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Episode 2.03 "Hart"




Another sunny morning

Warm LA weather

Growing tension at 4616 Melrose Place


Apartment 4:


Chase Matthews walks around his room in his boxer briefs.

His room is covered in different outfits.

Finally he makes his selection.

After doing his hair he walks out to the living room.


Ella Simms is pacing.

He stares, "El, what's up? I thought you'd be at work by now."

She sighs, "I've never been late before. But I'm thinking of a new route to take. I'm honestly this close to just moving our offices somewhere. Unfortunately that is not within my power."

Chase looks at her, "Okay. Slow down roomy. What's up?"

She nods, "Amanda."

He shakes his head, "Amanda is locked up."

Ella nods, "Doesn't mean she can't reach out from behind the bars and strangle me."

Chase looks at her, "What am I missing?"

Ella looks at him, "I have some feelers at where she's staying. Just people sort of keeping an eye on her for me. I know it sounds crazy but she would do the same thing. And I think she is."

Chase stares, "What do you mean?"

Ella nods, "I feel like every step I take there is some big wall placed in front of me. Amanda somehow manages to stay one step ahead of me. She's out to get me."

He sighs, "Any chance you're just being paranoid?"

Ella shakes her head, "No I'm not. And I wouldn't be surprised if it was someone in this building."

He laughs, "You should hear yourself. Come on Ella we are friends with everyone."

She sighs, "What about Riley and Drew? Or the new girl?"

Chase nods, "Sweat pants?"

Ella nods, "Maybe her horrible wardrobe is a facade planted by Amanda. You never know."

Ella and Chase peak out the window into the courtyard.

They both make unpleased faces when they see Tricia.



Tricia walks out in shorts, a T-shirt and jacket.

She has her gym bag with her.


Jonah passes her as he goes to his apartment, "Hey Tricia. Going to the gym?"

She nods, "Yep. Or work as I like to call it."

He looks at her, "Oh that's right. You work at a gym. That's awesome. Maybe someday you can help me turn my belly into a 6-pack. What do you think?"

She laughs, "Yeah man. Come by sometime. I work at 360 Health Club on Hart."

He grins, "Sounds good."

She stares, "You just get home?"

He nods, "Yeah pulled an all nighter. Who would think making a movie would be so difficult?"

She laughs, "I wouldn't know. I gotta run. See you."

Tricia jogs off.

Jonah smiles as he watches her leave.

Ella and Chase step out of their apartment.

Ella hollers, "Jonah. Pick your jaw up off the ground."

He turns and looks at her, "Good morning to you too El."

Ella and Chase exit the courtyard.

Apartment 6:

Jonah walks up to his door and notices it's unlocked.

Jonah looks around.

He slowly opens the door and walks in.

He can tell someone has been inside.

He grabs a bat that he keeps in the closet.

Jonah lowers his voice and hollers, "Anyone here?"

Jonah walks over to his bed.

He stops and stares as he sees someone laying in it.

He looks at the long bright red hair, "Sydney?..."

She turns around.

He sees Sydney's daughter Violet staring back at him.

Jonah is in shock.



Apartment 6:

Jonah stares at Violet.

She sits up, "Jonah..."

He scoffs, "Oh my God. Violet what the hell are you doing here?"

She sighs, "Please, please don't be angry."

He shakes his head, "You are sleeping in my bed! You're the one who's been in my apartment. You've had me paranoid all week. I thought I was going crazy!"

She shakes her head, "I'm so sorry Jonah. I never meant for that."

He stares, "What the hell did you mean for then?"

She sighs, "I didn't have anywhere else to go. And I used to live here. You were hardly even here because of the movie so I didn't think it was a big deal."

Jonah nods, "Big deal. Very, very big deal. Breaking and entering."

She looks down, "I'm so sorry Jonah."

He stares, "I don't understand. I thought you rode off into the sunset with Auggie. You finally got away from this place that brought you bad memories. Why did you come back?"

She looks at him, "Things didn't work out with Auggie... and I had no where else to go. I don't have a family to go home to Jonah. I have nothing."

He notices she's undressed, "Well why don't you get dressed and I'll be over there."

She sighs, "My clothes are in the laundry downstairs...."

He grabs a shirt, "Here..."

She takes it.

Jonah turns around.

Violet notices he can see her in the mirror and purposely makes sure he sees everything.

Jonah tries to look away but watches as Violet dresses.


360 Health Club:

Tricia is at the gym.

A man walks over, "You Tricia?"

She nods, "Yep that's me. Am I working with you?"

He nods, "I'm Ty. I told them to give me some hot chick but damn. You're off the charts."

She nods, "Yeah... let's get to work."

The two walk over to the weights.

She starts to set it up for him.

