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  1. CUT OFF FROM TOP RYAN: More questions? ANGIE: Yes. RYAN: What is this question? ANGIE: Well, I was thinking when I saw the outcome of these test results. RYAN: What were you thinking about? ANGIE: Gillian’s heart. RYAN: Her heart? ANGIE: Ryan, when Gillian supposedly died, her heart was given to Laura Kirk English. So, here is my question. If Laura has Gillian’s heart, then what does Gillian have? Ryan is wondering the same thing, as the camera zooms in on his face. ***FADE OUT*** ***END OF EP. 36***
  2. All My Children - Episode 36 Created By: Agnes Nixon Executive Producer: Dawn Hayes Directed By: Jill Ackles A new night has fallen upon Pine Valley. At ConFusion, Caleb, Liza, Colby, and Asher all have coffee in front of them. LIZA: That was a lovely meal. CALEB: Yes, it was. So, son you have been awfully quiet. LIZA: I have to say the same about you, daughter. ASHER: I think that Colby and I are still in shock. COLBY: Gosh, I guess I will be agreeing with you more and more, tonight. LIZA: Why you guys so shocked over this? ASHER: (sighs) I guess because we never saw this coming. --- At Fusion Offices, Madison enters. Kendall walks over to her. KENDALL: Thank you for coming so quickly. MADISON: Well, your text sounded pretty urgent. What’s up? KENDALL: I have a business proposition for you. --- At Pine Valley Hospital, Ryan, Gillian, and Angie enter an examination room. RYAN: Angie, I cannot thank you enough for doing this so quickly. ANGIE: Of course. Anything for a close friend. So, what can I do for you? RYAN: Well, this woman claims that we were married. GILLIAN: We were. ANGIE: Wow. Ryan I knew you got around back in the day… RYAN: Very funny. Listen I need a DNA test. ANGIE: Okay. Why would you need a DNA test? RYAN: Because, not only does this woman claim that she was my wife, she claims that she is Gillian. She claims David Hayward brought her back. Angie is in complete shock. --- --- At David’s Penthouse, Cara knocks on the door. David opens it. DAVID: Hey. CARA: Hey. DAVID: What brings you by? CARA: Well, we need to talk. DAVID: About what? CARA: Us. --- At the Gatehouse on Chandler property, Stuart enters, as Scott shuts the door behind them. The two men walk into the living area. SCOTT: Dad! This is a welcomed surprise! STUART: Well, I had to visit you. You seem so busy, lately. SCOTT: Yeah, sorry about that. STUART: Don’t be sorry about that, son. It is fine. SCOTT: So, what brings you by? STUART: Well, there is good news and bad news. SCOTT: Good and bad. Bad and good. Interesting. STUART: Well, you get to pick what you want first. SCOTT: I’ll take good any day. --- Back at Fusion Offices, Madison is flipping through a file. KENDALL: As you can see, I have laid out a full business plan. If we stick with it, then we can project very big sales in one quarter. Lord only knows the money we would make in two whole quarters of business. MADISON: Wow, this is a very good business plan. Madison sets the file on the conference table. KENDALL: Thank you. MADISON: So, instead of going to Greenlee, why did you come to me? KENDALL: Well, you are very smart Madison. And, Greenlee still has a lot going on. I have heard from Ryan that she won’t even get out of bed some days. MADISON: Gosh, that is just awful. KENDALL: It really is. MADISON: You know what? I will join you! I would love to sink my teeth into a brand new project. Plus, this perfume you are going to sell with me looks wonderful. KENDALL: It will be. MADISON: So, when do we start? KENDALL: Right now! The two laugh, and begin working. --- Back at ConFusion, Caleb is paying the check for dinner. LIZA: So, (sighs) why do you two seem to say that you didn’t see this coming? COLBY: I think what Asher was hinting at was the Erica Kane issue. CALEB: We have moved passed that. ASHER: (sighs) I don’t think so. CALEB: What do you mean? ASHER: Dad, I came back because of you. You said that you were completely at your lowest, and that you needed help from me. CALEB: And, you gave me all the help that I needed, and then some. Liza and I have fixed our problems. Now, we are looking towards the future as man and wife. COLBY: Are you and my mom only together, because she got shot? LIZA: Colby! COLBY: It is a fair question. LIZA: No! None of these questions have been fair. Caleb and I organized this dinner, so you two could be happy for us. That is what I hoped would happen. Now, if you cannot be happy for us, then tough. We are sticking this out. We both love one another. CALEB: Liza is right. Liza is the best thing that ever happened to me. We do truly love one another. Sure, we hit a bump in the road, but all of that is taken care of now. And, I am with her. If you two cannot be happy for us, then tough. COLBY: (sighs) I know I can be stubborn. I just wanted to have all of the t’s crossed, and all the I’s dotted. Mom, you have never had it easy when it come to love. I just wanted to be sure that you were making the right decision. ASHER: Same goes here, dad. I love you very much. Colby and I just wanted to make sure that you guys were not only doing this, because of Liza almost losing her life. LIZA: We got married out of love and forgiveness. CALEB: Could not have said it better myself. COLBY: (raising a glass of water) Then here is to Pine Valley’s couple of the century. ASHER: Here, here! LIZA: Century. I like the sound of that. CALEB: I do too, my love. Caleb and Liza kiss. --- Back at David’s Penthouse, Cara enters, as David shuts the door. The two walk into the living room area. DAVID: So, what do you want to talk about concerning us? CARA: Well, I was hoping that we could talk about there being an us. DAVID: Excuse me? CARA: David, Oliver is growing up. He is. And, with that growing up comes so much emotion in life. He needs to know that both of his parents will be there for him. DAVID: What are you saying Cara? CARA: Listen, we have been through the ringer. We have both hurt one another, but I am tired of hurting. I am tired of the pain. DAVID: What does that mean…? CARA: It means I want to be with you. --- Back at the Chandler Gatehouse, Stuart and Scott sit down on the sofa. SCOTT: So, you wanted to give me some good news? STUART: You bet I did. SCOTT: What is it? STUART: Back when Marian and I married in 1999, I felt that I never gave her the wedding that I should have. So, I proposed marriage again. We will be getting married again. SCOTT: Dad, that is fantastic! STUART: It truly is. The two share a hug. SCOTT: You and Marian have always been meant to be. STUART: I like to think so. SCOTT: So, I hate to bring it up in this time of happiness. But, you did say that you have some bad news going on in your life. What’s happening? --- Back at Pine Valley Hospital, Ryan is in the lobby. RYAN: (on the phone) Greenlee, I am almost done here. Don’t worry about dinner, babe. I will get that all taken care of. Ryan sees Angie walking up to him. RYAN: Hey, here comes Angie now. Gotta go. Love you too. Bye. Ryan hangs up the phone. RYAN: Hi. ANGIE: Hello. Ryan sees that Angie has a manilla envelope in hand. RYAN: Is that the test results? ANGIE: These are it. RYAN: And…? ANGIE: It is her. The test confirm. RYAN: Oh my god. ANGIE: But, there is one question that hasn’t been raised yet. RYA
  3. Some casting news is brewing in Pine Valley The casting department has hired Alfre Woodard in the contract role of Katrina Winslow. Katrina is set to debut soon, and will have a past with one of Pine Valley's finest IN OTHER CASTING NEWS: LEE MERIWEATHER HAS SIGNED A CONTRACT WITH ALL MY CHILDREN THIS CONTRACT WILL KEEP HER IN THE ROLE OF RUTH MARTIN FOR TWO YEARS ALSO: TWO PINE VALLEY FAVORITES WILL BE ON THEIR WAY BACK TO TOWN! JUSTIN BRUENING WILL RETURN AS JAMIE MARTIN AND DANIEL KENNEDY WILL RETURN AS PETER CORTLANDT
  4. Due to a high success rate, "Knots Landing" has been renewed for a second season. The second season will see the addition of six characters. The second season will also consist of 13 new episodes! SPECIAL NOTE: Season 1 only has eight episodes left. The mid season finale will be episode 5, which is set to be titled as "Dinner Party"
  5. CUT OF FROM THE TOP DAVID: What do you think? GILLIAN: David, this is absolutely impeccable. (PRESENT TIME) Gillian sits down on the couch. GILLIAN: (sighs) So, that explains the new face. RYAN: I guess it does. What about the memories? GILLIAN: It was so odd. Something just came over me. When I was revived, everything came back to me. Every wedding, every moment of being a princess. Everything. All the way back to being a toddler. I know it sounds crazy, but it is the truth. RYAN: This is crazy. I have one more question. GILLIAN: What? RYAN: What brings you here? You could have gone anywhere. Why here? GILLIAN: I had to see you. And, I knew you could give me the protection that I needed. RYAN: Why do you need protection? GILLIAN: David is looking for me. He planted a microchip in me. I had to remove it myself. Since that is out, he can no longer track me. Ryan gets his phone out. GILLIAN: (standing) What are you doing? RYAN: Calling a doctor friend of mine. We are getting that damn DNA test. ***FADE OUT*** ***END OF EP. 35***
  6. All My Children - Episode 35 Created By: Agnes Nixon Executive Producer: Dawn Hayes Afternoon has come to Pine Valley. At The Chandler Mansion, Colby is walking down the stairs. The doorbell is rung, and she walks to the door. COLBY: What do you want? ASHER: Well your mom, and my dad invited us to lunch. I thought that we could ride in my car together. Have some fun with some stupid music. COLBY: I want to take myself. ASHER: Just come with me. COLBY: Not a chance in hell. --- At JR’s Apartment, Kevin has taken over JR’s life. There is a knock at the door. Kevin goes to answer the door. KEVIN: This is a surprise. KRYSTAL: Thought I would stop in. We have a few things to talk about, Kevin. Or should I say JR Chandler? Krystal barges in. --- In a Secret Room, JR is shackled to a wall. He is unconscious. He wakes up, and his deeply confused by what has happened. JR: Hello! Hello! (shaking shackles) Someone help me! --- --- At ConFusion, Liza and Caleb are sitting next to one another at a booth. They are curled up next to each other, and are holding hands. CALEB: So, are you ready for this? LIZA: Is it okay to say not really? CALEB: (sighs) My thoughts exactly. LIZA: I’m nervous to see how the children will react to us being married. CALEB: Same here. They are both fiery people, and their feelings get expressed a lot. I do have to say that I think they will be alright with it. LIZA: Do you think so? I mean it is a risky game to play where their feelings are concerned. CALEB: Are you nervous that they won’t accept our marriage? LIZA: (sighs) A little. However, only time will tell. