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  1. Did you see this? Isn't her contract up this summer? Has she even agreed to re-sign it? She planning an exit?
  2. This piano recital plot point is dreadful, boring, juvenile and dumb. CK and DG have been terrible with the Lane stuff. Rest of the show is a dull snooze not even worth discussing. What is worth discussing is this shady tweet that CLB just retweeted on his timeline (actors certainly have not been hiding their displeasure with the show lately):
  3. https://www.tvinsider.com/272809/melody-thomas-scott-dishes-young-and-the-restless/ Short Melody: Nikki is stupid, this story with Tessa is stupid and makes no sense, I don't know why Nikki stays with Victor either - she needs someone else.
  4. I've been watching Y&R since about 1988 so that answers that question and there were plenty of stories. And no I don't watch Game of Thrones but what the hell does Thrones have to do with Y&R? So Jack marrying Nikki to get back at Victor on the same day that Victor was intending to propose to Nikki wasn't a story? And then Victor making a deal with Jack that he'd give the Abbotts full control of Jabot if he stayed away from Nikki and the kids forever wasn't a story? Or on the day that Nikki is about to tell Victor that she will leave Jack for him she finds out she's pregnant - that's not a story? And then Nikki falling off her horse, having a miscarriage and getting addicted to alcohol and pain meds wasn't a story? WHAT? Let's go to the Winters family - there were no stories there? Is that the claim lol? If you disagree or just love Sally that's fine, but lets not pretend that there were never really stories during the Bill Bell era. There are full episode clips from that era in the Classic Y&R thread for your viewing pleasure that prove otherwise. Sure. There's a bunch of tv shows I have enjoyed - VEEP, The Sopranos, The Wire, Mad Men, Carmichael Show, Fargo....what do any of those shows have to do with my dislike of current Y&R? There is entirely too much singing. Even the snippets of music is too much frankly. I wasn't talking about the actress playing Tessa, I was talking about the character. But if you think it's riveting for Nikki to spend her once a week scenes counseling some boring moping street kid and playing Casio keyboard in a dirty bar - by all means lol. I care how small the B&S office is. The entire premise of B&S being in the basement of Jabot was stupid, and yes the fact that it's a terribly cramped set just adds to the reason why Brash & Sassy doesn't work. I'm getting my opinion on people phoning in their performances from actually watching the show. It'll be fun watching actors (besides maybe Greg and MCE) struggle to find anything worthwhile to submit for Emmy consideration at the end of this year. They shouldn't even waste their time frankly. Also let's not act like a ton of people in the cast haven't been bitching on Twitter and Instagram and very few have been overly enthusiastic about anything on the show in the last 6 months. No comment on the Y&R ratings/demos and Sally's difficulties with it or her needing a co-HW? I figured. Look, I never had much faith in Sally anywhere. She's pretty much failed every place she was given a solo HW position (JFP even fired her from Hollywood Heights) but I was hopeful that she'd write an interesting show and perhaps turn things away from the ugly ugly downslide that started for Y&R ratings and demo-wise in September and October. She hasn't actually managed to do one positive thing in terms of viewers or demos and that's because again it's a boring show where nothing happens. There are so many people saying this is classic Y&R and this is just like the old days of Y&R (I frankly think that is an insult to Bill Bell but if we're going with that)....am I to understand that people think it's a good thing for a show, in 2017, to be written the same way it was written in 1989?
