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  1. I totally agree, though they'll probably cite the fact all soaps except DAYS was down that week.
  2. Dandelion is getting on my nerves. She needs to [!@#$%^&*] or get off the pot. Either go to the police or shut up. And Thomas has no place lecturing anybody over Aly considering he once tried to kill Rick.
  3. True, that actually might be best given the small cast the show has. Give's them more romance options.
  4. Maybe they'll finally make Thomas gay. Hell I'd be happy with Oliver. With Aly dead, he needs someone. LOL
  5. According to Jamey Giddens B&B is casting a Bisexual male character http://daytimeconfidential.com/2015/08/12/the-bold-and-the-beautiful-is-casting-a-bisexual-male-character
  6. Jamey Giddens is reporting that Dena Higley is taking a leave of absence from DAYS for personal reasons. http://daytimeconfidential.com/2015/08/12/report-dena-higley-takes-leave-of-absence-from-days-of-our-lives
  7. I have little doubt Guy Wilson is done, but as much as I dislike Will, I don't want him killed off. A great recast and story can fix Will.
  8. I agree. Today's show as amazing. Great acting, writing, everything. Well done episode.
  9. Looks like Fantastic Four is being ripped to shreds in the early reviews. Not surprised. Pixar's The Incredibles will remain the best Fantastic Four film. :P

  10. Yeah, that last scene made me uncomfortable. I didn't like it at all. Creepy for sure.
  11. They need to tie Derrick to family on the canvas right now or a previous family. Since I am not a follower from the beginning…could he be a son to any of the prominent past or present family of Salem? I don't think he's ever said his last name and last week was the first time he ever mentioned his family, so he could be. But it really doesn't matter, they tape 6 months ahead, so if the new writer's already ditched him, he's already long gone.
  12. Me neither. I don't need to see the horror of Guy trying to play grieving.
  13. I hope the new writers kept Derrick around. Derrick and Paul are hot and have chemistry. About damn time Derrick got some.
  14. I think the new actor looks fine. Jury still out with me if he's a good actor or not, it's only been two episodes and he hasn't been given much to do yet. I liked today's episode, but something still felt "off" about it, not sure what though.
  15. Thanks for sharing, that's a great scene. They shouldn't of cut it.
  16. Preach Toups! Brad needs to play all the story beats. This isn't some under 5 he killed off.
  17. Guy was pretty dreadful today. Will did have one great line, Will to Sonny: "When did we become so old and boring?" I didn't catch who wrote today's dialogue, but whoever it was is on the side of the audience.
  18. So once again, Brad jumps ahead right to the memorial. Skipping all the reactions from Oliver and the rest of the family. The montage was very well done though. Pierson Fode debuted as Thomas today. He didn't do much today, so time will tell if he can act. We've never had a Thomas that could act, so hopefully third time is the charm.
  19. He doesn't know what he wants. Last week's DCpodcast he said the OLTLers (Easton and Howarth) should go.
  20. I agree. I did sort of like him as McBain on GH, but yeah Silas was pointless from the beginning. Won't be missed.
  21. Wow does this really make me hate ABC. A fan tweeted Sri Rao they wanted him to take over and this was his response: Sri Rao ‏@SriRaoNYC @MVILLE1965 @dcconfidential If only someone had asked! Wasn't even [[email protected]#$%^&*] asked!
  22. I want to know as well. Spill more Jamey! Don't leave us hanging! LOL
  23. Jamey Giddens spilling a bit of tea: Jamey_Giddens ‏@Jamey_Giddens 10m10 minutes ago [email protected] If the head writer is culpable, why not the showrunner? Politics, scheming actresses and two-faced execs at their best. Jamey_Giddens ‏@Jamey_Giddens 7m7 minutes ago [email protected] Of course he is part of the problem. He's the one going around snatching up every leading lady from every soap Jamey_Giddens ‏@Jamey_Giddens 7m7 minutes ago [email protected] Then once they're cast, everyone complains about the cast bloat and balance but who got the blame?
  24. Here's another version of that promo, this one is longer and includes Thomas.
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