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  1. There's an 8 DAY Bob Ross marathon streaming on Twitch. It's a happy tree! 


  2. Casey Moss was arrested in Arizona. http://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/arizona-news/39886151-story
  3. I don't think they are killing off Kyle. Jamey Giddens updated his article and says Lachlan is on recurring so Kyle will be around, just without a story. Will, he should be a recast Sonny instead.
  4. The first one is probably Brandon Beemer returning as Shawn Douglas. Jason47 has hinted that Shawn is sticking around after Jason Cook leaves. The second one, not sure. We already know about Chris Whitesell going to GH and Michael Goldberg says the writer in the BI isn't Whitesell. Who else recently left DAYS that's been at GH before?
  5. So Warner Bros. spent $180 million to make a live-action Tarzan movie that's coming out next year. It's Tarzan, not Star Wars, how can you spent that much money making a Tarzan movie? 



    1. Khan


      We know this much: they couldn't have spent all that money on wardrobe.

  6. I think Guy Wilson gave his  best performance today. 

    1. Cheap21


      LOL.....so shady

    2. YRBB


      Up against Ben... hmmmmmmm.

    3. Khan


      Sorry, but I beg to differ.  Even as a corpse, Guy is [!@#$%^&*] lazy and unexceptional.

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  7. Today was a pretty great episode. So far they are playing the beats they need to play. I'm sure all this week will be good, but I still think long-term, killing Will was a mistake.
  8. I don't think DAYS killed off Will because the show or Corday is homophobic (in fact, I've heard the Corday family has been supportive and donated to gay causes for many, many years), however, it's perception that is key and right now, the perception is DAYS is "De-Gaying" the show and I think the show underestimated the backlash. When you only have 3 gay characters on contract and you decide to kill one off after, one decides to leave on his own, leaving 1 gay character left who is barely being used, people are going to draw conclusions and if you don't have a media plan ahead of time to combat it, that narrative starts to become fact, whether it is or not.
  9. I've never been a fan of Guy Wilson, but the character of Will did not deserve to die. I was so heartbroken and angry at the show after today. I can only think of one time where killing off a young next-generation Legacy character was worth it in the long run and that was Y&R's Cassie. Every other time a show as did they eventually regretted it. Hell Y&R STILL ending up bringing the actress who played Cassie back year's later. I feel DAYS is going to regret killing Will and wished they didn't.
  10. I thought the same thing. They should have revived the XYZ idea, I like that better if your going to change the name.
  11. I liked it as well. It leans more towards ER than Grey's on the Medical Drama scale, which I prefer. I also hope this is the medical drama CBS has been looking for for years. I've been saying forever that an ER like show would fit perfectly on CBS's lineup.
  12. I'm not surprised how little Karla M and Jacob Y were used last month. If you look at the year to date, they are in the top 5, so those characters needed a rest. I agree about way too much Pierson. I would much rather they have given Heather Tom, Sean Kanan, and Rena Sofer stories, they are so underutilized. KKL is too. Brooke does need a story, but on the other hand, I don't miss Brooke being the center of the show.
  13. I thought so as well. Too bad it wasn't. I liked Thomas and Ridge's fight today. I thought both made good points.
  14. It started out slow. Episode got better as it went on. I really didn't buy Chris Rock as a dangerous drug lord though.
  15. I watched to see Nick Jonas. Otherwise, I wasn't interested in the show at all and looking at the ratings, neither was anyone else. LOL
  16. I LOVED The Muppets. 

    1. ReddFoxx


      There are already some people boycotting it calling it perverted. I have not checked it out, but I'm guessing that those people are overreacting.

    2. NothinButAttitude


      I thought it was cute. Piggy was the savior of this episode. I hope the episodes get more better as time progresses. 

    3. ~bl~


      I hope the show improves, it was just okay. I think they were trying to put too many things into the episode so everything seemed rushed. If it ran for an hour or didn't have the Fozzie subplot and the band it would have been stronger. 

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  17. The doc today was played by Mark Damon Espinoza. Yeah, it's dumb that Ridge wouldn't just tell Caroline he had a vasectomy and going to have it reversed.
  18. I hope it's not a Nicole recast either. I really like the actress in the role.
  19. Yeah, if they are going to start Spencer Fashions, then they'll need to hire an actual designer. The Weed is no Eric, Ridge or Caroline. Funny that Wyatt says he wants to earn his way at the same time asking for daddy's money to help start a company. LMAO!
  20. Hmmm, well if #4 isn't GW/Will and might not be about DAYS, then who? What other show has a character departure coming up?
  21. 1. I wonder if this is someone from B&B? Jamey Giddens has mentioned a couple of times recently in the DC podcasts that while nobody at B&B ever publicly says anything bad about the show, one of the actors has been complaining for a quite a while. 2. No idea. 3. Brian Craig? 4. Probably Guy Wilson/Will at DAYS
  22. Guy needed to go, he was a horrible recast, but I think it's a terrible decision to kill off Will. All Will needed was a six month rest and a recast.
  23. Serial Scoop is confirming their previous rumor that Guy Wilson has indeed departed from DAYS http://www.serialscoop.com/2015/09/guy-wilson-leaving-days-of-our-lives.htm
  24. So far this Neil Patrick Harris variety show is a train wreck. Too bad, I love NPH and so want a successful variety show in primetime. 



    1. Soapsuds


      If it was anything like his Oscar hosting duties..I'm sure it was a hot mess!

    2. wingwalker


      I was hoping something along the lines of the Carroll Burnett Show, but updated for today's audience. Instead we got, was a horrible mess. 

    3. YRBB


      It did OK in the ratings with 6.6 million viewers. I'm staying far away from it and it's doubtful they'll improve upon these numbers. Then again, miracles do happen. http://deadline.com/2015/09/best-time-ever-with-neil-patrick-harris-premiere-ratings-zoo-finale-1201529944/

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  25. So Wyatt told Bill and Katie today he wants to start his own fashion house. While I wasn't a fan of the Marone's, this has my interest, a rival fashion house is an element this show has been lacking. While I doubt Brad Bell will, it'd provide a good opportunity to bring back some of the Spectra clan if he wanted to.
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