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DAYS #15: The Charming Snake




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Sami is in the midst of confronting Nicole in Nicole's office. Sami is refusing to back down.

SAMI: Now, you listen to me. Eric is not going to fall for whatever little game you're playing. At least not forever. Because I am going to figure out exactly what you did that made him think that leaving the priesthood for you was a good idea.

NICOLE: Okay, Sami, that's enough. Eric decided this all on his own. Okay, I went out to Chyka's hut in the woods and Daniel and I, we worked our asses off to get a confession out of him, and get evidence on him, because all I wanted was for Eric to be back at St. Luke's.

SAMI: So why is there no confession, Nicole? Where's all this evidence?

NICOLE: He got away, Sami. He hit me over the head and took my phone, and whatever evidence I did have. End of story.

Nicole gets up from behind her desk and heads for the door to show Sami out.

NICOLE: Now get out of my office. I have important things to do, none of which involve going another 6 rounds with the likes of you.

Sami gives Nicole a look of intense dissatisfaction. Arms folded, Sami shakes her head, knowing Nicole isn't telling her everything. She begins for the door.

SAMI: This isn't over, Nicole.


Sami walks out the door, Nicole slams the door immediately behind her.

NICOLE: UGGGH! I swear, this day just gets better and better! I should actually get some work done. Find some excuse to not take this stupid owl-watcher story.

Nicole walks back to her desk. Sitting down, she grabs Percy's envelope from her drawer. Opening it up, she begins looking up any information on the story.

NICOLE: EnerNext...

Nicole hits 'search'. Her eyebrow goes up after the results page come up.

NICOLE: Uh oh.




Jennifer walks past everyone at the nurses' station and makes a beeline for the elevator, still sobbing. Maxine takes notice and calls out to Jenn.

MAXINE: Jennifer! Honey, you alright? ...Jenn!

Jenn presses repeatedly on the down button and doesn't respond to Maxine. As the door opens, she races in, slamming right into Aiden.

AIDEN: Woah! Jenn! Woah, woah, woah, you alright?

JENNIFER: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I can't...(sighs)

Jenn tries to run past Aiden and close the door to the elevator, but Aiden jams the door and steps back in.

AIDEN: Oh no no, I am not leaving you alone when you're like this.

JENNIFER: Please, Aiden, seriously, I know you mean well but--

AIDEN: I am not taking no for an answer. You need a friend, I'm gonna buy you a coffee, we can talk. How's that?

Jenn, looking down at the ground with tears still in her eyes, pauses for a moment, then nods in agreement.

JENNIFER: (quietly) Sure.

AIDEN: Okay, come on.

Aiden wraps a comforting arm around Jenn's shoulder as the elevator doors close.


Sheryl sits at Lucas' table at Club TBD, and is puzzled by Lucas' change in attitude. Lucas' change in opinion has blindsided her, and she's visibly upset, almost hostile.

SHERYL: Me? What did I do?

Lucas stops for a second, feeling somewhat unsure about how she'll take a rejection. He snaps back to reality after remember his mom's advice to maintain the status quo until she meets with Roman.

LUCAS: Look, I just...I don't feel comfortable being so open about this. And every time I turn around, you're there. And I can't help myself when I see you because I'm...

Sheryl cracks a bit of a smile, suddenly. Lucas being flustered is very adorable to her.

SHERYL: Because you're totally attracted to me, and you can't help it.

LUCAS: (sighs) Yes. In spite of everything, yes.

Sheryl laughs, putting her arms around Lucas' shoulders.

SHERYL: You are so sweet. And you are the best boss a girl could ask for. Who cares what people say about us?

LUCAS: I do. I have to manage these people.

SHERYL: Well, then have a talk about stamping out gossip in the workplace, then.

LUCAS: You've got an answer for everything, don't you?

SHERYL: Most of the time.

Lucas smiles uncomfortably as Sheryl tries to kiss him. Just before she does, Lucas' phone rings, and he jumps to answer it.

LUCAS: Woah! Sorry. I gotta take this. Heh.

Lucas grabs his phone awkwardly and answers, Sheryl leans back in her chair, still smiling.

LUCAS: Lucas Horton.


KATE: Where are you?


LUCAS: At Club TBD, you?


