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DAYS #13: The Last Puzzle Pieces




written by A. Washington-Beeby

story consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & ML Cooks

Daniel stands up from his desk, he's at a bit of a loss for words after Jennifer reveals she knows what happened the night of Theresa's OD.

DANIEL: Now wait...just...what did JJ tell you happened that night?

Jenn steps into the office and sits down in the chair in front of Daniel.

JENNIFER: Well...I know you helped my son. And for that I'm grateful. You did such a wonderful thing helping him out, especially considering how awful he's been to you.

DANIEL: Jenn, it was the right thing to do. And JJ was in a lot of pain--

JENNIFER: You don't need to explain anything. I get it. What I don't get is why you had to lie to me about it.

DANIEL: Lied...Jennifer, I mean. We had to do it to protect JJ.

JENNIFER: From the judge, yes. But you didn't have to hide the truth from me. Here I am thinking you slept with Theresa for months. And that you did it to spite me, I mean...did you think I couldn't be trusted to protect my son?

DANIEL: Jenn, come on. You couldn't know or you'd be forced to live a giant lie until JJ's hearing was over. The chances we'd be caught? I mean--

JENNIFER: I could have dealt with that. I could have handled pretending. We could have made it work, together, but...

Jenn begins to cry, choked up thinking over the last few months. Dan puts a hand on her shoulder. Jenn brushes it off.

JENNIFER: No, Daniel.

DANIEL: Jenn, I...I just wanted to protect JJ, and no one could know that I didn't sleep with Theresa.

JENNIFER: I know. It had to look convincing. But that doesn't excuse it. And then...taking up with Nicole? I mean--

DANIEL: I thought you'd forgiven Nicole. I mean, Jenn...we weren't together.

JENNIFER: Wait, what are you saying?

DANIEL: Okay. Jenn, Nicole and I...we were never together. That was all a lie to help Eric.

JENNIFER: I don't believe this. Are you serious right now?




Marlena, Hope, and Kim step into the Brady Pub, where Eric and Caroline are discussing Eric's departure from the church. Caroline is visibly disappointed by the news, but her face brightens immediately upon seeing her daughter, Kim.


KIM: Mom!

Caroline totters over to her daughter, giving her a big hug. Their joy surprises some of the bar patrons surrounding them, but neither really pay any mind. They separate and Caroline looks behind Kim, half-expecting other family members to follow.

CAROLINE: Is Shane with you?

KIM: No, Ma. (sighs) Shane's actually off with Bo, and John right now.

CAROLINE: Oh! Well, then he'll be along later.

Caroline stops for a second, realizing what she's said. Kim reminds her before she has a chance to react.

KIM: They're not here either, Ma. Remember? Bo and John are in Europe, doing undercover work.

CAROLINE: I knew it the moment it came out of my mouth, too.

Caroline shakes her head, and Kim puts a hand on Caroline's shoulder. Caroline puts her hand atop Kim's.

CAROLINE: Now! What are you doing back? Is my granddaughter in trouble again?

KIM: (laughing) No, thankfully, no! I'm actually back for...let's call it an extended vacation.

CAROLINE: What? Where are you staying?

KIM: Oh I've just got my things checked in at the Salem Inn. I didn't want to impose or anything.

CAROLINE: Nonsense, I'll fix you a room upstairs. With Shane away, you need to be around your family.

KIM: That's sweet, Ma. But it's not neccessary. I'm going to be looking for an apartment of my own here in Salem while I'm in town.

CAROLINE: You're planning to be here that long, hm?

KIM: Well, I'm on sabbatical from work back in LA, and I think, considering all the things that have happened this year...this is a really chance to maybe reconnect with Theresa, and sort through some of our issues.

Kim looks to her mother hopefully. No one else in the room appears as hopeful as her, however.


Theresa steps fresh from the shower, wearing only a towel. She steps into the living room when she hears the ring of her doorbell.

THERESA: Coming!

Theresa steps over to the peephole and a huge smile appears on her face. She opens the door, revealing Brady on the other side.

THERESA: Well, hey, stranger.

BRADY: Hello to you too. I brought you a little something.

Brady holds up a shopping bag to a high-end boutique. Theresa's face brightens up even more.

