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  1. Overused and Underused Character Names on Soaps

    It was a joke.
  2. Overused and Underused Character Names on Soaps

    GH has had partially naked characters named Lucas, but never a Lucas with full-on nudity.
  3. "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    Given the condition of the house in the season finale, I say have her die from complications of mixing opioids with Ambien. Jackie heads downstairs just to check on things, we see her always-comedic face with a look of surprise & a shout-out of "Daaaan, we got a problem!" - and cut to a floating face-down Rosie body double. Cue the new Roseanne-less opening credits, with everyone else celebrating their usual fun family feast. (Darlene's brief, sarcasm laugh at the end.)
  4. Retconning: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Kreizman & Swajeski squashed both. Lorraine Broderick and Michael E. Knight both lobbied for Carmen Thomas to be brought back as Hillary (gorgeous Carmen Thomas, by the way), and were rebuffed to wait until K&S took the writing team helm. Yes, Asher was originally intended to be Miguel... and then he was, I guess, reassigned to be Michael Nouri's son, and a new love interest for Colby, because K&S wanted to ditch the Damon character completely. I thought Damon as Tad's son was great, and I think of him as being conceived during the Dixie hiatus years of the late-90's, when she'd moved back to Pigeon Hallow - and Tad basically had nothing to do, save for a brief fling with Gloria, and then a non-fling with Camille "Lurker Girl" Hawkins. Hey, with excitement like that in PV, why not look up your ex in LA to see if those embers are still crackling?
  5. The soap opera writers' discussion

    1) Lorraine Broderick - I rank her as my favorite because, in every HW position she had held, she made it a priority to put "heart" into the story. Of course, this was always at its best at All My Children, the show that was closest to her own heart. And three different times, she came in to successfully correct a previous HW's damage on AMC. There was no one better to bring Pine Valley to a close on ABC - All My Children felt like itself again. She understood and respected its legacy. Her former writing partner, Wisner Washam, and her mentor, Agnes Nixon, of course deserve much credit for being influential cores of Broderick's writing DNA. 2) Peggy O'Shea - She is probably one of the most under-recognized head writers, particularly for One Life to Live. Her work absolutely exploded (in a good way) in the mid-80's under EP Paul Rauch, and with her Associate HW S. Michael Schnessel. They were truly an excellent collaboration. She knew how to mine the show's history, and play the character beats. Mike Schnessel had a sense of adventure & whimsy that worked for the show under Peggy's guidance in keeping things grounded, making the fantastic feel real. Viki's trip to heaven would have seemed almost ridiculous if it weren't so expertly told from Viki's POV. Maria Roberts would have otherwise been cartoonish if not for continually fleshing out her emotional descent into insanity. And of course, the definitive creation of Nicole Smith... an expertly story that also brought Tina to the forefront... the troubled girl to misunderstood, status-craving vixen - and then a man named Cordero entered her life and exposed her human side. All that was Peggy O'Shea... it was OLTL's highest viewership ever. She did not return after the WGA strike in 1988... Schnessel went solo for about 2 years, and while it tonally felt like the OLTL O'Shea had created, it lacked substance and often went over the cliff when it tried being over the top (Eterna). By 1991, he was gone, too - and the show felt confused, especially between the exit of Rauch and the starting of Linda Gottlieb as EP later that year. Agnes Nixon goes without saying. Winser Washam's AMC is considered golden era. Claire Labine has done fantastic work.
  6. AMC Tribute Thread

    I take it back, Jonathan.. I watched clips from a few episodes of that era yesterday. When the story began, it looks like Marcy Walker's Liza was doing some kind of internship for the news at WRCW, and was drafted to assist Cliff when he stepped in to do their medical segments. By the time Walker left, Liza was working exclusively for Cliff. When Alice Haining took over, Liza was always behind his medical office desk at the hospital - sometimes flirting with Cliff or taunting nu-Nina. There's no clear point I could find where she said, "I'm changing jobs" - she just seemed to follow Cliff around, lol...
  7. AMC Tribute Thread

