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  1. YOU CAN DISCOVER WHO IT IS BY READING THE EPISODE BELOW! (click on the highlighted episode number) EPISODE 22
  2. Another great episode! I enjoyed the whole backstory. Jesse/Angie/Natalia: I like that you keep them in this whole romantic path. I like that Natalia is doing alright. I'm glad that things didn't take a turn for the worse. But, will she come back to the force in full??? Vin/Ali: I'm worried that he will hurt Ali. You are scaring me. I hope that Charlotte can save her if anything goes wrong. Jeremy: Nice shout out to the past and present soap opera bad asses. I wonder where Jeremy and Bart will go. Good set up to a future story. This will be good, I bet. Bo: I liked that you gave the story some depth that we haven't seen before. Good job. Kaya/Steve/Hope/Roman/Terrence: They don't realize that they can be really close to getting the whole figured out, if they would just see how Kayla sees it. I like that Hope still believes in Bo. Nice job! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Your episodes get better and better! Brittany/Billy/Ashley: I like how you do Britt and Billy. It is very Y&R dialogue. I like that we heard from Ashley. I wonder what direction you are going to take Billy now. Is Ash coming to town??? Interesting. Ali: I don't think it is a good idea for her to see Vin. I like the dynamic you have established with Charlotte and her. Very well done. I guess we will just have to wait and see if things go bad for her. I HOPE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! Greg/His Mom: I like how you write Greg. The lines were very well written. I like how you explained what really goes on in his family. Very well done on your part to deliver that emotion. Emily/Paul: This was probably my favorite part of the whole episode. I enjoyed the fight. I could see that playing out on ATWT if the show was on today. I also liked her comment about the blowing LOL. Very well put together scenes. Bo: The struggles for him continue. I wonder if he will get free. And now, we have Bart and Stefano doing this whole thing with working together. This is story line is a gold mine! Keep it up. I LOVE THOSE MONTAGES! They really bring the show together. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. What a great episode! Nick/Nicole/Sami: I liked that scene between Nicole and Nick. I enjoy their story line. It is what DAYS should have done all along! I wonder what Nicole is going to use against Victor. I wonder what Nick is going to say to Sami. This is going to be good. Can't wait to see this scene. Will/Alex: I see this Alex guy being a good fit for a love triangle. I like how detailed the scene was, because we could see that Will might move onto some one else. Some one who can compete with Sonny LOL. Maxine: I hope that Maxine can get something out of Laura. Brady/Anita: I continue to fall in love with Anita. She's been around for 2-3 episodes and she is established well. I wonder if Brady can peel back and reveal something. The Hospital Meeting: I think this is one of your biggest cliffhangers. I wonder where you are taking Kayla. I am SUUUUPER interested. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ML, this is the writing I've been waiting for from you! This episode was a Y&R episode. Good job! Drucila: Dru is back in full form! I loved the scenes she shared with everyone. The emotions were well played and well thought out. Great job! Rafe/Scotty: I am glad you added more layers to the story line. This story isn't bland or to over the top it is just right. I loved that they got their emotions out. Rafe let Scotty know what he has been feeling. That was very well written. I think Scotty has this whole like wall up thing going on. Hopefully those walls will come down. Avery: I like where you are taking her character. I wonder what is going to happen. Leslie/Spencer/Hillary/Rox: GOD I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!! Anything with these characters have been my favorite. You really know how to let them shine. Neil: Finally the man that has it all going on in the story department. I am worried. I agree with Al. I don't think you will kill him off, but their might be some complications. ML, you are going to rock this, if you keep this format up! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. All My Children - Episode #21 Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Casey Hutchison & Piper Miller (Krystal's Diner) Cara and Oliver are eating breakfast. Cara: Finish your breakfast. Your daddy will be here soon. Oliver: I can't wait, mommy. Cara: I know baby. David enters. He looks at Cara and Oliver. He smiles. David: I'm here, Oliver. --- (Jesse's Office) Jesse puts a file in a cabinet. Greenlee and Ryan enter. Jesse: (Closing Cabinet) Hello, you two. Greenlee: Hi, Jesse. Ryan: So, do you have anything yet? Jesse: I do. Greenlee: Really? Jesse: We have a big lead. Ryan: Well, tell us. What is it? What's the lead? --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qby37xuo9mU --- (Opal's Hospital Room) Opal sits up, as Joe enters. Opal: Morning, Joe. Joe: Morning, Opal. Opal: Did you get Tad and Dixie to go home and get some rest? Joe: I managed to. Opal: Wonderful. The good Lord knows that they some resting. So, what the news for today? Joe: It is actually good news. Opal: Really? Joe: Yes. You are going to love this. I know you will. --- (Chandler Mansion) Brooke comes down the stairs. She is talking on the phone. Brooke: Now, if we can get those warehouse employees to take the two percent pay cut, then we will be in business. (Pouring a cup of tea) I know it will be hard. Harold, if anyone can make this deal happen, then it is you. (Knocking On Door) Listen, there is someone at the door, so I've gotta