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DAYS #14: Sami confronts Nicole, Jennifer dumps Daniel




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Theresa lays back in her bed, spent after some wild lovemaking with Brady. She looks up at the ceiling, trying to slow her breathing a bit, before turning to look at Brady. He turns to face her as well, a look of relaxed satisfaction across his face.

THERESA: You know what confuses me about you?

BRADY: What's that?

THERESA: How you can be so much fun, and yet everyone I meet tells me how miserable you supposedly are, and how concerned they are about you.

BRADY: Why's that confusing? From what I've seen and heard, they do the same damn thing to you.

THERESA: Yeah, well. I was pretty miserable for a long time. You would be too if you lived with my mom.

BRADY: Hey, hey, now. Let's not kill the mood. I don't want you to get down and start thinking about all your problems. This here's about the good times, right?

Theresa looks at Brady with a big smile. She relaxes a bit.

THERESA: That's right.

Just then, Theresa gets a text message. She leans over to her bedside table to check it, she texts back quickly, furrowing her brow a bit, then laughing to herself. Brady takes some notice, but doesn't seem especially bothered.

BRADY: What's that about?

THERESA: Oh, just a friend of mine in LA. She works for one of those big celebrity news sites, she just sent me something about a singer back there, fell out of a car and flashed everybody. You know, the usual Hollywood drama.

BRADY; Yep. That sounds about right.

They have a laugh, before Brady has an idea and turns to Theresa.

BRADY: I got an idea.

THERESA: Ooo! What's that?

BRADY: Well...my friend in Chicago, he's opening up a new club. Sort of an exclusive sorta club thing. He invited me to the grand opening in a couple weeks. How about I take you as my date.

THERESA: Really? But I don't have anything nice enough for that.

BRADY: And that's why I would be taking you shopping for it, obviously!

THERESA: Oh my god, Brady. You are the best!

Theresa leans over and kisses Brady sensually, Brady kisses back and rolls over on top of her. They're off for Round 2.


Nick focuses on his computer. He studies the search results on his screen before stumbling on a link near the bottom of the results page tht catches his eye.

NICK: Well, well. What is this?...

The link connects to a news story from an international business site on EnerNext.

NICK: (mumbling to himself) EnerNext today entered a multi-billion-dollar deal with Greek-American firm Titan Industries. The deal will see thousands of high-paying new jobs created in the energy sector in the upper midwest near Titan's Salem headquarters.

Nick looks up from his computer, a knowing smile crosses his smarmy face.

NICK: Gotcha!

Nick picks up his phone and calls Percy back. Nick's beaming with pride as he speaks into his phone.

NICK: Percy! I think I've found exactly what we need to bring down the energy company, and everyone else, all in one big fell swoop.




Jennifer sits in Daniel's office, visibly upset by the revelation that his fling with Nicole was another lie.

DANIEL: Look, Jenn, it was for a good reason, I swear. We just...we needed to make sure Eric accepted our help, and he wouldn't knowing that Nicole was in love with him.

Jennifer almost bounces out of her chair, she stands up suddenly to face Daniel, she steps towards in him, pointing angrily at him, which intimidates him a bit. He backs up as she advances.

JENNIFER: Oh, and that's supposed to make it all better! I'm supposed to just forgive all the months of lies and the feeling that you were spiting me by hooking up with not just Theresa, but the woman who threw herself down a flight of stairs just so she could frame me for her baby's death? All so she could get me out of the picture? I mean, have you completely lost your mind, Daniel?

DANIEL: Jenn, I thought we were past all this stuff with Nicole.

JENNIFER: Well, we would have been if you hadn't moved her in and made out like you were the hot new couple of Salem.

DANIEL: Okay, it's not like we were out all over town parading this great romance in your face or anything, but we had--

JENNIFER: You had to make it convincing. I know.

Jennifer cools off a bit before continuing.

JENNIFER: Look, I want to forgive you, I really do. I mean, you did all this for all the right reasons. But you hurt me so much for so long, Daniel. It's been too long, it's too late. I'm sorry.

Daniel stands back. He looks at the ceiling and tries to breathe, as Jenn walks out, fighting back tears that have come back. As Jenn closes the door behind her, she breaks down in tears. Inside, Daniel can be heard, throwing a small vase of flowers across the room, shattering them. He screams out in pain.

