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Episode 2.06 "Winding Way"



Winding Way

Everything is fast paced in LA

People are on edge

And for some it's life or...




Lauren is talking with the nurses at the front desk.

She is relieved that Michael is going easier on her.

Suddenly the next patient is rushed in.

The hospital staff gasp when they recognize him.


Drew is being rolled in.

Lauren turns, "Drew? Oh my God."

She rushes over to check him out.

The EMT's update her on Drew's status.

They rush him into a room.

Lauren follows.


Apartment 7:


Riley walks inside.

She just got home from work.

She hollers, "Drew? Drew?"

She looks around.

Riley walks into the bedroom.

She then steps into the bathroom.

Riley paces around.

She walks over and looks out the window.

Her cell phone rings.

Riley answers, "Hey Laur..."

Riley's face goes pale.

She has tears in her eyes, "Oh God... I'm on my way!"

An emotional Riley grabs her purse and runs out the door.




Jonah walks up to the courtyard.

Tricia steps outside her apartment.

Riley rushes through.

Jonah looks at her, "Riley are you okay?"

She shakes her head, "Not now Jonah."

Riley hurries past Jonah.

Tricia walks over, "What was that about?"

He shakes his head, "I'm not sure. I used to talk to Riley about everything and now she can barely even look at me. I just hope everything is okay."

Tricia nods, "You're a good ex boyfriend. Most guys would be banging on her door, swearing, and telling everyone her dirty little secrets."

Jonah shakes his head, "Riley doesn't have any. Besides, we're still friends, or at least I hope that we are. She's really caught up with her new fiance."

Tricia sighs, "Well maybe it's time you started focusing on yourself."

He nods, "I guess I've let myself go a bit lately."

He rubs his stomach.

She laughs, "Well I can help you with that."

He shakes his head, "I can't do gyms. I get nervous in front of all those big buff guys."

Tricia nods, "How about you and I go to a park tomorrow? There is a great trail on Winding Way in Santa Monica. It'd be free of charge."

He smiles, "Really?"

She nods, "Sure. You're one of the few down to Earth people here."

He grins, "I appreciate that. Thank you."

Tricia smiles, "No problem."

Tricia walks away.

Jonah has a smile on his face.




Ella returns from a business meeting.

She walks up the steps towards her office.

The second Ella gets up, she sees her office is trashed.

Ella takes off her sunglasses and walks inside.

She hollers for her assistants.

Ella looks around at the mess.

One of her male assistants walks in, "Ms. Simms?"

Ella turns, "What the hell happened in here?"

He shakes his head, "I have no idea."

She scoffs, "No idea? My office is glass and see-through. How the hell could you possibly miss someone coming in and trashing the place?"

He sighs, "I'm sorry, I was working so hard."

She stops him, "Any idea who could have done this?"

He stares, "Maybe one of the employees you let go?"

Ella shakes her head, "I didn't let them go. I fired their asses for failing to keep up on their work with their clients."

He nods, "I'll call the police if you'd like."

Ella notices that nothing is missing.

She takes a deep breath, "I'll handle this. Get back to work."

Her assistant walks out quietly.

Ella sighs, "Amanda you clever bitch."



Violet is walking to the laundry room with a basket.

Chase walks over, "Hey Red."

She smiles, "Hi. You're the actor right?"

He nods, "Indeed I am."

She grins, "That's so cool. Are you dating Ella?"

He laughs, "Uh... not quite."

She nods, "Oh sorry. Probably none of my business. And honestly you could do better, I mean look at you."

Chase laughs, "Okay."

She holds the basket close to her side.

He stares, "Doing a boyfriend's laundry?"

She sighs, "He's not my boyfriend yet."

He nods, "Yet? Sounds like a work in progress."

Violet nods, "Jonah is amazing. Any girl would be lucky to have him. But only some girls out there actually deserve him. And if you ask me, I do."

Chase grins, "You seem to have a high opinion about yourself."

She shakes her head, "I just know Jonah. I've been living with him for a while now and he just gets me. And I get him in a way that other women can't."

Chase nods, "Have you told him this?"

She shakes her head, "I'm sure he already knows."

Chase sighs, "Looks like everyone is coupling out around here."

She smiles, "Before you know it, Jonah will be slapping a ring on my finger. Bigger than Riley's."

He stares, "You don't think you're getting ahead of yourself?"

She smiles, "You'll see."

Violet heads to the laundry room.

Chase watches as his crazy neighbor walks away.


Riley is walking around the waiting room.

She can't sit down for a moment.

Lauren walks over.

Riley sees her and runs over, "Lauren. What's going on? Where is he? When can I see him?"

Lauren shushes her, "Take a deep breath Riley."

Riley shakes her head, "Just tell me he's okay."

Lauren nods, "He's stable now. Riley we knew this could happen."

She shakes her head, "I didn't."

Lauren stares, "Drew said he talked to you about this."

Riley sighs, "I thought he was preparing me for the worst. I never thought that this would happen within the next couple of days. He's seemed fine."

Lauren stares, "He's strong and good at putting up a front. But Drew is getting very weak Riley."

Riley cries.

Lauren takes her hand, "He's sleeping, but you can come see him."

Riley and Lauren hold hands as they walk down the hall.

Lauren leads Riley to his room.

They open the door.

Riley cries as she sees Drew sleeping and hooked up to machines.

Lauren nods, "We can take everything off him tomorrow. We just want to observe him overnight and we'll let you guys know in the morning."

Riley walks over and sits next to him.

She takes his hand and kisses it.

She sighs, "I love you Drew."

Lauren looks at them and wonders how life can be like this for them.

The LA residents settle down as the night begins.