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy this lunch that we are going to have. --- At Bianca’s Hotel Room, Erica and Bianca are looking over what Bianca and Krystal have planned for Marissa’s funeral. ERICA: I absolutely love the flower choice. BIANCA: It didn’t take too long, mom. Krystal and I both knew what Marissa would have wanted. At least I think so. ERICA: Honey, you would know what Marissa would want. She was the love of your life. She was the woman who told you everything. Bianca begins to chuckle. ERICA: What is so funny? BIANCA: I have to get used to saying was when it comes to Marissa. I can no longer say things like “she is coming home from the market.” I have to say things like “she was coming home from the market, one day.” Everything is now in past tense with my wife. I’m not so sure that I can put her in the past. I’m not sure. --- At Ryan and Greenlee’s Apartment, Gillian tries to move closer to Ryan, but he backs away. Ryan is not sure to believe her or not. ANNOUNCER: The role of Gillian Andrassy is now being played by, Jordana Brewster. GILLIAN: Ryan, it’s me. Gillian. Your princess. RYAN: No! Gillian died! She was shot and declared brain dead. I stood by her side. I watched her slip away. And you! You say you are my wife! Liar. GILLIAN: (voice breaking) Ryan…, let me tell you my story. Let me make you understand. Please. Let me help you understand. RYAN: Fine! You can tell me your story! But, if I am still not believing you after that, then we get a DNA test. GILLIAN: Deal. --- Meanwhile, in Asher’s Car, Asher is driving, and Colby is in the passenger seat. COLBY: You are so lucky that my car wouldn’t start. Because, if it did; then this would not even be happening. ASHER: Listen, we are almost there. Can’t we get along? COLBY: Asher, when you got back into town we discussed why we are not friends, we also discussed why we are not together. ASHER: We should have tried harder. COLBY: You should have tried harder. I tried enough. I did everything I could, but you didn’t want to lift a finger. ASHER: (sighs) I heard you were going to work at Chandler Enterprises, next week. Is all of that true? I know you would do good work. COLBY: I am going to work there. It is true. My dad wants me to start working there, because he needs a new assistant. Kind of a right hand. ASHER: Sounds like it could be fun. COLBY: We’ll see. We’ll see. --- Back at JR’s Apartment, Krystal and Kevin walk into the living room. KRYSTAL: Listen, I do have to make this quick, because I have some last minute preparations for my daughter’s funeral. KEVIN: I was very sorry to hear that you lost your daughter. KRYSTAL: Shut up. JR married her. Not you. Part of me being here, is to discuss two things with you. First, do not show up at my daughter’s funeral. AJ will be there, but you will not be. It would be a terrible mistake. KEVIN: I hear you loud and clear. I was not planning on coming. David already gave me strict orders not to come. KRYSTAL: Good. David is wiser than I thought. KEVIN: (sighs) Anyways, what was the second thing that you wanted to talk about? KRYSTAL: I want to make you a proposition. KEVIN: What is that? KRYSTAL: I want you to spy on David for me. In return, I pay you double of what he is paying you. And, I happen to know that, that is a lot of money. KEVIN: Why do you want me to spy on him? KRYSTAL: I want you to spy on him, because I have a feeling that he is not bringing our Babe back. I at least need one of my girls back. Both of my twins are dead, but I have a chance for one to be alive, again. KEVIN: So, why do you have the feeling that David is not bringing Babe back from the dead? What do you have to prove that? KRYSTAL: He put all this time and money into this other patient. That other patient is not my little girl. Also, he said he would bring her back the second that I took you in. KEVIN: You know what? I’ll do it. For the money. That will be a pretty paycheck at the end of the week. Can’t wait. When do I start? KRYSTAL: Today. KEVIN: Wonderful. --- Back at Bianca’s Hotel Room, Erica and Bianca sit down on the bed. ERICA: Honey, you do not have to put Marissa in the past, if you do not want to. You two were married for five and a half years. BIANCA: I have to put her in the past, mom. As much as it hurts, I have to move on at some point. And, that is just one of the ways to do it. ERICA: All I’m saying, is that you do not have to do it so quickly. You do it at your own pace. When I lost your grandmother, a huge void was left in my life. I grieved her so slowly, because that is the way it had to be done. BIANCA: That was a bad time for all of us. I saw how almost everyone fell down a slippery slope. It was a little scary. ERICA: (sniffles) It was. It was a scary time. But, after awhile, everyone here in Pine Valley got through it. Everyone learned how to grieve. BIANCA: Mom, I was only eight at the time. I didn’t feel that loss like you did. Tell me, something. How hard was it, truly? ERICA: It was very hard. Take out me breaking down at her grave, then you get me not being able to get out of bed most days. Losing your grandmother was the biggest loss I have ever felt. When we lose someone close to us, it is natural to feel like a hole is in your heart. We wish for one more conversation about life, one more laugh, one more birthday, but most importantly one more moment. One more moment to say “hi”, or “see you later.” BIANCA: You just summed up how I feel. I feel like I should have had one more morning with Marissa. But, Annie took that away from me. She even compromised your sobriety. ERICA: Oh Bianca, my sweet Bianca, the only thing she compromised was our family potentially splitting apart, but it didn’t work. Us Kane women came out stronger, and more resilient. As Kane women, many obstacles come in our way. Many, many obstacles. But, we shine. We shine, because we are powerful. BIANCA: Yes, we are. We are very powerful. ERICA: Come here. Lay down. Bianca lays down on Erica’s lap, and quietly sobs. --- Back at ConFusion, Asher and Colby slide into the booth. LIZA: I’m glad you guys could finally make it. CALEB: Yeah, what took you guys so long? COLBY: I had trouble with my car. CALEB: Oh, is everything alright? ASHER: I took care of it. Gave her a ride here. LIZA: Good. It pays to have friends in this town. CALEB: Yes, it does. COLBY: (sighs) Anyways, let’s just go ahead and move off the subject of Asher and I please. I am anxious to hear about why you guys called this lunch. CALEB: Well, we have some good news. ASHER: It is about time we get some of that in our lives. COLBY: For the first time in a long time, I say I have to agree. So, what is this amazing, and great news that you are about to tell us? CALEB & LIZA: We got married! Caleb and Liza laugh, as Colby and Asher are in shock. --- Back at Ryan and Greenlee’s Apartment, Gillain puts her purse on the couch. GILLIAN: (sighs) Gosh, I don’t know where to begin. I guess let’s begin with what David has told me. (sighs) This all started a couple of months ago. I was in this hospital room, and all I remember about that hospital room is David, and another doctor. (FLASHBACK) In a Hospital Room, a doctor and David are working on Gillian’s face. DAVID: The skin is quite eroded. Can you fix it? DOCTOR: I will have to reconstruct the face completely. Make a new one from scratch, but it can be done. DAVID: How long? DOCTOR: Two months to construct the face. DAVID: Wonderful. (PRESENT TIME) GILLIAN: David worked night and day with this doctor to make me a new face. It took exactly two months. The bandages were traded out daily until I was finally able to have a healed face. Once I was shown this face, it was completely shocking. (FLASHBACK) Back in the Hospital Room, David is by Gillian’s bed side. He is cutting off her bandages. DAVID: Now, you might see some light scarring, but none of it will be noticeable, unless you pull your hair back. David finishes cutting the bandages off, and throws it in the trash. He disposes of his latex gloves, and sets his surgical scissors on the counter. He then walks back over to Gillian with a mirror. He hands her the mirror. DAVID:
  7. CUT OFF FROM THE TOP DOUGLAS: Why did you come to me? EMILY: I know that you are the king of all parties. DOUGLAS: Thanks for the compliment. And, I would be honored to help. --- Afternoon has fallen upon Seaview Circle. At the Cunningham Home, Abby answers the door, when she hears a knock. ABBY: If you’re looking for your wife, she just left like an hour ago. MACK: Actually, I wanted to come and visit you. Can I come in? ABBY: Why not? Come on in. Mack enters, and Abby shuts the door. ABBY: So, why are you here? MACK: I wanted to talk to you. ABBY: About…? MACK: I know that you are unemployed, and I know what you have been going through. Abby, a job has opened up at my law firm. I want you to come, and work for me. ABBY: (sighs) Did Karen put you up to this? MACK: It was her idea, but I essentially made the choice to bring you on. ABBY: Listen, yes, I am going through a lot right now in the emotions department. But, that doesn’t mean that I need Karen and you to take care of me. I know that as soon as I take this job, that Karen will want full reports. MACK: Karen will not full reports. We are not trying to take care of you. This is all your decision. I promise you that. ABBY: What’s the job? MACK: I need an assistant. ABBY: I thought you had that one lady… MACK: I had to fire Marisol. ABBY: (sighs) What is the starting salary? MACK: Thirty dollars an hour. ABBY: Wow, you plan to impress me. Fine. I’ll take the job. On one condition. MACK: What’s that? ABBY: I get a raise every two months. MACK: Deal. Welcome aboard. ABBY: When do I start? MACK: Tomorrow. Abby and Mack shake hands. --- Back at the Sumner Home, Meg has just finished the dishes. She goes back over to Kate, who is sitting at the table, on her IPAD. MEG: Thank you for helping me do some chores. Kate shuts off her IPAD. KATE: Not a problem. MEG: Listen, you made the right choice. You did what was right for you. KATE: I just hated leaving Sasha in the position I did. That girl has just started a whole new chapter in her life, and I have to begin that for her with a divorce from her father. MEG: She’ll get over it. Has Abby said anything? I’m sure she’ll go all protect Brian on you. That should be interesting. KATE: Brian said that he wanted to hold off on that. MEG: That will give us time to find a community bomb shelter. KATE: (laughs) We’ll need more than a bomb shelter when it comes to Abby finding out that Brian and I are no longer going to be together. MEG: I think you’ll be fine. KATE: You are awfully confident. MEG: I have to be. For you. KATE: Thank you, Meg. For everything. Thank you very much. MEG: Anytime. Anytime. Hey, Eli is staying with Karen tonight. Why don’t we have a girls night. Just the two of us. Bad rom-coms, fatty snacks, and even red wine. KATE: (laughs) I would like that very much. MEG: (laughs) Then, it’s settled. I’ll break out Bridget Jones, and Sex and the City. The two women laugh. --- Back at Michael’s Home, Michael and Eric come down the stairs. ERIC: Something is strange to me. MICHAEL: What’s that? ERIC: We are all grown up. I remember when we were little kids in the kitchen. Do you remember that one girl that I told you to go for? MICHAEL: I do, but I can’t remember her name. ERIC: I think Alison. Anyways, it is sometimes strange to me that we are adults. I say that, because time has went by so fast. MICHAEL: It really has. I wouldn’t change anything. I have a beautiful daughter. ERIC: Yes, you do. Speaking of Emily. Is her mother still in the mental institution? MICHAEL: Yes. That is the one part I regret. I married a beautiful woman, named Marty. She went off the deep end. It happens. ERIC: She’s been out of Emily’s life for twelve years, now. MICHAEL: Yeah. ERIC: Has Emily forgiven her? MICHAEL: Marty left her to drown. We don’t really speak of it. ERIC: She walked off from Em at the pool, in your backyard. You were at work. Em hit her head, and fell in. MICHAEL: Eric, I know the backstory. Where are you going with this? ERIC: I guess I’m saying this. Have you forgiven Marty? --- Back at the Ewing Home, Val, Gary, and Lucy are having cheesecake and coffee in the living room. Gary is sitting next to Val, while Lucy sits across on the couch. LUCY: Thank you for the cheesecake and coffee, mama. It was delicious. VAL: Of course baby. In fact, that is one of Miss Ellie’s recipes. LUCY: I knew I recognized the cinnamon crust from somewhere. GARY: Ma, always did have a way of doing things in the kitchen. LUCY: Gosh, I miss her so darn much. VAL: I know you do, Lucy. LUCY: (sighs) Anyways, on the way inside, you said you wanted to tell me something? What’s up? What do you need to tell me, mama. VAL: I have to tell you something about my health. LUCY: Your health? GARY: Val, you don’t have to do this so quickly. VAL: Like I said, Gary. It would be dangerous to keep this a secret. LUCY: You two are scaring me. What’s going on? VAL: (sighs) I don’t know how to put this into words. LUCY: Maybe daddy can try. GARY: Lucy, this is all on your mother. Val, you can wait. VAL: You know what? I’m just going to pull the bandage off. GARY: Okay. Val goes over to Lucy on the couch. She goes close to her, and hugs her, and kisses her on the cheek. The hold each other’s hands. VAL: (sighs) Honey, a couple days ago, I went to the doctors. It was just a routine check up, they wanted to take some blood. They called me in to get my blood results. They were good. The doctor diagnosed me with stage four Primary Peritoneal Cancer. LUCY: (voice breaking) W-w-wh-what is that? VAL: The doctor told me that it is a rare cancer that attacks the thin line of tissue that surrounds the abdomen, uterus, bladder, and rectum. Once damaged, the thin line let’s in fluids that are not safe for the body. Without proper care and surgeries, the fluid can kill you. LUCY: (cries) Kill! Are you dying? VAL: I promise you. I am not letting go without a fight. This cancer will not get me down. It will not kill me. I promise you that. Lucy and Val hug. LUCY: I love you, mommy. VAL: I love you too, Lucy. I love you too. --- At Sid’s gravesite, Karen and Diana sit flowers down. DIANA: Daddy, was a good man. Karen puts her arm around Diana. KAREN: Yes, he was. DIANA: That car accident wasn’t fair. KAREN: No it wasn’t. And, he should have lived longer. But, I reflect on the years we did have with him. The wonderful years. DIANA: We did have a lot of good years. I still lay awake at night. Missing him. Wishing that he was still here to guide me. KAREN: I do too, Diana. I do too. DIANA: If he was still alive, would you still be married to him? KAREN: I like to think I would be. DIANA: Thank you for letting me come along, mom. KAREN: Of course. How about we go get some lunch? My treat. DIANA: Sounds good. KAREN: (laughs) Okay. Karen and Diana walk off. The camera zooms out on Sid’s gravesite. ---FREEZE FRAME--- ---CLOSING CREDITS---