He folds his arms and smirks at her.

She tries to ignore him.

She nods, "Okay. I'll spot you. Let's see what you got big man."

Ty smiles, "I'd like to see what you got."

Ty lies down and puts his hands on the bars.

She claps her hands together, "Okay. Let's go."

He smirks, "I like the view.

He looks up at her breasts above him.

Tricia shakes her head, "Knock it off."

He looks at her, "Come on. You think you can distract guys like that and not have them react? A girl like you only comes to gyms to get hit on."

She scoffs, "Excuse me?"

He sits up, "Come on. I work out enough. Why don't you show me the faculty locker rooms?"

He rubs her thigh.

Tricia grabs his hand and twist it.

He whines in pain, "Ah!"

She looks at him, "Touch me again, and I'll go for your crotch next time."

Everyone in the gym is staring.




Michael is in his office.

Lauren walks in, "You wanted to see me Dr. Mancini?"

He nods, "Yes take a seat."

Lauren has her recorder hidden in her folders she's carrying.

He looks at her, "You said I could confide things in you right? I mean I know I'm your superior so you kind of look up to me and have to say things-"

She sighs, "Dr. Mancini. I meant it. You can tell me anything."

He sits back, "It's tough being a doctor. I mean tougher than you probably realize Yung."

She nods, "Of course."

He sighs, "And sometimes we make mistakes. We trust people we shouldn't. We let little things that we wouldn't even notice slip past us."

She nods, "Everyone makes mistakes. We're human beings."

He stands, "Yeah but some of us make more mistakes than others. Wouldn't you agree?"

She looks at him, "I suppose so."

He stares at her, "Do you ever make mistakes Yung?"

She nods, "Of course."

He starts to walk around, "Like what."

She clears her throat, "Well trusting Dr. Drew Pragin for one. He fooled me into thinking he was being honest but at the end of the day he could have jeopardized your career."

He looks at her, "I agree. But sometimes we let the most little mistakes ruin our lives. You know?"

She looks at him, "Dr. Mancini if this is about the heart valve... you can trust me. If there was some mistake you made then we can discuss it."

He starts to walk towards her, "Why the sudden change?"

Lauren gets nervous.

He looks at her, "You just said Drew made it up. He wanted to ruin my career. Sometimes we let the smallest of mistakes ruin our lives?"

Michael grabs the recorder.

He turns it off.

She stares in shock.

He smiles, "Consider this your small mistake. And consider your life... ruined."

Lauren stares at Michael in shock and confusion.

Apartment 6:

Jonah and Violet sit on the couch.

He looks at her, "Okay, I gotta ask you a question. And no offense. But of all the people here, why would you come to my place? I made it pretty clear I..."

She sighs, "Hated me?"

He shakes his head, "I was going to say feared. Horrified."

She looks at him, "I am kind of socially awkward. I come off as creepy and I come on too strong. But Jonah I'm just a girl who's lost."

He stares, "Yeah."

She looks around, "Kind of like Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club."

He laughs, "Nice reference."

She sighs, "I'll be honest... I would sometimes go through your movie collection. Every movie you have is amazing. I guess that's little compared to the fact I was staying here though."

He nods, "Actually I like that. I always begged Riley to watch every movie I had. I like to discuss films with everyone, until it gets annoying. Even after that."

Violet laughs, "I finally saw Citizen Kane!"

Jonah stares, "You never saw it?"

She nods, "It's amazing! So is Casablanca. But it wasn't as romantic as I expected."

Jonah shakes his head, "That's a common misconception."

She smiles, "You're so smart Jonah... I know this just keeps getting creepier. But I saw some of your work. You're an incredible artist with the camera. You made me fall in love with film."

Jonah laughs, "My ego is off the charts right now."

She sighs, "Well once your film gets released you'll have millions of people telling you the same thing. And my words will be nothing but a cameo in the movie that is your life."

Jonah shakes his head, "I don't think so."

Violet looks at the clock, "I should probably go find somewhere to sleep tonight. I'm sorry again Jonah-"

He stands, "Wait. You know... one more night wouldn't kill me. Would it?"

She laughs, "You're a jerk."

He laughs, "A jerk you've been living off of!"

The two laugh together.

It starts to get dark in LA

360 Health Club:

Tricia goes back behind the front desk after her shifts are done.

The manager walks out, "Tricia. Can I speak with you?"

She nods, "Yeah."

The two walk away.

He looks at her, "I heard about what happened earlier."

She sighs, "Don't worry I'm fine I can take care of myself. But I appreciate-"

He shakes his head, "I'm not worried about you Tricia. Do you have any idea who that was that you were assaulting out there? Seriously."

She scoffs, "Some pig!"

He nods, "That pig is one of our best members."