DANIEL: Dammit!

Jenn can hear him from outside, as she sobs, slowly breaking down in tears against his door.


Sami stands in Nicole's office doorway, arms folded. Nicole is behind her desk. Irritated that Sami is there at all.

NICOLE: Security needs to be tightened around here, I think.

SAMI: Probably. I mean, how'd you get in here, anyway?

NICOLE: My God, you're hilarious! You should take that show on the road.

Nicole stands up from her chair, pauses a moment, waiting for Sami to say something. When she doesn't, she gestures in confused frustration.

NICOLE: What exactly are you doing here anyway?

SAMI: I've come to give you a warning.

NICOLE: Oh this oughta be good.

Nicole sits back down in her office chair, throws her hands out the sides, with a ready smile.

NICOLE: Alright, Sami. Let me have it.

Sami begins to slowly walk towards Nicole's desk, pointing her finger at Nicole angrily.

SAMI: You can make light of this all you want, but you're the reason my brother's out of the priesthood, and you know it.

NICOLE: Oh here we go--

SAMI: You manipulated him into this. That's all you've been doing this entire year. And now you're here, sitting back all smug and satisfied, because you finally got what you wanted. But I'm here to tell you, Nicole. That's not gonna last. Your true colours are gonna come out real soon, and my brother's gonna see you for the cold-hearted bitch you really are.

Sami is now leaning against Nicole's desk, shooting daggers at Nicole. Nicole still sits back in her chair, appearing unfazed. She slowly begins to clap as loud as possible.

NICOLE: Bravo, Sami! Bravo! What a performance. But it's not gonna make me crack. And your brother is mine. And that's how it's gonna stay. Got it?


Lucas steps into Club TBD. He sits down at a table with work files. Sheryl walks in not long after. She spots Lucas and smiles broadly at him. Lucas nods to her formally, with his usual slightly annoyed look. Sheryl isn't sure how to respond, but approches him anyway after ordering herself a coffee.

SHERYL: Lucas! How are you?

LUCAS: Sheryl.

SHERYL: Lucas. What's...what's going on? Why are you so...uptight?

LUCAS: Is that really any way to talk to your boss, Sheryl?

SHERYL: Lucas, what's up with you?

LUCAS: Look, I don't think...

Lucas realizes he's doing exactly what Kate told him not to do and begins to backtrack.

LUCAS:(begins speaking quietly) I don't think we should be quite so...open about spending time together. People might talk, okay?

SHERYL: O...kay?

LUCAS: Look, I just...I don't want to rock the boat, okay? You're new, I want everyone to be comfortable with you at work. I don't want people spreading any gossip, you know?

SHERYL: That's really sweet of you, but everyone's been more than gracious at work.

LUCAS: Well, that's good to hear.

Lucas looks back at his paperwork, Sheryl's brow furrows at his inattentiveness. She sits down in response, looking Lucas straight in the eye, trying to catch his attention.

SHERYL: Hello? Earth to Lucas. What's bugging you? I can totally tell something's up.

Lucas thinks back to Kate informing him of Sheryl's true identity. He snaps back to reality.

LUCAS: Alright. I'll tell you. It's you.


Gabi is sitting on a park bench alone, thinking on her nightmares about Nick, flashing back to the night he attempted to rape her. She gets incredibly tense at the thought of it, and at that same moment, a hand rests on her shoulder. Gabi is jolted back to reality and is shocked.

GABI: NICK! Get off me!

Gabi blurts this out, not realizing who's behind her is actually Nick. Nick is shocked by Gabi's outburst. Gabi looks his way, terror in her eyes.



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Brady is a fukking bum and a jack ass and a fukking loser. But I did like their dialog in the first scene when they told each other the town thinks of them as losers. I thought it was funny.

jennifer sorry dear your an old loser Keep it moving

I loved the catty exchange between Nicole and Sami. I can hear Sami saying the word Bitch with so much passion and flare in my head.

One thing I LOVE about LUCAS and Bryan D is those frowns on his face. IDK Y i just do.

Your episodes are becoming more fuller I guess you can say.

Keep up the good work.

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