go. Call me when you reach the deal. Bye. Brooke hangs up the phone. She goes to answer the door. Skye: Hello. Brooke: What the hell are you doing here? --- (Krystal's Diner) Cara and Oliver stand, as David walks to them. David: Hello. Oliver: Hi daddy. David: (Laughs) Hi. Cara hands David a backpack. Cara: In there is all of his stuff. He has a pillow and a blanket. He has pajamas, and then a change of clothes for the next day. He also packed some puzzles for you guys to do. He does love to do puzzles before he goes to bed. David: Okay. Anything else? Cara: Yeah. David: What? Cara: Don't bring this Orpheus business around him. David: I'm not doing that anymore. Cara: Everyone knows that you still are. Cara bends down to give Oliver a kiss and a hug. Cara: Be really good for daddy, okay? Oliver: I will. Cara: (Standing) I love you, honey. Oliver: I love you too. Cara: Bye, guys. David: Bye. David and Oliver walk out. Cara: (Sighs) I hope I am doing the right thing. --- (Chandler Mansion) Brooke steps outside with Skye. Brooke: I would invite you in, but you might steal some of the silver. Skye: Of course you would say stuff like that. Brooke: Or maybe you will make Adam adopt you again. Skye: Look, I'm not here for that. Brooke: Then, what are you here for? Skye: I came to see Stuart. Brooke: Him and Marian are off having breakfast. Skye: Then I guess you will have to do. Brooke: What do you mean? Skye: I apologize. Brooke: W-w-what? Skye: You seem caught off guard. Brooke: Well, apologizing is a Skye Chandler Quartermaine first. Skye: Very funny. Listen, I wreaked havoc back when I was first in Pine Valley. Brooke: You did. Skye: My drinking got the best of me in those days. Brooke: You bet it did. Skye: But, that was the old me. This is the new me. Brooke checks her watch. Brooke: Listen, I have to go. I have business to do. (Opening Door) By the way Skye, I'll believe you are a new person when hell freezes over. Brooke walks back in the house. Skye: (Sighs) Don't say I didn't try. --- (Jesse's Office) Jesse, Greenlee, and Ryan sit down. Jesse: I've decided to combine cases. Greenlee: Combine? Ryan: What does that mean? Jesse: Two cases have matched up, lately. I think Annie might be doing both of them. Greenlee: She can do anything she wants, apparently. Jesse: Listen, the other case involves Kendall. She has been receiving some odd calls. Ryan: Really? Jesse: Yes, now, we are going to find Annie. I promise you that. Emma will be sage. But, you two need to promise me, not to get in the way. Greenlee: When it comes to that bitch, I don't know if I can do that. Now, I have a doctor's appointment to go to with Amanda and Natalia. We all want to have like a pregnant girls day. Plus, I think I need it. (Standing) Find Emma, Jesse. Find her. Ryan: He will. Jesse: I will. Greenlee: (Kissing Ryan) Bye. Ryan: Bye. Greenlee walks out, as Jesse and Ryan sigh. --- (Opal's Hospital Room) Joe pulls up a chair to Opal. Opal: So, what is the news? Joe: Angie and I have been working day and night to find something that will help. We found this new drug on the market called Kinsered. It is supposed to shrink the tumor, to make it easier to move. So, we want to know if you want to do a trial run? Opal: Joe! I will do anything! I want to save my life. Joe: Then, it is settled then. We will get you started on this drug. Opal: Thank you Joe! Thank you for saving my life! Opal gives Joe a big hug. But, he is worried if this could save Opal's life. ***FADE OUT*** ***END OF EPISODE 21***
  7. I like your recast and new characters lately. Good choices! Nick/Nicole: Good scenes. Very good revealing motives. I like how Nicole once again gets the upper hand and then doesn't have it anymore. I like that you reveal more layers to Nick. It makes him more likable in story choices. Nice reference to the physic friends network, in terms of Dionne. Will/Tyler/Alex: I wonder what you have in store for business with Tyler and Will. And this Alex guy. I wonder if this will bring in a love triangle for Sonny/Will/Alex. If it does, I know it will be faaaar more interesting than Paul Narita. Marlena/Noelle: It is about time you bring a character from the past LOL. I wonder what you have in store for Noelle, considering she was last seen in 1988. It will be interesting to see if Marlena can dig up why she is really back. Can't wait to see what you have in store fore Noelle! Good job! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Great episode! Good way to work in the Will Horton recast. Sami/EJ: What good scenes these were. I see that Sami is really trying to get things out in the open with EJ, with the therapy suggestion. He needs to understand her feelings of the night he raped her. I hope when Sami finds out about the affair, that she will dump that EJ faster then the ending of Kim and Chris' marriage. I love how you write Sami's emotions. Good job! Laura/Jennifer: I can't wait to see what you have in store for Laura. I wonder if she will find out about the affair. She seems like she is getting very close. But, we will have to see what she thinks. Good job with staying true to how Jenn and Laura act around one another. Will/Sonny: I wonder what you have in store for this Will recast. It will be interesting to see how that works out. Judging on the look he reminds me of Chandler Massey. I see that Sonny is trying to just hurry up and be done with this issue. He doesn't realize what he really did. He has to let Will handle his professional life. Wonder where their life is headed. Will business be mixed with pleasure? Interesting. Can't wait to see what happens next! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. WOW! You are still rolling out big money episodes. Avery: I wonder if you are going to kill of Avery. I can't wait to see what you are going to do. GC Hospital PT.1: Some pretty damn dramatic scenes. I love Sister P. She cracked me up with that slap to Leslie. I am so horrified of what you have in store for Neil. I don't think that you will kill him off, but this is still scary. That gunshot wound seemed pretty severe. I loved that you kind of did recap when it came down to Lily learning what has been going on. I also wonder if there will be a Chance/Lily romance??? Lauren/Scotty: I enjoyed this scene. It was a good way for Lauren to communicate to her son. I wonder when she will find out about the gay storyline. Spencer/Hillary: Good job in this scene. I felt what you were trying to communicate. You did very well. This was very well written. I love the way you write Hillary. She's one of my faves. GC Hospital PT.2: These hospital scenes got even better. I liked that the truth of Cane's addiction has finally come out. BUT, is Cane still alive??? FINALLY DRU IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see how you do this story. This is going to be some of your best written stuff. I JUST KNOW IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are firing on all cylinders! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. All My Children - Episode 20 Time of Day: Night Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Casey Hutchison Creative Consultant: Days22 (Pine Valley Hospital) Frankie is steps off the elevator. He throws latex gloves into a waste basket. He walks to the front desk, where he puts a patients chart down on the table. He looks through it. Griffin walks up to him. Griffin: Hey, Frankie. Frankie: Griff, hey. What's up? Griffin: I was wondering if you've seen Cara, anywhere? Frankie: She got off, not too long ago. Griffin: Really? Frankie: Yeah. Griffin: (To Himself) Where the hell is she? --- (David's Penthouse) Cara enters, as David shuts the door. David: What brought you all the way out here? Cara: We need to talk, David. David: About what? Cara: It is no secret we have some unresolved issues. I'm here to lay them down. --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qby37xuo9mU --- (Kendall and Zack's Home) Kendall and Erica are getting comfortable on the couch. Kendall: You were accused of taking a drink? Erica: (Sighs) Yes, I was. Kendall: Mom... Erica: What, honey? Kendall: Did you do it? Did you take a drink? --- (Annie's Hotel Room) Annie tucks Emma in. Annie: (Sighs) She goes over to the window. Annie: Annie, you did the right thing by letting that lady and her little girl go. At least I hope I did. Anyways, you have your daughter. You have put alcohol in Erica's food and drink. And, you've sent those phone calls to Kendall. All is well. My last person to go after, before I leave this town, is Bianca. --- (Pine Valley Hospital) Frankie and Griffin sit down. Frankie: So, you think that Cara went to go see David? Griffin: It is the only explanation I can come up with. Frankie: Why are you so quick to say that she is with David? I mean Cara has been hurt so many times by him. She wouldn't put herself in that again. Griffin: They have a lot of things to still work out. Frankie: True. Griffin: I don't put it past Frankie to go there, and have a confrontation with him. Frankie: I see. Do you want to go and get her? Griffin: No, I'm going to let her settle this on her own. Frankie: That is probably for the best. Griffin: Probably. --- (Kendall and Zack's Home) Erica stands up. Erica: No, I didn't. Kendall takes a big sigh and stands up, as well. Kendall: Mom, you can tell me the truth. I know that you have been under a ton of stress, lately. I can understand why you would have drink or two. You can tell me. Nothing will leave this room. Erica: Honey, I didn't. Drinking is in my past. I went through a lot with that. Kendall: The intervention. (FLASHBACK) http://www.tubechop.com/watch/6458290 (END OF FLASHBACK) Erica: Honey, I really don't want to talk about this anymore, alright. Kendall: I understand. I love you so much, mom. Erica: I love you, too. Kendall: Good night. Erica: Good night. Kendall exits. Erica: (Sighs) --- (David's Penthouse) Cara lays her purse down on the couch. Cara: (Sighs) This is harder than I thought it would be. David: What do you mean? Cara: (Sighs) Here we are. Doing this whole thing. Doing this whole get together and talk about the things we have to hash out. There isn't as much as I thought there would be. David: Cara..., how's Oliver? Cara: I thought that you would ask that. David: How is he? Cara: He's good. He is doing really good. David: Where is he? Cara: He is with the babysitter. He is doing fine with her. But, I am not only here to just hash our past out. I am also here to talk about Oliver's future, where you are concerned. David: What do you mean? Cara: I've decided to give you joint custody. David: Excuse me? Cara: Oliver shouldn't be without his father. David: I think you made a wise choice. Cara: I think I did too. You should be happy that I did this. But, it does come with a contingency. David: What does that mean? Cara: If you make one wrong, villain move, you won't ever see him again. David: Don't you think that is a little harsh? Cara: I don't. Take it or leave it. David thinks about his Kevin (J.R. Doppelganger) plot. He thinks about Adam's funding for Orpheus, along with Skye. David: I'll take it. Cara: Alright. Cara hands David papers. Cara: All you have to do is sign these. David: No problem. David signs the papers. Cara grabs them. Cara: He will see you tomorrow morning. Krystal's Diner..., nine AM. David: See you then. Cara: Yes, you will. --- (Annie's Hotel Room) Annie is working in a corner. Annie: This is almost done. All I have to do is plant this, and then Emma and I leave. Annie laughs as the camera zooms in on what she is working on. ***FADE OUT*** ***END OF EPISODE 20***