Tricia stares, "Are you serious right now?"

He looks at her, "You need to understand something, we didn't hire you because of your personality or your looks. We hired you because of your talent. So I don't want to hear about anything except your skills."

She stares, "You are really making this out to be my fault."

He nods, "If you don't like it.... go back to the east coast. Not everyone is cut out for LA."

He walks away.

A frustrated Tricia wants to punch the wall.

Apartment 9:


David is on the phone with McKellan.

He stands outside his door, "Yeah... I'll take care of it. I need to get something from my place. I'll call you in a little while. Fine-."

McKellan hangs up.

David walks inside.

Lauren is on the couch.

He stares, "Hey you're home early."

She sighs, "Yeah I am."

He walks towards her, "Hey. Tell me. What's going on?"

She is fighting tears.

He sits, "Lauren."

She shakes her head, "David..."

He puts his arm around her, "Talk to me."

She looks at him, "Your father... he kicked me off his team and he wants to try and kick me out of the program. My medical career might be over."

David shakes his head, "What because of me? He can't do that. We won't let him."

Lauren sighs, "David it's not you. I'm so sorry I kept something from you. I'm so sorry."

David shakes his head, "What?"

Lauren nods, "I've been trying to prove that Dr. Mancini's valve is leaking those toxic chemicals that cause strokes and other complications. I've been pretending to get close to him to get information."

David stares, "Why?"

She sighs, "For Drew and Riley. Drew is so passionate about this... because he was given one of the valve's and he doesn't know how long he has to live."

David turns, "Oh my God. Oh no."

She nods, "I promised I wouldn't tell. I'm so sorry."

He puts his arms around her, "Don't apologize. Lauren I understand."

Lauren cries, "I let you down. Now I have to go tell them that I let them down. Then I have to call my Dad and tell him that let my family down. I let everyone down David."

He looks at her, "No. I'm going to be with you now. Don't shut me out Laur."

The two hold each other.


Ella arrives home.

She sees Tricia getting her mail.

Ella begins walking faster.

She pretends to stumble and falls into Tricia.

Ella shouts, "Oh sorry!"

Tricia's mail falls.

Ella jumps to help pick them up.

She looks through to see if she recognizes anything.

Ella smiles, "So sorry."

Tricia nods, "Mmhmm."

Ella looks at her, "I get distracted easily."

Tricia looks at her, "I bet."

Ella stares, "It must be nice to have a job that doesn't require you to wear make up."

Tricia scoffs, "Listen Barbie... I'm not in the mood for your backhanded compliments. So why don't you walk your flat chested, blonde ass over to your place before I show you what backhanded really means."

Ella smirks, "Isn't it a little late to be taking testosterone?"

Tricia shakes her head, "I am about 10 seconds away from throwing you into that pool."

Ella laughs, "You're even classier than I imagined."

She begins to walk away.

Tricia grabs her, "I've had a really bad day. So I suggest you wipe that smirk off your face before I do."

Ella pulls away, "You just made a big mistake. I'm not someone you want to cross."

Tricia scoffs, "Whatever."

Tricia and Ella both walk back to their apartments.

Apartment 7:


Lauren and David are in Drew and Riley's apartment.

Drew looks at them, "So David knows now?"

David sighs, "She had to tell me man. And I'm really sorry."

Drew nods, "It's okay. Honestly I'm not that bad. I just have been feeling it a lot more recently and the stress is not helping me."

David looks at him, "I hate that my father is responsible."

Riley looks at Lauren, "I'm so sorry. I can't believe Michael is doing this to you. We can't let him just destroy your career because of us."

Lauren sighs, "We couldn't stop him from giving those valves to people."

Drew looks at her, "You tried. You sacrificed a lot and you should be proud. I really appreciate everything you've done Lauren. But you need to worry about yourself now."

Riley takes Drew's hand.

The two smile at each other.

David grins, "You two are great together you know that?"

Riley smiles, "I agree."

David nods, "You're lucky to have each other."

Riley looks at him, "It's going to be rough but Drew and I will get through this together. He's a strong man and nothing is taking him down."

David smiles.

Lauren stares at Drew.

Drew notices but looks away.

Apartment 4:

Chase walks inside.

He hollers, "El, you home?"

She hollers back, "I'm in the tub."

Chase walks into the bathroom.

Ella is in a bubble bath.

He stares, "Bubble bath but no candles. Those are signs of a stress overload."

She sighs, "You read me like a book sometimes.

He sits on the counter, "I'm your best friend now aren't I?"

She grins, "Well Lauren has been busy a lot. And who else is there?"

He looks at her, "So what's up?"

She nods, "It has to be Tricia. That woman is nuts! I accidentally bumped into her and she practically tried to throw me into the pool."