  5. The last time I felt the show was genuinely good was maybe 2004 or 2005? But regardless, I've come to realize (and I kind of hate to admit this because it's a motto that Brad Bell lives by that has always annoyed me), that I'd rather be enraged by a show than bored by it. Sally is boring to me. I just don't care. It's complete apathy for these stories and so many of these characters. I'd be open to a co-HW for her (and I can't imagine that CBS & Sony aren't considering one since she's been here six months and there have only been like 5 weeks where she actually increased ratings or demos). By any standard, that is terrible and should be nearly unacceptable for the show (3 year renewal or not, a show can't lose 750,000 viewers and execs look the other way) There are also entirely too many stupid insipid triangles. Let's count them: Phyllis/Billy/Victoria - lethargic, boring and consists mainly of Phyllis being insecure for no reason and Victoria talking about going to a damn zoo and a Jamaica trip from 7 years ago over and over Hilary/Devon/Mariah - painful Sharon/Scott/Abby - so Scott and Sharon have sex and the next day they have her noticing the heat between Scott and Abby and Scott accusing her of being jealous? Subtle Sally. Victor/Nikki/Jack - (look at the spoilers for next week) Lily/Cane/Juliet Zack/Abby/Scott - who the hell cares? Annoying blonde teen/Reed/Annoying brunette teen - see above Hilary/Jordan/Lily - Jordan is a dud Then when Adam returns I'm sure we'll get some variation of Adam/Chelsea/Nick and Chelsea/Nick/Sharon and hell they might even throw in some Chelsea/Adam/Sharon. It's too much. How and why does Sally think anyone would get invested in any of these pairings when she throws a third party in almost immediately after they get together? I couldn't care less about any of them. I'll say that I liked the Dina story initially. Marla Adams is great. I've lost interest in it now because I think we have reached my tolerance for Jack and Ashley having the same repetitive tedious conversations while NOTHING. ACTUALLY HAPPENS. That's the issue with Sally, nothing happens! Like this awful triangle between Phyllis, Billy and Victoria. First of all, Victoria and Phyllis sucks as rivals. There's absolutely nothing there but regardless they turned Phyllis extremely insecure about 24 hours after she and Billy slept together for no real reason - there was zero buildup to it and nothing onscreen that actually justified it and they now have her going around saying "Victoria is plotting" and Victoria is even warning her and making these big proclamations that she's getting Billy back and will fight for him and Victoria "fighting" for Billy has not amounted to a damn thing but her planning a zoo trip and viewers having to listen to that stupid Jamaica story for the zillionth time. It's boring! Someone needs to do something! And that goes for almost all the characters on the show. Everyone is so painfully passive and reactive, nobody is proactive at all or actually driving story forward. It feels like literally everything is in neutral.
  6. This show has become absolutely DREADFUL. Some thoughts: 1. Who is responsible for all of this wretched singing? Every single episode, it's either that terribly cast Reed or the boring homely girl who only talks about being broke and homely? First of all, music on daytime doesn't rate. Everyone knows that. It's been known for years, so why Y&R is insisting on shoving a bunch of singers down the viewers throats who sound like they have something stuck in their throat - I have no clue. I would love to get through a week of shows without feeling like I'm watching the terrible audition part of American Idol. 2. Pacing and balance on this show sucks. There is absolutely no reason that Victoria should be on as much as she has been. She led episodes in 2016 and is leading them in 2017 by a wide margin. It's absurd. Who the hell ever thought that centering Y&R around Amelia Heinle was a good idea? Why is it that stories disappear for weeks? Kevin and Chloe return in 2 weeks and their story picks back up - who the hell will care? This show goes through long stretches of not even mentioning a story and then randomly picks it up again weeks later expecting people to still give a damn. No. 3. Where are the ACTUAL stories? Devon doesn't have a story. Mariah doesn't have a story. Sharon talking about writing a term paper and having dry boring sex with Scott isn't a story. What is Hilary's story? Some scenes of her counseling Juliet - also not a freaking story. Phyllis and Billy have boring repetitive conversations about Victoria in the most boring psuedo triangle EVER written - still not a story for Phyllis. What is Victor's story? Babysitting Abby and Scott? Is Nikki's story playing a Yamaha and counseling the homeless girl? Is that supposed to be a story? This show currently has two stories - the sexual harassment one (I don't care about this at all anymore - I hate the rewrite of Juliet to facilitate this stupidity and I also question Sally doing two fake sexual harassment stories in a 6 month span) and Dina's return (which I have already lost interest in because of the pacing). Lauren? Michael? Paul? Neil? Their stories are where? Oh but wait, newbie Zack has a secret and so does newbie Tessa, and newbie Jordan too...does anyone care? Nope. Chelsea and Nick we see every few weeks just to remind us that Adam is still dead and nobody knows where Chloe is, yawn. 4. Brash & Sassy and GC Buzz both need to go. Now. Neither works and they never have worked. They second they built that dumb cramped set for Brash & Sassy and kicked Ashley out of her lab I knew it would be a flop. Centering the entire show around this rinky dink company with an office the size of the closet doesn't work. I would much rather see a large cast of characters working at Newman, Jabot and Chancellor then the same dull three (Billy, Cane, Victoria) working in a room the size of a port a potty. And GC Buzz has never made a lick of sense. Is it local or national? Is it a tabloid show, is it investigative journalism, is it inspirational/motivational? Is it celebrity driven (even pretending it is when the show takes place in Wisconsin was always dumb)? The show doesn't know and at this point I don't care. Get rid of it. 5. The dialogue is atrocious. I understand that every writer brings in their own team, but this was the best Sally could find? The scenes of the teens when they first appeared was so embarrassing, I had to turn it off. Also there are a lot of actors phoning in their performances here lately or just not giving any effort whatsoever, but considering the writing I don't even know if I blame them.