Apartment 9:


David sits in his apartment.

The door opens.

Lauren walks in, "Hey."

He looks at her, "Hi. How's Drew?"

Lauren nods, "He's okay. I finally got Riley to come home. We're going back first thing in the morning. She wanted to stay but I knew Drew would hate having her watch him all night."

David stares, "I'm glad he's going to be okay."

Lauren shakes her head, "For now. David, he's dying. I mean I don't think Riley has accepted that yet. Drew is not going to be there for her in the long run. It's going to destroy her."

Lauren has tears in her eyes.

David puts his arm around her.

She sighs, "I hate being cold. But I want to shake her and tell her that he is going to die and she needs to prepare herself. Is that heartless?"

David kisses her, "No. You're amazing Laur."

Lauren holds him close.

David looks at her, "I'm going to get out of our meeting with McKellan."

Lauren shakes her head, "No. I haven't changed my mind about that."

He sighs, "Lauren."

She nods, "We can't let him run our lives. I know we have a lot going on right now but I really need to get our life back on track. Please David?"

He nods, "Okay."

David and Lauren hold each other close.

The next morning at Melrose Place.

Apartment 6:

Violet wakes up.

She slowly gets out of bed.

She rushes over to the kitchen to make Jonah breakfast.

On her way she stops to watch him sleep.

Violet is surprised to see that Jonah is gone.

She hollers, "Jonah?"

Violet looks around and checks in the bathroom.

Violet is getting concerned.


Santa Monica Park:

Jonah and Tricia are together.

She looks at him, "Okay we're going to try and jog a mile or two to warm up."

He laughs, "Funny."

She nods, "Do I look like I'm kidding?"

He shakes his head, "Tricia... I can't even walk a mile. I get tired walking up tall flights of stairs."

She laughs, "Come on Jonah. Don't wuss out on me."

He laughs, "Ouch."

Tricia smiles, "Jonah, you are only limited as much as you limit yourself."

He stares, "That sounds like an inspirational poster."

Tricia nods, "Come on. You're smart, funny, and you're in okay shape. If you believe in yourself you can accomplish a lot more Jonah."

He nods, "Okay."

She takes off her jacket, "Let's do some stretches."

Jonah notices her fit tight body.

She nods, "Let's stretch your leg muscles. Get on the ground."

Jonah laughs, "You sure like to boss me around."

Jonah sits down.

Tricia starts showing him some good stretches to start with.

Jonah stares at her body, "You got be kidding me."

She looks at him, "What?"

He shakes his head, "Nothing."

Jonah tries to ignore her sexy body as he stretches.

He constantly tries to think of something else to calm himself down.


David stands behind the bar at Coal.

He looks at the clock.


Mr. McKellan arrives on the dot.

He walks inside and heads towards David.

He smiles, "A meeting today huh? I hope you are not about to do something stupid David. Because that would be a real shame for you and your pretty girlfriend."

David stares, "Is that so?"

McKellan nods, "I always have people tracking her David. Trust me."

Lauren walks over, "Is that so?"

McKellan stares, "What the hell is this?"

David stares, "Sorry."

Lauren nods, "I don't like to be left out of the loop. Especially when it concerns me. Do you understand?"

McKellan laughs, "You are in over your head little girl."

Lauren stares, "First off don't condescend me."

David laughs.

McKellan looks at him, "This is funny?"

Lauren shakes her head, "No it's not. But I'm tired of being used. You want to blackmail David? Fine. But I'm in on this too now. I'm joining your little team."

McKellan looks at both of them.

David looks at Lauren.

McKellan smiles, "You have no idea what you're getting into."

Lauren stares back at him.


Riley walks down the hall.

She heads over to Drew's room.

He is sitting up a little.

Riley smiles, "I'm so happy to see your eyes open."

He stares, "Riley I'm so sorry. I hate that I scared you like that."

Riley smiles, "Don't apologize. You're okay now and that is all I care about."

Drew nods, "You're amazing you know that?"

She sits next to him, "I missed you. I hate not having you next to me when I sleep."

He grins, "I missed you too."

Drew takes her hand and kisses it.

He sighs, "I wanted to put a diamond on your finger."

She nods, "You mean like this?"

Riley pulls out the ring that Drew was looking at the day before."

Drew stares, "Oh my God. How?"

She smiles, "I went and asked which ring you were looking at. And the owner actually gave us a great deal on it. I told him our story and he asked if you were okay."

He smiles, "I can't believe it."

She nods, "People believe in us Drew. Do you feel it?"

He grins, "I'm starting to."

Riley hands him the ring.

Drew looks at him, "I'm tired of wasting time. Riley Richmond, when I get out of this hospital, will you make me the happiest man in the world by making me your husband?"

Riley smiles, "Yes. I don't want to wait any longer to be your wife."

Drew puts the ring on Riley's finger.

The two kiss.

Apartment 4:

Ella is getting ready for work.

Chase looks at her, "Did you find out who trashed your office?"

Ella sighs, "Someone working for Amanda. Probably Tricia, or Violet, or... I don't know. At this point all I care about is getting back at Amanda. And whoever is working for her is going to pay."

Chase nods, "Just relax El. Go to work and forget about everything. Amanda is in prison and there is nothing she can do to you from in there."

Ella smiles, "You're probably right. I got to go. I'll text you later."

Ella heads out the door.

Chase is now alone in the apartment.

His phone rings.

Chase answers it, "Good timing I guess... she just left... I did what you asked okay? I trashed her office and scared the crap out of her... I hired Ciara, I did a million other things. What else do you want?... I have been working for you and doing everything you say can you please let me off the hook.... hello? Are you still there? Amanda!"


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