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Episode 2.04 "Carmelina"




It's the afternoon in LA.

Traffic is backed up.

The beaches are filled.




Drew is out in the courtyard.

Lauren is walking out of her apartment.

She looks down, "Hey."

He looks up at her, "Hi."

She walks down the steps, "What's up?"

He sighs, "Just waiting for Riley to come home. It's more relaxing to wait out here then inside our apartment."

Lauren nods, "I see. So are you having the talk?"

Drew laughs, "I think she already knows where babies come from."

Lauren stares, "You know what I mean. Are you telling Riley about how serious your condition is?"

He nods, "Yeah I am."

She hugs him, "I'll be thinking of you okay. Even though I'll be working another shift."

Drew stares, "At least you're getting a lot of work."

Lauren shakes her head, "Dr. Mancini has me doing basics, and lots of it. Basically using every ounce of energy I have against me."

Drew sighs, "I'm sorry Lauren."

Lauren sighs, "He wants me to quit. But I'm not going out without a fight."


Riley walks up, "Hey you two. Laur you just now going to work?"

Lauren nods, "Yep. So I'll see you two later."

Lauren walks off.

Riley kisses Drew.

Drew smiles at her, "Let's go inside."

The two walk into their apartment.




Ella is having a late lunch with her roommate Chase in her office.

Chase looks at her, "Aren't you lucky to have a roommate who can accommodate his schedule to fit your needs?"

She nods, "I'm so used to Lauren, who I barely saw. It's kind of nice."

He drinks his bottle of water, "So what's the news on Sweat pants?"

Ella nods, "She works at that health club. I've got a few moles on her."

He grins, "What about the redhead?"

Ella stares, "Violet? I thought that too. Violet is Sydney's daughter. It would make perfect sense for her to be the one working for Amanda..."

Chase stares, "But?"

Ella sighs, "But Violet isn't clever enough. She's fresh out of high school. She thinks wearing mall clothes is a nice look. You know the type."

He laughs, "She has a few T-shirts with surfboards and random dates on them?"

Ella smirks, "Not to mention shorts with writing on the behind."

Chase laughs, "Oh God."

Ella sits back, "Amanda wouldn't send someone in who's so oblivious."

He nods, "What about Tricia? Sweat pants."

Ella stares, "See her fashion sense is too pathetic. It's like she's trying to look like a guy. I'd put good money that it's all an act."

Chase nods, "Okay well why don't se go in to the hail of gunfire ourselves?"

Ella shakes her head, "You lost me."

He sits forward, "Let's go pay Sweat pants a visit."

Ella smiles.

She messages her assistant to forward her calls.




Lauren is carrying a load of files down the hall.

She watches as her peers are preparing to scrub in on surgeries.

She continues in frustration.


Dr. Michael Mancini purposely runs into her.

She falls and drops the files.

He stares, "Yung!"

She sighs, "Dr. Mancini-"

He looks down at her, "These are important files, can you be this careless with them?"

Lauren shakes her head, "I'm sorry Dr. Mancini."

He shakes his head, "This is why you couldn't cut it on my team. You don't have enough patience, attention to detail, steady hand, or loyalty for that matter."

Lauren looks around as the rest of the staff stares at her getting berated.

She looks up.

Dr. Mancini gives off a smug grin.

He walks away.

Lauren picks up her stuff and continues to the desk.


Carmelina Mansion:


The residents are away from their home in the wealthy neighborhood.

David is walking around the hallways.

He texts his boss to let him know he's in.

David sees the miniature vase.

He grabs the case from his bag.

He gently picks up the vase and puts it inside.

David quietly zips up his bag.

Just as he relaxes, he hears the door open.

David's eyes widen and his heart races.

The man hollers at his wife from a distance, "I told you to grab the tickets! I told you a million times!"

She hollers back, "Don't yell at me in front of our son!"

He scoffs, "Just have a drink and shut your mouth for a minute.

David hears the man go upstairs.

He hides behind the wall as the wife heads into the kitchen to pour herself a glass of wine.

David tries to slowly back out.

The little boy walks out into the hallway.

He stares directly at David.

He doesn't make a sound.

David shushes him as he backs up.

David accidentally knocks over a lamp.

The husband shouts, "What the hell was that?"

The little boy runs into the kitchen.

David makes a run for it.

He can hear the family shuffling around behind him.

David smacks his head into a wall on his way out.

Apartment 7:

Drew and Riley sit together.

He looks at her, "I'm glad you had a good day."

She smiles, "Me too. So what should we do with the rest of it?"

He sighs, "I was hoping we could talk."

She stares, "Are you okay?"

He shakes his head, "No."

She stares, "Have you gotten worse? What's wrong?"

He stares, "I have gotten worse. I'm always getting worse Riley."

Riley stares at him in confusion.

He takes her hand, "I know we don't like to talk about it. But I need to know that you understand what is happening. At this point some of the damage that is being done, is irreversible."

She nods, "Okay."