  8. KNOTS LANDING “THE STAIN ON MY HEART” WRITTEN BY: Casey Hutchison DIRECTED BY: Casey Hutchison SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Charlene Tilton as Lucy <TONIGHT ON KNOTS LANDING> EMILY: What did you want to see me about? * KATE: I made a stupid mistake. * ABBY: I can’t do this with you. * DOUGLAS: Would you go out with me? * LUCY: What do you need to tell me, mama? * <AND NOW KNOTS LANDING!> --- --- It’s a new day for the residents of Seaview Circle. Gary and Val are standing on the sidewalk, in front of their house. GARY: Are you nervous? VAL: A little. But, telling Lucy right away will be good. We can deal with the emotions that she will present, and we can move on. A limo starts down the road. GARY: Here she comes. Gary and Val put on smiles, as the limo pulls up to the home. Lucy steps out. LUCY: (excitedly) Mom! Dad! Gary and Val hug Lucy. LUCY: I’m so happy to see you two. GARY: The feelings are mutual. The limo driver takes Lucy’s bags to the curve. LIMO DRIVER: Which house? VAL: Just put them in ours. Well, let’s go. The limo driver gets the bags, as he, Gary, Val, and Lucy walk into the home. --- At the Sumner home, Meg hands Eli a bowl of cereal. MEG: Hurry up, honey. Can’t miss the bus. ELI: Okay, mom. Meg pours two cups of coffee. She goes over to Kate, who is dressed in her pajamas, and sitting at the island. Meg stays standing, as she hands Kate a cup of coffee. Meg takes a sip of her coffee, as does Kate. MEG: How are you feeling? KATE: Like a complete bitch. MEG: Why do you say that? KATE: I made a stupid mistake. MEG: Kate, Brian didn’t love you. You did the right thing in deciding to come here, and not be with him anymore. Good for you, KATE: Let’s hope it was the right thing. --- Outside of the Cunningham Home, Karen knocks on the door. DIANA: Mom, maybe she doesn’t want to come with us. Maybe, she just wants to sleep in today. I wouldn’t blame her. KAREN: Diana, she said she wanted to come. DIANA: I took off work for this. She better come. KAREN: I can’t thank you enough for skipping that video call with that Versace person. Diana laughs. KAREN: What? DIANA: Still the same mom. Karen laughs in reply, and knocks on the door again. Abby finally answers, wrapping her robe around herself, and tying it. DIANA: Finally, you answer. ABBY: Hi, ladies. Can I help you with something? KAREN: Abby, did you forget? You said you were going to visit Sid with me, today. Diana even decided to come along. ABBY: I can’t do this with you. KAREN: What do you mean? You were so ready to do this with me, yesterday. ABBY: I just have a lot to do. DIANA: So, do I. I am still going. Come on, Abby. We really want you to come with us. It would mean a lot to my mom and me. ABBY: I’m very flattered, but no thank you. DIANA: Why not? At least give us an explanation. ABBY: I can’t. Drop it. Abby then slams the door in their faces. The two ladies are caught off guard. Inside the Cunningham Home, Abby goes to the couch. She sits down, and grabs a wine bottle. She drinks straight out of the bottle. ABBY: This was the reason. (sighs) It’s about time I took time off to drink. Abby takes a swig, --- Back outside, Karen and Diana drive off in Karen’s car. Meanwhile, across the street, Douglas is taking out the trash. Sasha walks up to him. SASHA: Hey. I just got your text. DOUGLAS: Thanks for coming over. SASHA: So, what’s up? Your text did sound a tad urgent. DOUGLAS: It kind of is urgent. SASHA: Is this about your mom? DOUGLAS: No. It is about you. SASHA: Okay, put a hashtag before weird. DOUGLAS: (sarcastically) L-O-L. Anyways, I just have one question, then you can fade off into your day if you want. SASHA: Fine, what’s the question? DOUGLAS: Would you go out with me? --- At Michael’s Home, Emily comes down the stairs, and goes into the living room. Michael, and another guy are in the living room. MICHAEL: Hey. EMILY: Hey dad. MICHAEL: Thank you for coming so quickly. EMILY: What did you want to see me about? MICHAEL: I have someone that you would probably like to meet. EMILY: Who’s that? The other man in the room turns around. EMILY: Dad, who is this? MICHAEL: This is my brother, Eric. Your uncle. EMILY: Oh my gosh! I didn’t even recognize you, Uncle Eric! Eric and Emily embrace. ERIC: I haven’t seen you since you were a baby. EMILY: I didn’t even know you were back from Saudi Arabia. ERIC: I am. For good. EMILY: Seriously? ERIC: You bet. EMILY: That’s awesome! I’m so excited! ERIC: Hey, do you mind letting me talk to your father for a little bit? EMILY: No problem. I’m gonna go meet some friends, anyways. Bye. Emily gives Michael a kiss on the cheek. EMILY: Bye, Dad. Love you. Emily and Eric hug. She exits through the door. ERIC: So, how are you doing? MICHAEL: Good, but let's skip the formalities. I have something to ask you. ERIC: What is that? MICHAEL: Are you scared? ERIC: Michael, why would I be scared? MICHAEL: Because, Brian lives across the street. ERIC: You think I would be scared of Brian, because he killed my ex-wife? Linda did that to herself, and I forgave Brian a long time ago. MICHAEL: I’m just saying, no one truly ever gets over that. ERIC: Well, I have. MICHAEL: Only time will tell, brother. Only time will tell. --- Outside, over at the Matheson Home, Douglas puts the lid on the trash. SASHA: That is quite the question to ask, Douglas. DOUGLAS: It was worth a shot. SASHA: Listen, you are really cute, but we have known one another since you and your mom moved back here. I think of you as a brother. DOUGLAS: Why is that? SASHA: I told you. You are like a brother to me. I would expect you to hang out with me at the movies. Not take me on a date there. Sasha starts to walk away, but Douglas steps her. DOUGLAS: Sasha. She turns back. DOUGLAS: Is there anyways I can change that? SASHA: We’ll just have to wait and see. Sasha continues to walk away. A smile comes across Douglas’ face. Emily walks up to him. EMILY: Hey, Doug. DOUGLAS: Hey, Em. What’s going on? EMILY: I was hoping that I could get your help with something. DOUGLAS: What’s that? EMILY: Well, my uncle Eric just returned from Saudi Arabia, and I would like to throw him a huge party. Like, a welcome home party. DOUGLAS:
  9. All My Children - Episode 34 Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Casey Hutchison A new day has come to the residents of Pine Valley. At ConFusion, Brooke is having a cup of coffee, at a back table. Stuart walks up to her. STUART: Hello, Brooke. BROOKE: Stuart, thank you for coming. Please, sit. Stuart does so. STUART: (sighs) So, your call sounded pretty urgent. Is everything okay? BROOKE: First of all, thank you for coming so quickly. Secondly, no. Everything's not okay. This is about your brother, and his non corroporation when it comes to dealing with the illness that has fallen upon him. --- At the Chandler Mansion, Adam is in his office. He is on the phone. ADAM: Joe, I want you to be sure about this. If you can’t find another person to donate their lung besides my brother, then that is not okay. I am very sick, and I don’t want that sickness to be the reason that Stuart has to give something up. Adam hears a noise at the door. ADAM: Listen, I gotta go. Bye. Adam hangs up the phone. Marian fully opens the door. ADAM: Marian. A look of sadness comes across her face. ADAM: Marian, how long have you been standing there? MARIAN: Long enough to discover that you are ill. --- At Ryan and Greenlee’s Apartment, Ryan is buttoning up a shirt. It is made clear, that he has just gotten out of the shower. There is a knock at the door. He goes to answer the door. He opens it, and sees a woman. The woman has her back turned to him. RYAN: Hi, can I help you? WOMAN: I hope so. The woman turns around. Ryan looks at her, mysteriously. RYAN: Do I know you from somewhere? WOMAN: You should. We were married. --- --- At Krystal’s Diner, Joe, Ruth, Tad, Trevor, Amanda, Dixie, Jake, and Billy. are all having breakfast together. RUTH: I am so happy that we are all having breakfast together. We have all not done this in ages upon ages. A Martin breakfast. JOE: You are just as thrilled as I am, sweetheart. TAD: Leave it up to Jake to call us all together. DIXIE: I’m interested to know. Why did you call this breakfast, Jake? JAKE: Well, we have some very important news to share. AMANDA: Now, we all want you to remember. We love all of you, and this is for us to have a good second chance at life. RUTH: Is this for Billy? Are you getting a jumpstart on pre-schools? TAD: Mom, he is only one month. RUTH: I know. But, when your father and I went to get you into Pine Valley’s finest day care, it was like pulling teeth. JAKE: Anyways, could we continue? JOE: Of course. DIXIE: I’m interested. JAKE: Anyways, I got a job offer to teach at Berkeley, in California. I accepted the job offer. That means that Amanda, and the boys, and I are moving very quickly. DIXIE: How quickly? TREVOR: (excited) We leave today! Everyone is a little caught off guard at the announcement. --- Back at ConFusion, a waiter refills Brooke and Stuart’s coffee cups, and then walks off. BROOKE: Now, I know this is a lot to take in, but I need your help Stuart. If I don’t have your help, then Adam does not get the surgery that he needs. I know that you can convinced him that this is the right thing to do. STUART: It is. And, I would give up anything for Adam. The trouble is, when Adam says something, he is set in stone with it. BROOKE: (sighs) I know. I just wish that it wasn’t that way. I really do wish that. When he told me that he didn’t want to get the surgery, a part of my heart broke off with that. Yes, I am divorcing Adam, but I love him, and I always will. STUART: I know that you will. I will always love him too. All of us will always love Adam. Marian, Erica, Colby, Liza, hell even JR. BROOKE: He is not easy to break away from. STUART: I’ve tried. BROOKE: So have I. STUART: Can I ask you a question? BROOKE: Anything. STUART: Are you trying to run from Adam? BROOKE: What do you mean? STUART: You and Adam have such a love story. A great big love story. Do you feel you are trying to fight your feelings for him, by divorcing him. BROOKE: I’m divorcing him, because of his lies and manipulations. I told him that I would get back to him, but he did not want to make us stick if I did not truly want that. STUART: Do you truly want that? A divorce, I mean. BROOKE: To be truly honest, I don’t know what I want anymore. --- Back in Adam’s Office, Adam walks to the doors, and shuts them behind Marian. Marian walks fully into the office. Adam turns back to her. MARIAN: So, is it true, Adam? Are you ill? ADAM: Yes, dammit. I am. But, you cannot say a word. MARIAN: Adam, I know what it is like to keep something big from the rest of your family. This is huge. This even affects Hayley, even though she lives so far away. This affects so many people, and you cannot run from this. ADAM: You don’t even know the whole story. MARIAN: Then tell me. I want to know the whole story. I want to know what is going on. ADAM: Why? MARIAN: Adam, even though we are not the best of friends; I