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  1. https://awfanfic.blogspot.com/2020/09/another-world-312-donna-shares-painful.html EPISODE 312 here
  2. https://awfanfic.blogspot.com/2020/09/another-world-312-donna-shares-painful.html In this episode, as Kirkland announces he's going to be a father, Donna once touches upon the child she still doesn't know about (Marley and Vicky's triplet) Jasmine Cory arrives in Bay City I've had so much fun writing this Another World Fanfic, and wanted some AW fans to check it out. All the history of ANOTHER WORLD, with a modern, contemporary flair EPISODES 1-228 are on SON Blogs EPISODES 175-312 are on https://awfanfic.blogspot.com
  3. NEW EPISODE EPISODES 1-229 are here on SON EPISODES 175-312 are on awfanfic.blogspot.com https://awfanfic.blogspot.com/2020/09/another-world-312-donna-shares-painful.html Kirkland has news Jasmine Cory makes the rounds to her relatives Cass, Frankie and John continue to be baffled by Brianna as they race to figure out her connection to Taylor...before she tries to kill Sharlene again.
  4. https://awfanfic.blogspot.com/ I'm about to embark on one of the most controversial storylines in soap opera history. Dr. Thomasina Mason makes a remark that will turn Bay City upside down. The racial divide in Bay City will be deep. Tune in to my blog ANOTHER WORLD. Link is above
  5. Click here to read.... https://amcfanfiction.blogspot.com/2019/02/all-my-children-pilot-episode-dixie.html Do you want me to continue AMC? You decide.
  6. http://santabarbarafanfic.blogspot.com/2018/06/santa-barbara-episode-2.html
  7. Thanks.....Walker is Laken's son. I originally wanted him to be Warren and BJ's, but if that was true then he couldn't be involved with Adriana
  8. http://awfanfic.blogspot.com/2016/06/another-world-228-lovehudsons-celebrate.html ANOTHER WORLD 228 The Love/Hudsons celebrate a new birth ANOTHER WORLD 228 The Love/Hudsons celebrate a new birth Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson Consultants: Alex Beeby, ML Cooks, Nick Monarco, DRW50 AT THE HOSPITAL John and Brianna go into the staff locker room. John: You’re a real pro in there. Brianna: I’ve delivered babies before. It’s always a joy to see the families happy. The mother having a baby; the father right there with her. Must be nice. John: I wasn’t there when Gregory was born. Sharlene gave birth to our son in a shed. Brianna: Wow. John: Taylor Benson delivered him actually after she...never mind. Brianna: No tell me. What did Taylor Benson do? John: I...don’t really wanna get into that. Brianna: Oh um. Ok. Brianna starts feeling around in her pockets. John: Looks like you lost something. Brianna: Yeah I...can’t find my badge. Maybe I dropped it somewhere. John: Well go to a computer and log in. If someone tries to use it, it will tell you where it was scanned. Hopefully someone will return it. ------------------------------------------------------------ Tyrone wheels Marley in a wheelchair to the nursery. They look through the glass at their baby in a bassinet labeled “Roman Montgomery” on the outside. Donna, Michael and Vicky join them. Marley: Look at him Tyrone. He’s so tiny. So innocent. Tyrone: Our son. Donna looks at Michael. Donna: And our grandson. Marley: Have you called your mother? Tyrone: She and Etta Mae are on their way. Marley: He’s a miracle. I thought I was never gonna be able to have children. I’m gonna shower all the love I have on him. Tyrone: He looks like a sports enthusiast. Marley: We will love our son whatever he wants to be. Michael: He’s got a large family behind him. Donna: Where’s everyone else? Where are the twins? Where’s Kirkland and Victoria? I’m gonna go see where they are. ------------------------------------- Bridget and Michele are in the waiting area...quiet. Each girl has her arms folded. Bridget is sitting in a chair while Michele is sitting on the right arm of the couch closest to the glass door. Michele looks at Bridget, rolls her eyes and gets up. Michele: I’m gonna go see how Aunt Marley’s doing. Bridget: No you’re not. You’re gonna look for something to cut yourself with and blame it on me. Michele: You can’t stop being a bitch for two seconds can you? Bridget: