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DAYS #69: Brady wakes up, Nick has a gift for Percy



Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


Nick walks up to the door of Percy's cabin, and knocks on the door.

After a short wait, Percy answers merrily, as always.

PERCY: Greetings, Master Fallon! How are you doing this fine day?

NICK: Just great, Percy!

Percy steps out of the way to allow Nick to step inside. Closing the door behind Nick, Nick gets down to business almost immediately.

PERCY: So to what do I owe the pleasure, Nicholas?

Nick puts his bag down on the table and unzips it.

NICK: Well, I have some news, and a job for you.

Nick pulls out his laptop and sets it on Percy's dining room table.

NICK: Uh...you don't mind if I plug this in at all, do you?

PERCY: Not at all.

NICK: Thanks.

As Nick plugs the computer into the outlet in the wall, he continues to talk to Percy.

NICK: So...my news is...ah, there we go...that we finalized the Titan TV sale. The propaganda campaign is off.

Percy smiles from ear to ear at the news. He walks over to the dining room table, holding back a bit his glee, in his own, incredibly posh British way.

PERCY: I...oh, I am so grateful to you, Nicholas. You have truly saved the day. I...how can I ever repay you for your kindness?

Nick sits down at the table in front of his computer, and opens it. He smiles up at Percy.

NICK: Funny you should ask. I have a little job for you, as I said. And you won't even have to leave your home to do it. But...for that to work, you're going to have to connect yourself to the world wide web.

PERCY: ...I'm sorry?

NICK: The internet. Because you, Percy, my friend, are going to be doing some...surveillance.

Percy looks on, baffled by Nick's request.



Sami talks with Marlena, Maggie, and Laura after Brady's memorial has ended in the town square, sipping on what's left of her drink, before hearing her phone ring.

SAMI: Oh...uh...I think that's my phone...just one sec.


Sami searches through her bag to find her phone as she steps away from the group. Pulling her phone out, she sees that it's EJ. She excitedly answers, while trying to find a quiet spot to talk.

SAMI: Hey! EJ! What's up? I'm just at the memorial, it's wrapping up.


EJ: Samantha. Saw your text. Listen to me carefully. We are making a bid on Titan TV. Meet me at the house immediately. Tell NOBODY what you're doing. You understand me?


SAMI: Completely. See you in a minute.

Sami hangs up and smiles widely. Looking around her to make sure nobody's looking, she talks to herself.

SAMI: Ohhh EJ. You did it again.





The crowd returns to conversing at Town Square for Brady's memorial after John's speech. Most if not all still have drinks in hand. Gabi spots Hope in the crowd and waves, trying to subtly get her attention. Hope notices and stops her conversation with John, and excuses herself before heading over to Gabi.

GABI: So, did you do it?

Hope grabs Gabi's arm and looks around to make sure no one's listening in.

HOPE: We can't talk here, Gabi.

GABI: What do you mean?

Hope looks at Gabi incredulously.

HOPE: Are you nuts? There's people we know everywhere. Come with me, now.

Gabi stutters to respond before following Hope out of the square, both of them looking around with suspicion as they do.


Nicole stands with Chloe, sipping on their sparkling juice and having a chat. Chloe looks uncomfortable, a fact Nicole picks up on.

NICOLE: You alright, you seem a little...nervous.

CHLOE: Well, wouldn't you be if Victor Kiriakis spent all his time staring you down?

Nicole rolls her eyes, dismissively gesturing at Chloe's comment.

NICOLE: Oh please! Chloe, haven't you ever heard of 'resting bitch face'?

Chloe looks at Nicole, confused.

CHLOE: Yeah...

NICOLE: Well, it's something like that. Honestly, if I got as worried as you are every time Victor tried staring me down, I'd never get any work done.

Chloe shrugs in acknowledgement.

CHLOE: Fair enough. I just don't trust Victor when he's mad.

NICOLE: Honey, don't let it to you. Look, let's just...celebrate Brady, okay? That's what we're here for. Not dwelling about...whatever bone Victor wants to pick with you. Right?

Chloe cracks a faint smile.

CHLOE: Right.

Nicole raises her glass, Chloe meets with hers as they toast.

