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Episode 2.05 "Mission"




The Sun has risen in LA

People are beginning their day

And everyone has plans at 4616 Melrose Place


Apartment 6:


Jonah is sleeping on his couch.

He begins waking up to the smell of bacon and french toast.

He opens his eyes.


He can see Violet standing in his kitchen wearing nothing but a T-shirt.

She is making breakfast.

He stares, "What's this?"

She turns, "Oh I'm sorry! Did I wake you?

He smiles, "No better way to wake up."

She laughs, "I'm sure there is at least one better way."

Jonah stares at her.

She brings his breakfast over to him.

He sits up, "Violet this is too much."

She stares, "Oh I'm sorry, I can put some back."

He laughs, "No. I mean, you don't need to do all of this."

She nods, "Yes I do. Jonah you've done so much for me. This is the least I can do."

Jonah eats his food, "This is amazing Violet."

She laughs, "And not 'poison' I promise."

He looks at her, "I'm really sorry about the way I treated you when you first moved in. I'm skeptical of new people I guess. I don't know why I'm like that."

She shakes her head, "It's okay."

He sighs, "No it isn't. And I'm making it up to you. Later I'm taking you out for a nice meal at this french restaurant Julienne, it's on Mission."

She smiles, "Okay. That would be awesome."

Jonah gets up, "I need to get dressed."

Jonah walks away.

Violet smiles as she watches him.



David is behind the bar.

He is checking things out for his employees.

One of McKellan's men walks inside.

He walks to David.

David looks at him, "What are you doing here?"

He smiles, "Just dropping off directions. McKellan has a new job for you today."

He hands David an address.

David looks at him, "This is a bad part of town, what could it possibly have that McKellan would be interested in?"

He nods, "A warehouse. Just pick up the shipment."

David walks from behind the bar and over to him, "You mean drugs?"

He nods, "It's not flowers. But you can sniff it."

David shakes his head, "No way. I gotta draw the line somewhere."

The man smirks, "Oh I would think again. The guys are already arguing over who gets to take care of that cute little doctor girlfriend of yours."

David gets angry, "I'm sick of you guys threatening Lauren!"

He pats David on the shoulder, "Then don't piss off McKellan. Or those threats will be put into action."

David watches as the man walks out of his club.


Jewelry Store:


Lauren and Drew are walking around.

Drew looks at her, "Thanks again for helping me out."

She nods, "Well Riley is important to me. I want to make sure you don't pick out some tacky ring to surprise her with. I've seen enough forced smiles from girlfriends who have boyfriends with bad taste."

Drew stares, "Ooh harsh. What makes you think I have bad taste? I picked Riley."

Lauren nods, "That's true. But your taste for loud music is still blaring in my head from your first day at Melrose."

He laughs, "We've come a long way since then."

She smiles, "Yeah we have."

He stares, "Does that mean you approve of me marrying Riley?"

She nods, "You were honest with her, Riley knows what she is getting herself into. And she seems to think you're worth it. So you must be."

Drew grins, "Are you trying to compliment me?"

Lauren laughs, "Just pick out a ring."

He looks around, "You know it's only a matter of time before Riley is here with David. If you know what I mean."

Lauren shakes her head, "David and I are enjoying the way things are now."

Drew nods, "You're lucky to have each other."

She smiles, "Yeah we are."

Drew sees a ring, "Speaking of lucky."

Lauren stares, "Wow. That's beautiful. Maybe you don't have bad taste after all."

He smiles, "That's the ring. That's Riley's ring."

Lauren sighs, "I think you're overlooking the price."

Drew's smile fades when he notices the ring is out of his price range.


360 Health Club:


Tricia is in the middle of a workout with a club member.

She gives him a break and heads over to get a water bottle.

She walks to the front desk, "Hey Maya."

The front desk clerk Maya looks at her, "Hey I've been wanting to talk to you."

Tricia looks at her, "What's up?"

Maya sighs, "I don't want to freak you out, but there was a chick in here asking about you a while ago."

Tricia stares, "Who?"

Maya nods, "That's what I was wondering. She wanted to know about your schedule and stuff. She even asked to talk with the manager. Anyway, one of the club members recognized her."

Tricia nods, "From where?"

Maya shakes her head, "I guess she is an assistant at some publicity firm. W-something."

