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    • I just caught up with this week so far and I'm not even going to get into it again, but I still can't recall an episode without Adam. This is becoming ridiculous...   Onto the non-Adam stuff:   - I've been enjoying Michelle Stafford's return. I was unsure, but she's not at her worst in terms of being over the top and I like that they're taking her one-by-one to reintroduce her to the cast. I enjoyed her most with Summer, Michael and Jack. The one thing I don't like is that she's playing the scenes very happy and light hearted. She was in such a dark place and especially taking over Dark Horse I wish she was more cunning as we know she can be. I'm going to give her some time to settle in, but so far I'm not hating it. I love that Phyllis has her sex appeal back. You can instantly tell just from her wardrobe. It's classic Phyllis.    - I know many are upset with another health story for Victor, but this is great IMO. I loved the scenes with him apologizing to Nick for their issues and the struggle he's having with his mortality. I hope they continue on this type of path for him instead of having him destroy his family constantly and be the outsider. Either go back to Jack as his adversary or find someone new, but I don't want him mistreating Nick, Victoria or Nikki again. That story is played out and does him a disservice.   - I liked the increased presence for Ana in the past few episodes, but she still isn't doing anything centered around herself. I loved the song with Jett, the tension with Devon and the evolution in her friendship with Mariah and Tessa. She was the highlight of Lola's bacherlorette party. I want more comedy and sex appeal from her. They need to look at Loren Lott's instagram stories and inject that humor and sex appeal into the character. Kyle and Theo shouldn't be able to keep their eyes off of her. She just oozes charisma. On the flip side I'm not sold on Elena and Devon. They're already having so many issues and she has barely left that damn penthouse. She's in DIRE need of an outside relationship. Make her friends with Summer or Mariah or Abby or ANYBODY, but she needs a perspective of her own. Existing only as Devon's love interest doesn't work because she isn't developed enough.    - I dreaded Kevin's return more than anyone, but I actually enjoy him. I'm getting 2004 flashbacks and I like this darker and shifty Kevin. I don't feel like this is long term either which is making it easier to stomach. One thing Josh Griffith has done well is consistently give Michael and Lauren screentime. I feel like they're in the process of building a slow burn for Lauren and Jack which could be fire. This is the first time I've been interested in Lauren in YEARS. I just wish they hadn't resolved her issues with Traci. She could use a rival.   - With Cane and Traci, I'm excited to see where it goes now that her book is done. Now that they've truly kissed I'm curious where they go from here. I'm still keeping an open mind here mainly due to the amount of time since Traci has had a storyline.
    • They're really not. They're just as boring.
    • Yeah, there aren't many Brenda fans on the boards anymore.  I think they are mostly on twitter.  I think they exist.  Just like I hardly see any Sonny fans online, but he must have fans. Brenda had a lot more fans before her 2010 return now I mostly see the I used to be a Brenda fan, but not anymore.   Whatever, I have no problem saying I would rather watch Brenda in crap storyline over Nina and Kim any day of the week.
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