NICOLE: Come on. Let's go mingle.


Nicole turns to walk with Chloe, but spots a sour-looking Eric in one of the seats set up for the speeches. Concerned, she looks Chloe's way a moment.

NICOLE: Uh...you go ahead without me a second, okay?

Chloe, spotting Eric as Nicole speaks to her, clues in immediately, and nods.

CHLOE: Sure.

NICOLE: Thanks.

Nicole squeezes Chloe's arm as a goodbye before walking over to sit with a solemn Eric.

NICOLE: Hey. You gonna join the party or what?

ERIC: Nicole. Hey...yeah...I...just give me a moment, okay?

Nicole leans into Eric, putting arm around him.

NICOLE: I miss him too.

Eric stands up, in an effort to shake off Nicole's touch.

ERIC: it's not Brady, Nicole. It's...everything.

NICOLE: What do you mean, Eric?

ERIC: I just...I need to go. Alone.

Eric storms off, leaving Nicole sitting in her seat, flabbergasted by Eric's strange reaction.



Brady lays in bed, looks around the bedroom he's woken up in, trying to decipher where exactly he is, when a woman walks in. An older woman, but it's plain to see she was stunning as a young woman, and has aged beautifully now. She appears pleasantly surprised to see Brady awake.

ANITA: Ah! You're awake, finally. I was starting to worry when it took you about a day longer than the doctor expected to wake up.

Brady looks up at the woman, confused.

BRADY: I...wha...where am I, exactly?

The woman smiles and sits down on the bed next to him, she puts a hand to his forehead.

ANITA: About thirty miles from anywhere...Hah! You're not even running a fever anymore.

BRADY: Wait, what? Who...who are you exactly?

ANITA: My name's Anita. I'm the one who found you floating around in the lake.

Brady furrows his brow, confused by Anita's statement.

BRADY: I...what?

ANITA: The lake. We're right by Smith Lake. You are...very, very lucky, I have to say.

BRADY: Woah, woah, woah, wait....lucky? What...what happened to me?

Anita looks down at Brady, shaking her head.

ANITA: That...I could not tell you.


Gabi and Hope step into the park alongside Town Square. Gabi looks at Hope with a worried look.

GABI: Hope...what is happening? Did you...

Gabi looks around to make sure no one hears them before continuing.

GABI: ...did you find anything at Nick's apartment?

HOPE: No, Gabi. That's what I wanted to tell you. Nick's apartment turned up clean. There wasn't so much as a bottle of Aspirin.

Gabi looks at Hope, shocked.

GABI: That's impossible, I...

HOPE: You what, Gabi?

Gabi catches herself before saying anything more, but is now panicked, searching for an answer.


Sami bursts into the DiMera mansion living room, excited by EJ's earlier call. EJ sits at his desk, but stands up quickly as Sami walks in.

SAMI: Okay, so what's the deal?

EJ walks over to the living room doors and looks out into the hallway before shutting them. He looks back Sami's way and holds his finger to his lips.

EJ: Careful, just in case father's lurking.

Sami rolls her eyes and whispers as loudly as she can,

SAMI: Okay, okay, now SPILL!

EJ: I just got off the phone with Chad. We're going to use one of our hidden shell corporations to pick up Titan TV for a bargain right under Victor's nose.

SAMI: I had a feeling you were onto something.

EJ: Right, now, once we pick up Titan TV, we use that to grow Countess W's advertising base, and end this travesty of an energy project Victor's hellbent on setting up. It's a win-win.

Sami looks excitedly at EJ, the tension between them non-existant in this moment.

SAMI: I can't believe you've pulled this off.

EJ: Well, I haven't yet. But I know that if we hadn't done it, Nick Fallon would have been controlling your lives until the end of time.

Sami is crashed back into reality, remembering Nick's blackmail.

SAMI: Oh, how could I forget? Do you really think that going so far out of our way to give into Nick's demands is a good idea.

EJ: Samantha, the more control we have over this situation, the less Nick can control you, Gabi, and Kate. That's what matters. It's just a little...added bonus that we can use this TV station to stick it to Victor. No?

