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DAYS #47: Anne draws the wrong conclusion





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Billie sits at her desk at MadWorld, when a call comes in for her. After a second, Billie picks up.

BILLIE (into phone): Yes, Paul? Excellent, send him in.

A moment later, Paul, her secretary, ushers Roman Brady into her office. A smile is on his face.

ROMAN: Billie! I got some news for you. And I think you will be really happy with the results.

Billie smiles widely, itching to hear the news.


Marlena knocks frantically on Kim's door. After knocking for a bit, Kim opens the door, confused by the frantic knock.

KIM: Marlena! What's going on? I was just about to head o--

MARLENA: Oh Kim, I'm glad I found you.

Marlena reaches for Kim's arm, the panic evident in her movements, which puts Kim on edge.

KIM: Marlena! What's wrong, did something happen?

Marlena stops herself, she lets go of Kim's arm and centres herself for a moment.

MARLENA: Yes. I...I need you to come to the hospital with me. There's been an accident.

Kim gasps quietly. She steps back into her apartment to grab her purse. She's prepared, almost as though she knew it was coming.

KIM: It's Theresa, isn't it?

Marlena nods as Kim hastily locks her apartment door. Kim presses the button on the elevator repeatedly, as though that would make it come faster.

KIM: Oh God, let's go. Did you drive here?

MARLENA: Yes, I'll meet you there.

As they step in, Kim looks to Marlena.

KIM: I'm almost afraid to ask...but...(sigh) What happened?

Marlena looks to Kim empathetically as the doors close.


Abigail is sitting at her desk at Countess W. She's trying to focus on her work, but all she can focus on is the letter from the hospital, saying she's pregnant. She tries in vain to refocus, but can't seem to see anything but the letter, though she continues to type.

The word "pregnant" appears on her computer monitor, the result of her mistyping. She hits backspace, but the computer freezes and won't erase the word immediately. She jams on the key repreatedly in frustration, before slouching back in her chair.

ABBY: What am I gonna do?

Abby sits bolt upright as a voice calls out to her from the doorway of her office.

EJ: About what, exactly?

Abby hestitates to come up with an answer, looking like a deer caught in the headlights by EJ's question.




Roman hands Billie the report he ran up on the flash drive.

ROMAN: Turns out that not only was that used to connect to a device within Titan, but it also has some familiar fingerprints on it.

Billie reads over the letter, a smile slowly building on her face.

BILLIE: Sheryl Connors.

ROMAN: You betcha.

BILLIE: So we have what we need to nail her now, right?

ROMAN: Not exactly.

Billie's face drops at Roman's admission.

BILLIE: What do you mean? You have the proverbial smoking gun in your hands. What's the problem?

ROMAN: It's not enough, Billie. All this proves is that Sheryl had a flash drive in a computer inside an office she wasn't supposed to be in. The problem is that that drive had no contents, and no accessible files. Even for our techs.

BILLIE: So we're back to square one.

ROMAN: Not exactly. This is just the start. I think we'll be able to get them now, just need to wait just a little longer.

Billie smiles at Roman, hoping he's onto something.


Hope steps off the elevator at Titan, and as she steps off, sees Nick pass her by. She taps him on the shoulder, and waves as he looks over to her.

NICK: Hope! Hey! How are you?

Hope leans in for a hug, she smiles for a second, the first time since finding out about Brady's accident. As they separate from their hug, Hope's demeanour returns to a sombre state. Nick notices immediately.

HOPE: I'm...alright.

NICK: I kinda don't believe you.

HOPE: Well...it's...I have some bad news I have to pass on to Victor and Maggie.

NICK: Oh? Maggie's here?

HOPE: Yeah! It's...(sigh) It's about Brady and Theresa. They...were in a pretty serious car accident and...

Hope struggles to finish her thought and Nick puts a hand on her shoulder.

NICK: Are they alright?

Hope starts to tear up a bit. She shakes her head.

HOPE: No. Theresa's in for surgery at the hospital and Brady...they...we can't find him.

NICK: Wait, what?

HOPE: Just...I'll explain later. Okay?

NICK: Yeah, sure.

Hope queezes Nick's hand before walking away, headed for Victor's office. Nick remains stoic until Hope is out of sight, then smirks and pulls out his trusty tablet.

He sends Nicole, Jordan and Sheryl a message.

I think we just hit the jackpot, folks

NICK: Sorry, Vic. But it looks like your bad news is gonna be even worse after the Titan TV vote. Especially now.


Kim and Marlena step off the elevator at University Hospital. Both are hurried and head directly for Kayla, who is standing at the Nurses' station.

MARLENA: Kayla! Have you heard anything?

KIM: How did the surgery go?

Kayla stays collected, but stoic, as she looks into her sister's pleading eyes.

KAYLA: We don't know much right now. All I can say is that Daniel's in there right now, finishing up the operation. She seems to be hanging on but...there could be severe brain trauma. She may be in a coma for a very long time.

KIM: My God. My baby!