Maybe after what you did tonight everyone will see that I was right about you. You need help. Michele turns around and walks slowly toward Bridget. Bridget gets up as if to prepare for another fight. Michele: If you want a replay of what happened at the Corys I’m game, because I should have done it a long time ago. I’ll be more than happy to beat the bitchiness out of you. Bridget: You think some fisticuffs is gonna change anything? I still have Cory, and dad and grandpa think you’re crazy, too. Michele: Really? After everything you’ve done, mom still supports me. I’ve always been mom’s favorite daughter. You’ve always been the black sheep; the outsider; the screw-up. Bridget: Shut your mouth! Michele: Deep down, dad knows it, too. Mom knows what you’ve done, and sees you for the conniving little skank that you are, and that you’ll always be. Bridget: You crazy bitch! Before they can start another physical fight, Kirkland races in and manages to get between them. Kirkland: No! Not here! You two can’t stay in a room alone without wanting to kill each other? Michele: Your bitch sister provoked me again! Kirkland: Bridget why don’t you go the nursery and see our little cousin. Bridget: But… Kirkland: Go! Bridget looks at the both of them and walks out in disgust. Kirkland: When are you two gonna stop? Michele: It’s all her fault! Wait til mom hears about what Bridget said. Kirkland: You’re not gonna tell mom anything about this. Michele: What do you mean? Kirkland: Both of you need counseling. You gotta let this go. You gotta stop being so angry. ------------------------------------------------------- Vicky walks up to Steven. Vicky: How’s Rachel? Steven: I left a message on her voicemail. Vicky: I know the rest of her family’s there. Did you call your dad? Steven: Not yet. It’s still pretty late there. Vicky: Listen I’m...I’m sorry about the way I’ve behaved… Steven: But? Vicky: But what? Steven: You still don’t approve of Joy being in my life. Vicky: No I can’t. Steven: That’s too bad isn’t it? Vicky: That girl is a homewrecker! I cannot just sit here and watch this happen. She is going to destroy you. Steven: She was only eighteen years old when she had the affair with Tyrone. You are still holding her past against her. What if somebody held your past against you? What she did before doesn’t stop me from… Steven stops as he, and Vicky, realize something. Vicky: Oh my God. You’ve fallen for her haven’t you? You’re in love with her. Steven gets a text. He looks on his phone. The text is from Joy. Joy(text): I’m home. Steven (return text): Good. Thank you for being with me tonight. I love you. ----------------------------------- MEANWHILE, Joy walks around the corner on the same floor. She looks around to see if anyone sees her, and slips into a room. She then gets a text from Steven. She looks at her phone a bit jolted. Steven’s declaration has taken her aback. She takes a deep breath and texts back. Joy: I love you, too. Joy looks around and sees scrubs. Joy is not home. She is in a hospital supply closet as she has a flashback: (EPISODE 174) Reginald: Joy Joy Joy. Joy: Did you do it? Reginald: The antidote? Joy: Thomasina said she’s feeling better. Reginald: Yes I called and they gave her the antidote. Joy: Then we’re even. Reginald: No we’re not. I can get to her whenever I want. Joy: So what does that mean? What else do you want me to do? Reginald: I don’t have to tell you. I want to raise the next patriarch of my family, and you’re going to get him. Joy: Where the hell am I supposed to get...no. You can’t make me do that. Reginald: You don’t want Thomasina to get sick again do you? Get me my great grandson. Joy flashes back to the present and she notices Brianna’s hospital badge on the floor, and she picks it up. Joy: I’m so sorry Steven but I have to do this. CAMERA PAN ON JOY...