  7. Awesome!!! Thanks so much for all of the new uploads!!!
  8. Just wanted to say thank you sooooooo much for all of these clips. The late 80's, early 90's is when I really fell in love with Y&R so to see clips from that time period again are such a pleasure! Thank you!
  9. Found these. Better save them before CBS yanks them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAAlvwAuIo0&list=UUMzfXBdkJBnz14rGTDBnVDw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmQVNEsT-Pw&list=UUMzfXBdkJBnz14rGTDBnVDw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MllOwSxMlO0&list=UUMzfXBdkJBnz14rGTDBnVDw
  10. Has this been posted before? It's a two hour conversation with Kay Alden about how she started on Y&R, learning under Bill Bell, the Y&R writing process, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecE4od4nI_A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ao9SWOUm-o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pI65ZZVhfVQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbxGng_CU34
  11. Found this (not in English but still a treat to see Lester's interaction with MTS): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHq767NDlKs
  12. I have had wayyyy too much fun watching this story again. I loved so much of it! So happy that it's been put up in its entirety <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/QuZfrWD6x1M?list=PL7FFD7BD6C768D947" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvgxwGV4gXY The entire Port Charles Event from 2002
  14. I was having a debate with someone the other day about Lynn Herring. I still don't think there is any actress on daytime (or has been since her) that was able to play sensuality/sexuality as well as she did. I found the clip that perfectly describes how great she was at playing the vixen/sexpot and why IMO all others have pretty much paled in comparison. FF to 6:58 and watch the rest of the clip. There is not a single person in daytime now that I think could have done that scene as well and as effectively as Lynn:
  15. Hmm, I don't remember the three you mentioned, I'll have to look them up. The "Choices" one surrounding Daisy having an abortion actually was pretty good. I liked the dynamic between Reva and Harley and I did see potential for the character of Daisy that was never fully realized (and then when they had her get involved with Grady, UGH). Brian Gaskill as Dylan wasn't working for me at all though.
  16. I saw that one actually. I pretty much was pissed all the way through it because the show let JVD go and on top of that, they felt it necessary to imply that the whole time he was having an affair with his assistant (yeah a month later we found out he didn't have an affair, whatever, there was no reason to even imply or hint that he did in the first place). It was ridiculous and just sucked all the way around. Ross, in many ways, represented the heart of GL, much like Maureen. He was something of a moral compass and when he died, and in such a crappy half-assed way, just UGHHHHHHHH, and then to use his death to start the idiotic and ridiculous plot point of Blake running for mayor It was called 'A Love Lost' Part 2 Part 3 Does anyone remember what ITL it was when everyone was stuck at the cabin and a couple have sex because we see a used condom and you have to guess who it is (the couple ending up being Olivia and Buzz)?
  17. Thanks! I asked about the ITL's because honestly, I skipped a ton of them. If it was a character I wasn't interested in or a story I wasn't particularly interested in, I just wouldn't pay attention. I want to go back and watch them all though, so I think I'm going to watch one or two a day until I get through as many as I can (I know that Harley the comic book character one is going to be a damn chore to watch). I just finished this one "Focus": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiLJehvoWGs&feature=fvsr I don't understand why GT didn't submit that episode for the Emmys. I think the next one I'm going to watch is Daisy's abortion, "Choices". I saw bits and pieces and I remember thinking BE and KZ did really good work in that one (and honestly Bonnie Dennison too). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ju4VmeMDVo&feature=related
  18. Question: How did people feel about the special Wednesday episodes that surrounded one character or story? Do you think they were a good idea? Was the idea good, but the execution poor? Do you think it was just a bad idea all around? Was there anyone's you liked - which ones did you hate?
