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DAYS #12: Percy makes his case




written by A. Washington-Beeby

story consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & ML Cooks

Daniel sits at his desk at University Hospital. He is reading over some reports, and studying them intensely when a knock at his door breaks his concentration. He looks over to the door.

DANIEL: Come in!

Jennifer steps into the room, a morose expression on her face. Daniel is surprised to see her, but, seeing her face, isn't sure he really wants to see her right now. After a second, he finally speaks up.

DANIEL: Jennifer.

JENNIFER: Daniel. We really need to talk.

DANIEL: Uh, sure. Um...have a seat.

Daniel scrambles to put away his work to give Jenn his full attention. Jenn walks over quickly and sits down on the other side of Daniel's desk.

DANIEL: So...what's going on?

JENNIFER: Look...maybe this isn't the best place to do this--

DANIEL: No. No, Jenn. There's no time like the present. It's my office so we have some privacy if that's what you need, so...what's up?

JENNIFER: JJ. He told me everything.

DANIEL: Everything about...?

JENNIFER: About the night Theresa OD'd. I know what happened, Daniel.

Daniel's shocked and doesn't know how to react to Jenn's news.


Sami passes by Nick, Will and Sonny in Horton Town Square, just as Sonny and Nick shake hands. Sami is outraged.

SAMI: What in the hell is going on here?




SAMI: I asked you a question.

Sonny and Nick end their handshake, while Will walks over to try to calm Sami down.

WILL: Okay, Mom. Just...relax, okay? Nick, Sonny, and I, we're just...we're calling a cease fire. We figure, the best way to move forward is just...for everyone to get along.

Sami looks at Will like he has three heads.

SAMI: Is there something wrong with the air in that apartment? I swear, it's making everyone in there lose any shred of common sense they ever had.

NICK: Sami, all I'm trying to do is--

SAMI: Change! CHANGE! Change! Yes! I know! You're trying to make a fresh start, a change. I swear, you're starting to sound like the homeless man on the streetcorner, you talk about change so much!

NICK: Well, I can't exactly do that unless people give me a chance, now will I?

SAMI: We all have. We've given you so many chances, and you used those chances to try to ruin Will's life. So yeah, maybe I'm not exactly so open to Nick Fallon Version, what is it? 3.0? 4.0? Deluxe Edition, perhaps?

SONNY: Sami. Please. Just calm down. Okay? Look, come by later on and we can talk about this, okay?

Will pulls Sami aside to say something to her away from Nick's ear.

WILL: (just above a whisper) Please, Mom. We'll have some...good news to share with you as well. Okay?

SAMI: (breathes) Okay, fine. But this better be good.

WILL: Promise.

SAMI: Okay.

Sami turns to Sonny, who smiles and nods to her. After a moment, she breathes again. She addresses the group.

SAMI: Look, I gotta get back to work. You boys have a good afternoon. Nick.

Sami gives Will and Sonny quick goodbye kisses and walks away. She stops around the corner, and looks back over to Nick, Will, and Sonny, who are still talking.

SAMI: Either something's going on, or my son's brain's fallen right out of his head.


Percy is incredulous at Nicole's veiled rejection of his story.

PERCY: What do you mean 'if'?

NICOLE: I mean, seriously, this is a nonstory. I mean, come on, we see this all the time. Some big company comes in and buys up all the land for cheap and drives all the weirdo nature people out, people complain, and then people get over it when the money and the jobs start coming in.

PERCY: I beg your pardon?

NICOLE: My point is, considering how bad the economy is, and how few new jobs are available in Salem right now, how can you justify being so hostile to this project?

PERCY: It's quite simple, really. We will be ruining the community if this project goes ahead. Why, the air quality alone will be enough to kill all the native wildlife, or at the very least drive them away. This area is such a unique gem. So many beautiful, graceful creatures call this land home. And that, my dear, is more important to me than any oil sands.

Nicole sits, unmoved by Percy's speech.

NICOLE: Then volunteer for Greenpeace and chain yourself to a tree.

PERCY: I do believe you misunderstand how important this is to the community.

NICOLE: Okay, convince me.

PERCY: The entire west end of the city will be completely devastated by the project. Cancer-causing pollutants in the air. In a few years, you will all see the brightness and prosperity of the moment be swallowed up by the heavy toll and looming miasma of death. And naturally, the rich and powerful in the east end will be spared the indignity of this peril.

Percy's intense monologue causes Nicole to react only with a raised eyebrow and vague interest. She sits, arms folded on the table.

NICOLE: That was great. What was that? Shakespeare?

PERCY: I am serious, Miss Walker. You cannot take this lightly. You must look into this, if not for me, for the community at large.

Nicole holds up her hands in defeat. Something tells her she can't in good conscience ignore Percy's plea.

NICOLE: Alright. Alright. Fine. I'll make you a deal. I will research this story. If I dig up anything worthwhile, I'll proceed with an on-camera interview. But that's all I promise.

PERCY: I shall accept this offer.

Percy holds out his hand to Nicole. Nicole reluctantly shakes his.

NICOLE: I better not regret this.


Kate stands up from her desk, in complete disbelief at Roman's refusal to arrest Jordan and Sheryl.

KATE: You have got to be joking.

ROMAN: I'm not! There are absolutely no grounds to arrest Kaylie Matthews or Siobhan McKinnon at this moment.

KATE: They firebombed a bank. They're wanted terrorists!

ROMAN: You clearly didn't read the whole story on them, did you?

KATE: What are you talking about? I had those two looked into with a fine tooth comb.

ROMAN: Well, if your guy was worth a quarter of his rate, you'd know that Kaylie and Siobhan were brought in, and acquited due to the nature of their arrests during the G8 protests. The police contravened the law in their arrests, and everyone involved was set free.

Kate shakes her head at the news.

KATE: Damn it all. And damn that hack Ortiz. I swear to God you can't find a good PI these days.

Roman stands up to stop Kate from grabbing her phone to contact Ortiz.

ROMAN: Now, Kate. I never said this was over. We all know they're guilty. And I can guarantee those two are in Salem for a reason. We just need to figure out what they're up to before they strike again.

KATE: Well how in the hell are we supposed to do that, Roman?

ROMAN: I'm gonna make a call to some guys at the FBI. I'll get back to you on this.

Roman starts to head for the door. He turns around and points to Kate to ask her something.

ROMAN: Does anyone else know anything about this?

KATE: Only Lucas. Sami thinks she does, but I didn't tell her anything.

ROMAN: Okay. Well, keep it that way until we meet. Keep your phone on you, I wanna meet with you and Lucas at the station as soon as I hear from these FBI guys. Got it?

KATE: Got it.

ROMAN: I'll see you later.

Kate sighs heavily, arms folded. She slumps into her chair, shaking her head.

KATE: Dammit, Jordan. What the hell are you planning?



Recommended Comments

LOL!! Loved the exchange between Sami and Nick. Very funny yet very sharp.

I also loved Nicole and Percy's seen. Very rich dialog.

Im glad Roman i not being dumb as a box of rocks and not letting this Jordan Ridge way mess go. The plot continues....

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