  11. I enjoyed the title of the episode. It let you know what you were going for. Tea/Victor/Blair/Olivia/Bo: Interesting where this whole story is going. I am totally interested to see who murdered Todd Manning. Tea better watch what she says. That was odd. Did Tea murder Todd? Matthew/Aubrey: I liked how you kept the whole Aubrey joke thing going. She is a character that cracks those one liners from time to time. Good job staying true to her. I do like the Matthew being gay story. Can't wait to see more layers on it. PJ/Dani: PJ is a good character. I see what you are going for in him, but let's see a little more of who he truly is. Don't move too fast on his story. But, good job! Katrina/Karen/Connie: I can't wait to see what you have in store now! LOL! Katrina Karr. That is a name I haven't thought about in a long time, can't wait to see what you do with her. And, why is Karen really in Llainview??? Jack: Poor Jack. I feel so bad for him. GREAT CLIFFHANGER!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Another great episode! You are really hitting it out of the park!!!!!!!!!!!! Jill/Phillip/Nina/Chance: Very well written opener. I could see that everyone wanted something, but basically the same goal. They all want to know what the hell Cane was thinking. Good job! Abby/Hillary/Devon/Olivia/Lily/Paul: I enjoy that you are letting us live the drama. I feel bad for everyone involved with Moses and Malcolm. I just don't know if everything is going to end up good. I can't wait to see what Devon does to Nate. This is gonna be good! Keep with this dramatic stuff ML. This is your writing at its best. Hats off to you! Lauren/Sister P: Even in the high drama you still manage to get some comedy with Sister P! The whole third eye thing was just LOL comedy. I hope Lauren can find something new after the flames kind of die down. Good work! Verdon Lou: Avery blind is going to be good. I can't wait to see that unfold. I am soooo happy that Dru survived. But, where is everyone else? I am worried about them. Where is Sharon? I know Dru said she won the battle. BUT..., is Sheila Carter actually dead for the 100th time LOL. Can't wait to see what happens next in this story! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Another good episode! I liked the exchange between Carly and Hope. I felt like I was watching DAYS. It was very good. But, can they put this behind to help save Bo? I continue to love this whole JJ/Miranda thing. Miranda really handed it to JJ. Maybe JJ will get Miranda someday. But, I don't think that is anytime soon. I think Vin will save the day. I think he will swoop in and be the hero. But, you could always have a soapy twist. You have been pulling those out LOL Stefano won't get away with what he is doing. I hope that Hope can convince everyone that Bo is alive. She will get after Stefano. That is gonna be good! I'm glad you are doing this shelter story. This is very classic soap opera. I can't wait to see these girls fully come out of their shells and see them go after life. This story is gonna be huge, if written correctly. And, I think you are the correct man for the job. Can't wait to see it develop! Good luck! I think Paul is going to hard on Eliza. She is trying, I think. But, I wonder what that whole thing with Paul rubbing is head was. AND..., BO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is that person who came downstairs to greet him? Why is he chained up? Several questions on this story. Wonder where it will go next. HIGHLY INTERESTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. All My Children - Episode 19 Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Casey Hutchison Creative Consultant: Days22 INT. DAVID'S PENTHOUSE - NIGHT Cara walks down the hall. She stops at David's door. CARA: Cara..., you have to do this. You have to knock on this door. You have to just speak with. David. I have a lot to catch up on with him. (Sighs) Here goes nothing. Cara knocks on the door. --- INT. CALEB'S HOME - NIGHT Asher stands. ASHER: You don't want me staying here? CALEB: I don't. ASHER: Why not? CALEB: I don't want you caught up in my drama. You have enough going on. You shouldn't be wanting to handle my mistakes. It isn't right for a father to do that to his son. ASHER: Like it or not..., I am here to stay. --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qby37xuo9mU --- INT. ZACK AND KENDALL'S HOME - NIGHT Erica is fluffing her pillow in the living room. It is apparent she is staying at the house. Kendall comes down the stairs with a blanket. She hands it to Erica. ERICA: Thank you, sweetheart. KENDALL: I know how cold it gets down here. ERICA: Thank you for letting me stay here. KENDALL: Of course. Erica puts the blanket on the couch. KENDALL: Mom... ERICA: Yes. KENDALL: You never did tell me why you wanted to stay here tonight. It is fine and all. But, I am craving an explanation. So, why are you staying here? --- INT. KRYSTAL'S - NIGHT Bianca and Marisa sit down. BIANCA: I am so happy that we are getting this night out. It really makes me excited! MARISA: Me too. Oh! BIANCA: What? MARISA: I meant to tell you that the babysitter called. She said that she can keep the girls overnight. That means dessert may be in order. Bianca laughs, as the two kiss. BIANCA: Dessert is always good. MARISA: Yes, it is. Then, Bianca's phone rings. Bianca checks it. MARISA: What is it? BIANCA: Work. --- INT. CALEB'S HOME - NIGHT Caleb stands and finishes off a bottle of scotch. ASHER: Look, dad, you need my help. You need me to stay here. CALEB: No, I don't. ASHER: If you didn't, then you wouldn't have finished that bottle of scotch. CALEB: You helped. ASHER: You started before I got here. CALEB: Good point. ASHER: (Sighs) Dad..., I love you. I want nothing but the best for you. We worked hard for a father/son