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG. ---------------------------------------------------- PART 2 MARLEY’S ROOM Marley lies in the bed. Michael is sitting at her bedside. Marley: I don’t think I can get any happier than I am now. Michael: You’re very lucky. Marley: I am...very lucky. Lucky to have a husband who loves me; lucky to still have my parents; Vicky, Allen, all of you. Michael: Your grandfather didn’t allow us to have this type of moment when you and Victoria were born. Marley: Don’t bring him up. Happy thoughts. Happy memories. Michael: Of course. The birth of your child is something you’re always gonna remember. Marley: And that you came back. We all thought you were dead, but you fought your way back to us. I’m so glad you’re here dad. Michael clenches Marley’s right hand. Michael: There’s nowhere else I’d rather be. ---------------------------------------------- OUTSIDE MARLEY’S ROOM Allen is talking to Tyrone. Allen: Look at you man. Tyrone: Yeah. I got a son. My boy Roman. I mean this is just the icing on the cake. All this time we thought Marley couldn’t get pregnant. Just miraculous. Allen: I know. I’m just...glad I can be here to share this with you bro. Tyrone: Thank you. Allen: For what? Tyrone: You helped me to realize that my anger was misplaced. Our father is the one I was really mad at. Allen: You can’t be too mad. He raised you. What was he like? Tyrone: Typical dad I guess. Be a man. Don’t show any emotions. Allen: I didn’t get to spend hardly any time with him. You did. That’s why I’m so insistent on being in KC’s life. Our dad wasn’t there for me. Tyrone: I ain’t sending my boy off to no boarding school. I’m gonna be there for him. I’m taking him to all his games; to all his practices. Whatever he wants to do. I’m gonna support him. I will never give up on my son. Allen: I know, cuz I ain’t gonna let you. He’s my nephew you know? Tyrone: You know what’s so great about this, too? Allen: What’s that? Tyrone: I got my brother with me. Allen: I got you. They hug and Donna and KC walk up to them. KC: Look at this. My dad and my uncle Tyrone….bonding. Donna: I called my sister. She told me the good news. Allen: I’ve had a good night. Donna: I can’t find Victoria or the girls. Have you seen them? Tyrone: No. I heard about what happened between Michele and Bridget. Donna: Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again. ----------------------------------------------- Michele: So what’s the matter? You think I’m crazy, too? Kirkland: Getting help doesn’t mean you’re ill. It means you need to get rid of this anger you’ve got. Michele: I’m sure you’ve heard what she did. Kirkland: I know what happened. She was devastated, hurt, and could hardly forgive herself when we thought you were dead. She felt really down about losing you. Michele: She’s got me, and the only she can act toward me is bitchy. Kirkland: You both are doing it to each other. Serve and volley. Michele: You’re comparing us to tennis. Kirkland: Come on. I can’t stand to see my little sisters fighting all the time. Can you at least consider it? Michele: Getting help? I don’t need any help. She’s the one who needs it. Mom’s on my side. ------------------------------------------------- Vicky: Who was that? Joy? Steven: I told her to text me when she got home. Vicky: I’m gonna see about Marley. Steven: Mom. Vicky: What is it? Steven: I love you. Vicky smiles as her eyes well up. Vicky: I love you, too my firstborn child. Steven: Let’s go see about Aunt Marley. Vicky: Good idea. --------------------------------------------- The Love/Hudsons surround Marley who is lying in her bed. Marley: Would you look at this? It means so much to have all of you here. Vicky: We got a little one to look after now. Donna: He’s gonna have a hell of a time being a part of this family. ---------------------------------------------- MEANWHILE, Bridget stands at the glass of the nursery, and watches her cousin Roman in his bassinet. Bridget: Are you sure you wanna be part of this family Roman? Your cousin Michele is crazy. As Bridget walks away, Joy, dressed in blue hospital scrubs, with a mask over her nose and mouth, scans Brianna’s stolen badge into the nursery, walks over to and stands over Roman Montgomery’s bassinet. Marley (V.O.): Roman’s gonna love all of you. Let’s go see him. FREEZE FRAME ON JOY...SLOW FADE OUT...END OF 228
  9. http://awfanfic.blogspot.com/ Here is the link to new episodes of my fanfic.. I left off on the SON blog at Episode 227, where Tyrone and Marley's baby, Roman Michael Montgomery, was born.
