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  1. YurSoakinginit

    Closeted (gay) actors formerly on the soaps

    Paul Anthony Stewart was practically never in. My (straight) best friend was the bartender at Akbar in Silverlake, CA - first met Paul as a patron there shortly after he left Loving. He was sociable, friendly, and comfortable in his own skin. And we can probably add these two AMC kids to the list of never-ins: Daniel Kennedy (Peter Cortlandt) and Bobby Steggert (Sam Grey). Oh, and Richard Roland: He played Kevin Sheffield's older brother, Jason - who shot at gay teacher Michael Delaney on live TV, but missed & killed Michael's sister, Laurel instead... because he blamed Michael for somehow turning Kevin gay. (Edit: All My Shadows, you beat me to it on Bobby!)
  2. YurSoakinginit

    AMC Tribute Thread

    In hindsight, I know this was an error... but you should have seen the double-take on my face when I first read that!
  3. YurSoakinginit

    Did the focus on appealing to housewives kill US Soaps?

    Ceara's character & storyline was under Agnes Nixon - still with Washam & Broderick as her two right-hands. McTavish would succeed Broderick (who left to become co-HW of GL) as Associate Head Writer, gunning for the top spot - and she ultimately drove Washam to quit. Her otherwise over-the-top ideas initially worked, as they were tempered with Nixon's focus on character-exploration, as well as then-EP Felicia Behr keeping AMC grounded in Pine Valley. But a couple of years pass, and Tad / Ted Orsini and the Justin / Will Cortlandt lookalike storylines were indicative of McTavish's inability to write from character. She kept going back to her bag of plot devices... So they brought back Lorraine Broderick, who won the Outstanding Writing Team Emmy as HW three consecutive years. (BTW, McT was crazy pissed about that - she'd even throw shade in interviews about it). AMC was back as it should be. But the network did run interference, mandating more outlandish, plot-driven stories - which really aren't Broderick's cup of tea. And after Disney took over, they fired Behr and replaced her Francesca James... fired and rehired Robin Mattson, then rehired Megan McTavish (freshly fired as GL's head writer), dumping Broderick - which provoked Nixon to walk away. McTavish was given free rein, and would then write the worst year of stinky poop in her entire career. It was such utter crap, and Nixon's clearly well-justified boycott was so embarrassing for ABC, that they very quietly removed McT from AMC in early 1999 - allowing her to ghost-write for the then Head-writer-less OLTL. ABC didn't confirm this until May. As you mentioned, ABC kept having her back - even though she had been outright FIRED three times! Whenever ABC Daytime had a regime-change, McTavish came back knocking with her plan to "save AMC." The only thing worse than she was for AMC, was Chuck Pratt.
  4. YurSoakinginit

    GH Recasts Jordan

  5. YurSoakinginit

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    After hearing about her from him, I wasn't surprised to see what came about later... IIRC, she was let go from OLTL once and brought back, then let go again. Then came AW, then the partying with John Bobbit, etc... I think the original Stephanie didn't even make it through a month or two before they "discovered" Griggs. Her appearances were sporadic, too. But I remember her being sweet and a competent actress Just didn't have the chance to get to know her.
  6. YurSoakinginit

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    I met Joey Thrower like 3 months after he was off the show. He was bartending at a night club in Pasadena, called - not joking - SHELTER. He was really nice. And we TALKED, lol... He didn't like then-EP Linda Gottlieb, which I knew even then that a lot of cast & crew did not (general feeling was that she was unusually controlling of actors, even off-set - and that she disregarded the show's BTS history, which led to things like her basically telling Jensen Buchanan to get lost). He was kind of cocky, but it sort of fit his age - and you could tell he was together, not a partying mess. He did NOT like Robyn Griggs (Stephanie Hobart) AT ALL - said she was an instigator, attention-seeker, drama-magnet... He really liked working with her predecessor, Christiaan Torres-Mills. Said she was never given a chance in the role, and that her more ethnic-look, while definitely resembling the Carlo Hesser family, worked against her. He liked everyone else, too. Loved Yasmine Bleeth. He really missed Erika, Chris, and Erin. Was in love with Karen Witter, in a very "crush" sort of way. I remember speaking nicely of Phil Carey, too. But you know what? He seemed really happy doing what he was doing right there... not crushed or defeated at all. He still came off as appreciating the experience on OLTL.
  7. YurSoakinginit

