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DAYS #16: Roman Forgets...uhhh...?




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Nicole is transfixed by her research. She stares into her monitor in an almost-zombie-like trance, dutifully copying down information she finds, while typing away. Eric steps into her office while this is going on, and a big smile appears on his face. The sight of Nicole itself would be enough to inspire this, but seeing the woman he loves so involved in her work makes him even happier.

ERIC: Hard at work?

Nicole looks up from her computer and smiles.

NICOLE: Hardly workin'!

ERIC: (laughs) I doubt that.

Nicole gets up from her chair, excited about the possibilities of this story.

NICOLE: Seriously, Eric, I figured this story was going to bore me to death. But you wouldn't believe how fascinating it all is. I mean, seriously. We have got a potential bombshell on our hands with this one.

ERIC: Oh yeah? What's this about?

Nicole sways back and forth cutely like a small child with a secret.

NICOLE: Well, I really shouldn't say anything, buuuuut...I trust you, come on.

Nicole motions Eric to come over to her desk. Showing him what's on her screen.

NICOLE: Kay, so have you heard about that new oil sands development they're planning out in the west end?

ERIC: Barely. There hasn't been much about it in the news.

NICOLE: Okay, well. I started looking into the impact it would have on the surrounding area. I made a few calls to some researchers in the field too. Turns out that yes, it would do some amazing things for the job market, but look at what the same kinda project did to the air in Alberta. Apparently it's a huge hot-button issue out there, and apparently it's poisoning everyone in the surrounding area slowly.

ERIC: Wow. Okay, so what does that mean for Salem though?

NICOLE: Well...basically because Salem's so spread out along the river, the development being to the west side means that they'll get the brunt of the pollution from the tar sands.

ERIC: Right.

NICOLE: And since that part of town is already incredibly poor, and mostly filled with minorities--

ERIC: It's going to cause a major firestorm at city hall.

NICOLE: If not statewide. Eric, this might be my chance to really break out in this business. I have to make this happen. EnerNext is going down.




Aiden sits down with Jenn at Horton Town Square. He hands her a coffee and hangs back, not sure what to say.

AIDEN: ...You okay?

JENNIFER: Gee, I dunno. What do you think?

Aiden hangs his head, sheepish over asking such an obvious question. Jenn feels bad for her snarky response.

JENNIFER: I'm sorry. I'm...(sighs) I didn't mean to snap back like that.

AIDEN: You don't have to explain yourself. Whatever happened at the hospital, I know it really upset you.

JENNIFER: Understatement of the year.

AIDEN: Did you want to talk about it?

JENNIFER: I dunno. I really don't. I mean, you've got your own things to deal with and I don't want to burden you with my problems, Aiden.

AIDEN: Jenn. I've got broad shoulders. I can handle it.

Hope passes by as Aiden puts his arm around Jenn's shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. Hope hangs back out of their line of sight as she observes their conversation.


Theresa lay in bed alone. Brady can be heard in the adjacent bathroom showering. Theresa thinks back to earlier when she and Brady were making love, and she smiles.

THERESA: Hmmm...how did you get so lucky, Theresa Donovan? I mean, really?

Theresa hears her cell phone start ringing. She rolls her eyes before getting up, exasperated that she has to move.

She looks at her phone. It's her mother calling. It's obvious Kim's been trying to phone repeatedly to no avail.

THERESA: EUGH! Leave a MESSAGE, mother!!

Theresa throws her phone down on the bedside table before flopping back down in bed. Brady emerges from the shower, drying himself off.

BRADY: You alright? What was that about?

Theresa doesn't move. She simply lies there, staring straight at the ceiling.

THERESA: My mom called. Again.

BRADY: Still no message?


BRADY: Well, I have to get going anyway, so why don't you figure out why she won't stop calling, and tell me about it later tonight over drinks. How's that?

THERESA: Ugh. That would involve communicating with her. I don't know if I have it in me.

Brady laughs. He leans over to give Theresa a kiss.

BRADY: I know you can do it.

Theresa smiles as Brady kisses her.


Kim stands at the Brady Pub with Marlena and Roman. She walks back over to their table, slightly exasperated by her inability to contact her daughter.

KIM: This is the fifth time and she still won't answer.

ROMAN: Well, considering the time of day, she's probably busy at work.

KIM: That girl wouldn't know work if it bit her on the nose. She's probably avoiding me, like usual.

MARLENA: Ahhh motherhood. Ain't it just grand?

Marlena laughs and gives Kim and quick, playful hug. Kim looks at her phone again, and quickly gets up again.

KIM: I'm really sorry to cut this short but I have to meet with a landlord about an apartment. You guys don't mind if I pay you back for lunch later, right?

ROMAN: Kimmy, don't worry about it. I'll take care of it.

KIM: Oh, Roman, stop it. I'll pay you back. Bye, guys!


After Kim runs out, Marlena is still smiling, clearly pleased to have her old friend back in town.

MARLENA: It's so nice to see her again. She's been away far too long.

ROMAN: You can say that again, Doc. I just wish I didn't have to run off in the middle like that.

MARLENA: What did Kate want anyway?

ROMAN: Ahh, nothing too serious. Kate just being Kate. I'll deal with it in due time.

MARLENA: Sounds about right.

ROMAN: Did you manage to make Hope feel any better about Bo?

MARLENA: Not really. To be perfectly honest, I think all three of us are really worried about all three of them. It's hard to shake off.

ROMAN: No doubt. But Bo's always been the adventurer. You remember the first time you met him? Back at our first wedding.

Marlena is puzzled by Roman's comment. She puts down her coffee and looks concerned at Roman.

MARLENA: That's not the first time I met Bo.

ROMAN: Sure, it was! He tried to take you off on a stolen police motorcycle.

MARLENA: Roman, that never happened. I met Bo after we were married. He tried to give us a stolen microwave as a wedding gift. Don't you remember?

Roman looks back to Marlena, confused.



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A much better episode vs 15. I like the title too. Seemed like their was a lot of movement in this episode. Roman and nem still at that damn pub. I cant wait until Kim catches up to Theresea.

The Enernext story had a lot of clarity to it to. I thought Nicole was a politician for a minute at how she was talking.

oooo And Hope/Aiden/Jenn, I really liked that.

And Poor Roman. You been feat him a lot since you began so now I guess he really getting a story?

Good Show

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Does Roman have Alzheimer's like his mother?

The EnerNext story seems like a big story. I see it building and it's got my attention.

Jennifer's reaction to Aiden was so Jennifer. Good characterization.


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