  10. http://santabarbarafanfic.blogspot.com/
  11. http://santabarbarafanfic.blogspot.com/
  12. Marley: Oh I…I’m tired. Brianna: You can do it. Push..1, 2, 3…. Marley gives one big push and hears crying. Marley’s pain turns to her and Tyrone’s joy as Roman Michael Montgomery is born. John gives Marley her and Tyrone’s baby as they look on with joy. The rest of the Love/Hudsons look in on them with happiness. Allen: Look at my brother...cheesin ear to ear. Vicky: Welcome to the family Roman. Donna: This is truly a miracle. Michael: Our new grandson. FREEZE FRAME ON TYRONE, MARLEY and ROMAN...SLOW FADE OUT...END OF EPISODE 227
  13. ***THIS IS MY FINAL BLOG POST ON S.O.N. YOU MAY CONTINUE READING MY ANOTHER WORLD EPISODES (New and Classics) on my website*** http://reginaldloveaw.wix.com/awfanficblog ANOTHER WORLD 227 A new life has begun Consultants: A. Washington-Beeby, ML Cooks, Nick Monarco, and DRW50 PART 1 AT THE WINTHROPS Cass, Frankie, Charlie and Maggie walk in. Frankie escorts Maggie to the couch. Maggie: Oh God I feel groggy. Frankie: Come on sit down. I’ll get you some tea. As Frankie goes to the kitchen, Charlie sits next to Maggie. Charlie: Whoever did this must have given you a huge dosage. Maggie: Yeah. I wonder who would be after me. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Cass confers with Frankie. Frankie: Cass I don’t know. Cass: Don’t know about what? Frankie: This whole evening has just been so weird. Everything. Maggie’s car doors wouldn’t lock from the inside. You and Christy. I can’t believe she… Cass: We’ll deal with that okay. Frankie: I mean all I need now is to find out what happened at the Corys. Who knows what went on down there? ----------------------------------------------- AT THE CORYS Joy secretly watches Marley on her cell phone through the camera installed outside of their house. Joy: What is she doing? Joy watches her cell phone intently as Vicky spies her from a short distance. ------------------------------------------ AT THE MONTGOMERYS Tyrone walks in and finds Marley doing something. Tyrone: Hey hey what are you doing? Marley: I’m dusting the table. It started to feel stuffy in here. Tyrone: But you’re up…and moving. And you? Dusting a table? Marley: Suddenly I got this…burst. I just decided to start cleaning the house. Tyrone: Um you know what that means right? Marley: That I have extra energy? Tyrone: That the baby is ready. Marley: Ready for what? Tyrone: Come on. We need to go to the hosp…. Tyrone and Marley look down and see a wet spot on the floor, and Marley grabs her stomach in pain. Marley: Oh. Water’s broken. Tyrone: It’s time. It’s time! Come on! ------------------------------------------------ Amanda comes downstairs and approaches Allen. Allen: I’m sorry about what happened here. Amanda: Thank you. I’m just concerned about my mother. Allen: Well Felicia and Paulina are out there with her now. Amanda: I’m gonna go check on her. KC walks up to them. KC: So you’re going out with Carl’s daughter in law? Allen: Yeah she’s concerned about her mother. KC: This is so sad. Allen: Yeah. We need some good news. Suddenly Allen gets a call on his cell phone from Tyrone with Marley moaning in labor pain. Allen: Hey Tyrone what’s up? Tyrone: Is Vicky there? Allen: Yeah what’s going on? Oh I can hear. Tyrone: Yeah meet us at the hospital. Marley’s in labor. Allen: Whoa! Whoa! I’ll tell everyone. KC: What happened? Allen: I gotta go tell Vicky and Donna. Donna walks up to them. Donna: Tell me what? Allen: Tyrone just called. Donna: Is it Marley? Is everything okay? Allen: It’s more than okay. She’s having the baby. Donna: Oh! Oh we’ve gotta go! I’ll tell the others. Allen: I’ll meet you there. CAMERA PAN ON ALLEN...SLOW FADE OUT TO THEME SONG ------------------------------- PART 2 AT THE WINTHROPS Frankie: Did Christy tell you she kidnapped Maggie? Cass: She had to have known where Maggie was. Frankie looks over at Maggie, who is sitting with Charlie on the couch. Frankie: I dunno Cass. Cass: What do you mean you don’t know? Christy clearly isn’t the changed person you thought she was. Frankie: Maggie was kidnapped before and she wasn’t exactly cooperative in being rescued. How do you know she didn’t do it again? Cass: Are you serious? Why would she even do that this time? Frankie: I don’t know. That’s a question we’d have to ask her. Cass: I can’t believe you’re even bringing this up. Frankie: I’m not saying that’s what Maggie did, but you have to consider the possibility. Cass: That’s ridiculous. Christy needed leverage to get what she wanted, and Maggie was it. Frankie takes the tea tray over to Maggie and gently places it on the coffee table. Frankie: This should help you feel better. Maggie: Thank you Frankie. Frankie: So you don’t remember anything about the kidnapping? Maggie: I remember leaving here, getting in my car, then waking up in the hospital. That’s all. Charlie: Nothing at all