THERESA: Are you serious?

BRADY: Very serious.

Brady scrunches his face up, making Thersa laugh out loud. She leans over to give Brady a kiss, then pulls back, leaning sensually against the doorframe.

THERESA: I think I know exactly how to repay you for your generosity.

Theresa drops her towel, all the while looking intesnely into Brady's eyes, before she grabs the back of his head and kisses him deeply. They close the door to her apartment.


Nicole steps back into her office, exhausted. She walks over to her desk and sets herself down behind it in her chair. Pulling out the big brown enveloped containing Percy's story, she rolls her eyes and pulls open the drawer on the lower right hand side, revealing her other big brown envelope: the one containing the evidence against Kristen and Dr. Chyka. Nicole is reminded of her glee at finding the documents, but also her denial of having found them. She holds up the envelope as she thinks back, before putting in Percy's file, then Eric's file into the drawer and closing it. She's racked with guilt and it's written all over her face.

NICOLE: Dammit. Eric doesn't deserve this. Or me.

Sami steps into Nicole's office at this same moment.

SAMI: Well, for once we agree on something.

Nicole is shocked at first, then visibly irritated by Sami's arrival.


Victor steps into Miles' office. He looks typically displeased, and catches Miles off guard with his presence. Miles immediately sets the phone he'd just picked up back on its receiver awkwardly. Victor intimidates him.

MILES: Mr. Kiriakis!

VICTOR: So! Did you do what I asked?

MILES: I certainly did, Mr. Kiriakis. We've got our best investigative reporter on the case. I have no doubt she's going to make this story out exactly how you hoped.

VICTOR: It damn well better. Because if there's one thing we need, it's the public supporting us, and not some owl-watching kook from Dulwich.


Nick walks into his apartment, on his phone to Percy.

NICK: So how'd it go with the interview?


Percy paces his cabin, sipping on tea.

PERCY: Swimmingly, I must say. Ms. Walker was reluctant at first to partake in this investigation, but I was charming and convincing.


NICK: Excellent. Look, I need to know what the name of that company is that's doing the oil sands project. I figure if I research them, we can figure out who's behind it. I'm pretty sure there's a larger, more established company behind this.


PERCY: Oh I'm quite certain, myself. Let's see.

Percy heads to his fridge and pulls a business card from it. He puts on his reading glasses and studies the card thoroughly.

PERCY: It reads "EnerNext"


Nick sits down at his computer, still on the phone. He hastily types in the name.

NICK: EnerNext...alright. I'm gonna look this up, and I'll give you a call back, okay? I have a strange feeling about this.


PERCY: Indeed, Nicholas. I look forward to hearing back.


NICK: Okay, bye.

Nick hangs up and begins to relaly focus on his computer. He studies the search results before stumbling on a link near the bottom of the results page tht catches his eye.

NICK: Well, well. What is this?...

The link connects to a news story from an international business site on EnerNext.

NICK: (mumbling to himself) EnerNext today entered a multi-billion-dollar deal with Greek-American firm Titan Industries. The deal will see thousands of high-paying new jobs created in the energy sector in the upper midwest near Titan's Salem headquarters.

Nick looks up from his computer, a knowing smile crosses his smarmy face.

NICK: Gotcha!



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I cannot believe Daniel tried to do the whold Jenn thing. It is totally like him. Hopefully Kim can kick Teresa's butt and get her to open her eyes. I know that is a long shot LOL. Looks like Nick has a black mailing tool.

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What a wonderful angle you found with Jenn by her asking Daniel did he not trust her enough. I didnt even think of that one but she is so right. GREAT JOB on that one !!

I adore Caroline and u got her down good too. I m so glad Kim is here and we can see Theresea get her ass beat. A child never to old to meet a wire hanger or belt ur personal preference.

LOL Sami always walking in on some one LOL!@!!!!!

Nick still up to no good in the hood. I wonder where is this going to lead to. It was nice seeing Victor.

Very nice seeing your plots kicking into high gear

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No happy reunion for Daniel and Jennifer. More realistic than on TV

Great that you remembered Caroline's Alzheimers, no pun intended.

Who exactly is Nick after this time?

Nice cliffhanger!!

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