love you. You are my family. I care and protect my family, no matter what. ADAM: You have to keep this a secret. MARIAN: I will. I promise. ADAM: (sighs) A few weeks ago I had a doctor’s appointment, with Joe. I thought it was going to be a routine check up, but something else came up. I need a lung transplant. Joe said that Stuart is the only one who can deliver. MARIAN: Adam, Stuart will do that for you in a heartbeat. ADAM: I know, but I don’t want him to. MARIAN: Why not? Pine Valley Hospital has the best staff of general surgeons who can do a simple lung transplant. ADAM: I don’t want Stuart to give up his lung. At our age, anything can happy. And, I mean anything. I don’t want to basically sign his death certificate. Marian walks closer to Adam, and give him a hug. Adam is completely shocked by this, but embraces her anyways. MARIAN: You are a good man, no matter what history shows. I know that you will survive this. I know that you will. --- Back at Ryan and Greenlee’s Apartment, the woman enters, as Ryan shuts the door. Ryan turns back to her. RYAN: (laughs) Did you say we were married? WOMAN: I did. RYAN: I don’t know who you are. I think you have the wrong guy. WOMAN: I don’t. You are Ryan Lavery. Gosh, I have fought so hard to get back to you. The lady hugs Ryan, but Ryan pushes her away. RYAN: Lady, do you need some help? I can help you. WOMAN: Listen, I know that you don’t know me. I had to have some plastic surgery, because my skin had eroded. David brought me back, and I was a mess. RYAN: Who the hell are you?! WOMAN: It’s me. Gillian. Ryan is in complete and utter shock. --- At the Joe and Ruth’s Home, Joe and Ruth enter the house, and walk into the living room. Ruth sets her handbag on the bar stand. Joe and Ruth sit on the couch. RUTH: (sighs) I have to say, that breakfast was hard to sit through. JOE: Yes, it was. RUTH: We have done so much with our boys. Sometimes, it is hard to believe that they are all grown up. The bright side is that Charlie will get to spend time with Jake. Those two have been separated for so long. JOE: Well, Charlie and Ceciley moved to California years upon years ago. That happens. Just think, we only have Tad left. RUTH: Gosh, that is an odd feeling. JOE: Yes, it is. RUTH: But, we also have one another left. I was so happy to adopt Tad, and raise him for the time that I did. JOE: I’m glad you did that. RUTH: Anyways, Opal wanted to go to this little tea party thing together. I guess I better go get ready. See you in a moment, darling. Ruth and Joe kiss. Ruth gets up, and goes up the stairs. Then, Joe goes to the fireplace mantle, and begins looking at old pictures. JOE: The great and the least. The rich and the poor. The weak and the strong. In sickness and in health. You are ALL MY CHILDREN. Joe lets out a sigh. JOE: I love all of you so dearly. ***FADE OUT*** ***END OF EP. 34***
  10. CONTINUED FROM THE TOP PAIGE: I love you, Dougie. DOUGLAS: I love you too, mom. Paige walks off to the living room. --- Back at Gary’s and Val’s Home, Val and Gary curl up. GARY: How are you feeling? VAL: I think I should be asking you that question. GARY: I’m fine. Yes, this is hard, but your feelings come first. VAL: I plan to tell Lucy tomorrow. I don’t want to keep this from anyone. That would be a dangerous game to play. GARY: When do you plan to tell Bobby and Betsy? VAL: Well, I want to throw a celebration. Something classy. We can tell everyone. We can even tell all of the Ewing family. GARY: You sure about that, Val? VAL: I am. Listen, I just want you to know that I love you so much. And, I am going to put up a fight. I’m not leaving you, Gary. I’m not leaving you. GARY: (sighs) Come here. Gary gives Val a kiss. GARY: I love you so very much. More than you will ever know. VAL: I will always be here. GARY: Same goes for me. --- Back at Brain’s and Kate’s Home, Sasha sits a book and purse down on the couch. SASHA: So, when were you guys planning to tell me any of this? Was I supposed to figure it out when mom didn’t show up at breakfast tomorrow? KATE: Sasha, this is far beyond your knowledge. SASHA: Don’t talk to me like a child. I know what a fight, and a packed bag means. I’m not five anymore. Dad, you are quiet. BRIAN: Sasha, I have to agree with your mom on this one. SASHA: She hurt you. Didn’t she? Mom, you wanted this. KATE: Your father and I have been on the rocks for awhile now. There isn’t enough time in a year to explain our issues. SASHA: But, there’s enough to leave him? KATE: Alright, that’s enough! Yes, your father and I are done! We are done! Just drop it! BRIAN: Kate… KATE: Our daughter doesn’t want to be treated like a child, so I won’t treat her like one. This is life, Sasha. People drop one another all the time. SASHA: People like you guys don’t quit. BRIAN: Kate, let’s calm down, and talk. KATE: Sasha, I love you so much. Kate gives Sasha a hug and kiss. BRIAN: What are you doing, Kate. Kate grabs her bag. KATE: I’m not here to talk. I’m here to leave. Kate walks to the door. KATE: I need time to think. I didn’t mean for it to be like this, but it has to be. Goodbye, to both of you. I love you Sasha. Brian, hopefully we can come to terms with some of this, someday. Kate shuts the door. Sasha is in complete shock, and doesn’t know what do next in her life. She can’t navigate any of it. ---FREEZE FRAME--- ---CLOSING CREDITS---
  11. KNOTS LANDING “OF MOTHER AND MAN” WRITTEN BY: Casey Hutchison DIRECTED BY: Casey Hutchison <TONIGHT ON KNOTS LANDING> SASHA: Are you and mom really getting a divorce? * DOUGLAS: Will you ever be happy again? * VAL: I have something to tell you. * KAREN: Is our marriage still a marriage? * <AND NOW, KNOTS LANDING!> --- --- Nighttime has fallen upon California. At the Matheson Home, Paige enters with a couple of grocery bags in hand. She goes over, and sets them on the counter. She begins putting the groceries away. Her son, Douglas, enters. He begins helping put them away. PAIGE: Hey, sweetheart. How was your day? DOUGLAS: Busy. I have been working so many cars today. PAIGE: Hey, you are a good boss. DOUGLAS: Thanks. I just didn’t think when I got Knots Landing Motors, that it would be this much work to take care of. Paige gets a bottle of water. She also gets one for Douglas. PAIGE: Thanks for helping me put those groceries away. DOUGLAS: Of course. (sighs) So, how was therapy today? PAIGE: Same old. Same old. Dr. Matthews asked me questions, and I replied. (sighs) That’s all it is for me. But, it helps. DOUGLAS: I’m glad it helps. Hey, I have a questions for you. PAIGE: What’s that? DOUGLAS: Listen, I have been thinking about this question a lot. So, I want you to know, that it isn’t just coming out of the blue. PAIGE: Dougie, what’s going on? DOUGLAS: Will you ever be happy again? --- At an elegant restaurant, Mack and Karen are seated by a hostess. The hostess gives them menus, and silverware. HOSTESS: A waiter will be with you shortly. The hostess walks off. Karen and Mack begin looking through their menus. KAREN: I am so glad that we got the chance to do this. It overjoys me that you got the chance to get pulled away from work. MACK: It overjoys me that you agreed to this dinner. KAREN: I thought a night away from work drama would do us good. MACK: Being away from work always does a marriage good. KAREN: I like to think so. So, I have another reason for coming here. MACK: What is that? KAREN: Mack, with all of the work that we have been doing lately, I feel like I have...,; we have, gotten a little distant. MACK: What are you saying, Karen? KAREN: Is our marriage still a marriage? --- At Gary’s and Val’s Home, Val pulls up to the driveway. She turns off her car, but sits in the vehicle for a second. She is pondering what she will tell Gary about her cancer. She is wondering how he will react to the news. She then decides to get out. Val walks to the door. She opens the door, and enters the home. Val sets her purse and keys down on a nearby table. She sets the door, and Gary enters. GARY: Hey babe. Gary and Val walk to one another, and Gary gives her a kiss. VAL: Hi, Gary. GARY: Did you stop by the store? Val goes to the closet, and hangs up her coat. VAL: Sorry, I forgot. She turns back to Gary. GARY: Oh, that’s fine. Hey, are you okay? You seem off. VAL: Do I? I didn’t even notice that I was off. GARY: Valene, I think you do. What’s going on? VAL: It’s nothing, Gary. Don’t worry about it. GARY: Tell me something. Is this about your checkup at the hospital? Val flops down on the couch. VAL: (sighs) You know me so well. Gary calmly sits next to Val. VAL: I have something to tell you. GARY: What happened? VAL: The doctor delivered me some horrific and shocking news. GARY: You’re scaring me, honey. What did he say? VAL: He told me that my blood work revealed something he does not see every day. He then went on to tell me that I have Primary Peritoneal Cancer. Gary is completely thrown off guard. --- Meanwhile, at Brian’s and Kate’s Home, Brian and Kate walk down the stairs. Kate has a duffle bag in hand. KATE: How long is Sasha supposed to be out with her friends? BRIAN: Is that all you can think about? Our daughter coming into our home, and seeing her mother leaving her father? KATE: Of course I am worried about that. Sasha’s feelings matter. BRIAN: They do. You are completely right. Plus, I don’t think she would like to know that her mother is having an affair. KATE: An affair. Now you are making accusations. BRIAN: Kate, I heard that phone call. You said to the person on the other side of that line that you love them so much. KATE: That was Meg, you jackass. BRIAN: Meg Sumner? KATE: Yeah. Meg and I have been friends since day one of meeting. She and I have become very close. So, I will be living with her and her son, Eli. BRIAN: How dare you do this to me. KATE: How dare you wreck this marriage. BRIAN: I didn’t wreck this marriage! KATE: Yes you did! While the two continue to bicker, Sasha enters. SASHA: Will you two shut up! Brian and Kate stop fighting, and turn to Sasha. SASHA: What is going on here? I go out with friends, and I return to hear my parents throwing down? What is happening? BRIAN: Honey, we need to tell you something. SASHA: I think I know what is happening here. Mom’s bag is packed. You two are fighting. That only leaves one question. KATE: Sasha… SASHA: Are you and mom getting a divorce? --- Back at the elegant restaurant, Karen and Mack are drinking some champagne, and having their appetizer. KAREN: Have you considered my question? MACK: Yes, I have. I came to one conclusion. KAREN: And, what conclusion would that be? MACK: That our marriage is still a marriage. We love one another, we care for one another, and we mean our vows. KAREN: Yes, we do. I love you so much. MACK: I love you too, Karen. KAREN: So, Abby and I are going to Sid’s gravesite tomorrow. MACK: Good. I think she needs to get out a little. KAREN: I think she does,too. She doesn’t seem like the old Abby anymore. She doesn’t seems like Abby at all. MACK: No, she doesn’t. KAREN: Now, I know old Abby sometimes wasn’t the best person, but she was active. She was active in everything. I think I could get her back to that. MACK: That would be nice. KAREN: Could you maybe offer her job? MACK: You want me to offer Abby a job? KAREN: Yes, I do. MACK: Okay. I can only start her at an entry level. KAREN: Fine with me. Mack and Karen clink their glasses. --- Back at the Matheson Home, Paige sits at the island. PAIGE: That is a pretty loaded question, son. DOUGLAS: I think that it is a very honest question. PAIGE: Can I give you some advice? DOUGLAS: Sure, mom. PAIGE: People can be happy, if they make their life that way. DOUGLAS: Are you making your life that way? PAIGE: I’m trying. DOUGLAS: I know having Greg around always made you happy. Even when you fought over serious issues in life. PAIGE: Are you talking about when Greg didn’t want any children? If so, I won’t get into that with my son. That is too much to take on. DOUGLAS: That’s why you adopted me. You wanted what Greg wasn’t willing to give you. I understand that. PAIGE: I’m glad you do. Anyways, enough about that. Have you eaten any dinner? DOUGLAS: No. PAIGE: How about we go out tonight. Just the two of us. DOUGLAS: That’d be nice, mom. PAIGE: Wonderful. I’ll get my purse, and we can go. DOUGLAS: Okay.
