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  1. That's exciting to see a new soap opera launch. Strange they'd try to launch it in a timeslot that has other soap competition
  2. Lindsay is getting some amazing material and she's doing a great job with it, but in the process, Thomas, a character I've never really liked to begin with, has been further ruined. He's creepy and took advantage. yes she shouldn't have mixed pills and alcohol,. but Thomas not knowing she took pills, ISN'T a defense.
  3. Deadline article from today alleging that producers on the Soap Operas, mainly Y&R and B&B have been forcing writers to ask the WGA for a waiver to write less scripts a month in order to work around the contracted minimums. Full Article: http://deadline.com/2015/09/soap-opera-writers-bullied-less-work-wga-writers-guild-1201511949/
  4. While I do find Caroline wanting a kid and Ridge not angle interesting, her and Thomas have zero chemistry. I agree they should have thrown in Rick and Maya instead of Thomas. Or Carter, he isn't doing anything. Did they ever try Caroline and Carter?
  5. My fear is ABC waited too late the make changes. I'm not really sure how committed they are to GH. Keeping Frank, hiring a pair to HWs that's been fired a dozen times before, and no full time publicist, They have to show us some honest investment in the show.
  6. I'm not a long time DAYS viewer, but that promo is amazing. Well done!
  7. Yeah, I'm trying to be patient with the new guy as well, but so far, he doesn't have any screen presence. He's just sort of there. I didn't like the previous two actors in the role ether. It's odd that despite Thomas being the son of Ridge and Taylor, B&B has never really gotten the character of Thomas to jell, IMO.
  8. Thomas and Caroline have zero chemistry. I don't like the idea of them as a couple.
  9. Guy Wilson just showed up playing a bartender on tonight's Rizzoli and Isles. You're already on DAYS, do you have to infect my other shows too? 

    1. frequentsoapfan


      Don't you hate when someone you can't stand on soaps infiltrates your favorite primetime show for an episode?

    2. AlexElizabeth


      Why is anyone hiring him?

    3. wingwalker


      He was only on for a minute or two, but damn it ruined the rest of the episode for me. LOL 

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  10. The last scene today with Liam and Poison Ivy was really good. I normally find Liam annoying, but he was the voice of reason/voice of the audience today.
  11. At this rate, will there a be a show left by the time "Jelly" starts?
  12. Probably because Aly really isn't dead. Anyway, there are so many things wrong with the S/L - not just globally, but scene-by-scene. I have no issue of Poison becoming manipulative (seriously, this is right out of the playbook from last fall Maya - kicked around by men and women who are in power; gets a MAJOR wardrobe and fashion makeover; does complete 180 over night and engages in actions that are questionable and don't make a lot of sense (the 'big' kiss, 'murder'), etc. I do like that AB is finally given some dense material. It's unfortunate that it all rings incredibly hollow in one of the most illogical S/L I've seen in quite some time. Next thing you'll know is that Ivy is transgender Silly...she's not transgender, she's a TRANS-PLANT!!!!!!lol LMAO! Post of the week.
  13. Michael Goldberg clarified that isn't someone who's been on DAYS before. It is someone new to the show.
  14. If the "break out in song" is a clue, my guess would Jack Wagner.
  15. Agreed. B&B doesn't kill off people that often, so the aftermath should of been great, but it's been very lackluster so far.
  16. If it's Jordi, I wonder if he's going to be a recast Dario Hernandez? With Gabi coming back and supposedly Rafe's dad coming on, make sense they'd try to expand Rafe's family again.
  17. Yeah, the exit was horribly written to begin with and Guy Wilson's "acting" just made it worse.
  18. So Will's lack of journalistic integrity is the straw the broke the camel's back? Not Will cheating twice? And Victor offers Sonny a job in Europe out of the blue? He's just going to leave his business he half owns with Chad? STUPID. Great acting by Freddie (GW not so much), but this is a terrible exit.
  19. Milkweed today "I'm not using Aly's death to advance my career". Um, yes, that exactly what you're attempt to do. I love whenever Wyatt complains how unqualified Liam is. LOL
  20. Guy Wilson attempts to cry. http://www.nbc.com/days-of-our-lives/video/weekly-preview-81715/2890294
  21. I thought today's episode was better than yesterday's. I always love when there are big meeting scenes of people arguing about Forrester and they mix business with personal/family drama. Nicole and Zende asking if they should peace out was hilarious. LOL I'm not a big fan of Hydrangea, but what her and Wyatt said about Liam at the end of today's episode was spot on. He doesn't know a damn thing about fashion and hardly ever did his job as a fashion reporter/editor. I also thought it might be a conflict of interest for Liam to be Vice President of both Spencer Publications and Forrester Creations.
  22. There's also a rumor Chandler's coming back, so I'm not sure which rumor to believe or none of them.
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