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  1. Interesting....from the Y&R survey that was sent out a few weeks ago that we discussed in the other thread
  2. I hated the subject of the Phyllis and Hilary scenes so much but Mishael and Gina work very well together and had great chem. I'd prefer them more as frenemies than friends but I found their genuine spark to be the only watchable part of the episode.
  3. Yeah, I love Gina but she has been trying to overcompensate for some bad material by doing entirely too much. Child, if you don't calm down with the hand gestures, especially in the scenes with Michael and Lauren. The director should have reigned that in (but Y&R hasn't had a strong director in eternity which is why Heinle has been allowed to sleepwalk through all her scenes). But having said that, I continue to think Phyllis and Jack scenes are some of the best and most tolerable on this show. I do NOT want them paired again, I honestly don't even think they fit anymore but they make such great and somewhat fun frenemies and scheming partners. Throw in Hilary and I'd probably rather watch those three scheme together than anything else even though there will always be dumb or shaky motivation for it and terrible dialogue. Apparently Sara Bibel has been given the title of "Associate Head Writer"...how do people feel about this?
  4. It has been confirmed by several actors now that today they taped the first Mal Young script. It's slated to air on October 25, 2017.
  5. Good God, kill all of this with fire. We're supposed to believe these two women are fighting over this goofy fool who has nothing of his own and is dressed like he works at a Cineplex? The first story Mal needs to kill is this one. Have all them go their separate ways. Or put Victoria and Billy back together and shove them on the backburner. Give Phyllis someone new.
  6. Listen, the entire show is trash. I don't really have any opinion on any of it. None of it is good. All of it is terrible. That's it.
  7. Yes. I guess she is connected to the sex ring or something, I barely paid attention tbh
  8. Honestly as much as I like Mishael Morgan one of the issues I do find that sometimes I have no idea whether or not Hilary is being genuine. It feels like she lacks sincerity a lot of times and then I have zero clue what her real feelings are for a lot of people. And I agree that because of last year Jack often does come across like her potential next mark or victim.
  9. There is no nice way to say it, this show absolutely sucks right now. It's awful. Good luck turning this turd around new(ish) regime.
  10. Well I don't know if it means much but apparently Mal brought back Mike Dobson
  11. I agree. I actually really want Noah recast. RA seems like a nice guy but he is flat, boring and totally forgettable
  12. So...apparently at the Y&R fan event Mal Young told people they start taping his scripts this week (meaning his stuff will start to air the second week of October). The good news about that? She is taping every single day this week: Also, supposedly he made it clear that his couples are Hilary/Devon, Billy/Phyllis and Tessa/Mariah. I mean, that's fine I guess but he has a lot of work to do with both Hilary and Devon and Billy and Phyllis. Hilary and Devon need a VERY slow build back to each other and Billy and Phyllis need a breakup and TOTAL REBUILD if he wants them. The SID podcast is claiming that Mal hasn't made any tweaks and these are Sally's scripts. They said unlike Ron who tried to tweak some scenes, Mal hasn't -he's just focusing on his stuff so it should be a pretty big and noticeable shift when his scripts start airing. Oh forgot one more thing, the very first thing Mal said at the event was not to ask him about Adam. Seems like there are no plans to bring him back anytime soon.
  13. Lanier's character is bland and useless as hell and has no chemistry with ANYONE. They should pair Kristina and Valerie honestly.
  14. What? Where did I say you weren't entitled to your opinion? I thought it was pretty obvious he was plotting hence the extreme close up on Billy's huge smirk and wheels turning at the end when she left. But yeah, I guess we'll see.
  15. Billy was manipulating Dina. I don't think that conversation was genuine at all. Pretty sure he's going to use her to get Jack info and help B&S
  16. Y&R does need to recast Kyle soon...he wouldn't be a terrible option
  17. The writing for Hilary and Phyllis is so damn atrocious right now. Yet another Newman is about to be yelling in Hilary's face. At least Phyllis got a break from the writing since Gina went on vacation but good God. Hilary is basically some silly mustache twirling villainess just hiding in corners to record people's conversations and then put it on the air to get yelled at for it the next day. Also it can't be said enough, the actor playing Ben needs to go. And I'm sick of everyone on this show being broke. It is dumb nonsense that Victoria got $500 million in the bank and is running around begging for a loan like a poor person to save that stupid company that only has two employees and shouldn't be squatting in Ashley's lab in the first place.
  18. Here you go...just sign up here and you'll start getting their surveys. They send them about every 3 months or so (the last one was the Jason Thompson one) https://www.studioinsiders.com/Portal/default.aspx Also some more questions that were asked
  19. Yeah that question was weird. My answer was hell no. Sure. I told them I enjoyed Hilary, Devon, Phyllis, Lauren, Michael, Jill, Dina, Ashley, Sharon, Jack, and Mariah but I did expand quite a bit on the issues that I have with the writing for those characters. I actually felt that the survey asked a lot of good questions and there was a lot of opportunity to elaborate and really explain why you answered the way you did which I appreciated. I suspect the primary purpose of the survey was to get people's opinions on Tessa and Mariah (even though they were not a part of the couples section for whatever reason - Kevin/Mariah and Noah/Tessa were). These were the couples they asked about.. Sharon/ScottSharon/NickPhyllis/NickMariah/KevinKevin/ChloeNoah/TessaLily/CaneHilary/DevonChelsea/NickJack/NikkiRavi/AshleyVictoria/BillyPhyllis/BillyPhyllis/JackGloria/JackLauren/Michael Reed/Mattie The characters that weren't mentioned at all? Dina, Graham, Juliet, Zach, Crystal, and Charlie. Poor Neil, he did not have one "couple" option smh. They asked a question about the sets (I politely told them to burn The Underground, to give Ashley her lab back and get rid of Brash & Sassy, that I didn't want to see GC Buzz again and that it makes no sense that only one office exists in Newman and Jabot) They also asked if I felt the show was too diverse (wtf), if I wanted to see a LGBT story, if I want to see stories about religion or if I was religious, if I missed Kevin, if I liked when older characters returned to the show, if i have watched/more or less recently and why, whats my favorite character/couple/story and why
  20. I got it. It was very very long. Really detailed survey. I was not kind about a lot of characters or stories. It gave you a long list of the characters and asked if they added to your enjoyment, detracted from your enjoyment or had no affect on your enjoyment. It had a longgggg list of couples and asked how you felt about them (it was interesting that some people like Phyllis, Jack and Nick had multiple pairing options where Victoria and Chelsea only had one) It asked a lot of questions about whether you want to see more religious stories or religion more on the show Asked a very generic question about LGBTQ and if that was a story you wanted to say (other options were police drama/big families, and something else) They asked if you wanted to see more supernatural stories, what age group you enjoyed watching the most, what character you would most like to see return, what couples you want to see together, etc. If I can think of anything else I will add. Someone posted some of their questions on Twitter (the pics below are NOT my answers, they are someone else's that was posted on Twitter but they let you know some of the things asked)
  21. They're really going to pretend like Ashley having sex with him makes a lick of damn sense? Really?
  22. The director Kai Kim said on Twitter they taped the 9/25 show yesterday. That means that they start taping Mal's material either the end of next week or early in the week after.
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