Tricia stares, "WPK?"

Maya nods, "Yeah! Why would they be interested in you?"

Tricia sighs, "I have a pretty good idea."

A furious Tricia gets back to the work out.




Ella is sitting in her office.

She has been focused on finding Amanda's moles she has planted around her.

Her assistant walks in, "Ms. Simms? It's time for your video conference."

Ella nods, "I'm just about ready."

She turns on Ella's screen on the wall.

Ella's video conference begins.

An older man comes up on the screen, "Ms. Simms."

She smiles, "Hello. How are things in the New York offices?"

He nods, "Quite well actually. It's the LA offices I'm more concerned with."

Ella shakes her head, "Excuse me but I don't see why. Our success has not gone down a bit since I took over the reigns, I assure you."

He nods, "I'm aware. But I'm also aware that nothing is getting better either."

Ella stares, "Oh."

He sighs, "We really hoped you would be more than just a fill in. You had promises of getting bigger clients, better employees, and overall better workmanship."

Ella stares, "It's going to take time-"

He nods, "You have your deadline. As we told you before, your title can be taken away as quickly as it was given. If things do not show improvement by our next major meeting, you will be demoted, and if things decline you could be terminated."

Ella stares, "Sir... I promise you that I will not rest until WPK is recognized as the number one firm in all of LA. By the time we have the meeting, New York will be trying to keep up with us."

He sighs, "I hear a lot of promises. Show me results. Take care Ms. Simms."

The video conference ends.

Ella sits back in her chair.

She worries that her dreams are about to be taken away.


David walks inside and looks around.

The place almost looks abandoned.

An older heavyset man walks over, "Who are you?"

David nods, "I'm with McKellan."

The man laughs, "Is he hiring high school kids?"

David sighs, "I'm not a kid. Now do you have the shipment or not?"

The man nods, "I'm Rick. Follow me."

David walks with him.

Rick looks at him, "Between you and me, McKellan doesn't hire his guys to come do this stuff. That's what my guys are for. You know that right?"

David stares, "So why would he send me?"

Rick nods, "To prove your loyalty."

The two walk into a back room.

Rick grabs a briefcase, "Only the finest for Mr. McKellan."

David opens it and checks everything out.

Rick sighs, "Kid I gotta be honest, you're getting in too deep. If there is any way you can get out of this guy's world, then I suggest you do it."

David shakes his head, "Don't you think I would have done that if I could?"

Rick nods, "I suppose so."

David closes the briefcase.

Rick sighs, "Give my love to the big guy."

David walks off to his car.

He wonders how long he can keep answering to McKellan.



Jonah and Violet are out eating.

Violet looks at the menu, "Wow. I have no idea what to order. This stuff is really expensive too."

Jonah stares, "Don't worry about that. It's on me."

She shakes her head, "I can't let you pay for something crazy expensive."

Jonah smiles, "Come on Violet. Just live a little."

Violet stares, "Do you know what you're getting?"

He nods, "Why do you want to copy me?"

She laughs, "Shut up."

Jonah smiles, "I've never seen this side of you before. It's nice."

Violet smiles, "You're the daughter of Sydney Andrews and people make up their minds about you quick around here. But I'm not that much like my mother."

Jonah stares, "I thought you didn't know Sydney well?"

Violet shakes her head, "Not in person. But I've heard so many things about her... I hate hearing people bad mouth her. And I really hope some of the stuff isn't true."

He sighs, "Sydney had a catty side. But she was a sweetheart. All she wanted was to have a family and friends. Every month she would take me and Riley out to dinner. I think she did it with all the tenants."

Violet smiles, "I didn't know that. Did you guys ever come here?"

Jonah nods, "Yes actually. Sydney was the one who introduced me to this place."

Violet grins, "That makes me happy."

Jonah nods, "Violet, just don't listen to what other people had to say about Sydney. She was your mother and you loved her, that's all that matters."

She nods, "I think so too. You're a great guy Jonah."

Jonah laughs, "Pick out your food."

The two look back at their menus.

Apartment 9:

David is showering in his place.

He is taking the briefcase over to McKellan tonight.

David is trying to clear his head.

David turns off the water and grabs his towel.

He wraps it around his waist and walks into his room.