you can recall? Maggie: No Charlie I can’t. Frankie: Any distinct scents or smells or… Maggie: Why do I get the feeling you’re trying to say something else? Frankie: I’m just asking… Cass: She thinks you staged it. Frankie: Cass! Cass: She thinks you did the same thing you did before. Maggie: Really? You mean when my mom hired Rafael to kidnap me? Frankie: Maggie I’m just… Maggie: You got it wrong. I’m not that person anymore! Wow you’re amazing! Maggie gets up and goes to her room in the back. Frankie: Maggie? Cass: Look what you’ve done. Frankie: I didn’t do anything wrong. Cass: She just went through a terrible ordeal and you bring up the past! I’ll go see if she’s okay. Charlie: Let him calm down. You know how dad gets. Charlie gets a phone call on her cell phone. Charlie: Hey babe. Where are you? Well the hospital’s not gonna go outta business anytime soon. Is everything okay? Wow okay. That’s great news! I’ll be right there. Frankie: Was that Kirkland? Charlie: Yeah. Marley’s in labor. ---------------------------------------------- AT THE HOSPITAL Michael, Donna, Vicky, Bridget, Michele, Steven, Joy, Kirkland, Allen and KC are in the waiting area. Steven is in a corner with Joy. Steven: Are you okay? Joy: I’m fine. Steven: I wasn’t sure. My mom can be a handful. Joy: She doesn’t intimidate me. Steven: Good, because I told her how I felt about you. Joy: You did? Steven: Of course I did. It’s time she accepted you. Joy: I..had no idea that Donna was your grandmother. This really is a small town. Steven: Yeah. That’s grandma. ------------------------------------------- In another corner, Vicky is with Michele. Vicky: Are you gonna be okay honey? Michele: I’m good mom. Vicky: You and Bridget fighting. I know she started it. She started this whole thing. Michele: I don’t wanna think about that. I don’t wanna think about you and dad getting a divorce. Vicky straddles Michele’s hair. Vicky: You’re right. Your Aunt Marley is having a baby. Something good’s gonna come out of tonight. ------------------------------------------------------- OUTSIDE THE WAITING ROOM... Kirkland/Bridget/KC/Allen Kirkland: I just called my wife. She’s on her way. Kid what’s up with you and Michele? Bridget: I don’t wanna talk about that. KC: You guys are sisters though. Why would you be fighting? Bridget: Look it’s a long story and I really don’t feel like getting into it. Bridget walks away. Allen: Let’s just respect her wishes okay. A lot has happened tonight. KC: I feel so bad for Rachel, Cory, Elizabeth. They lost Carl. Allen: It’s the cycle of life you know. Some things just aren’t fair. Kirkland: One life ends, another one begins. ------------------------------------------------------ Vicky approaches Steven and Joy. Vicky: Steven you have really lost your mind haven’t you? Steven: Mom. Vicky: No she shouldn’t be here. Tyrone and Marley might not even be having a baby because of her. Steven: I’m not gonna allow you to talk about her like that. Vicky: I saw you looking at your cell phone earlier at the Corys. Whatever it was it seemed quite interesting... Joy: You know what Steven. Your mom’s right. Maybe I should go. Steven: Joy don’t leave. I want you here with me. Joy: It’s okay. I don’t mean to cause any trouble. I’ll text you when I get home. Steven: Okay. Joy walks out of the waiting area and Steven turns to Vicky. Steven: What the hell is wrong with you? Vicky: I can’t believe you’re getting involved with her. She’s going to hurt you. Steven: The only person hurting me is you. Vicky: I am your mother, and I’m not gonna sit here and watch her tear your life like she did Marley and Tyrone. Steven: I’m gonna call grandma Rachel and see how she’s doing. -------------------------------------------------------- In another corner, Donna is with Michael. Donna: You know Michael...this is bittersweet. Marley’s giving birth, and she’s got her family here. Nobody waiting to separate her from her child like my father did to me. Michael: We can’t dwell on the past now. Marley knows that we’re all here for her. We’re gonna make sure that our grandson is protected. Donna: Do you think Reginald is gonna try to pull something? Michael: Wouldn’t put it past him. He tried to kidnap Bridget. I’ve got people watching. Nothing’s gonna happen to Marley or the baby. John walks up to them in scrubs, a hairpiece and a mask. Donna: John where’s Marley? John: Follow me. I’m headed there now. They all follow John. John goes into the delivery room to join Brianna Jameson and the other nurses. -------------------------------------------------- Tyrone, also in scrubs, clenches Marley’s hand tightly as she is in intense pain. John: He’s coming. Marley: Duh! Ahhhhhh! This hurts! Brianna: Remember your Lamaze classes. Short breaths okay. Brianna coaches Marley through the short breaths as John looks for the baby. Tyrone: John what is it? John: I see the head! He’s coming! I’m gonna need a push.