He sighs, "I know we want so badly to stop Dr. Mancini from giving anymore patients that heart valve. But we need to accept that it won't change what's happening to me."

Riley nods, "Okay but once we make him aware of it, we can get research on how to reverse the damage."

Drew shakes his head, "You're not listening. I know you're not a doctor, but you have to understand what is going to happen. Riley I meant it when I told you I didn't know how long I had to live."

Riley shakes her head, "Let's not do this now."

He nods, "We have to."

She has tears in her eyes.

Drew holds both of her hands, "My condition is not going to get better. It's only getting worse. And we can't just take the valve out at this point. That would only make things worse. We have to ride it out."

Riley nods, "Then what?"

Drew runs his hand through her hair, "I wish I could marry you, give you children, play with grandchildren, buy a house, take vacations...."

Riley starts to cry.

He has tears in his eyes, "But I don't think that will ever happen. Time is precious, but it's not a friend of mine. I'll never be able to give you those things. All I can really give you... is eventually and inevitably a broken heart."

Riley sobs.

Drew holds her.

She gets up, "I need to use the bathroom."

Riley rushes out of the room.

Drew cries as he watches Riley walk away.


360 Health Club:

Chase and Ella walk around in their gym wear.

She looks at him, "Aren't gyms like church for gay guys?"

Chase looks around, "I don't know but it sure feels like heaven."

Ella laughs, "Indeed."

The two get on treadmills next to each other.


Tricia spots them and walks over.

Ella and Chase pretend not to notice her.

Tricia stares, "What's up?"

Ella looks at her, "Oh Tasha. Hi!"

Tricia nods, "It's Tricia."

Chase laughs, "Sorry."

Tricia looks at them, "Why are you here?"

Ella stares, "Well believe it or not, I don't wake up looking like this. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to keep myself in shape."

Tricia looks at her, "You don't say."

Chase nods, "I'm an actor. So I'm nothing without a six pack."

Tricia laughs, "You're not going to get one on there."

Ella looks at Chase, "Listen to her. She knows what she's talking about."

Tricia stares, "What is this? Why are you suddenly being so polite? I was under the impression that I had at least another round of your cattiness."

Ella laughs, "That? That was just hazing."

Chase nods, "Yeah newbie. You should have seen what she did to me."

Tricia nods, "I'm sure."

Ella smiles, "Don't take it personally."

Tricia looks around, "I gotta get back to work. Let me know if you need anything."

Ella waves, "Okay."

Tricia walks away.

Ella scoffs, "What a bitch."

Chase laughs.

Apartment 6:


Violet sits in Jonah's apartment.

She is watching TV.

She sees him walking up through the window.

She turns it off and grabs the newspaper.


Jonah walks in, "Hey."

She looks at him, "Hey. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a job or an apartment in LA?"

Jonah laughs, "I didn't know people still used newspapers for that."

She stares, "Oh... yeah."

He smiles, "Violet if you wanted to watch TV it's okay. I didn't expect you to find a job on the first day. I'm just glad that you're trying."

She sits up, "I guess it would be easier if I was like you."

He laughs, "I'd love to hear you explain that one. Because I could go on all night about how hard it is to be an aspiring filmmaker in LA."

She sighs, "You have a passion. You know what you want to do with your life. You probably can't imagine yourself doing anything else can you?"

Jonah shakes his head, "No I can't."

Violet smiles, "You're amazing Jonah. I'm so glad to see your dreams coming true."

He smiles, "You're a little ego booster aren't you?"

Violet smirks, "You act all flattered now. But once your movie comes out you'll have a big mansion and a million models chasing you around."

Jonah laughs, "That is every nerd's dream. But I just want to make my films."

She stares, "You're incredible."

He stands up, "Enough compliments. You're giving me a big head."

Jonah walks to the kitchen.

Violet stands up, "Let me make you something for dinner. I've got pretty good at cooking. I watched the food network and saw some stuff I wanted to try."

Jonah smiles, "How can I say no to that?"

Violet grins, "I love trying new things."

Jonah stares at her.

Violet walks past him into the kitchen.

Jonah nods, "How about we meet the gang at Coal later?"

She nods, "Sounds good."

Violet bends over to get a pan.

Jonah stares at her.

The night life begins in LA.

The clubs are filling up.

Everyone who's anyone is getting in.


Another packed night at Coal.

It's quickly becoming one of LA's hottest spots.

Some of young Hollywood is mingling.

Chase sits in the VIP section.

David walks over, "Hey man. Where's El? I thought you two were joined at the hip?"

Chase laughs, "She's keeping an eye on some of her clients. Rumor has it, someone didn't wear panties tonight. Ella is laying down the law."

David laughs, "That's El."

Lauren walks over, "Hey. I finally got off."

The two stare at her.

She scoffs, "Work."

David laughs, "Glad you're here."

The two kiss.

She looks at his head, "What happened?"

He shakes his head, "I just bumped into a wall."

Lauren stares, "David..."

He shakes his head, "It's nothing."