David sees Lauren sitting on his bed.

He is surprised, "Lauren."

She nods, "Hey."

He looks at her, "I thought you had work."

She shakes her head, "No I had to help Drew with something. I am going into work later."

David nods, "Oh. Great."

David stares as Lauren sits so closely to the briefcase.

She stares, "You okay?"

He nods, "Of course. Why do you ask?"

Lauren reaches over and opens the briefcase.

She stares back at him acknowledging that she's already seen it.

David sighs, "Lauren... I don't do drugs."

She nods, "I know. I would be able to tell if you did. So what the hell is going on? Why would you be selling this stuff? Last I heard Coal was doing great."

David sighs, "It is. I'm not doing this for the money... I'm doing this for you."

Lauren stands up, "Explain that quickly."

He sighs, "You know that girl Morgan? She was blackmailing me into dating her. When we got back together she ratted me out to her father. And so he hired me to work for him, in exchange... he leaves you alone."

Lauren sits back down, "Damn it David."

David sits with her, "Lauren I'm so sorry. If you want out of this relationship I don't blame you."

Lauren looks at him, "Why would you keep this from me?"

He sighs, "We had so many problems last year. I just wanted this to be different."

Lauren takes his hand, "Then be honest with me. Never lie to me again."

He smiles, "Again?"

She looks into his eyes, "I'm in this for the long haul."

David kisses her.

She looks at him, "We're going to figure something out. McKellan can't ruin our lives."

David and Lauren hold each other.

The Sun goes down

The night sets in for LA

Apartment 7:


Riley walks inside, "I'm home."

Drew sits on the couch, "Hey. How was your day?"

Riley nods, "It was good. I told everyone I was engaged. My students kept asking me questions about you all day. They're already calling me Mrs. Pragin."

Drew nods, "How many asked you about your lack of ring?"

Riley sits with him, "Hey. I don't need a ring to know that I love you and I'm so lucky to have you in my life. Do you understand that?"

He nods, "You still deserve one. I went ring shopping with Lauren earlier."

She smiles, "Oh my God. That's so sweet."

He sighs, "Don't get too excited. I saw the perfect ring... but it was crazy expensive."

She shakes her head, "I don't need a 'perfect' ring."

He looks at her, "All the other rings looked like crap after that one."

She rubs his back, "Stop beating yourself up over every little thing."

He sighs, "There are so many things I can't give you. I wanted this to be different. But it's just another brick wall."

Riley leans closer to him, "I love you Drew. I don't care if I get a stupid ring or not. You're going to be my husband, and I can't imagine asking for anything more."

Drew smiles at her, "You're amazing Riley Richmond."

She grins, "You can't call me that for long."

He nods, "Well I can for tonight. And I think tonight we should celebrate our engagement some more."

Drew starts kissing her.

She smiles, "What does your doctor have to say about having such a crazy sex life?"

He laughs, "I'm a doctor. Let me worry about it."

Drew picks Riley up.

She laughs, "Drew!"

He takes her to the bedroom.


Ella is frustrated from her day at work.

She grabs her mail and walks around the pool over towards her apartment.

Tricia sees her from the window.

Tricia walks outside, "Hey Barbie."

Ella stops and turns around, "What can I do for you?"

Tricia walks towards her, "You can tell me why you're so obsessed with me."

Ella laughs, "I will never understand your east coast sense of humor."

Tricia looks at her, "I know you've been stalking me."

Ella stares, "I have better things to do with my life than to follow you around on your jogs to what I suspect is a sports gear store that you buy your clothes from."

Tricia nods, "What the hell does that mean?"

Ella laughs, "Come on. You're one of those girls who always dresses like she's going to a softball game. You have absolutely no pride in your appearance."

Tricia stares, "Because I don't dress like a whore?"

Ella walks closer, "You better watch who you're talking to. You do not want to get on my bad side. I've had a long day and you're only making it worse."

Tricia smiles, "You don't intimidate me."

Ella nods, "You better back up now, I swear I'll ruin your life."

Tricia smirks, "That's the difference between you and me. You make threats and promises. I just knock bitches on their asses."

Tricia shoves Ella who falls backwards into the pool.

Ella pops up, "You disgusting bitch!"

Tricia waves, "See you around. Stay out of my life Ella."