KATE: The office. I'm waiting for you. Victor's going to hold the pre-press conference meeting and they need you there.


LUCAS: Do I really? It's probably about that damned oil project again.


KATE: Yes, well, he needs to go over the ramifications of the announcement to all divisions at Titan. Yours included.


LUCAS: (sighs) Fine. I'll be there in a sec.


KATE: Alright. But don't hurry too much. The way Brady takes his time lately, we'll be lucky if this press conference doesn't happen at noon tomorrow.


LUCAS: Gotcha. Be there soon.

Lucas hangs up. He looks to Sheryl apologetically.

LUCAS: Sorry. Mom.

SHERYL: (laughing) It's fine. Don't worry about it.

LUCAS: Look, we're good, right?

SHERYL: Of course!

LUCAS: Good, because...I don't want things to go sour between us. You're fantastic to work with, Sheryl. And I don't want anything to ruin that.

SHERYL: Don't worry.

LUCAS: Great. How about we grab dinner later at Chez Rouge tonight?

SHERYL: I'd love that!

LUCAS: Awesome, 8?


LUCAS: Okay. See you then.

Lucas grabs his things and takes off like a shot, leaving Sheryl hanging for a kiss. She looks disappointed.


Nick steps back from Gabi, who is sitting on the park bench. He is puzzled by her reaction to his hand on her shoulder.

NICK: Woah!

Gabi relaxes a bit. She realizes Nick was actually there but isn't actually afraid of him in this moment. In fact, she's a bit regretful of reacting this way.

GABI: Sorry! I-I didn't even realize you were there.

NICK: Look, Gabi. I'm sorry, I touched you like that, I should've known better.

GABI: It's...it's okay. Look, I'm just...I'm having a hard time...

NICK: Becuase of what I did to you. I know, there's...there's no excuse. Especially after what I...

Nick breathes in. He still, years later, has a hard time talking about his own rape. It takes all his strength to even talk about it. Saying the words is out of the question at this moment.

NICK: You know, you'd think I'd know. You'd think the last thing I'd want to...inflict on someone I care about as much as you is the...pain that I felt so many times.

GABI: Nick, it's okay--

NICK: NO! No it's not, okay? I did something so...awful...and I love you. Why would I force the woman I love to have sex with me? Why would I want to make her afraid of even being touched by me?

Nick sits down on the bench next to Gabi. He's very pensive, looking at the ground, but not focusing on anything in reality. His thoughts are on his past. Gabi puts a hand on his shoulder in comfort. Nick doesn't refuse it.

GABI: You know, for what it's worth...I do still care about you. I mean...it's going to take time for me to get past how what happened that night. But I know you've forgiven me. The least I can do is try to do the same for you.

Nick looks over to Gabi and smiles. He slowly puts his hand on hers, but she recoils, moving her hand off her shoulder as his moves towards it. Gabi looks away, as Nick's smile disappears, turning back into the saddened look of a lost little boy.


Percy gets a phone call at his home in the woods. He trots over to the telephone in his kitchen.


Nicole holds the phone away from her ear, a pained grimace on her face merely from the volume of Percy's salutation.

NICOLE: Uh...hi. Percy?

PERCY: Indeed it is I. Whom shall I ask is speaking?

NICOLE: Uh...It's Nicole Walker from Titan TV. Look, we've got to meet up very soon. Like, hopefully today, if not tomorrow.

PERCY: Oh really? Is there something occurring imminently I should be made aware of.

NICOLE: You could say that. There's going to be a press conference held at the Town Square tomorrow around 5? I'm hoping to be there, and I'm hoping you can too. Looks like something really big is going down.

Percy is delighted and intrigued by Nicole's request.

PERCY: I believe that can definitely be arranged.



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I was wondering when Percy was gonna come up with GREETINGS!! LOL

I am sensing a connection between Victor's press conference and EnerNext...

Aiden...and Jennifer???


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Percy and his damn greetings. LOL

I was hoping for more fireworks between Sami and Nicole. I do like Sami being the one to call Nicole out on her lies and not Marlena. it just feels right given their history.

Jenn and Aiden?

Also loved how you had nick address his own rape and realize what the way of his actions are on Gabby. It made Nick seem more human.

And Sheryl... BOO

A slower ep but it seemed also to be a building ep for these confrences coming up. Still a solid show.

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