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  1. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    For the record... Davies does not identify as gay, has been married to a woman - and I believe is in a longterm relationship with a woman presently. But when it's the 80's, and you're spending almost a year touring other parts of the world, just you & your hunky co-star together... sometimes on a boat.... and it's the 80's... I've read that "article" before. It's just so preposterous. I'm guessing that this writer is French? The "quotes" are painfully fictional or at minimum, wildly misinterpreted...
  2. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Well, duh! ;-) I would just add the word "officially," to that... And unofficially, this means that all 3 Mason Capwells enjoyed the company of men - allegedly. Btw, love Gordon Thompson, and agree with his assessment of the culturally-vacant Dynasty 2.0... P.S. - Just finished reading the entire article... what a wonderful, enlightening interview!
  3. Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    That whole Dane Hammond / covert operation was right when Paul started, though Louie had been mentioning him to Kate shortly before then (lamenting his "mob lifestyle"). Peluso was already back as Ava when they met, and of course she initially disliked him & objected to him being around her family home due to his shady past... ;-)
  4. Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    Paul wasn't yet introduced at this point. (I know the clip says 1991 - that's probably true for when it aired in Italy, but it's actually from 1990). Alex & Egypt were in Ava's orbit at this time... though recast Robert Dubac wasn't exactly sizzling the screen with them. He was good enough to wrap up Alex's story, and leave town with Egypt. Paul comes in right about then.
  5. GH: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    An observation: He didn't tell them not to bring it up. He suggested alternative ways of handling it. And one way to show that you respect that it's Erroll's forum and to not undermine him, is to avoid the appearance of directing people away from the board.
  6. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    That's not offensive at all. Garland certainly looked enough like Walker to play her sister, and resembled Robin Wright enough to visually fit in as Kelly. (Actually, when you look closely, she's kind of like a cross between the two.) But I think what's most important is that she had the right energy & personality, as well as great chemistry with her co-stars, to succeed in the role. MacArthur was a stop-gap recast - just not memorable, feeling more like a place-holder...... And Eileen Davidson was like an experiment gone wrong - an attempt to reinvent the role. It wasn't necessary, and it was a shame to expend Garland, who had already accomplished winning over viewers... a tough thing to do, considering who originated the part.
  7. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Robin Strand... Did a ton of prime time episodic work in the 80's. He was a main cast member of Berrenger's, one of NBC's short-lived entries into prime time soaps.
  8. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Lynn Harbaugh played Lisa on Y&R... I didn't initially think of them as resembling each other. Now looking closely, I see that there's something with the eyes. But Lynn had this Stevie Nicks / Gypsy vibe... What would have been better is if they'd found Carrington Garland about 9 months sooner - and kept her about 16 months longer!
  9. OLTL Tribute Thread

    There's a big gray area at ABC for 1999... McTavish was ghost-writing OLTL for some period of time, while she was still being credited as HW of All My Children - a return stint that, btw, featured what I'd describe as some of her most idiotic work. What started it all was that, though they tried to keep it all quiet, Agnes Nixon returned to AMC after an acrimonious split from the network in late 97. (There was even a tonal shift you could see on-screen, that made you think "this is McTavish?) We knew there was no way that McT and Nixon were working together at that time, and from the looks of things, Nixon had likely been back as early as February. When word leaked about the changes at AMC, ABC confirmed it, but went out of their way to say that McTavish had not been fired - and that she was "consulting" for other programs. Her name came off the AMC credits around May of 1999. A couple of months later, they officially announced her as the new HW of OLTL. I think her name started appearing on OLTL's credits late-Summer to September at latest... It's open for interpretation what McTavish was doing in the Spring & early Summer, but my guess would be OLTL.
  10. Most Iconic Characters of All Time (by each soap)

    I love the character-mashing here, lol.... Stacey Forbes & Lily Slater, and Cooper Alden & Trucker McKenzie! Now if we could only get photos.... ;-)
  11. Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    Gwen was involved with Jeremy at the time; there was no indication of spite from her toward Stacy... Gwen's sole reason for the murders was that they were "Loving" gestures to spare people from their pain. She even (as "Trisha," of course) tried but failed to kill herself by clogging the exhaust on her car... which coincidentally threw off viewers as to who the culprit was. Michael Weatherly left Loving before the Loving murders. He then returned / appeared briefly on The City to have Cooper reunite with Steffi and facilitate AH's exit from the show. Casey dies a hero - he kicked his drug habit many months before PAS left the show. Casey actually helped take down the drug ring in Corinth. A sting operation happened, things went haywire and Casey was shot. He died in Ally's arms, staring into her eyes. His last words were, "when I look at you, I see forever."
  12. Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    Tudor was open to returning and they wanted her back. I do think Savage was a very good recast for the time she was there, but not so great that she'd gain ownership over Tudor. I thought Albers was a very good actor, but wasn't a great fit for the role. I couldn't buy that this was the same man once married to Ava. He didn't seem mature enough, and perhaps Albers was too young for the part. He was supposed to be Trisha's older bother, as well as Jack's peer / friend / cousin. They ignored that connection - maybe because it wouldn't have played well. The writing at the time didn't help: With the uber-preppy characterization and all those damn sweaters, I feel like he was Corinth's version of Fresh Prince's Carlton Banks. And there were so many Curtis Aldens! I remember liking Linden Ashby, Curtis #2, who did fall in love with and marry Roya Megnot's Ava. He had a similar vibe to Marcantel, but was a little more spoiled rich college boy than Marcantel's spoiled rich awkward boy. He married on-screen cousin Susan Walters (Lorna) in 1986, and followed her exit from the show. They've been together ever since.... #3, insta-recast Burke Moses, was physically way different than Ashby. But I also really liked him - a little more knight in shining armor. Too bad they married him off with Judith Hoag's Lotty. As for Norma, I think she just kind of faded out of the story after the Rick Alden murder mystery ended.
