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    • You can tell she's got some pudge under there and she will probably do the Monica and play herself into shape. I was shocked with her groundstrokes - the Forehand is still there, you're right.  And still some spraying around....the consistency will come and when it does she's not someone I want in my draw if I'm a player.  
    • Diana and Nene fell out according to the "word on the street" (in my Gizelle voice). They haven't been friendly in years. Pretty sure that Diana grew tired of Nene's sh*t much like the rest.    And Nene is incapable of apologizing and that flaw makes her insufferable. I have NEVER seen Nene apologize with the exception of the half-ass apology she gave Claudia back in s7. And she only gave that b/c Claudia read her ass down the night before. 
    • Nene did a video last night and shaded Bravo, Andy and took jabs at her cast. The real kicker is towards the end she insinuates that Kandi has been keeping her from getting her own spinoffs and calls her thirsty and ridiculous. She doesnt name Kandi but its obvious thats who she's talking about    
    • The last time Kim came back, she took the US Open.  She will get at least one slam this year.  That FH is still on fire, I see.  
    • Yeah Nelle would definitely go first, she screams it louder than Valentin does lol. I could see Valentin shot but not dying.
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