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    • Marland also chose to emphasize seedier aspects of James that didn't seem to be there before him (and weren't after, I believe), like his preying on underage girls. There's a steady journey of sickness and depravity James takes from 1986 to 1989, followed by Marland going out of his way to make it clear to viewers that James really was dead (his corpse shown on the floor for an extended period, an autopsy being done, etc.). 
    • Turns out an uploader that has put up promos and other content put up a short clip of Loving Friends a few years ago. They said in the comments they had one episode but will not be uploading it.    
    • I feel like we’ve heard Bill use those same words in every past apology to Katie. Bell does a copy-and-paste with old scripts, and it sucks.   Zoe is an awful person. I sure hope they want us to hate her, because if that’s not their goal, the character is a big fail.
    • The Mariah surrogate story is awful. No one asked for this, no one wants to see it. She’s been friends with Abby for what, 10 minutes? And now she’ll carry the baby? GMAFB.   Abby’s SOBBING about not having a baby 15 minutes into her marriage shows you how bad this show is right now.   And what about Mariah looking around the Chancellor place like it’s some grand mansion? Gag me. That living room is tiny, and no, we don’t believe there’s a wing that Chance hasn’t seen.   Who blocked the scene in Victoria’s house when she and Billy were working? Stevie Wonder? They looked stupid and ridiculous sitting in chairs across the room like that.   Dont get me started on that set that looks different every time we see it, or the fact that they continue to line up the sofa and chair right in front of the fireplace — but facing away from it.   A mess.
    • What a [!@#$%^&*] brat. Sara asked a great question and gave Megan a wonderful opportunity to provide an insightful answer. This makes her look like someone incapable of a spontaneous reaction, like she was miffed that she didn’t have time to prepare her response.
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