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  1. Wow, I love both All My Children and One Life to Live and I see that there are haters out there saying they would rather smoke weed than watch the show they hate the most. I'm glad I don't visit these forums much these days. Too much nastiness amongst you closeted queens.
  2. Did I read correctly? A possible Kendall recast? Hallelu! Girl, she better be fierce and make me forget about the past dozen years of passive Kendall.
  3. Me too. Heck, I actually thought he could act circles around Josh Kelly (I know that's not saying much!). And I don't see people complaining about Cutter's unnecessary presence in Llanview.
  4. True dat! What I loved the most about Sarah Michelle Gellar is that during her short two years in the role you always got the feeling that she was a tad bit (if not a whole lot!) clinically insane. I mean, she was just bonkers and justified her actions, every damned crazy one of them. LOL Never got that with Alicia Minshew. She was just there. In the role seven years after Gellar departed. That's all I can say about Minshew.
  5. Just bein' a hot bitch boy

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