are not. What happened? Lucy: Kevin happened. Felicia: Oh. --- (NINA'S HOTEL ROOM) Nina comes out of her bedroom. There is loud knocking. Nina: Who knocks on someones door at ten at night? She opens the door. Nina: What do you want? Franco: We need to talk. Nina: About what? Franco: I love you. Nina: You what? --- --- (CARLY'S HOME) Bobbie crosses her arms. Bobbie: We will not talk about this! Scott: Yes we will! Bobbie: I am take anti depressants. It is not that big of a deal. Scott: Bobbie..., I know these are strong pills. Bobbie: Last time I checked..., I was the nurse. Now, in less you want to whip out a degree from a prestigious medical school, then leave. Get the hell out of this house. Go on. Get gone. Scott: I'm not going anywhere. --- (KELLY'S) Max enters. He goes to a table. Max: Hey beautiful. Diane puts down a menu. Diane: Hi. Max: So, why'd you call me here? Diane: I want to try something actually. Max: What's that? Diane: I want to re-kindle things. Max: Re-kindle? --- (LULU & DANTE'S) Laura and Luke come off a hug. Luke: Would you like some tea or coffee? Laura: I'm fine. However, I would like to know why you are staying here? Whatever happened to the whole you and Tracy thing. I could have sworn that Lulu told me that was going strong. Luke: When my mental breakdown happened, Tracy and I hit a rough patch. Laura: Oh, I see. Speaking of your mental mishap, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you. Luke: It's fine. I'm fine now. Laura: But, I could have been there for you. Luke: I said it was fine. Laura: Luke.., Luke: Dammit Laura! I said it was fine! There is an awkward silence. Luke: I'm sorry about that. Laura: It's good. Luke: Anyways Laura, why are you here? Why show up now? Laura: I got a tip. --- (FLOATING RIB) Felicia and Lucy are doing shots. Lucy: That felt nice. Felicia: Now, that we've each done two shots, will you tell me what happened. I want details. Lucy: He came in. Then, we had a fight. Felicia: About what? Lucy: What do you think, Felicia. Felicia: Oh. Lucy: He is mad at me, because I moved on. I am with Scott now. Felicia: I know you've moved on. And, I know you are trying to get your life back together. But, Lucy you haven't come to terms with a lot of stuff yet. And, you now is the time to come to terms with some important things. Lucy: What do you mean? Felicia: You still love Kevin. Lucy: I do not. Felicia: Yes you do, Lucy. And, until you figure some stuff out, your life will continue to go down the drain. --- (MAXIE'S APARTMENT) Maxie climbs into bed with Nathan. He holds her. Nathan: You threw it away. You said it was to clumpy. Maxie: Oh, yeah. I'm sorry I forgot. I just have had a hard day. Nathan: And, why is that? Maxie: I've had some pains. Nathan: Where? Maxie: I just feel like I want to throw up. Nathan: Maxie. Maxie: What? Nathan: I think your pregnant. --- (KELLY'S) Max leans in. Max: Why do you want to re-kindle things? Diane: Max, I still love you. Max: You do? Diane: (Laughs) Yes. I still want to be apart of you. I still want to love you. I still want to cherish you. I never want to let you go. I want to go somewhere with you. Max: Diane, slow down. What brought this on? Diane: When Heather shot you, last Halloween, I just couldn't help but exam my feelings for you. Max: I see. Diane: Do you understand where I'm coming from? Max: I kind of do. Diane: Are you willing to do this with me? Max: I will. Diane: YES! YES! YES! Diane kisses Max. --- (CARLY'S HOME) Carly enters. Carly: What's going on here? Bobbie: Carly, thank goodness you are here. Carly: Is everything okay? Bobbie: I need you to throw Scotty out! Scott: I'll leave by myself. Carly: Okay. Scott: But, before I go. Carly, your mom is taking extreme anti depressant pills. Now, I'll go. Scott exits. Carly: What the hell was that? Bobbie: Scott Baldwin at his best. --- (NINA'S HOTEL ROOM) Nina is kissing Franco. Franco: I told you that I still loved you. Nina: (Sighs) Franco: Tell me, that you don't feel the same way. Nina: I do feel the same way. Franco: That's what I wanted to hear. Franco picks Nina up. They head to the bedroom. --- (LULU & DANTE'S) Luke sits down. Luke: You got a tip? Laura: I did. Luke: About what? Laura: One of our enemies is still alive. Luke: Not a shocker. They always come back at one point. He stands. Luke: Who is it this time? Laura: Frank Smith. And, I don't think it will be long before he comes back to Port Charles. --- ANNOUNCER: ON THE NEXT GENERAL HOSPITAL Carly: What was Scott talking about? * Julian: I'm calling the cops. Ava: NO! * Nina: Oh my gosh. * Maxie: Is it true? * Shawn: We need to talk. Sonny: Yes we do. * Max & Milo: I have news! * --- CLOSING: CREATED BY: Frank Hursley Doris Hursley WRITTEN BY: PortCharles52 EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Frank Valentini DIRECTED BY: Penny Pengra PRODUCED AND DISTRIBUTED BY: American Broadcasting Company 2015 Copyright ---
  8. I love how you wrote the whole freedom of religion act into your fan fiction of Another World. Another World was always one of my fave soaps. I am glad there is a fan-fic for this.
  9. Interesting way to write AMC. I wonder how Krystal is going to handle this whole doppelganger thing. I absolutely love how you wrote the Adam scene.
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