relationship. So, will you please let me stay here? So, we don't crumble that relationship. --- INT. ZACK AND KENDALL'S HOME - NIGHT Erica and Kendall sit down on the couch together. ERICA: I was running out of options. I needed someone tonight. And, I thought, well Kendall might work. KENDALL: Why did you need someone? Why couldn't you stay with Bianca? ERICA: I couldn't stay with Bianca, because Jackson is staying there, until his new apartment is finished. KENDALL: We have one question answered. What about the other one? ERICA: It might shock you if I answer the other one. KENDALL: What is it, mom? ERICA: Honey..., I was accused of taking a drink. Kendall is shocked to know that her mother might have taken a drink. --- INT. FUSION OFFICES - NIGHT Bianca is working hard. Her phone rings. She answers. BIANCA: Bianca Montgomery. MARISA: (OVER PHONE) Hey, Binx, I'm just going to get the girls and head home. BIANCA: That is probably for the best. MARISA: What? BIANCA: I thought that I could make it back, but Kendall left too much work. I love you. MARISA: I love you too. Bianca hangs up the phone. She keeps working. --- INT. KRYSTAL'S - NIGHT Marisa is at her table. She leaves a tip. She grabs her purse. As she stands, she wipes a tear from her face. She is very sad that Bianca couldn't make it back. --- INT. DAVID'S PENTHOUSE - NIGHT Cara is still knocking on the door. CARA: (Sighs) Where the hell is he? Come on! Answer the door, David. You know what? Whatever. As Cara is about to walk away, David answers. DAVID: Cara... Cara turns around. She is shocked to see that David is there. ***FADE OUT*** ***END OF EPISODE 19***
  15. Another good episode in my eyes! Rafe/Jordan: Jordan better be careful not to reveal too much, if she wants to keep some more things private from Rafe. Can't wait to see where this whole Jerome Grant thing goes. Nicole/Eric: I LOVE what you did for Eric. We say more of his layers that we don't get on television. He is very well written. And, Nicole and his exchange was so like them. Billie/Daniel: Billie and Daniel are going to skate on thin ice with this plan. They better be careful if they want it all to work out. Laura/JJ: These were probably your best scenes in the episode where mystery is concerned. I don't think it will be long before Laura discovers the truth. But, she better be careful not to PHYSCO again from all the stress. JJ better watch out for her stress level. I'm getting super excited for the future of your show! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  16. Very good episode! This episode was very character driven and VERY DAYS like. Gabi/Hope: I enjoyed the little conversation between the two. I am worried that Gabi is just way over her head with this whole bring down Nick plot. But, it is my favorite story because it involves so many characters, and it is well written. Sonny/Will: I enjoy what Will is doing with Sonny. It is time for a change in this relationship, and this is a good change. Eric/Nicole: This was very interesting to hear. I loved both sides of the story. Nicole's perspective was very well needed in Eric's life. He needs to know that there is a whole different life for him outside St. Lukes. I like that Eric was getting his feelings out. You didn't just make that unknown. You let us know that it isn't easy for Eric to get out of the church life. GREAT EPISODE!!! You are finally finding your footing with DAYS and making it your own, but still having that DAYS feel. Good for you! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. LOL WITH THAT STRIP CLUB PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I with ML on that one. I don't think BO is dead either. It just seems to convenient that they come this far and that's what is left for them. I know some one else is behind this. This story line is FAR FROM OVER! Jesse getting involved officially now should be good. It will be interesting to see where that really goes. Interesting with Marcino and Greg. Looks like we have a little more of a future story going on. I did like that they were watching the fireworks together. Something just kind of clicked on my end that, that was the right time to do the hand thing. I LOVE HOW YOU WRITE JJ. I'm telling you he is officially the best written character in my opinion. You stay true to how he is written but you add a part that we want to see with him. Hats off to you on that one. Terrence and Natalia. Okay. I can see this. We'll see where it goes. I do love me some Carly Manning. Keep her in PLEASE!!! I love the way you end your shows too. You have a way with it. You leave people wanting SOOOO MUCH MORE! Very good show. You know how to write some DAMN good soap opera. KEEP THIS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The great work that is LOL
  18. All My Children - Episode 18 Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Casey Hutchison -------------------------------- EXT. KRYSTAL'S - AFTERNOON Liza is exiting Krystal's. Liza is on her phone. She has her purse on her arm, and a suitcase in hand. Liza: (On Phone) I need you to cancel all my appointments for two weeks. Yes, Trudy, I know that I was supposed to meet with Mr. Carlton today, but I can't. Alright, thanks. Bye. As she hangs up, she bumps into Erica. They stare deeply into one another. --- EXT. PINE VALLEY PARK - AFTERNOON Adam walks up to a bench and sits. Adam: Where are you? The camera points down to black stilettos walking. Woman: I'm here, now. Sorry I'm late. --- INT. OAK HAVEN LOBBY - AFTERNOON Stuart enters the mental facility. Stuart: I'm here. Marian turns around. Marian: (Sobs) Hi, my love. Marian runs up to Stuart and kisses him. --- INT. CALEB'S HOME - AFTERNOON Caleb is finishing off a glass of scotch. There is a knock at the door. Caleb: Coming! He answers the door. Asher: