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Episode 2.02 "Flower"




Early morning in LA.

People are waking up and getting out.

Ladies are slipping on their Manolo's.

The busy day in the work world of LA is beginning.




Riley kneels down around the bar.

She is attempting to pick up the broken glass.

Drew looks at her, "Be careful. I'm gonna go get something."


Ella walks out of her apartment and walks over, "Riley? Is it possible that you have gotten even more clumsy then you already are? Impressive."

Riley smirks, "Good morning Ella. I was wondering if maybe you were responsible for this?"

Ella scoffs, "Me?"

Riley stands, "We all saw how wasted you were last night."

She shakes her head, "I don't get 'wasted' Riley. And I have better things to do then make a mess out here in the courtyard. In case you haven't heard, I'm running WPK."

Riley stares, "And in case you haven't heard? I don't care."

Ella looks at her, "See if I could have fun teaching the alphabet to children then I would do that, but I need something more challenging."

Drew walks out, "Hey now. You two playing nice?"

Ella smiles, "Why don't you ask the school teacher?"

Drew looks at her, "It kills me to break up a catfight between two chicks but don't you have to get to work Ella?"

Riley nods, "See Ella, at least when I come back from my job, I have someone waiting for me."

Ella gives off a smirk and walks away.

Drew and Riley kiss.

As Ella walks out of the courtyard she passes a woman in a tank top and sweats.

Ella stops and stares at her outfit, "No comment."

Ella walks away.

The woman rolls her eyes as she enters Melrose Place.




Ella arrives at WPK.

One of her assistants walks up, "Good morning Ms. Simms."

Ella smiles, "Good morning indeed."

She nods, "I emailed you about the Jasper Barns situation."

Ella sighs, "I already emailed you back. You didn't receive a company blackberry so that you could only check emails on the computer."

She sighs, "I'm so sorry Ms. Simms."

Ella shakes her head, "Just don't let it happen again or you will be replaced."

She stares at Ella, "Oh one more thing."

Ella turns and looks at her, "Yes?"

She nods, "You have a visitor. And she is demanding to wait outside your office."

Ella turns and looks up to see Ciara from the night club last night looking back at her.




The woman in sweats walks around the pool.

She looks at the beautiful building in front of her.

Riley and Drew finally notice her.

Riley smiles, "Can I help you?"

She stares, "I'm looking for the managers of the building."

Drew nods, "That would be us. Oh are you the new tenant?"

She nods, "Tricia Owens. I'm moving into Apartment 1."

Drew nods, "That's my old place. I'll go get the key and I'll be right back."

Riley walks over, "Welcome to Melrose Place."

Tricia nods, "Thanks. But I think your Barbie neighbor over there already welcomed me enough for everyone."

Riley smiles, "Ah well Ella does not speak for the whole building. Don't mind her she spends most of her time at work anyway. A bit of a workaholic."

Tricia sighs, "I never cared for women like her. Sometimes I think LA is the epitome of everything I despise in this world."

Riley stares at her, "Oh..."

Tricia looks around, "It's a nice place."

Riley nods, "Yeah, Drew and I manage the building since Jane can't be here all the time. She's our second landlord since I've lived here."

Tricia looks at her, "What happened to the first one?"

Riley stares, "Uh..."

Drew walks out, "Got the key."

Tricia throws out a weak smile.

Apartment 1:

Drew and Riley show Tricia the apartment.

Tricia looks around, "Very nice. Looks bigger than on the virtual tour actually."

Drew nods, "So you haven't seen it in person yet?"

Tricia looks at him, "No. I needed to find an apartment before I got here. I signed the papers the second I arrived. I hate hotel rooms."

Drew stares, "So where you from."

She nods, "New York."

Riley smiles, "That's awesome. Jonah and I studied at NYU."

Tricia stares, "Jonah?"

Drew looks at Riley.

Riley nods, "My ex fiance. He lives in Apartment 6. He's a film maker actually. What do you do?"

Drew smiles as he watches Riley switch subjects.

Tricia nods, "I'm a trainer. LA is probably one of the best places to work in my business. Hoping to build up a lot of clients in the next few months."

Drew looks at her, "That's awesome. Well there are a lot of different careers in the building: doctors, school teacher, club owner, publicist, film maker. It's a fun environment."

Tricia nods, "Of course. Well thanks for letting me in. I'd like to get settled in now if you don't mind."

Drew nods, "Oh of course."

Riley smiles, "If you need anything let us know. Welcome to the building."

Drew and Riley walk out.

Tricia looks around her apartment.


Ella walks up the steps.

She grabs her by the arm, "Clara, what are you doing here?"

Ciara scoffs, "Ciara. My name is Ciara."

Ella sighs, "I'm sorry. But seriously what are you doing here? How did you even know where I work?"

Ciara nods, "You babbled about it when you were drunk. I almost thought you were exaggerating but you do run the place here don't you?"

Ella nods, "I don't remember saying anything about this. But you still haven't answered my first question."

Ciara looks at her, "I didn't get your number and I wanted to see you again."

Ella sighs, "No offense but if I wanted to give you my number then I would have."

Ciara stares, "So what was last night?"

Many of the employees are beginning to stare.