    I believe she worked for specifically for Cliff at that time, helping run his medical practice. This TV gig just came along with the job.
  8. AMC Tribute Thread

    Great episode with some good scenes between the Sago's... Little bonus: I'm pretty sure that's Carrington Garland (Kelly Capwell, Santa Barbara) in that Geo Prizm car commercial at around 37:40...
  9. AMC Tribute Thread

    It was a really brief, pinch-hitter recast - maybe 2 weeks... But he resembled the character enough and was believable in scenes with Taylor Miller. Basically, Matt was in Pine Valley just for the reveal that Michael was in fact Cliff's son, and not his. Once that cat was out of the bag, Matt was gone for good. I don't recall Nina being a servant for the Chandlers. But if it happened for only 5 seconds, I definitely could have missed it.
  10. AMC Tribute Thread

    The two ladies you're thinking of may be the same character, and Steve was gone long before she had entered the story: The doctor was Amy Stone, Nina's psychiatrist during Barbara Kearns' run (Nina #3, the red-head who was boinking Benny Sago). Amy was originated by one actress, but was recast with Catherine Christiansen once she was paired with Cliff and Taylor Miller had returned as Nina. Cliff & Amy were engaged to be married. But after a chance encounter with Nina at Martha's Vineyard, Cliff confessed to Amy: "We have to face the fact that I'm still in love with Nina." Amy promptly screamed, cried hysterically - "NO!! LET ME GOOOOO! ARRRGGHHH!" - and ran out the front door into the street where she was hit by a speeding car - all in a matter of 5 to 10 seconds! (I remember my head spinning a bit, lol.) She was in a coma and later died in the hospital.
  11. Another World

    I think it is mesmerizing how good Heche is in her "scenes together" as Marley & Vicky. Whether together or apart, I always felt Heche gave each character very distinct personalities... and when together, a connection that transmitted right off the screen. Wheeler was a great Marley, and yeah, probably the best at playing her. The writing definitely helped. Her Vicky, on the other hand, was a little more cliche (though this is an exaggeration, the duality under Wheeler kind of reminded me of a toned down version of OLTL's Viki / Niki). To me, Heche was the best to play the dual roles. I would have loved to see how far Cynthia Watros could have gone... or if, in a more perfect world, Watros had been discovered back in 1991, instead of casting Jensen Buchanan.
  12. AMC Tribute Thread

    Yes! Sharla Valentine! I liked her. And then they pretty much wasted her.
  13. AMC Tribute Thread

    She considered Ellen a best friend, and Jenny a protege of sorts. Olga Svensen was always a friend / ally. She got along well enough with Nina and Daisy, mostly due to her close rapport with Palmer. And of course there's Myrtle, and Ruth as time went on... You're right! I almost forgot about that.. It was very brief, toward the end of Behr's time as EP.
  14. AMC Tribute Thread

    I think just Nancy Addison as Marissa Rampal (recast for Nicole Orth-Palavacini) - and Felicity LaFortune, and that was to replace Kristen Jensen once McTavish finally figured out what she planned to do with Laurel (and that KJ was not the right vibe to pull that off). Walt Willey (ex-Joe Novak, RH) joined AMC while Ryan's Hope was still airing. I can't remember anyone else off-hand. I liked Laurel. And then I wasn't all that heartbroken that she was killed. I was more glad that Janet wasn't the one who killed her!
  15. OLTL Tribute Thread

    There's no record of it for her. She was married to Mark Goddard (of the original Lost in Space), who played Ted Clayton on OLTL in 1981 - though they had divorced three years prior to his time on the show. That's the only way I could find, at least so far, on record to connect her to OLTL. I also found a full cast credit page for an OLTL episode with Grainger Hines as Brian Beckett, from 1984. Unfortunately, she's not on it: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2244161/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast I do remember that Brian worked at Lord-Manning and became a rival against Bo for Didi - I think that's where most of his story centered. He came in the later part of 1984, and was gone by 85 (he never made it to the new opening credits). So his time on the show wasn't too long, if that narrows anything down.