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  1. I'm just glad Ron apparently doesn't know who Marie Horton is ...

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    2. KMan101


      To be fair, Reilly actually re-invigorated the Horton's, if you will. Lucas was retconned (giving Bill another son), Laura came out of her coma, Hope returned, Mike returned ... we haven't had Mike or Laura regularly since. And Lucas is an afterthought. Hope's gone and so is Jennifer (though Hope and Jennifer kinda needed a rest, IMHO)


      And of course Higley's dumbass killed David off-screen (after introducing his son ... I mean, LORD). 


      I'm waiting for Ron to off Marie and Mike while he's at it. Lord. I'm so over it.

    3. Franko


      And just to twist the knife @Khan, the last image before the explosion would be Doug & Julie kissing. "Thanks for 55+ years, fans, now go **** yourselves."


      I'm trying to remember how many major characters were killed off during Reilly's first run. The obvious is Tom Horton, but that was due to real life. Stefano "died" a couple times, but everyone was used to that by then. There were the likes of Curtis Reed and Rachel Blake, but I don't think we'd call them biggies. I guess the biggie was "Tony."

    4. KMan101


      Reilly respected the formula of soaps, even if he totally lost his mind in his writing.

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