Lauren sighs, "Okay."

David can tell she's not happy with him.

Tricia walks over, "Hey everyone."

David grins, "Welcome. Remember, my neighbors are always welcome in VIP."

Chase looks around, "Where are Riley and Drew?"

Lauren sighs, "I think they're busy."

David looks at Lauren.

Over by the entrance.

Violet and Jonah walk in together.

He looks at her, "Want to go over to VIP?"

Violet nods, "Later. For now... I really want to dance. Let's work off that dinner."

Violet takes Jonah's hand.

The two walk out to the dance floor.

Over back in VIP, Ella joins her friends.

David laughs, "You just missed it-"

Ella shakes her head, "No you just missed it. Look over there."

The gang looks to see Jonah grinding with Violet.

Lauren stares, "Wow."

Ella smiles, "This will be interesting."

Chase hollers, "Let's do shots!"

The neighbors all gather around.

Apartment 7:

Riley and Drew stay home.

They lay in bed together.

She looks at him, "Drew. I'm so sorry."

He stares, "Why are you sorry?"

She looks at him, "I was making it about myself. All I could think was how I was going to have to get through life without having you by my side."

He nods, "You've done it most of your life."

She shakes her head, "My life was confusing. I had no idea who I was back then. I don't even want to think about my life without you in it Drew."

He nods, "But you have to."

She stares, "No. What we need to do is live like every moment might be our last. Because it might."

Drew stares, "Okay."

She sighs, "What would you want to do if it was the end of the world?"

He laughs, "I don't know... go sky diving, mountain climbing..."

She laughs, "Something safer."

He stares, "Marry the woman I love."

Riley smiles.

Drew looks into her eyes.

Riley takes his hands, "Drew, I love you. A year and half ago I got married because I felt pressured. I was living a lie. I wasn't feeling what I'm feeling now. Do you feel it too?"

He grins, "Of course."

She puts her hands on his face, "Drew Pragin, will you marry me?"

Drew smiles, "Yes."

Riley smiles back.

The two lean in and kiss.

Apartment 9:

Lauren sits in the living room.

David walks inside, "Hey. You left early. Why didn't you talk to me?"

She sighs, "I just have a lot on my mind."

David walks to her, "What's wrong? Is it my Dad?"

Lauren looks down, "He's making my life hell at work. He's embarrassing me in front of the other doctors, he's treating me like scum. And there's nothing I can do."

David stares, "He can't get away with that."

She sighs, "I've never wanted to quit anything in my life but..."

David holds her, "Listen to me. You're not a quitter. That's not you."

She stares, "David I feel like the whole world is against me sometimes."

He shakes his head, "No it's not. Trust me okay?"

David holds Lauren close.

He knows he has to do something.

The sunny morning begins in LA.


Drew and Riley stand out by the bar.

Lauren and David stand with them.

Ella and Chase are walking over.

Tricia walks out of her apartment.

Riley holler at her, "Tricia come here. It's announcement time."

Tricia walks over to the neighbors.

Jonah and Violet walk out after receiving text messages.

All the neighbors gather around.

Ella stares, "Some of us have to get to work Riley, and we don't all have school bells to let us know when we're running late."

Riley smiles, "Not even your attitude could ruin my day."

Drew kisses her.

Lauren looks at them, "What's the surprise?"

Drew smiles, "It's spontaneous so we haven't gotten everything together. But we're engaged."

Riley nods, "We're getting married."

Lauren smiles, "Oh my God!"

Lauren and Riley hug.

David pats Drew on the back, "Congratulations man."

Tricia smiles, "Congrats."

Ella whispers to Jonah, "Deja vu huh?"

Violet looks at Jonah's face.

He watches as his ex fiance announces her new engagement.

Violet rubs his back.

She smiles.

David looks around, "I'd love to stick around but I need to go to the club. See you guys later."

Riley takes Lauren's hand, "I have so much to plan."

Jonah looks at Drew.

Drew nods at him.

Jonah turns around and walks away.


Dr. Michael Mancini sits at his desk.

He is looking down.

He hears his door open up.

He scoffs, "You'll be sorry for forgetting to knock."

David walks in, "No I think you're the one who's about to be sorry Dad."

Michael looks up, "What the hell are you doing here?"

David smiles, "Just felt like seeing how you were doing."

David walks around the office."

Michael stands, "You listen to me. Either you leave, or I will have you thrown out and then I'll take my anger out on that little girlfriend of yours."

David stares, "As if you could make it worse."

Michael laughs, "Oh believe me I could. Just ask the last people who used to live in your building."

David walks towards him, "I could make things a lot worse for you. Knock off your crap with Lauren, or you'll be hearing from my lawyer."

Michael scoffs, "About what?"

David looks at him, "Getting custody of my son. We both know that Noah is biologically mine from when I slept with Vanessa. So not only would I get custody of your son, but you would have to explain to the entire medical community that your wife slept with your other son and got knocked up with your grandson."

Michael stares at David.


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