  13. Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    Probably the first few years, then the last few - from 1992 on... When I think about it, Nixon's influences were there for both. I liked that a sense of humor arrived around '92. Jacquie Babbin was brought in early in the decade as EP, because of her success with All My Children. But her time at AMC wasn't entirely a bed of roses - Zach Grayson's murder mystery, being one of the biggest letdowns. So what does she do with Loving? Orders not one, but TWO umbrella murder mysteries - first, Rick Alden, who almost no one cared about - and then this guy Monty, who had something to do with Clay's baby with Abril - and definitely NOBODY cared about... Oh, and both ended with HUGE letdowns. If memory serves me right, Monty was a diabetic and somehow killed himself, lol... For Rick, it was revealed to be Wally, the twin brother of Norma's boyfriend, Denny ... Again, who cares, lol? (And I'm going to say right now, I could be fuzzy with that time - because it was so all over the place... But I think that's pretty close to what happened!) So Loving wasn't a fit for her. There were so many EP's that came after... Fran Sears, Heidi Grainger, Josie Emmerich, then Jean Dadario Burke... Despite those changes, the tonal shift and new characters that came in under Sears and then-head writer Addie Walsh, I thought, really set Loving on a solid path. (Grainger would later clash with Walsh, causing her exit, and things unfortunately got a bit unstable again until Grainger herself was replaced.) Thinking about the above, a lightbulb went off and I have to correct something I said in the previous post... Dinahlee came into Clay's orbit when he discovered that Cabot wasn't his bio father - later undone, I believe - and he became hellbent on revenge. After Jack died, he became obsessed with gaslighting Stacy to somehow gain control of her Alden stock shares while hooking up with Dinah. His vengeance stressed her out, so it was easy for her to become hot for Curtis once he returned from the Gulf war. I think the weirdest, most inconsistent times for Loving ironically happened under one EP, Joe Hardy. I recall weird moments that made absolutely no sense and were never explained... Like Clay setting some sort of trap for Alex, Alex walking in some shack and sparks flying everywhere in slow motion... I guess it was supposed to be an explosion? And then the next episode, he's fine and Clay's like "see, you better be careful, I might sparkler you to death for taking over my life!" (Ok, I'm kidding about that last part... but that would have been a better conclusion!)
  14. Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    I feel like I've hit a history jackpot here! I'm so glad I've read up on this board... I watched Loving from almost the very beginning (I was a kid, yes, but a kid with an incredible memory) - on through to its end... There were some questions here that I can definitely answer! I don't remember if Ally was ever kidnapped by Carter (Dinalee definitely was) - but Trisha was held captive by Giff Bowman, Casey's father - who had a mental breakdown, and was saved in part by Casey. Ceara's transition to Loving involved a Genie Francis body-double getting off a train from Pine Valley to Corinth... unfortunately during an unrelated shoot-out (bad timing!). She died in Jeremy's arms. Jessica Collins & James Horan may have crossed paths, but if they did at all, it had to have been passing scenes... Before AFTER getting cozy with Clay, Dinahlee (like Lily, except minus the crazy) pivoted from Jack to his cousin, fell for Curtis Alden - and through three actors: Patrick Johnson (nice to look at), Michael Lord, and the returning OG Curtis, Chris Marcantel. Their marriage & moving into the Alden mansion is what gave her proximity to Clay. More like, her affair with Clay gave her proximity to Curts! I don't remember them being on the show at the same time - he left & she arrived the same year. But I am sure they weren't involved at that point. I agree with you about Parlato - but he was an unexpected recast, as Larkin Malloy abruptly quit. I thought Malloy was VERY good, and that his Clay & Dinahlee were really appealing. She didn't have that connection with Parlato; it was as if he just wanted to own her. It was Horan's decision to leave, but there was always talk about him playing as "too young" to be the real Clay Alden. He was cast after wrapping a notable stint on AMC as Creed Kelly... similar to Parlato just having finished a run on OLTL as Michael Grande. Remember that at this time, Cabot was mistakenly presumed dead... and that the only interaction Holms' Isabelle had with Cabot was through her imagination (or his ghost, as she viewed it). I'm not sure that Barry even shared scenes with Addy, as Holms' exit wasn't exactly amicable. I thought it was Barry who came off as REALLY hard-edged. Dabney returned just in time for Cabot's resurrection - of course, that wouldn't last too long, either. Agree on all those counts! I really enjoyed Roya, and feel that she essentially created the character of Ava. But in spite of how entertaining she was to watch, it was easy to become frustrated with her. She was just SO selfish... Peluso, to me, was a seamless recast. She had a really similar energy & presence to Roya - but she matured the character and gave her a subtext that made Ava easy to root for. There was a good, caring person in that schemer! And to your question, the Jack / Lily pairing in 1984-85 (as played by Jennifer Ashe) was the couple to bet on. I liked them, and rooted for her to overcome her breakdown from the abuse she suffered. Ashe's leaving changed that outcome. Except O'Hara Parker was SO bland - we're talking a big wet blanket of rainbows & unicorns... make that BORING rainbows & unicorns. Emma Samms is anything but bland. Elizabeth Savage is the second Gwyn - not counting Tudor's previous temp replacements, Leslie Denniston and Marianne Tatum. April Hathaway was Alexandra Wilson, who went on to originate Josie Watts on Another World.. her romantic rival for Ned was Kristin Larsen, played by Teri Polo.
  15. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    What the hell?! I'm pretty sure we were all talking about a trailer for a TV show.