He stares, "Was it really an accident?"

Ella sits back, "God you know me."

He laughs, "I'll leave you alone. Goodnight."

She stares, "Chase?"

He turns.

She stands up, "Are you sure you're gay?"

He stares at her soapy naked body, "If I wasn't... it would be obvious right now."

She sighs, "Damn."

Chase laughs, "You're crazy."

Chase walks out.

Apartment 6:

Jonah is sleeping on the couch.

He allowed Violet to take his bed.

Violet hears Jonah snoring quietly.

She then gets up and walks over to him.

Violet stands over him and watches him sleep peacefully.

Violet smiles.

She pulls up a chair very slowly.

She takes a seat.

Violet pulls her legs up and sits criss cross in her chair.

Jonah's chest goes up and down as he breathes.

Violet smiles as she watches him sleep.


It's a late quiet night at Melrose Place.

Drew is walking around the pool.

Lauren sees him standing outside and comes out.

She says his name, "Drew..."

He turns and looks up at her, "Hey. What you doing up so late?"

She walks down the steps, "I couldn't sleep so I figured I would eventually see you around here too. I know it's hard for you to sleep anyway with your condition."

He sighs, "Yeah well."

Lauren walks towards him, "Does Riley know?"

He stares, "I don't know."

Lauren crosses her arms, "Uh-huh? Does she know about the things that are happening in your body?"

Drew laughs, "She's no doctor."

Lauren sighs, "Does she know that your organs are being compromised and that you are getting weaker. Drew does she know that even if we take down Mancini... it's probably too late to reverse your damage."

Drew stares, "Why are you doing this?"

Lauren looks at him, "You are my friend. But so is Riley. You can't let her be in denial Drew. Stop letting her think that she is going to have children with you or buy a house with you."

Drew starts to cry.

Lauren cries, "Drew I'm so sorry. It's killing me to see this happen to you. But we aren't doing Riley any favors by keeping her in the dark."

Drew shakes his head, "I love her Lauren. And loving her makes this even harder. I don't want us to be separated. We haven't had enough time yet. It's not right."

Lauren shakes her head, "I know."

Drew keeps shaking his head.

Lauren walks over and puts her arms around him.

Drew cries with Lauren.

The sun rises and the morning begins at Melrose Place.


Tricia steps outside of her apartment.

She looks across and sees Ella walking out as well.

They both stare at each other as they realize that their schedules are similar, thus they will be seeing a lot of each other around the pool.

David and Lauren walk out of their apartment in swim wear.

Ella looks up, "Hey. Are you two skipping work today?"

David laughs, "Something like that."

Ella stares, "Impressive. I never got this girl to take off work."

Lauren laughs, "I just got some time off today. I'm going in later."

David and Lauren walk down the steps.

Drew and Riley step out of their apartment together.

They wave at their neighbors.

Violet walks out of Jonah's apartment.

Everyone turns and stares.

Tricia and Drew each look around as they notice everyone else being alarmed.

Riley stares, "Oh my God."

Ella shows her fake smile, "Violet.... what are you doing here?"

Jonah steps out of his apartment, "Hey.... everyone."

David smiles, "Wow."

Drew looks at Riley, "Who is that?"

Riley nods, "Violet. She used to live here."

Drew whispers, "The crazy chick?"

Riley nudges him.

Chase steps outside, "What's going on?"

Ella smiles, "Well Tricia, Chase, Drew, this is Violet. She lived here before all of you moved in. Her mother was Sydney the former landlord who ended up floating face down in that pool."

Tricia stares, "Wait what?"

Violet turns away.

Chase whispers to Ella, "The crazy chick?"

Ella nods.

Jonah looks around, "Everyone. Violet is just staying at my place for a while it's not big deal. Let's all mind our own business for once."

Ella walks off to her car.

Chase goes back to his apartment, as do Riley and Drew.

Tricia looks at David and Lauren, "Did someone die in this pool?"

David sighs, "Just two that we know of."

Tricia shakes her head and walks away in shock.

Violet smiles at Jonah for standing up for her.



Ella is in her office.

One of her assistants walks in.

Ella looks at him, "Good timing. I need you to take care of a few things."

He nods, "Is it the Dominic Graves problem?"

She shakes her head, "Oh no. Crawl before you walk. I have a simpler task for you. But very important nonetheless."

He takes out his blackberry, "Okay. I'm ready."

Ella smiles, "Find out everything about Tricia Owens."

He nods, "Is she the newest Real Housewife?"

Ella shakes her head, "She's a personal trainer at a local gym."

He stares, "What?"

Ella nods, "You heard me. Forward me everything you can find before you go to lunch."

He nods, "Of course."

He walks out of her office.

Ella sits back.

She smiles to herself.


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