Kayla steps away from the Nurses' station and gives Kim a big hug. The sisters stay locked in an extended embrace, as Marlena looks over to see Sami emerge from the opposite hallway. Sami sees Marlena with Kim and Kayla and heads over immediately, her face heavy with concern.

SAMI: Aunt Kim, Aunt Kayla....Mom...Why...what's going on?

KAYLA: Uh...Sami...there's been an accident.

SAMI: What? What happened?

KAYLA: Theresa and Brady. They drove off an embankment and into the river--

SAMI: Oh my God. How are they, what...how...?

MARLENA: Sami, you just came from your appointment with Laura, just...go home and rest, I'll let you know what's going on as soon as I know, okay?

SAMI: No way. I'm gonna stay right here. I'll let EJ know I'm cancelling my appointments for the day, and just...I need to be here for Brady.

Marlena puts a hand on Sami's shoulder and looks intensely at her. She leans in and tells her quietly.

MARLENA: Honey, Brady's not here. They...they can't find a body, the car's submerged in the river but...

SAMI: Well that means he escaped, right?

MARLENA: They said that, under the circumstances and the speed he was travelling, the chances are very low that he survived.

Sami takes a step back, unable to soak in the information. She chokes back a bit, looking away from her mom.

SAMI: I...I can't believe this.

Marlena leans over and gives Sami a sustained hug, as Sami holds her mom tightly for comfort. Kim and Kayla look on, Kim holding her sister tightly, a saddened look in her eyes.


Abby smiles cautiously at EJ.

ABBY: Oh...uh...this...report. I...I can't figure out how to finish it up is all.

EJ steps casually into Abigail's office.

EJ: Well, I suggest taking a bit of a break and concentrating on yourself. You seem overworked.

Abigail rolls her eyes at this dismissively, turning off her computer monitor.

ABBY: EJ, I'm fine. I've just been under some pressure and learning a new job. It's not a big deal.

EJ: Yes, well, I worry about you, you know.

ABBY: Well, stop doing that. Focus on Sami. She needs you right now.

EJ: Abigail, you're my employee, I have every right to be concerned about your well-being. Particualrly when it affects your work.

ABBY: Well, don't, EJ. I will be fine. And technically, I'm working for Sami. You and I are done. Finished. I'm not risking any repeats, especially not here.

EJ: I didn't mean that.

EJ walks towards Abigail's desk and leans on it, staring her down intently.

EJ: Abigail. What is wrong?


Anne Milbauer steps onto the elevator at her apartment building, fuming from her earlier confrontation with EJ. She presses the button to her floor, then presses the close button repeatedly. The door closes and slowly ascends.

2nd floor.

3rd floor.


The elevator stops, never reaching the 4th floor (Anne's floor). The lights dim in the elevator, throwing Anne off.

The emergency light comes on, noting a power outage in the elevator. Anne presses the 4th floor button again repeatedly, hoping to jump start the elevator's movement. Her efforts are in vain.

Suddenly a voice comes on through the speakers on the elevator. Instead of an emergency call, the sound the local news radio feed blares through the speakers.

RADIO: ...local news, Titan CEO Brady Black was involved in a single-vehicle accident today on the north side of the city. Mr. Black's car careened off the edge of an embankment alongside the Salem River, and crashed into the river, where his body has yet to be recovered. His passenger, Theresa Donovan, is in a coma tonight at Salem University Hospital.

The news of Theresa's accident stuns as causes Anne to panic. She screams out.

ANNE: HELP! Get me out of here! HELP!

After no one comes after a second or responds, she is overcome with a sense of dread.

ANNE: EJ set this all up. He had Theresa run off the road. My God. And now he's after me.



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LOVED THIS EPISODE!!! It flowed together extremely well. Your hospital scenes were very soapy... and I loved it. Abigail is going down a dark path. I feel like this is the real Abigail too. A slut. Sheryl, Jordan, and Nick are going to be taken down... it is only a matter of time. Anne's scene has me creeped out LOL. This whole E.J. thing has gotten her into a mess so big. Keep up the good work!

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Brady sure do got a lot of people after him. Nick is silly for pulling out his trusty tablet with his text. This story with Brady sure is paying off in spades and it just keeps coming. I love how the news is traversing through out the town and affecting everyone in different ways.

Things are slowing down. I feel so bad for ANNE being in that small ass space and finding out about the news of Brady's accident. What is werid though is the news report being played in the elevator as if some one set it up. Hmm..

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Anne is paranoid!! Love it!!!

Brady is missing, and psychotic Nick can only think of himself in this whole thing. No empathy for Hope.

Kim's reaction to the news was the I-know-my-daughter's-a-train-wreck was spot on. She knew that at some point, something would happen to Theresa, given Theresa's reckless behavior.

I thought Roman initially wasn't going to remember something about what he gave to Billie. They can't nail Sheryl, Jordan and Nick yet.

Abigail's scene had a twinge of humor to me. The "pregnant" part was funny. A LBVS type of moment. Waiting to see how that's going to turn out...

With the aftermath, you captured Marlena very well, as you always do with character.

Good episode.

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