  12. CONTINUED FROM THE TOP: Val walks up to the receptionist. VAL: Hello, I’m here for my appointment with Doctor Sullivan. RECEPTIONIST: Of course. Doctor Sullivan said he would like you to go into his office. He wants to see you right away. VAL: Thank you. Val walks off to Doctor Sullivan’s office. She knocks on the door. DR. SULLIVAN: Come in! Val enters. Dr. Sullivan stands. DR. SULLIVAN: Hello, Mrs. Ewing. Please, shut the door, and take a seat if you would like. Val does so. Dr. Sullivan leans up against his desk, with Val’s chart. VAL: So, what did my blood work reveal? DR. SULLIVAN: Something is wrong. VAL: Oh god. DR. SULLIVAN: Your blood test indicated something I do not see everyday. VAL: What is it, Doctor Sullivan? DR. SULLIVAN: You have Primary Peritoneal Cancer. VAL: Did you just say cancer? DR. SULLIVAN: Yes. VAL: Oh my god. The camera zooms in on Val’s worried and confused face. ---FREEZE FRAME--- ---CLOSING CREDITS---
  13. KNOTS LANDING “PILOT” WRITTEN BY: Casey Hutchison DIRECTED BY: Casey Hutchison SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Lisa Edelstein <TONIGHT ON KNOTS LANDING> PAIGE: Greg’s death has taken a toll on me. * ABBY: I don’t know how I feel about that. * GARY: That was Lucy. * BRIAN: Are you telling me that our marriage is over? * <AND NOW, KNOTS LANDING!> --- --- An aerial view of California is shown. The camera cuts to a skyscraper, as morning dawns upon Knots Landing. Paige is sitting down with a therapist (Lisa Edelstein). DR. MATTHEWS: How are you feeling today, Paige? Have you been taking that sleeping medication that I prescribed? PAIGE: I am doing as well, as I can be. (sighs) I have been taking the prescribed medication, but I still can’t sleep. DR. MATTHEWS: Why do you think that is? PAIGE: Greg’s death has taken a toll on me. At one point, he was a man I loved, and then out of nowhere, he is murdered by some ex-enemy. DR. MATTHEWS: Are you still afraid of the man who shot Greg? PAIGE: If you are asking if I still have the nightmare of him coming after me, and my son Douglas, then yes; I am afraid. DR. MATTHEWS: Let’s talk about Douglas. While you were away from California, and apart from Greg, you adopted this sweetheart of a boy. You moved back, started to reconcile with Greg. You told me that Douglas even became friends with Greg, and started to think of him as a father. Then, Greg dies. What kind of a toll has that taken on Douglas? PAIGE: A big one. My Dougie is a strong boy. He just got home from college, and we are grieving together. We are grieving together, big time. DR. MATTHEWS: Do you feel as if he is the only person that you can lean on? PAIGE: You bet I feel that way. --- At Brian and Kate’s Home, Brian enters. He is holding the mail from this morning, and is on the phone. He sits the mail down on the counter, but the phone remains in use. BRIAN: Sorry, I had to come home early. I know. You can take it out of my check. I just have things to do, for my family. We are grieving the loss of a family friend. Goodbye. Brian hangs up the phone, and starts up the stairs. He goes up to his room, and hears Kate talking on the phone. KATE (V.O.): Listen, no one will ever find out. I just love you so much. I am ready to leave Brian. I just want out of this loveless marriage. He won’t touch me, let alone talk. Our daughter, Sasha, is the only thing I look forward to. Kate hears a squeak. KATE: I think he’s home. Bye. Brian steps into the room. Kate begins to kiss him, but he holds back. KATE: Honey, is everything okay? You seem, distant. BRIAN: I heard everything, Kate. When were you planning to tell me that you are leaving me? Kate is in utter shock. --- At the Cunningham Home, Abby is having tea with Karen. ABBY: I am so glad that we have started to do these things. KAREN: I am too. In a way, Greg’s death has brought the whole cul-de-sac closer together. It feels like old times, again. ABBY: Old times? Backstabbing, affairs, lying? Those old times. The ladies have a subtle laugh. KAREN: Seaview Circle is quite the place to live. ABBY: Yes, it is. KAREN: How are you doing with all of this? ABBY: I’m fine. I mean, sure, it was a hard thing to go through, but I’m fine. How are you doing with all of this? Especially having Meg in your life. KAREN: I’m good, and Meg has her son. She knows what she has to do for Eli. ABBY: I love that boy. KAREN: I do too. And, she got him through in vitro. What a story that is. Hey, I have a proposition for you. I hope you consider it. ABBY: What is it? KAREN: How would you like to come visit Sid’s gravesite with me tomorrow morning? ABBY: I don’t know how I feel about that. KAREN: You can say no. Just a thought. ABBY: (sighs) You know what? Let’s do it. It has been an awfully long time since I last visited my brother, to talk. I’m game for it. KAREN: Wonderful. The women clink their glasses together. --- At Gary and Val’s, Gary hangs up his phone, as Val enters. VAL: Who was that, Gary? GARY: That was Lucy. VAL: How is our sweet girl? GARY: She’s good. She delivered some news to me. VAL: What’s that? GARY: She just bought a house here. VAL: Really? GARY: Yes. VAL: (laughs) Oh, that’s fantastic! Gary and Val embrace with smiles. They then go to the couch to sit down. VAL: I had no idea she was going to leave Dallas and Southfork. GARY: I didn’t either. VAL: Do you think this could have to do with Christopher passing? GARY: I think that is part of it. She took that very hard, as did all of us Ewings. I think she just needs to have a fresh start. VAL: I think you’re right. When is she arriving? GARY: Tomorrow. VAL: Oh, I’m so excited! Val curls up to Gary. --- Back at Paige’s therapist office, Paige looks out the window, as her therapist continues to sit in her chair, and take notes. DR. MATTHEWS: With your son growing up, is a full relationship still there, or did you need Greg’s death to reconnect you two? PAIGE: I didn’t need Greg’s death. But, this did reconnect us. Dougie and I have been falling apart, when it comes to communication. DR. MATTHEWS: Why do you think that is? Paige turns back to her therapist, and paces. PAIGE: Life, like you said. He is getting older. He doesn’t need his mommy there 24/7 to guide him anymore. He is his own person. DR. MATTHEWS: Does that make you upset? PAIGE: Of course, it does. I’m his mother. Mothers always have an obligation to fulfill a checklist, to make sure that their baby is safe. I raised that boy from the time he was two months old. I’m still raising him. DR. MATTHEWS: Before we end things here today, I want you to walk away with this question. Do you feel as if you have a bigger obligation to Douglas, more than normal, because he did not know his true parents? --- Afternoon has fallen upon Knots Landing. Meanwhile at The Cunningham Home, Abby pours Karen a fresh cup of tea. KAREN: Thank you. ABBY: Of course. KAREN: Now, I don’t want you to feel pressured. ABBY: Karen, I said it was a wonderful idea. I know that it will be. KAREN: Okay. Listen, I hope we can start to do this more often. ABBY: I hope so too. KAREN: So, I heard a little rumor. ABBY: There’s the old Seaview Circle you were referring too. So, what is this little rumor that you heard about me, as of recently? KAREN: I heard you were dating someone. ABBY: Oh, I was, but that was scrapped. KAREN: How come you didn’t tell me? ABBY: I did not want to burden you. KAREN: You can burden me anytime you would like. I still consider you a sister, Abby. I will always consider you as such. Abby reaches across the table. Her and Karen link hands. ABBY: Thank you. --- Back at Brian’s and Kate’s Home, Brian and Kate back away from one another. BRIAN: Are you telling me that our marriage is over? KATE: I just need time alone. BRIAN: Time alone spells over, when it comes to a marriage. KATE: Not always. BRIAN: Y… KATE: Look at your mother. BRIAN: Listen, why are you leaving me? KATE: It has been no secret. You have not touched me in months. You have not looked at me, taken me somewhere special in months. I don’t live like that. I need to be loved, Brian. I need passion in my life. I need a man who is all in for me. You are not presenting that to me, in any way possible. BRIAN: Kate, I love you with all of my heart. I have been busy, but the one thing I count on at the end of the day, is knowing that I have a beautiful wife at home waiting for me. KATE: I love you too, but you don’t show me love, anymore. That is why I am ending this for now. You say you love me, but you don’t show it. You would be absolutely insane to say that you did show it to me. BRIAN: We have been through so much. We have raised a daughter together. We have been married for twenty five years, and you just want to throw that away, because I didn’t take you to Red Lobster and a movie one night. KATE: It is more than one night! The last time we had sex was two years ago! I can’t live like that! Brian, a good couple knows when to be physical, when to go on a date. Most importantly, a good husband knows when to tell his wife she is beautiful. BRIAN: I’m not gonna give up on you. KATE: Looks like you’re gonna have to. --- At Jefferson Memorial Hospital, Val enters. She is on her phone, as she stops off of the elevator. She walks up to the front desk. VAL: Yes. No problem. I will stop by the store. Love you too, Gary.