Dad... Caleb hugs his son. We can tell that Caleb has waited a long time to see his son. --- --- INT. PINE VALLEY HOSPITAL - AFTERNOON Dixie is sitting down reading a magazine. When Tad enters, she stands, and goes to him. Dixie: How is she? Tad: She says "fine". Dixie: What do you say? Tad: Not, fine. She's pale, and she is laying in that bed. Dixie: Tad..., everything will work out. She will make it through. Tad: How can you be so sure. Dixie: (Sighs) Can I give you a piece of advice? Tad: Sure. Dixie and Tad walk over to the chairs. They sit. Dixie: Tad, bad things happen to good people. But, it is only the good people who decide to rise up and fight. Opal will be fighting. She will kick this tumors ass. She will survive this. There is one thing I know for sure. Tad: What? Dixie: We haven't seen the last of Opal Cortland yet. Tad: Do your promise me that? Dixie: Of course I do. Tad: Because, I can't lose her. Dixie: And, you won't. Now, come here, honey. Dixie takes Tad in her arms. --- INT. CHANDLER MANSION - AFTERNOON Stuart and Marian enter the mansion. Marian stops in the front room. Marian: (Sighs) Stuart: Are you okay? Marian: (Sighs) Its just..., I haven't been in this house in a very long time. I never forgot what it looked like, though. Marian goes to the stairs. Marian: I'll never forget these stairs. Marian goes to a table of flowers. Marian: I'll never forget these flowers. Marian goes to the double doors that lead into the living room. Marian: And, I'll never forget these doors. Beyond these doors, is the living room. So many tragic things have happened in that room. I thought that you were dead, J.R. went crazy, so many fights, and don't forget, both tornadoes ripped through this home. Stuart: I know. Are you going to be okay staying here? Marian: I have no where else to go. I have to be okay with staying here. Stuart: Do you feel safe? Marian hugs Stuart. Marian: With you..., I always feel safe. --- INT. CALEB'S HOME - AFTERNOON Asher is sharing a drink with his father. Caleb: I'm glad that we are doing this. Asher: I am too, dad. Caleb: How has college been? Asher: Good. I only have one more semester. Caleb: Really? Asher: Yeah. Caleb: That's good. Asher: It is. Caleb: So, what brings you by, today? Asher: I actually wanted to talk to you about school. Caleb: What about it? Asher: I've been doing my research. I found out that all my credits and courses can transfer to PVU. I can go here. I already have an apartment picked out. I'm doing this for you. Caleb: For me? Asher: I've seen what has happened with you. Caleb: So, that's why you want to go here? To take care of me? Asher: Yes. Caleb: Well, pack your bags now. Asher: What? Caleb: You won't be staying in Pine Valley to take care of me. Not by a long shot. --- EXT. PINE VALLEY PARK - AFTERNOON Adam hands the woman an envelope of money. They both stand. Adam: Thank you for deciding to help David and I. Woman: Of course, Adam. I always love doing bad things once in awhile. Adam: Don't we all? Woman: (Laughs) Now, I have to get back to the hotel. My daughter and the babysitter are waiting for me. Adam: Have a good day. Woman: You two. The camera zooms in to reveal the woman's face. It is Skye Chandler Quartermaine. --- EXT. KRYSTAL'S - AFTERNOON Liza breaks the silence. Liza: We are so not doing this now. Erica: Didn't plan on it. I just came here to get a chicken salad, for lunch. Liza: Enjoy that salad. As Liza walks away, Erica stops her. Erica: Liza. Liza: Thought we were not doing this. Erica: (Sighs) Can I ask what the suitcase is for? Liza: I am leaving. I am taking a little two week vacation. Erica: I hope you enjoy yourself. Erica stops Liza again, as she is walking away. Erica: Liza. Liza: Erica! What do you want?! Erica: I have to say this before you go. Liza: What? Erica: I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused you. I never meant to hurt you at all. I never meant to lock lips with your boyfriend. I never meant to blow things out of proportion. Listen, I really do hope you enjoy your trip. I hope that you get time to reflect. I hope that you get time to figure stuff out. I want the best for you in your future. Again, sorry. Liza: Erica..., thanks. That apology meant a lot. Enjoy your salad. Erica: Thank you. I will. Bye, Liza. Liza: Bye, Erica. Liza walks off. Both the women are smiling. --- NEW CLOSING: ---
  19. All My Children - Episode #17 Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Casey Hutchison -------------------------------- INT. HOSPITAL CAFETERIA - MORNING Jake and Amanda are having breakfast. Jake: So, did you get that fight that Trevor had with that kid at school, under control? Amanda: Yeah, it was no problem. The principal completely understood that things like this happen. Trevor and the other child just got a detention. Jake: Have you taken away his video games yet? Amanda: First time I heard about the fight. Jake: Good. So, how is everything with you? Amanda: Well... Jake: What? Amanda: I have some news to share with you. --- INT. STUART'S BEDROOM - MORNING Stuart is tying his tie. Adam enters, and shuts the door. Stuart turns to Adam. Adam: Looking nice for Marian? Stuart: I'm going to pick her up. We already agreed on that. Adam: Yes, yes we have. Stuart: Anyways, thanks for coming up here to see me, but I have to finish getting ready. Adam: Stuart, can I ask you a question? Stuart: Sure. Adam: What happen to you? Stuart: What do you mean? Adam: Why the dark turn brother? Why the change? --- INT. CHANDLER MANSION - MORNING Downstairs, J.R. rings the doorbell. Scott goes to answer it. Scott: What the hell are you doing here, J.R. J.R.: I think you know. Scott: No, no I do not. J.R.: I'm here to see my son. --- --- INT. HOSPITAL WAITING ROOM - MORNING Tad and Dixie are pacing around the hospital waiting