Tricia goes back to her apartment.

A furious Ella climbs out of the pool.

Jonah and Violet are walking by.

Violet looks at her, "Hey Ella."

Jonah stares, "What was that about?"

Ella doesn't say anything as she storms to her apartment.

Apartment 6:

Jonah and Violet walk inside.

Jonah looks at her, "It's nice to eat with a girl who actually eats her food. You have no idea how many these LA chicks order a water and salad every time."

Violet shakes her head, "Oh no. I need a real meal to satisfy."

Jonah nods, "Nothing wrong with that."

Violet smiles at him.

He smiles back, "What?"

She walks towards him, "I think you drank a little too much."

He laughs, "I hardly did."

She looks at him, "Okay sure."

He laughs, "I didn't."

The two stare at each other.

Violet sighs, "I owe you so much Jonah."

Jonah shakes his head, "No you don't. To be honest, I've loved having your company. You're a pretty great person to have around Violet."

Violet smiles, "I'm glad."

The two stare into each other's eyes.

Violet closes her eyes and leans closer.

The two kiss.

Jonah pulls away, "Umm.... goodnight Violet."

Jonah walks away.

Violet smiles to herself.

Apartment 4:


Ella is drying off.

Chase looks at her, "Did she really knock you into the pool?"

Ella stares, "What does it look like?"

Chase stares, "Why would she do that?"

Ella nods, "She knows I'm onto her and she's getting nervous. I have her exactly where I want her. I'm getting her fired from her job and sent back where she came from."

Chase stares, "Does she know you've been looking up on her?"

Ella sighs, "I don't know."

He looks at her, "Maybe she has a reason to be paranoid."

Ella stares, "You are not taking her side."

He shakes his head, "I'm not. But if you're trying to ruin her life, it would explain why she would feel the need to attack you like that."

She looks at him, "She's trying to help Amanda ruin my life!"

He nods, "Do you know that for a fact? Do you have any proof?"

Ella walks towards him, "What's your point?"

Chase sighs, "What if you have the wrong person El?"

Ella looks at him, "I don't think I do."

He nods, "What if you do? Do you know what that means? You're ruining an innocent woman's life."

Ella stares, "I don't care. She crossed me now. I'm not letting go of this."

Ella walks to her room.

Chase is getting worried.

The residents sleep through the night.

A new day begins at Melrose Place.

Apartment 9:

David wakes up.

He rolls around to cuddle with Lauren.

He sees that she's gone.

David worries.

Lauren walks in, "Good morning."

He looks at her, "You're up."

She nods, "Yes. I didn't sleep much."

He sighs, "Why didn't you wake me to keep you company?"

Lauren nods, "I needed to think about things David. On my own."

David sits up, "Are you leaving me?"

Lauren walks towards him, "No. I love you David. I meant what I said yesterday. I'm not giving up on us because of some jerk out there. Your father doesn't scare me and neither does McKellan."

David sighs, "McKellan is dangerous."

She nods, "I know. Which is why we need to talk to him. Together."

David stares, "What?"

Lauren nods, "If I'm in this with you then I'll be safer. We can get though this as a team."

He shakes his head, "No way."

She looks at him, "What choice do we have?"

David sighs, "I can't let you do this."

She nods, "You can't control me. If we're going to be together then we have to do this."

David takes her hand, "I'm scared Laur."

She nods, "I know."

The two hug.

Jewelry Store:

Drew walks inside as soon as the place opens.

The salesman recognizes him, "Hello. Good to see you back."

Drew smiles, "Hey. Do you still have the ring I was looking at yesterday?"

The salesman nods, "Of course. Have you reconsidered?"

Drew nods, "I'd like to look into payment plans. I know now that life is way to short to be worried about money. In the end all that matters is I have the best woman in the world."

The salesman smiles as he goes to get the paperwork.

Drew wipes the cold sweat off his head.

He zips up his jacket, "It's freezing in here."

The salesman shakes his head, "It's quite warm actually."

Drew is getting dizzy.

The salesman looks at him, "Do you need to lie down?"

Drew shakes his head, "No... I..."

Drew starts to run short of breath.

He leans on the counter.

He starts to panic, "I need... I need to go to the hospital-"

Drew collapses.


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