  14. Y&Rbiggestfan


    Michelle Lee as Karen Cooper Mackenzie Kevin Dobson as Marion Patrick “Mack” Mackenzie Constance Zimmer as Meg Sumner Tate Berney as Eli Sumner Steve Burton as Michael Fairgate Julie Marie Berman as Emily Fairgate Claudia Lonow as Diana Fairgate Patrick Muldoon as Eric Fairgate * Ted Shackelford as Gary Ewing Joan Van Ark as Val Ewing * Donna Mills as Abby Cunningham Tonya Crowe as Olivia Cunningham Bobby Jacoby as Brian Cunningham Troian Bellisario as Sasha Cunningham Vanessa Marcil as Kate Whittaker Cunningham * Nicollette Sheridan as Paige Matheson Munro Chambers as Douglas Matheson
  15. What an electrifying episode! Cary, this just goes to show that BACK TO ANOTHER WORLD is still the best blog on the site! This episode was not only ANOTHER WORLD at the top of its game, but it was the whole soap opera genre at the top of its game. Jack/Grant: This was by far the most shocking thing I have ever read from your show. This was an amazing, and compelling secret that you revealed to your audience. You made every reader believe what was going on, and I cannot wait to see where you head when the fallout gets here in a couple of months. Cass/Christy: This was classic soap opera villain. I could not believe what Christy was suggesting. I just loved diving into this whole juicy story line. I wonder where you are headed with this juicy story line. Frankie/Felicia: I can see that now is the time that Felicia would want a drink more than ever. I am glad you are doing this fall off the wagon story for her, because I know that you will make Felicia Gallant shine in all her soapy glory! I just wonder what Frankie will do. Vicky/Jake/Paulina: I think we are heading back to Paulina and Jake like DRW50 said. That will be interesting, because I wonder if Vicky is going to fight for her man. I also enjoyed how you had Vicky present the divorce papers to Jake. That was totally ANOTHER WORLD right there. You are setting up an interesting future for this soap opera, and not let the death of the legendary Charles Keating get your soap down one peg. I am very proud of the direction you are taking this beloved soap opera. Cannot wait for more!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. BROOKE: S-s-so, what does that mean? Do you just get a transplant, and that’s all? ADAM: If this surgery goes wrong, then I kill my brother, and I love Stuart too much to do that. I’m not having the surgery. BROOKE: (cries) Adam, no! Adam no! You are having this surgery. You are going to get better. Stuart would want you to have this. ADAM: Maybe this is karma. For all of the terrible things that I have done. Stuart is a saint. I know that him and Marian are going to have a long life together. I won’t doom them to nothing bad. They are going to be happy together. BROOKE: (crying) What about me? What am I supposed to do? If I don’t have you, I have nothing. I need you, Adam. Forget this divorce. I will tear up those papers. I need you. ADAM: Don’t tear up those papers, if you don’t want to. You do whatever you need to do in your heart. You do the right thing. Adam un-pushes the STOP button, and the elevator continues to descend to the parking garage. ADAM: I love you. I always will. Adam and Brooke breathlessly kiss. The elevator doors open, as Adam steps out, Brooke does not. Adam walks off, as Brooke is left alone in the elevator. The doors close again. She begins to break down crying, as the camera zooms out on her. ***FADE OUT*** ***END OF EP. 33***
  17. EPISODE 33 Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Casey Hutchison Nighttime has come across Pine Valley. At David’s Penthouse, Brooke moves closer to David, and she narrows her eyebrows. BROOKE: Adam would not have had to have told any lies, if it was not for you jumping into our marriage, and doing all this wack stuff. DAVID: He is Adam Chandler. No matter what plan he is involved in, no matter what day of the week it is, Adam will always lie. Then, a woman enters. Brooke turns around, upon hearing the door open. SKYE: I can attest to the lying part of Adam. Hello Brooke, David. So, what is going on here? I would love to jump into the mix. Brooke looks over to Skye. BROOKE: What the hell do you want? SKYE: I thought since you were harassing my partner, that I should run in and save the day. BROOKE: Because everyone needs help from Skye? SKYE: Listen, how about you hurry out of here, before I call the police. Obviously, you are the one going after Dr. Hayward. BROOKE: Oh, that is where you are so wrong. I am not going anywhere. --- At Pine Valley Hospital, Joe sets Adam’s chart down on a table. ADAM: This is all very crazy. I cannot believe that I am sick, and need a lung transplant. Are you sure that Stuart is the only one who can provide the transplant I need? JOE: Adam, I ran every test I could think of. I came to the conclusion, on all of the test, that Stuart is the only one who can provide the lung. ADAM: Is it possible to live without a lung? JOE: Lung transplants happen all the time, Adam. The person who gives the lung to the recipient almost always has a safe, and wonderful recovery. ADAM: However, there is always the possibility that it does not go well. JOE: Yes, there is. ADAM: And if Stuart’s recovery after the surgery does not go well, then I might as well sign a signature on my brother’s death certificate. --- --- At Liza and Caleb’s apartment, Liza and Caleb walk in. Liza immediately goes to the couch. She is holds her lower abdomen, upon sitting. Caleb wheels a suitcase over to a chair. He then sits by Liza. CALEB: How are you feeling? LIZA: Better, with these drugs in my system at least. These pain pills work magic on the terrible pain I feel without them. CALEB: I’m sorry that you are having aches and pains. LIZA: (sighs) I just wonder who did this. I wonder who shot me. CALEB: Have you heard anything else from Jesse? LIZA: No, not at all. I have not heard a single thing from him. In fact, I haven’t even had a chance to call him, yet. And, he is so darn busy all the time. CALEB: He will make time for Pine Valley’s best lawyer. And, I know that you are a good friend of his. Plus, you are a victim. LIZA: Listen, can we get off of the topic of my shooter? I just want to talk about something that is very important to me. Something that I wanted to talk about, before I got shot. CALEB: What is that? LIZA: Our future. Now, I know we have talked about this a thousand times over, but now we actually have to do it on a more grand scale. We actually have to decide if we stay together or not. So, I leave it open to you first. Do we stay together, or not? --- At Amanda and Jake’s Home, Amanda and Jake are sitting on their couch. They are sharing a bottle of wine. Trevor comes down the stairs in his pajamas, as they set their glasses down. Amanda is handed a card by Trevor. AMANDA: What is this, sweetheart? TREVOR: I made you a get well card. Amanda opens it, and gives Trevor a hug. AMANDA: Thank you sweetie. JAKE: That was very nice of you, Trev. Trevor hope on top of Amanda’s knee. AMANDA: Did you brush those teeth? TREVOR: Yes. AMANDA: Did you add your math problems on that worksheet, correctly. TREVOR: Yes. JAKE: Did you pick out a bedtime story? TREVOR: Yes. They all laugh settle together. JAKE: Listen, how about you go ahead and climb into bed, and then I will be up soon to help you finish “Bridge To Terabithia”. TREVOR: Okay. Trevor runs off, as Jake and Amanda smile at one another. --- Back at Liza and Caleb’s apartment, Caleb hands Liza a glass of water, as she takes her pills. LIZA: Thank you. Caleb sits next to her, once again. CALEB: So, you want to talk about us. LIZA: I do. I have a long recovery ahead of me, and I would like someone there with me. It is Valentine’s Day. It is the day of love, and I am here with you. CALEB: I thought that I hurt you. LIZA: You did, but I am over that. Caleb, when I was laying in that bed, I was alone a lot. The loneliness made me think about a lot of things. The one thing my mind kept reverting back to, was us. It was about the pain and the hurt. I can get over your kiss with Erica Kane. I can get over the mountain of hurt. I can get over the history that you two shared, when she was involved in that plane crash. I can get over all of it. But, in order to make that easier, I need my guy. I need the guy who has stood through so much ugly stuff with me. I need the guy who I know loves me. (light sobbing) I need you. And, I hope that you need me. So, what will it be? Do you still want a relationship with me? CALEB: I want to do a lot more than that. LIZA: What do you mean? CALEB: Marry me, tonight. LIZA: Of course I will. If that means having you by my side, til death do us part, than you get a justice of the peace over here right now, and I will swing a marriage license. They both wipe small tears away, as they laugh, and go into a hug. --- Back at David’s Penthouse, Brooke sits her handbag down on David’s desk. SKYE: I would not get comfy, Brooke. BROOKE: Too late. DAVID: Look, you made your point. You wanted to come in here like the big bad woman that you pretend to be. But, the act you carry Brooke, is a tad tiring. BROOKE: I still love Adam, and I want him to be safe. Yes, I am leaving him, but Adam and I share a history. A history that means that I protect him from people like you. I know that Adam is funding this project, because you brought his brother back to him, but no more. Too much has happened. You have a patient on the loose, you have secrets, and I know you are keeping secrets. DAVID: Do you really want to know, Brooke? Do you want to know who we have brought back? BROOKE: Yes, I do. DAVID: Once I tell you, there is no going back. SKYE: David, be careful. DAVID: It is okay. She wants to know, then she will know. SKYE: Alright, go ahead. DAVID: The person we have brought back to life is, Gillian. BROOKE: Gillian? As in Ryan’s, Gillian? DAVID: Yes. Brooke is completely rocked at the information she has just received from David. She does not know what to think, or what to say. --- Meanwhile at Amanda and Jake’s home, Amanda and Jake come back from upstairs. AMANDA: Well, our little guy is out like a light. JAKE: Yes, he is. They take one another’s hands. JAKE: I love this. I love our family so much. AMANDA: Me too. Jake walks over to a chest in the living room. AMANDA: What are you doing, Jake? JAKE: There is something that I need to show you. AMANDA: What is that? Jake walks over to Amanda with a piece of paper. He hands it to her. After she quickly skims over the text, she looks up at Jake. AMANDA: I don’t understand. What is this? JAKE: Berkeley college wants me to be the head teacher of their medical department. (sighs) I get this letter about a month ago. I accepted the offer, today. AMANDA: What does all of this mean, for us? JAKE: Amanda, we have been through so much here. California would be a fresh start for us. It would be a fresh life for our little Trevor. If you agree, then we leave tomorrow. AMANDA: We leave our life here. That is… wow. I do not know what to think. JAKE: Just think of a better life. For us. For Trevor. We can get our baby from the hospital, and we leave. We leave all of this behind. All of the stuff that happened with Annie. We leave. AMANDA: Is this really what you want? JAKE: Yes. AMANDA: Then, I will be right there with you. JAKE: Are you sure? AMANDA: You bet I am. Let’s start packing. Jake grabs Amanda, as they go into a kiss. JAKE: I love you. AMANDA: I love you too, so very much. --- At Pine Valley Hospital, Adam exits his hospital room. As he turns to the elevator, he pushes the button. The doors open, and he sees Brooke. She steps off. Adam, does not get on. BROOKE: I knew your check up was today. We need to talk, and I knew that I could find you here. Will you get on the elevator with me? ADAM: Sure. They push the button again, and step on to the elevator. BROOKE: I know everything. Brooke presses the STOP button. BROOKE: I know everything about the mystery patient. Who it is, everything. I came here, because I wanted you to know that. I went to David, because I told him that your protection still matters to me, Adam. It does. ADAM: Thank you for that. Now, can I tell you something? BROOKE: Of course. You can always come to me with anything. ADAM: I got some news today. From Joe. During my check up. I am very sick, Brooke. Brooke sheds some tears, as Adam continues. ADAM: I have this rare condition. It is a condition that ruins my lungs. I need a transplant, and Joe says that the only person available for that is Stuart.