room. Angie enters. Tad: Angie, there you are. What is it? How's my mother? Angie: Tad, this is very hard to tell you. Tad: Angie... Angie: Tad... Tad: What is it? Angie: It is bad news. --- INT. JESSE'S OFFICE - MORNING Jesse and Brot enter Jesse's office. They are laughing and having a good time. Jesse: What's the news, Brot? Brot: Oh, it is time to tell you? Jesse: We had breakfast. We did some outside patrolling. What is it? Brot: (Laughs) Jesse: Since, 6 AM you have said that you have great news. What is it? Brot: You are going to be a grandpa, Jesse. --- INT. HOSPITAL CAFETERIA - MORNING Jake takes a drink of his orange juice. Jake: What is it? Amanda: I am actually very happy to share this with you. Jake: What? Amanda: Jake, this news is good for both of us. Jake: What is it? You are keeping me in suspense. Amanda: I-I-I Jake: (Laughs) WHAT?! Amanda: I'm pregnant. We are going to have another baby. Jake and Amanda stand up. They are laughing, hugging, and kissing. Jake: I'm gonna have another baby! (Laughs) --- INT. JESSE'S OFFICE - MORNING Jesse sits down. Jesse: I'm going to be a grandpa? Brot: Yeah, Natalia is pregnant. Jesse: How long? Brot: Ten weeks. Jesse: That long? Jesse stands. Brot: Yeah. Jesse: How come you waited this long? Brot: We just wanted to make sure that nothing bad happened to the baby. Jesse: Good idea. Come here. Jesse shakes Brot's hand. It turns to a hug. Jesse: You, Brot Monroe, have given me one of the best gifts, I have ever received. Brot: I'm glad I could do that for you. Jesse: (Laughs) Same here. The camera zooms in on Jesse's face. --- INT. CHANDLER MANSION - MORNING J.R. enters. Scott shuts the door. J.R.: So, where is he? Scott: Seriously? J.R.: What? Scott: J.R., it is ten thirty in the morning. He is obviously at elementary school. J.R.: Oh, yeah. Sorry. Scott: He gets off at three. J.R.: I forgot. Scott: Of course you did. J.R.: What is that supposed to mean? Scott: It means, that you haven't been in Little A's life. He probably has forgotten all about you. J.R., he is eight years old now. He is different. He probably doesn't even remember you. J.R.: Watch your step. Scott: (Laughs) Are you threatening me? J.R.: Take it how you want it. Scott: I guess I will. J.R.: Listen, I will be back here by three. Scott: J.R., I'm not letting you see him. J.R.: Why the hell not?! Scott: Because, he doesn't need you. Madison and I are raising A.J. just fine. J.R.: You and Madison? Scott: Damn right. J.R.: Are you telling me, that, that crazy bitch is taking care of my son. Scott: Watch your step J.R. J.R.: You gonna hit me? Scott: Don't tempt me. J.R.: (Laughs) Scott: I think you should just stop laughing, and leave. I will call the police. J.R.: You may have kept me away from my son this time, but don't count on a next time. Scott: There won't be a next time. J.R.: Oh, there will be. Have a nice day. Scott: Not sure I'm going to say the same to you. J.R.: Didn't plan on it. J.R. exits. Scott: Don't worry A.J. He won't come anywhere near you. --- INT. STUART'S BEDROOM - MORNING Stuart checks his watch. Stuart: I don't have time to tell you the changing of my life. Adam: You will. Stuart: Do you really want to come after me? Adam: I am Adam Chandler. Just because I did something wrong, doesn't mean that I won't come after you. No matter what you have on me, things don't change. Stuart: They have Adam. Things have changed. Adam: Anyways, answer my question. Stuart: Fine, I will. Adam I am tired. Adam: What do you mean? Stuart: I am tired of you stomping on me. It is time for things to change. Not only in this mansion, but in Pine Valley. I am going to step up. I am going to claim my place in this town. Adam: Well brother, good luck to you. Stuart: Thank you. Now, I really do have to go pick up Marian. Adam: Go right ahead. Stuart exits. As this happens, Adam gets out his phone. He dials, and puts it to his ear. Adam: Hi, we have a problem. A big one. Meet me in the park. ASAP. --- INT. HOSPITAL WAITING ROOM - MORNING Dixie face tells us that she is deeply worried. Dixie: Angie, what is it? What's wrong with Opal? Angie: (Sighs) It is very serious. Tad: Is it the tumor. Angie: Yes. Dixie: What's wrong with the tumor now? Angie: It has enlarged. Greatly. Dixie: What does that mean? Angie: It means, that it might be too late to save Opal's life. Dixie: Oh my god. Tad, are you alright? Tad: No, of course not. Dixie puts her arms around Tad. The camera zooms in on Tad's face. A tear falls. --- FADE OUT --- Liza: I need to leave. * Greenlee: Jesse, we need your help. * Dixie: She will make it through. Tad: How can you be so sure? * Stuart: I'm here. * Asher: Dad... * Frankie: What is it? * --- ---
  20. NOW THIS WAS A GOOD SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was instantly intrigued by your episode title. I LOVE THAT YOU BROUGHT CARLY IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carly has always been one of my favorite DAYS characters. I think that Barbara is going to crash and burn. I just have this feeling that she can't really ever get her life together. But, who knows? Maybe she will get some sort of miracle. Interesting ending. I wonder where you are going to go with this whole license plate thing. I am interested to see the future in this story line. I LOVE KATSU! He is one of my favorite characters. He is so interesting and you write him very well. I liked the whole JJ thing at the beginning. I wonder where you are going to go with his future story. He is defiantly one of your most interesting characters on the show. I also don't think that he has fully blown it with Miranda. It will be really a treat to see how that whole Miranda JJ thing turns out. I wonder who he will turn too. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Things are really starting to form themselves!