Sami raises and eyebrow and smiles at EJ, the first smile EJ's seen from Sami in weeks. He smiles in kind.


Percy stands at his table in his cabin, looking at Nick with a confused look on his face.

PERCY: I...eh...Nicholas...

Nick looks up from his laptop, a smile on his face.

NICK: Yep?

PERCY: What on Earth do you mean, surveillance? I...I barely know how to use a computer!

NICK: Oh. It's nothing.

Nick waves dismissively as he stands up from the dinner table, and reaches into his bag. He pulls out a small black plastic box and places it on the table with almost ceremonial care.

NICK: This....is an external hard drive. You are going to collect as much data as you can on every...single...member of the Titan executive as you can.

Nick pulls a set of papers out from his bag and hands them to Percy.

NICK: These are the people you need to focus on. Study them carefully, their faces, their responsibilities.

Percy flips through the pages before stopping Nick and looking at him quizzically.

PERCY: I'm sorry, Nicholas but...what exactly is the meaning of this?

Nick stops, looking Percy's way with a huge grin.

NICK: Why, it's quite simple, Percy. Blackmail.



Recommended Comments

A very well rounded episode. A lot of stories overlapping and I dig that a lot.

I enjoyed the Gabi and Hope exchange. Im glad youve made Gabi so likable and her and Hope working together is pretty great.

Nice little friendship scenes with Nicole and Chloe. Funny dialogue relating to Victor. Also an almost sweet little moment with Nicole and Eric. I wonder how Eric will deal with the stresses life is throwing at him.

Brady waking up to one of the ladies from Oz. Im intrigued a lot and really do wonder where it will go.

That leaves us to Sami and EJ and Nick and Percy. I really like the characterization you do with Percy who was a small character but you give him a personality that comes through. I cant help but hope that this blows up in Sami and EJs face. Nick does seem to be steps ahead anyway. I love that this story like another story on the show forces one to choose sides. Vic vs ej and sami vs Nick. So far Im team Nick.

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What a very good show! It was very well rounded like @Days22 said.

Hope/Gabi: I enjoyed them. Hope is probably going to get hot on Gabi's trail soon. She better watch out. I can kind of see through the dialogue that Gabi is starting to slip a little bit. That could spell trouble for her.

Sami/EJ: I like how you write these two. You have them down well. EJ is trying to win DiMera power back. I can tell that. But, her better watch where he steps with Sami. She is becoming a little fragile.

Nick/Percy: These two continue to crack me up!!! I can't wait to see where Percy's spying is going to go.

Nicole/Eric/Chloe: I loved those little friendship lines between Nicole and Chloe. Two VERY important women in Brady's life, comforting one another a bit. I like Nicole and Eric's exchange. I know that you will write them much better than TV. You always do.

Brady/Anita: I think Brady shouldn't trust this new woman on the canvas. This story is going to be good though. I am already highly intrigued by what you have set up for this story. And, Anita seem mysterious. I LOVE IT!!!

BTW, I continue to love these pictures.

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Okay let's get to the analysis shall we? LOL

Sami/EJ - Will EJ's plan reunite him with Sami? She seems more happy about this than anything he's done (like you said) in weeks...as she has been dealing with what happened between them years ago (leading to the conception of Johnny and Alli)

Nick - Nick is stepping up his plan. Blackmail members of the Titan board...and using poor Percy to do his dirty work (GREETINGS)...Death will be imminent for Nick.

Anita - She CAN'T tell Brady what happened to him, or she WON'T? After reading that, I think she has an ulterior motive in nursing Brady..

Nicole/Chloe/Eric - you captured them really well. Chloe being the object of Victor's searing stares. and Eric using Nicole as an emotional punching bag yet again...

You capture character so well. Not just words on a page, leading to rudderless plot and bad story, but COMPLEX character and GREAT story.


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Great one

SO Gabi almost gave her self away. Dummy. But Hope didnt find anything. I do wonder what happend to them pills.

SO at first I thought Brady dreamt the whole thing including the accident. But he didnt ans was saved. I wonder how that old pretty woman saved him.

Nick is going for the goods as is nick. I think Nick and EJ are headed for a showdown and that would be good!!

I wonder if Brady has memory loss.

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