  14. YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS by ML Cooks Victor has been released from jail and wants to reclaim his empire. What will Victor's rivals do? What will Karynn and Esther uncover on their trip to Chicago? DAYS OF OUR LIVES by A. Beeby Turmoil among the Kiriakis family. Is Adrienne right about Will? Does Noelle Curtis have an agenda? What is Nick's next move? And will Gabi be able to stop him? ALL MY CHILDREN by Corey W. Marissa was the unfortunate victim of a shooting at the Chandlers. David wants revenge. How far will he go? Is there a connection between JR and Todd Manning? An unholy alliance? UNION CREEK by Nick M. Who is after Reva? Who tried to run her down? JUST PARADISE by Nick M. James Stenbeck is alive! Should the residents of Paradise, New Mexico be afraid? ANOTHER WORLD by C. Richardson Carl has succumbed to his brain tumor. What will this mean for the loved ones he left behind? NOW AND FOREVER by Corey W. Can the Torres family stick together? Is there more behind their parents' death? Does one of them know something? Just how evil is Father Creed? STAY TUNED FOR NEW EPISODES EACH AND EVERY WEEK of YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, DAYS OF OUR LIVES, ALL MY CHILDREN, UNION CREEK, JUST PARADISE, NOW AND FOREVER and ANOTHER WORLD on the SON blogs!!! Thank you for reading!!!
  15. ANOTHER WORLD 226 Aftermath of a Carl’s death Consultants: A. Washington-Beeby, ML Cooks, Nick Monarco, and DRW50 IN THE CORY LIVING ROOM Dr. Russ Matthews is off in a corner on his cell phone. Russ: Iris it’s me. Iris: Hey how are you? Russ: I dunno. Iris: Is everything alright? Russ: No. I can’t say it is. Iris: You’re at the Corys right? Russ: Yeah. Iris: What happened? Russ: Carl just passed away. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Three of Carl’s surviving children (Cory, Elizabeth, and Devin Lucas) all emerge from the small crowd. Elizabeth: Daddy. Daddy! She runs up to Carl and Rachel. Rachel is holding her husband still, who has just passed away. Elizabeth: Do something mom! Call 9-1-1. Somebody call 9-1-1! Daddy! Daddy wake up! Cory: Lizzie… Elizabeth: How could you do this? How could you let him die? Devin gets Elizabeth. Devin (with tears in his eyes): He’s gone Elizabeth. Dad is dead. Elizabeth: Don’t say that! Don’t you ever say something like that! Nooo..noooooo! Elizabeth breaks down and Devin hugs his sister tightly.. The paramedics arrive at the gazebo with a gurney. Paramedic #1: We’ve come to get Mr. Hutchins. Elizabeth: No! No you’re not taking my daddy! Cory: Let them do their jobs Lizzie. Elizabeth: No! Cory holds Elizabeth back as Rachel watches in sadness. The paramedics put Carl’s body on the gurney and cover it with a sheet. Elizabeth, in tears, breaks free of Cory’s hold, runs to the gurney, and lifts the sheet up to see Carl’s face. Rachel: Elizabeth don’t do this. Elizabeth: No. This isn’t happening. Daddy...don’t go. Daddy! Rachel: They have to take him honey. Rachel goes and embraces Elizabeth as the paramedics wheel Carl out of the gazebo. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Gregory and Lindsay watch as all unfolded. Gregory holds her. Lindsay: My God this is so sad. Gregory: I feel so bad for them. They lost their dad. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost mine. Lindsay: Don’t talk like that. You’re not gonna lose your father. Meanwhile, Russ approaches John and Sharlene John: So you were treating him? Russ: I was just trying to make him comfortable. There was nothing we could do about the tumor. Sharlene: I’m sure Rachel appreciates it…and Carl. Those poor kids. They’re too young to lose their father, and Frankie. Frankie was just getting to know him, and it’s all just cut short. This just isn’t fair. John rubs Sharlene shoulders. John: This reminds me of when we thought we lost you. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through this. Sharlene: I survived, but Carl didn’t. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- OUTSIDE, Matt and Amanda are with Rachel in the gazebo. Matt: Mom. Do you need anything? Rachel: No honey I…I just want to sit out here for a minute. Amanda: We’ll be inside. Rachel: Will you check on Cory and Elizabeth for me? Amanda: Okay. Matt and Amanda go inside, as Felicia comes out and sits on Rachel’s right on the gazebo bench, and Paulina comes out and sits on Rachel’s left. Paulina clenches Rachel’s left hand, and Felicia clenches Rachel’s right hand. CAMERA PAN ON RACHEL, FELICIA, AND PAULINA...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG. -------------------------------------------------------------- PART 2 Lindsay: I’m gonna get something out of my car. I’ll be back. Gregory: Okay. -------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile, out the front door, Devin Lucas is with Lorna pacing back and forth. Lorna: Are you gonna be okay son? Devin Lucas: Yeah…I just wanna be out here for a minute. Lorna: I’ll…go see about mom. Lorna goes in, and Devin Lucas paces faster, and breaks down crying. Lindsay opens the front door and sees Devin Lucas, whose back is turned to the front door. He turns around and sees Lindsay, and quickly wipes his tear soaked face. Lindsay: I’m…I’m sorry about your dad. Devin Lucas: What did you come out here for? Lindsay: I was going to my car to get something. Devin Lucas: Don’t let me stop you. Devin goes inside as Lindsay looks at him. ----------------- CORY’S ROOM Cory sits on his bed. Amanda walks in and sits next to him. The two are silent and Amanda breaks it. Amanda: You know, for what it’s worth I know what you’re going through. Cory: I don’t...know what to feel. It’s almost like I don’t feel anything. Shouldn’t I feel something? Amanda: You’re in shock. We all are. Cory: I’ve been expecting this. Dad told us he was dying, and now he’s gone. Amanda: You’re a strong kid. And we’re gonna need to band together for mom. --------------------------------- Matt knocks on Elizabeth’s door. Elizabeth sits in a chair next to the bed and Matt sits on the bed. Elizabeth: Did mom send you? Matt: No. I know what it’s like to lose a dad though. You should take comfort in the fact that Carl got to spend his last days with you, Cory and Devin Lucas. Elizabeth: I’m sorry that you weren’t able to do that. Matt: Hold on to those memories. My dad adopted me and raised me as his own. It still hurts sometimes. Elizabeth: Is it gonna feel like this all the time? Is it always gonna be this painful? Matt: I know you don’t believe it now but it gets easier. You’ll start to do what your dad would want you to do. I don’t think Carl wants you to be sad forever. Elizabeth: I...shouldn’t have lashed out at mom like that. Matt: I’m sure she understands. She’s lost another husband. She’s gonna need us. ------------------------------------ Russ is on his cell phone with Iris. Russ: I know there was no love lost between you and Carl so I don’t expect you to shed any tears. Iris: Still it’s...devastating for his children...and Rachel. Russ walks to the gazebo and see Rachel with Paulina and Felicia. Russ: Rachel’s lost Mac and now Carl. She’s gotta be so devastated. Looks like she’s in good hands though. ----------------------------------------------- Rachel: Felicia. How did you deal with it? Twice. Felicia: I really couldn’t tell you. Zane and Lucas. This is different for you than it was for me. Both of my husbands were shot to death. You got to spend your last moments with your husband at home. Hold on to that. Rachel: Paulina? Paulina: I’ve learned to live without Joe. Every time I see Dante, I smile, and I’m happy, and proud, but a part of me still gets sad, because I see his father. I start remembering our lives together. I know I don’t have to tell you how to deal with that right. Rachel: No. This is helping. I thought I would never find love after Mac died, but I did. Carl pursued me. I resisted, and resisted… Felicia: So did we. Rachel: Carl and I had our ups and downs, but we had a beautiful life together. Paulina: You have two wonderful children. Felicia: Carl lives on in them, and in my grandson. Paulina: Carl was like the father I never had. His impact will always be felt in all of us. We will definitely miss him. Felicia and Paulina each lean on Rachel’s shoulders as they look up at the sky. FREEZE FRAME ON RACHEL, PAULINA, and FELICIA...SLOW FADE OUT...END OF EPISODE 226