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    Bruce Michael Hall looks more suited to be the third of a retconned set of Jessica-Natalie-Joey triplets... and definitely the youngest of the three! And yeah, Jack Armstrong might have made a very good Dan Wolek - he even reminds me a little bit of what Joshua Cox & Steven Culp brought to their stints in the role.
  8. YurSoakinginit

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    Am I mistaken, or has JSS "done something" to his face? He looks as if every spec of fat or softness was sucked right out of it. I think your recognition is dead-on, Khan! That does look like Peter Strong (Bob) - the eyebrow bridge is what makes it. I never would have got that on my own. BTW, I wonder if there are any pics of KT with Karen Witter (ex-Tinas) together. They look placed not so close by each other... which is kind of appropriate considering how different they were in the role. And weird that Mia Korf is sat next to KT. Her Blair & KT's Tina never crossed each other.
  9. YurSoakinginit

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    I think it's Holly Gagnier (ex-Cassie). You know, they never even considered bringing back McKenna as Joey. Not that Tom Dengen was bad, but Chris would have been a helluva lot better. He and Nathan Fillion seemed to share this similar soul in the character. I remember when Fillion first came on, as tall & different looking as he was compared to Chris, he still felt like the Joey that Chris had left with. They were the two least memorable for me. DJ was such a weird replacement for Fillion... deep and soulful with a sense of humor, to an attention-hungry brat who thought himself "cool" when he was actually annoying. As for BMH, he wasn't annoying - but so different that he was wrong for the part. And trying to reinvent the character as Father Joe didn't make it better. I believe he is a building contractor now... I think in an inland area of So Cal, like Indio or Palm Springs.
  10. YurSoakinginit

    Start TV Network

    I wasn't aware of Hallmark's format when it first started. The only things I associate with them are movies with very loud background music, Lucy reruns, and Home & Family... and that's only because we tuned it there for the I Love Lucy while getting ready. That was a few years ago... Most of Cozi's lineup comes from the NBC vault (and they don't edit out anything - Will & Grace uncut, finally!). I know I can put it on there while doing stuff around the house, and enjoy it... I couldn't do the same with Hallmark.
  11. YurSoakinginit

    Start TV Network

    With Cozi, I first think of Will & Grace - then other good reruns / classic TV (many that wouldn't necessarily be on Hallmark).
  12. YurSoakinginit

    Overused and Underused Character Names on Soaps

    It was a joke.
  13. YurSoakinginit

    Overused and Underused Character Names on Soaps

    GH has had partially naked characters named Lucas, but never a Lucas with full-on nudity.
  14. YurSoakinginit

    "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    Given the condition of the house in the season finale, I say have her die from complications of mixing opioids with Ambien. Jackie heads downstairs just to check on things, we see her always-comedic face with a look of surprise & a shout-out of "Daaaan, we got a problem!" - and cut to a floating face-down Rosie body double. Cue the new Roseanne-less opening credits, with everyone else celebrating their usual fun family feast. (Darlene's brief, sarcasm laugh at the end.)
  15. YurSoakinginit

    Retconning: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Kreizman & Swajeski squashed both. Lorraine Broderick and Michael E. Knight both lobbied for Carmen Thomas to be brought back as Hillary (gorgeous Carmen Thomas, by the way), and were rebuffed to wait until K&S took the writing team helm. Yes, Asher was originally intended to be Miguel... and then he was, I guess, reassigned to be Michael Nouri's son, and a new love interest for Colby, because K&S wanted to ditch the Damon character completely. I thought Damon as Tad's son was great, and I think of him as being conceived during the Dixie hiatus years of the late-90's, when she'd moved back to Pigeon Hallow - and Tad basically had nothing to do, save for a brief fling with Gloria, and then a non-fling with Camille "Lurker Girl" Hawkins. Hey, with excitement like that in PV, why not look up your ex in LA to see if those embers are still crackling?