  21. I accidentally read backwards LOL! Anyways: Olivia: NOW I KNOW WHAT LIV WAS UP TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Interesting to see what's really going on with this storyline. I am intrigued by this one, for some reason. Matthew/Noah: I feel bad for Matthew. Him being gay has not been an easy ride so far. That makes me sad for him. But, you are showing that gay isn't always a walk in the park. I LOVE THAT! Karen/Nora: I LOVED THIS SCENE!!!! Two older women going at it LOL. Very well executed. Mystery: Wonder who the person is.
  22. VERY QUICK SCENES! I think you need to make these shows longer. Let us understand more. HOWEVER, not a bad show. Vicki/Blair: I like that Vicki is going to help Blair out. It shows you that family means everything to Vicki. Good job, staying true to the roots of Vicki's character. Matthew: POOR MATTHEW!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt soooo sorry for him. Almost made me cry. Noah: I wonder what you have in store for him. Karen: We now see what she is really up too. That bitch! I knew she wasn't just going to let a return to this town go to waste. This is interesting. Can't wait for more on her! Olivia: I wonder what is truly going on here. GREAT EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. What a very good show! It was very well rounded like @Days22 said. Hope/Gabi: I enjoyed them. Hope is probably going to get hot on Gabi's trail soon. She better watch out. I can kind of see through the dialogue that Gabi is starting to slip a little bit. That could spell trouble for her. Sami/EJ: I like how you write these two. You have them down well. EJ is trying to win DiMera power back. I can tell that. But, her better watch where he steps with Sami. She is becoming a little fragile. Nick/Percy: These two continue to crack me up!!! I can't wait to see where Percy's spying is going to go. Nicole/Eric/Chloe: I loved those little friendship lines between Nicole and Chloe. Two VERY important women in Brady's life, comforting one another a bit. I like Nicole and Eric's exchange. I know that you will write them much better than TV. You always do. Brady/Anita: I think Brady shouldn't trust this new woman on the canvas. This story is going to be good though. I am already highly intrigued by what you have set up for this story. And, Anita seem mysterious. I LOVE IT!!! BTW, I continue to love these pictures. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. This is defiantly your best episode yet! You had everything in here for an excellent future set up. It was SUPER intense for a start of the show. Malcolm has Moses! GREAT! Now we got him to deal with more LOL! BUT, we don't know who survived that cabin explosion. We will see. I LOVED SHARON AND DRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That stuff was just blowing me away with how awesome it was written. I can tell that some of your best work in this episode defiantly went into the scenes they were. I loved that it was Adam. And you picked the current TV Adam. Nice way to modernize the cast. Just like we talked about!!!! I agree with Beebs. This was one for the books. This was just amazing. You did your best work yet! You let us all know what was happening without missing a beat! What an absolute breathtaking episode! And... a very nice one for the readers who have been reading a loooong time. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ALIIIIIIIIIIVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is probably your biggest cliffhanger yet! Good job! I also LOVED that closing pic at the end. Very cool! Will/Sonny: Wow! What a spat that was LOL. It kind of escalated pass a point I wasn't expecting. I enjoyed that. It just goes to show that marriage is not always perfect. Things get in the way. Jennifer/JJ/Liam: I liked the description in this scene. Especially how you defined Liam looking at JJ. I wonder if JJ will dig too far. He better watch out. I just hope Jennifer realizes who Liam really is. Hopefully, they do it, before it's too late. John: I feel sooo bad for him and the rest of Salem. They don't know about Brady. I wonder how this will play out in the future. For now, John has to grieve. I really, truly do feel bad for him. Your show is FINALLY getting to its best yet IMO! KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS: All caught up LOL
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