  19. Mitch, I agree with you, I liked Toby Poser's Amanda quite a bit.
  20. Some Gina Tognoni interviews about characters she came close to playing (Carly on GH is somewhere on this list too....I have to wade through some articles) 2004 CBS.com: How did the casting come about? GINA TOGNONI: I was talking to Y&R for the role of Victoria and I was really excited about that role. At the same time, [CBS Daytime Senior VP] Barbara [bloom] had said, 'We've got this role of Dinah that needs to be back on the canvas. Would you be interested in it?' They asked for a tape so I sent it over there and [GL Casting Director] Rob Decina saw it and liked it and then Ellen gave me a call and said, 'Lets make it happen.' Then we got in a conversation for about two weeks. 2007 I'll have to find the article (I have it somewhere), it was in SID, but she gives an interview about how she was approached by GH to play a character (she didn't say who) and it sounded interesting, but she ultimately decided to stay with GL because they were family (and she wanted to do the shooting story lol). 2010 Michael Fairman: So what went haywire at Y&R and B&B? Didn’t [b&B exec producer] Brad Bell want to team you with Jack Wagner? Gina Tognoni: Yes, which I would have loved. It was a wonderful experience meeting with Brad, but it came down to asking myself the difficult question: east coast or west coast? I just got married last May. We live in New Jersey. We’re still on the honeymoon! All that came into play when I made the decision, and it really wasn’t easy. The same goes for Y&R, though we never got as far as talking about a character. I also know the role of Shayne on GL came down to Jeff Branson and Colin Egglesfield.
  21. Now that I have to endure ABC soaps, I realize that I didn't really appreciate the men of GL like Josh, Mallet, etc.
  22. I could not stand the character (and I'm about as far from an LW fan as one can be, probably even less so than the folks in the GH thread lol). There was not one story that she was involved in that contributed anything positive or interesting to Guiding Light. In fact, her and Richard, and that whole San Cristohell storyline is what signaled one of the longest breaks I had ever taken from the show. Everything about Cassie was just wrong, from her existence to her constanty overpropped, smug presence on the show. Seriously Cassie brought us what exactly? Alonzo, Edmund, Richard (and then Jeffrey), Tammy, just NO. Listen I love KZ, but I totally agree. By the time Annie went psycho, I was so damn sick of Reva and Cassie that I rooted for Annie and Dinah to make both of their lives a living hell - repeatedly.
  23. I know but the alternatives for me are GH or OLTL, and HELL NO to both. At least Y&R has Katherine & Nina lol. I know how that is, and I don't know that I realized just how much I'd miss Guiding Light until it was gone and I returned to watching other soaps. Even with the crappy production value at the end of its run, I think I would rather watch Reva, Dinah, and Olivia than 75% of the other female characters on the remaining soaps. My fondest soap memories are, and probably always will be, from Guiding Light I know soaps have an unfair and bad reputation for acting but again, in addition to it being incredibly unique, I just feel like the acting on the show (for the most part) was so honest, natural and real. I built connections with the characters on GL that I haven't been able to build with characters on any other soaps. I mean every soap has their ups and downs, but I always felt like GL made an effort to just dig deeper - to ensure that every character's complexities, insecurities, nuances, and layers were understood and displayed to the audience. I always felt like the GL actors understood their characters so incredibly well. Each character was so unique: Phillip, Alan-Michael, Alex, LuJack, Vanessa, Reva, Dinah, Roger, Holly, Ed, Maureen, India, Harley, Billy, the list goes on and on. Oh and I watched this today. While the show had MANY problems during this period, I was completely glued to the screen and mesmerized by everything Cynthia Watros did, just absolutely amazed (I both loved and hated this story, loved it because it gave me the opportunity to see CW be incredible, hated it because it introduced that soul-sucking blackhole of a character "Cassie Layne") I can't find the clip where she has to have a hysterectomy and she is sobbing as says to Alan "I can never ever have children. This is my punishment, I've been damned" but I cried so hard. I knew CW wasn't going to stay on the show, and her send-off was pretty awful IMO, but man was she something to watch.
  24. Sigh, this is actually what I miss the most about the show. For all of the show's faults, and it had many, I felt that they almost always had very strong female characters. The current crop of soaps still on the air, just don't do that very well (I guess Y&R might be the best but eh). Most of my favorite female characters from daytime are from GL, and I don't think that is a coincidence (I have watched at least 7 soaps through the years). I maintain the opinion that GL set the bar for acting in daytime, the show consistently had the best and most talented cast. I also absolutely loved Mary Kay Adams as India, adored her. I realy think India as played by MKA would have had the potential to be one of the most beloved characters in daytime and long remembered. I don't remember when I started watching GL, I just say since birth since I used to spend summers at my grandmother's house and she would make us all sit quiet and pay attention when her "stories" came on.
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