  18. EPISODE 32 Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Casey Hutchison Afternoon has fallen upon Pine Valley. At Bianca’s Hotel Room, Joshua still stands in the doorway. BIANCA: You do not have any news on my mother. I know that you are just trying to fool me, and I will not have it. It is not something I enjoy. Joshua, I have been through a very traumatic experience, and all I want to do is crawl into bed, and look at pictures of my dead wife and I, because that is the way I am choosing to grieve. JOSHUA: Bianca, please hear me out. BIANCA: I am not in the business of hearing people out. Then, Krystal walks up to Bianca’s door. KRYSTAL: Bianca, is he bothering you sweetheart? BIANCA: Yeah, he is. KRYSTAL: Joshua, how about you take a hike, before I get hotel security up here? I am sure they would love to haul your ass off for harassment. JOSHUA: Fine…, I’ll go. Joshua walks off. Krystal enters, as Bianca shuts the door. KRYSTAL: What did that creep want? BIANCA: He just told me he had something about my mother. I’m sure it is just something he cooked up. Don’t worry about it. So, why are you here? KRYSTAL: Unfortunately, we have a funeral to plan. --- At Pine Valley Hospital, Adam is in a private room. Joe enters, with Adam’s chart. JOE: Good afternoon, Adam. I see that you are here for the results of a blood test. ADAM: Yes, I am here for that. I had one done a couple of weeks ago by Doctor Mcquality. He is on vacation, so you are subbing in. JOE: That is correct. ADAM: And, I would appreciate it if you could just give me the stamp of approval, because I have a board meeting in about an hour. I still have some prepping to do. JOE: Adam, I am so sorry, but I cannot let you walk out this door that easily. ADAM: What are you talking about? What’s wrong? JOE: I regret to inform you, but you are very sick. --- --- David is working very hard to find his mystery patient. Kevin is in his office with him. DAVID: (on the phone) Listen, Cara I will take Oliver for the weekend. There is no reason to worry about it. I understand. Alright, bye. David hangs up the phone. DAVID: So, I want you to know Kevin, that you are still taking over JR’s life. Just because I have a patient missing does not mean you get a break. KEVIN: I understand. So, the guards snatch him tonight? DAVID: Yes, and then tomorrow morning, you wake up as JR Chandler. Then, there is a knock at the door. David and Kevin give one another a look. Kevin looks around, and races to the closet. He hides in there, as David answers the door. DAVID: Oh, what a surprise. BROOKE: Cut the crap. We need to talk. DAVID: What about? BROOKE: Who the hell your mystery patient is. And, what you plan to do with my husband. --- At the Chandler Mansion, Stuart and Marian come down the stairs together. The two are both still in their pajamas. MARIAN: (Sighs) I have enjoyed this day so much. STUART: I have too, my love. It has been so much to have all of our meals in bed, so far. And, watch old romantic comedies together. MARIAN: I hope that we can stay like this forever. STUART: We can. MARIAN: Stuart Chandler, what are you doing here? STUART: Marry me again, Marian. Marry me. --- Back at Bianca’s Hotel Room, Krystal and Bianca have a binder open, and they are looking through flower arrangements, and pictures. BIANCA: So, what do you think we should have for Marisa’s big picture to go on the stand. I was thinking something fun and flattering. Maybe a picture of her outside. KRYSTAL: Okay, I like that idea. And, for the flowers, should we do maybe white orchids? I know she loved orchids, and white would go with her soul. Pure, and lovely. Bianca lightly laughs, and casually stands. Krystal stands after her. KRYSTAL: What is it? BIANCA: She was a sucker for tradition. KRYSTAL: (Sighs) It is one of the things I loved about her. BIANCA: I remembered that she just had to have us wear white on our wedding day. She would not stand for anything else, Also, it had to be in a church. Our wedding was in a church (laughs), and I loved it. It was a damn good traditional wedding. KRYSTAL: I am glad that we can remember her as a happy person. She always was, but she was not afraid to show the strength that she carried around. BIANCA: You got that right. She always had this thing about her. She was thin, and sweet, but no one, and I mean no one wanted to mess with her. KRYSTAL: That is very true. Listen, I know that this is very hard, but you will get through it, Bianca. It takes time, but life will be back to normal. I’ve been through this before. Twice actually. I had an ectopic pregnancy, then Babe. BIANCA: Is Marisa going to be buried next to Babe? KRYSTAL: That is the plan. BIANCA: Good. Family should always be together. KRYSTAL: Yes, yes they should. Come here. Krystal and Bianca both start to lightly cry, as they both go into a hug. --- Back at David’s Penthouse, Brooke shuts the door. BROOKE: David, my ears are open for listening. Now, I know that you are going to make me run and run around these conversational circles that you present in every discussion, but you are not going to it now. Tell me, what is going on? DAVID: How dare you come into my office, and demand all of this. BROOKE: How dare I? How dare you! How dare you, David Hayward! You are the reason for my marriage ending. For me moving back into my penthouse, and petitioning for divorce. DAVID: I thought you said Adam’s lying was. BROOKE: He would not have had to have told any lies, if it was not for you jumping into our marriage, and doing all this wack stuff. DAVID: He is Adam Chandler. No matter what plan he is involved in, no matter what day of the week it is, Adam will always lie. Then, a woman enters. Brooke turns around, upon hearing the door open. SKYE: I can attest to the lying part of Adam. Hello Brooke, David. So, what is going on here? I would love to jump into the mix. --- Back at The Chandler Mansion, Marian is in shock, and a tad confused. MARIAN: Stuart, we are married. We’ve been married since 1999. STUART: I should have been more clear. MARIAN: What do you mean, sweetheart? STUART: I want to renew our vows. That basically renews our marriage. MARIAN: And, why do you want to do that? STUART: Life is too short. I love you with all of my being, and I want to love you more and more. Renewing our vows would be a way to once again stick our love together. MARIAN: I see. But, I do not need some phony ceremony. STUART: It won’t be phony. In fact, you can organize it. MARIAN: What do you mean? STUART: We never had a real wedding. We had to rush through things. What if this could be our time for a wedding? You can pick whatever you want. Never mind the cost. MARIAN: I like the way you think. STUART: So, is that a deal? MARIAN: You bet it is. They laugh, as they go into a kiss, then a tight hug. --- Back at Pine Valley Hospital, Adam stands up from the examination bed. ADAM: So, let me get this straight. I need a lung transplant, because I have a disease where cells are attacking my lung? JOE: That is correct. Now, this is extremely rare. There have only been two people to ever report this. One came from Zurich. The other from Russia. ADAM: Just my luck to get it. JOE: Adam, we have already found a match. ADAM: Who? JOE: Stuart. ***FADE OUT*** ***END OF EPISODE 32*** ----SPECIAL NOTE--- Readers, This lung storyline sadly will be Adam and Stuart’s last. They have been magical characters to write for. David Canary was an extraordinary actor. He will be missed here on ALL MY CHILDREN fanfiction. I hope you continue to read into his last storyline. THANK YOU, Head Writer, Casey Hutchison ---
  19. Wow! What another episode that just kicked everything back up on the drama scale! Karynn/Esther: This dynamic duo continues to be the scene stealing center of attention on your show. You have two wonderful actresses you have to work with, and you are giving them damn good story! I hope to see more of Karynn and Esther, as your show continues in future episodes. Phillip: I am so done with Phillip LOL! This bitch is just all over the place. Phillip got some serious explaining to do to Scotty. I cannot wait to see how Scotty will react to the whole drugs in the bathroom thing. You defiantly make Phillip interesting enough to want to read about, however I would like better motives and character direction with his character. The Newman Family: This is by far the most driven family in all of daytime history, and I am glad that you stuck with the soapy filled drama that the Newman family presents. I am also happy that someone finally laid into Nick on his s**t, and was Noah, his own son LOL. I am totally interested to see where you take Nikki. I love that you have begun to use her more and more in each episode. Now that Victor has come to see her, it will be interesting to see what she has to say, and what side Victoria will fall into as her parents decide their future. ALWAYS WONDERFUL WORK ML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Kendall: You are right. But, I could have done more. Erica: The police had it under control. Kendall: Mom, do you feel the urge to drink? Erica: Annie knocked people down, but she didn’t get to me. I will not let her compromise my sobriety over a few spiked and misplaced drinks. Kendall: Good for you, mom. Good for you. How are you dealing with the whole Joshua being alive thing? Erica: I feel uneasy. I have not bumped into him, yet. But, it is weird. I thought he died. I thought he was long gone from our lives. I thought when we removed him from life support, he was gone. Kendall: I thought he was gone when Zach shot him in the head. Erica: I still want to know how Annie kept him alive. Kendall: She has her ways. Erica: Yes, she does. Yes, she does. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Bianca’s Hotel Room) Joshua still stands in the doorway. Joshua: Can I come in? Bianca: No. Why are you even here? Joshua: Because, we need to talk. Bianca: Why? Joshua: I have something you would want to know about our mother. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLOSING. THIS HAS BEEN: CREATED BYagnes nixon WRITTEN BY casey hutchison EXECUTIVE PRODUCER casey hutchison DIRECTED BY james a. baffico STARRING David Canary as Adam & Stuart Chandler Debbie Morgas as Dr. Angela Baxter Hubbard Julia Barr as Brooke English Michael Nouri as Caleb Cortlandt Lindsay Hartley as Dr. Cara Castillo Natalie Hall as Colby Chandler Vincent Irizarry as Dr. David Hayward Cady McClain as Dixie Cooney Martin Susan Lucci as Erica Kane Rebecca Buding as Greenlee Smythe Lavery Jacob Young as J.R. Chandler & Kevin Walt Willey as Jackson Montgomery Alicia Minshew as Kendall Hart Slater Darnell Williams as Jesse Hubbard Bobbie Eakes as Krystal Carey Camila Banus as Lily Montgomery Jamie Luner as Liza Colby Cameron Mathison as Ryan Lavery Michael E Knight as Tad Martin Thorsten Kaye as Zach Slater Tate Berney as A.J. Chandler Chrishell Stause as Amanda Dillon Martin Trent Garrett as Asher Pike Eden Riegel as Bianca Montgomery J.R. Martinez as Brot Monroe Ricky Paull Goldin as Dr. Jake Martin Cornelius Smith, Jr as Dr. Frankie Hubbard Jordi Vilasuso as Dr. Griffin Castillo Ray MacDonald as Dr. Joe Martin Stephanie Gatschet as Madison North Daniel Cosgrove as Scott Chandler Shannon Kane as Natalia Jill Larson as Opal Cortlandt Melissa Claire Egan as Annie Lavery Kimberly Matula as Emma Lavery Freddie Smith as Ian Slater Molly Burnett as Kathy Martin Adam Gregory as Spike Lavery Mark La Mura as Mark Dalton Jordana Brewster as Gillian Andrassy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. All My Children Tuesday 1/18/2016 Episode #31 Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Casey Hutchison Time of Day: Morning READERS. Time has jumped forward a little bit. Annie is in a high max security mental hospital. Everyone knows what she did. Joshua was released on the account of giving big information about Annie. Natalia and Amanda gave births to their babies. They are still in the hospital for observation. Greenlee’s baby could not be saved from complications. Marissa’s funeral has not been held yet. Krystal and David are grief stricken by the loss of their daughter. No one knows about Kevin… yet. And, David’s mystery patient still has not been found. Brooke and Adam are still on the rocks. Brooke has moved out. And, Skye is still roaming Pine Valley. AND NOW A NEW EPISODE OF ALL MY CHILDREN: (Examining Room) Angie is putting a bandage on a guys head. Angie: Now, you will need to come back to get that looked at in about a week, or so. I need to check the wound. Do you have any questions for me? Man: No, not at all. Angie: Alrighty then. There is some paperwork you need to fill out at the front desk. Have a wonderful day, Mr. Amos. Man: You as well, Dr. Hubbard. The man exits. Angie takes off her latex gloves, and pitches them into the wastebasket. As she turns around, she sees Jesse. Jesse: Hey. Angie: Jesse! Angie embraces him. Angie: I am so glad you are here. I have missed you so much, baby. Are you doing alright? Is Annie put away? What’s going on? Jesse: I am doing fine. Annie is put away. For good. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Slater Home) Kendall, Erica, and Zach enter. They all go to the couch. Kendall sits down. Kendall: Will you two stop hovering? I am perfectly fine. Erica and Zach look at one another. Erica & Zach: Nope. Not a chance. Kendall sighs, as she sits. Erica: Honey, we are only looking out for. You went through quite the ordeal. Everyone did, really. Annie wreaked havoc once again. Zach: Especially on Bianca. Kendall: Speaking of my sister, how is she? Erica: Grief stricken. I have called her six times this morning, but she has avoided all of my calls. Jackson even called her. Nothing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Bianca’s Hotel Room) Bianca is laying on her bed. On the nightstand is a bottle of wine, and a glass. Her eyes seem dry from the tears. There is a knock at the door. Bianca: Go away! The knocking proceeds. Bianca: Go away! Go away! The knocking gets much louder. Bianca: Dammit. Bianca gets out of bed, and answers the door. Bianca (Opening the door): Don’t you understand anything… She is completely shocked. Bianca: What the hell is this? Joshua: Hello, sis. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Natalia’s Hospital Room) Natalia is laying in bed. Brot is right beside her. He is sitting down at her bedside, and is holding her hand. Brot: How are you feeling? Natalia: I am doing better than I expected. How is the baby? Brot: Fine. He is even breathing on his own. Jake is monitoring his wife’s baby, and ours as well. I spoke to Ryan. Greenlee is coping. Natalia: Gosh, what a terrible tragedy. Brot: She is getting through it. Natalia: She is very strong. I have kept her in my prayers. Annie through her for a loop, again. How is Emma doing? Brot: Greenlee and Ryan have explained it to her the best they can. Even as a woman in her twenties, there is a lot she does not understand. Natalia: I can see that. Annie is a tough person to understand. I just wish there was a way I could help. You know? Brot: I do. I do. I really do. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Krystal’s Diner) Greenlee and Ryan are having breakfast. Greenlee has barely touched her food. She is slouched in her chair. Ryan: I called Emma. She is having a wonderful time shadowing Lily for the autism foundation. It is going well. Greenlee lets out a sigh. Ryan is trying to get her spirits up. Ryan: I love the name. Sunrise Flowers. Greenlee: I’m glad the sun shines for them. It is not shining for me. Ryan: Honey… Greenlee: Aren’t you sad? Or are you just trying to forget everything about our baby. If so, tell me now. I need to know. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Sunrise Flowers Offices) Lily and Emma walk into Lily’s office. Announcer: The role of Emma Lavery is now being played by Kimberly Matula. Emma: I am so happy to be doing this with you. I cannot thank you enough for letting me do this with you. I really wanted to dive into a good cause. Lily: You have a good heart, Emma. I knew that you would be perfect for the job. It was the right choice picking you. Emma: (Laughing) I like to think so. Lily returns a laugh, as the two sit down. Lily: So, let's go over funding. Emma: Alright. Emma opens up to a budget chart on her IPAD. Lily: Our funding is kind of small for this month, but I have an idea on a way to boost our funding. Do you want to hear what is? Emma: Of course. Lily: Sunrise Flowers presents, The 1st Annual SF Gala. Emma: (Smiling) I love it! The two laugh excitedly. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Pine Valley Hospital) Angie and Jesse are holding hands, as the two walk down the halls of the hospital, together. They stop, and sit on a bench. Angie: I am so glad to be with you right now. It has been very hectic lately. Seems like there is no time to take a breath. Jesse: I know. Have you gotten a call from Frankie? Angie: Yeah, he said that his plane landed in Iran. They really needed the doctors there for the amount of troops that have been injured. Jesse: Are you still nervous about him? Angie: I’m a mother. I always will be nervous about my little boy going to stitch people up halfway across the world. Cassandra said they talked for quite awhile one night. Jesse: Good. I am glad that they are staying in touch. That would be good for Frankie to remember that he has family. Angie: Have you visited with Natalia? Jesse: Yeah, I have. Angie: Does she feel safer knowing that Annie is locked up? Jesse: She does. She really does. Angie: I’m happy to hear that. I checked on the baby earlier. He is absolutely beautiful in every single way. He has your nose. Jesse: (Laughs) That makes me smile. Angie: Do you know what this means? Jesse: What does this mean? Angie: We are old now. They laugh, as the two embrace again. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Natalia’s Hospital Room) Natalia and Brot are packing a bag. Natalia: I wish we could bring our baby boy home with us. Brot: Me too, but they have to keep him for some more observation. Natalia: Yeah, I know. I just want more time with him. Brot: I know that you do. Listen, he is going to be home before you know it. But, we also need to pick out a name for him. Natalia: I guess you are right. A name is everything. It is going to define who our boy is in this great big world. Brot: Yes, it is. Natalia: I have just the name for him. It is a name that is fit for a king. A strong king. A king who is going to rule the world. Brot: What is this name? Natalia: Jesse Baxter Monroe Jr. Brot: I love it. And, I’m sure your father will love it too. Natalia: You think? Brot: Yes. He saved our baby. Without your father commanding that station we would have never gotten to you. Natalia: I love you so much. Brot: I love you too. Come here. Brot and Natalia kiss and hug. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Krystal’s Diner) Greenlee takes a sip of her coffee. Greenlee: Sorry, I did not mean to jump at you like that. I have just been on this kick lately to go at people. Ryan: It is okay. Greenlee, we lost a child from Annie. You do not have to apologize for anything you just said. Greenlee: Thank you. Thank you for being so understanding. Ryan: Listen, Emma is busy today. That means that we have the house to ourselves for a very long time. What do you say we just go home, and we take a nice long nap, and we forget about the world. Greenlee: That sounds good to me. Ryan: Good. Let’s do it, then. Greenlee: Ryan. Ryan: Yeah? Greenlee: I love you. Ryan: I love you too. Very much. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Sunrise Flowers Offices) Lily and Emma are packing up from their meeting. Lily: So, do you want a ride to the hospital? Emma: That’s okay. I was actually going to grab some lunch first, then I was going to go visit some people at the hospital. Do you want to grab lunch with me? Lily: Sure, if you don’t mind. Emma: Of course not. I always love having a tag along for lunch. It makes it more fun. That way I have someone to talk to. Lily: I see. Gosh, this whole autism foundation thing is really taking off. Emma: It is. And, with this gala, nothing is going to stop us. Lily: I love the enthusiasm. It makes for a good work day. Emma: That is what my father always said. Lily: Hey speaking of your father, do you think you could get him to talk to Greenlee about Fusion donating some stuff for like a silent auction? Emma: That would be no problem at all. Plus, Greenlee could use something to take her mind off of her losing the baby. Lily: Is that why you are doing this? Emma: What? Lily: Did you become apart of this business so you could get your mind off of what your mother did. You can tell me. Emma: Most of it is that, but most of it is because I love helping others. I love seeing the smile on faces. Lily: I’m glad you are doing this, then. Emma: Ready for lunch? Lily: Sure, let’s go. The two walk out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Slater Home) Kendall and Erica are curled up on the couch drinking some tea. Zach has walked off to the other room. Kendall: I don’t like Binx not answering her phone. Not to you, Zach, me, even Jackson. Marissa’s funeral is coming up, and I don’t want her to be alone. Erica: We had a heart-to-heart at the hospital. I could tell that Marissa dying has completely broke her. It has broken her to her lowest level. Kendall: Where is Miranda? Erica: She is with Jackson. They are staying at my penthouse. AJ is at the Chandler mansion. That poor kid. Loses his real mom, and now is adoptive mother. I feel so bad for him. What a tragedy. Kendall: It really is. Erica: How are you doing? Kendall: To be honest, terrible. I feel terrible. I let Annie knock me down. I let her do that. I did not put up much of a fight. Erica: Don’t do that. Kendall: Do what? Erica: Blame yourself for that bitches actions. Annie did that. She ruined people’s lives. You did not do that. She did that. Kendall: You are right. But, I could have done more.
  22. You come back just the way we all remember LOL! The Jail: Oh Michael has truly dug his life deeper into this black hole. I am enjoying this alliance that you are creating between Sister Patterson and Victor. I wonder how Victor plans to get Newman Enterprises back from Jack. The Hospital: You have made Avery such a compelling character, which is something the televised version was never able to do. I am highly interested in this story now that key players know what Avery has been up to. GCAC: Karynn is the best I love her!!! Her and Essie are awesome!!! Cannot wait to see if Nina is going to lose it around her! This was a damn good return. Keep up the good work!!!
  23. Joshua: They are just trying to con you Annie. They don’t care about you. The don’t care about Emma and your relationship. Annie: You are right, Josh. The don’t. They only care about themselves. The three women scream. Before Greenlee is rolled off into surgery, Jake, Jesse, Brot, Jackson, and Ryan bust in with guns, and police. Ryan: Freeze! Everyone is shocked. ***FADE OUT*** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLOSING. THIS HAS BEEN: CREATED BYagnes nixon WRITTEN BY casey hutchison EXECUTIVE PRODUCER casey hutchison DIRECTED BY james a. baffico STARRING David Canary as Adam & Stuart Chandler Debbie Morgas as Dr. Angela Baxter Hubbard Julia Barr as Brooke English Michael Nouri as Caleb Cortlandt Lindsay Hartley as Dr. Cara Castillo Natalie Hall as Colby Chandler Vincent Irizarry as Dr. David Hayward Cady McClain as Dixie Cooney Martin Susan Lucci as Erica Kane Rebecca Buding as Greenlee Smythe Lavery Jacob Young as J.R. Chandler & Kevin Walt Willey as Jackson Montgomery Alicia Minshew as Kendall Hart Slater Darnell Williams as Jesse Hubbard Bobbie Eakes as Krystal Carey Camila Banus as Lily Montgomery Jamie Luner as Liza Colby Cameron Mathison as Ryan Lavery Michael E Knight as Tad Martin Thorsten Kaye as Zach Slater Tate Berney as A.J. Chandler Chrishell Stause as Amanda Dillon Martin Trent Garrett as Asher Pike Eden Riegel as Bianca Montgomery J.R. Martinez as Brot Monroe Ricky Paull Goldin as Dr. Jake Martin Cornelius Smith, Jr as Dr. Frankie Hubbard Jordi Vilasuso as Dr. Griffin Castillo Ray MacDonald as Dr. Joe Martin Stephanie Gatschet as Madison North Daniel Cosgrove as Scott Chandler Shannon Kane as Natalia Jill Larson as Opal Cortlandt Melissa Claire Egan as Annie Lavery Kimberly Matula as Emma Lavery Freddie Smith as Ian Slater Kimberly Matula as Kathy Martin Adam Gregory as Spike Lavery Mark La Mura as Mark Dalton Jordana Brewster as Gillian Andrassy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Readers, I want to inform you that beginning soon David Canary’s passing will be dealt with. Adam and Stuart Chandler will exit in true fashion. Sincerely, Casey Hutchison (Head Writer/Executive Producer) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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