  16. Good episode...nice beats played. Liam doesn't want Jennifer to go to his place. I wondered when she would start to become a bit suspicious of him. She seems a little too gaga for him. Maybe this will be the start.Nicole's dream was a hoot and seemed a bit of foreshadowing. A good reminder for me of the secret she's keeping. Abigail is back, and she is a mother....OOOOH....and she ain't tellin nobody. The scene with Roman, Marlena and Kim was almost heartbreaking. Roman not remembering his own sister, and Kim pleading almost trying to will him to remember, then his bewilderment about not remembering. Very emotional for me. And Adrienne is about to spill what she saw without any evidence to Sonny. So Adrienne. Of course nobody believes her, causing a rift. You chose drama there, successfully.
  17. This is getting better...building and building. Gloria coming to Lauren's to plead with her to ease up on Michael. Good natural conversation, but Lauren calling her a cougar...hmm Lauren you got a lot of nerve. Have you forgotten all the men you've been with? LOL Very very good visual of Victor seeing Newman taken down, literally. You are doing such a great job with this. Building this up and building this up. I am into this storyline. I am waiting to see what Victor is going to do to Jack. First recruit Keemo. Jack has no idea what's about to hit him, And my lady Karynn. You gave us a glimpse into her past and how men have treated her, and why she is the way she is. You've warmed Nina up to her and Chance. I love how you are building these stories carefully. Character driven building, which will pay off for you later in a huge way.
  18. This was a very good show...had everything in it. Phyllis/Michael - I like how you rekindled their friendship and brought us up to speed on their stories. Not only that, you also brought up past history (Phyllis running down Christine) Karynn/Esther/Garrett Morris - Humor rues the day with them, and it was funny. I realize how well you write it, and you are doing a great job incorporating it into your soap. Nice lighthearted distraction to Karynn's real reason for going to Chicago. Just like a soap would be written. Gloria - I like how you made her the mystery woman who was listening to Phyllis and Michael's conversation. A nice little "near miss", and once again, you reminded us that she's with Keemo. A good foreshadowing. Nina/Chance - Great job of writing the mother and son catching up. I forgot that Chance is dealing with guilt over Eden's disappearance. Thank you for that reminder as well. AND that Karynn went to Chicago to see Karl. The Abbotts - We all know Jack has won the battle, but not the war. It is very Bill Bell, Sr like for them to warn Jack that Victor is going to strike back. I remember watching that one time in 1997 where Victoria was telling someone that she wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of Victor's wrath, then the next scene Victor was laying into Nick (I think). Keep up the great work.
  19. Christy revealed her plan to Cass. Bridget and Michele's feud turned physical. Vicky signed the divorce papers, and Grant served Jack with blackmail. Jack was also revealed to be Remy Woods' father. Jake was there for Paulina, and Vicky took notice. Vicky confronted Steven about his involvement with Joy. Allen and KC grew closer. Carl died in Rachel's arms. COMING SOON... The Love/Hudsons welcome a new member to their family, but danger lurks. Family and friends mourn Carl's death. Bay City General Hospital's new Chief of Staff will be revealed, and a former Bay City attorney makes a triumphant return. Felicia faces a huge turning point as she fights her urges to drink. Christy's news may cost her those she holds dear.
  20. Where's the story? Do you have story planned for these characters? Character and story make good soap opera. You seem to have the characters, but no story...
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