Ella sighs, "It was nothing."

Ciara scoffs, "That was nothing to you? Seriously?"

Ella looks at her, "Would you keep your voice down?"

Ciara looks at her, "You didn't care about me keeping my voice down when you had your hands all over me at the club last night did you Ella?"

Many employees begin giggling.

Ella grabs her by the arm, "Don't you dare embarrass me with your melodrama."

Ciara nods, "You're a slut."

Ella looks at her, "I never promised you anything. I wanted to have fun and so we did. I have a million things going on right now I don't need another one."

Ciara stares, "You can't just erase me Ella."

Ella smiles, "I sure as hell can. Trust me."

Ciara wipes a tear from her face.

Ella looks at her, "You walk out of here quietly or I will have security remove you and possibly have you thrown in jail. Your choice. But I don't suggest you go with the latter."

Ciara nods, "I'm going. But trust me, I am far from gone."

Ciara walks away.

A frustrated Ella watches her exit.


Paramount Studios:


Jonah is in the middle of a meeting.

One of the films producers sits at the desk.

Jonah is pacing, "This isn't right."

He sits back, "Jonah we told you there would be some changes made."

Jonah nods, "Yeah. I thought you meant character names, settings, minor lines, at worst I imagined changing the race of the characters."

He shakes his head, "Actually the studio likes that your lead characters aren't the white, blue-eyed characters you see in other movies. The title itself is no big deal."

Jonah scoffs, "No big deal? Living in Reverse is the title! Hands down."

He sighs, "The company has purchased your film and wants to change the title. Love Backwards is on the table right now. We already have a few ideas on how to incorporate it into the trailers."

Jonah stares, "This isn't a romantic comedy. The romance is only a part of his journey."

The producer sighs, "Eh, we need something we can package Jonah. Romantic comedies sell."

Jonah shakes his head, "So what? My film is going to be shaped into a typical romantic comedy. Why don't we just cast J.Lo as the female lead?"

He stares, "Jonah. Just be happy your film is getting made. You get to direct it, and you're getting paid. Isn't that all that matters?"

Jonah stares back at him.




People are enjoying meals at this LA restaurant.

David Breck is for some reason dressed as a valet in front.

His name tag says Chuck.

An older man parks his car in front of the restaurant.

His young girlfriend sits in the passenger seat.

He gets out as David opens the door.

The man drops the keys in his hand, "Don't scratch it or I'll rip your nuts off and mail them to your parents."

David stares at him through his sunglasses.

The girlfriend laughs.

The two walk into the restaurant.

David hops in the car and drives through the parking lot.

He quietly takes of in the car.

He takes his glasses off and throws them out.

David gets on his phone, "Hey. I'm on my way... yeah it's nice. I'll drop it by on my way home. But McKellan... I can't keep doing this it's too risky. Maybe it's time we-"

David is hung up on.

He scoffs, "Bastard."

David drives down the road.




Dr. Michael Mancini is at his desk in his office.

There is a knock at the door.

He hollers, "Come in."


Lauren walks in, "Dr. Mancini."

He looks up, "Yung. You still here?"

She nods, "I'm on my way out. Hopefully getting some sleep for a change."

Michael nods, "Just wait. Eventually you'll get to the point where you don't even need sleep anymore. It just becomes a pain when you try."

Lauren sighs, "I'm getting there sir."

Michael looks at her, "Something you want Yung? Or can I expect you to start chatting about the weather?"

She looks at him, "Well I wanted to know how you were doing. I know it's around the time of Vanessa's birthday... this must be hard for you."

Michael looks at her, "You know you're the first person to say anything to me."

She sighs, "She was your wife. I know she killed Sydney but I know Syd could provoke people. Anyway none of it changes the fact that you lost someone."

Michael stares, "I miss her everyday. I really thought that marriage would last, maybe it would have but we'll never know."

Lauren looks at him, "I know our relationship is professional but I want you to know that you can talk to me about things and it will always be confidential."

He looks at her, "You trying to kiss my ass Yung? Smart girl."

Lauren smiles, "Thank you."

He nods, "But that's enough for today. Get some rest."

She nods, "See you sir."

Lauren walks out.

She turns off her tape recorder she was hiding, "Damn."

Lauren walks away.

The sun goes down and night life is unleashed in LA


One of LA's hottest night clubs is packed.

The neighbors are all gathered together.

David has drinks brought over.

He puts his arm around Jonah, "You okay man?"

Jonah looks as Riley sits on Drew's lap.

Jonah nods, "I'm okay."

Tricia walks over, "These my neighbors?"

David smiles, "Nice to meet you. Welcome to Coal. I hope you enjoy it. My neighbors get the best treatment. Trust me."

Chase laughs, "Nice to welcome another newbie. It really is an awesome building."

Tricia nods, "Thanks."

David starts handing out shots.

Ella walks over, "Sorry I'm late. Where is the new neighbor?"

Tricia waves.

Ella talks through her smile, "Ah... sweats girl."

Tricia nods, "Nice to meet you Barbie."

Ella takes her shot.

David laughs, "We're waiting for everyone."

Ella nods, "Then you better give me another shot."

Lauren walks over, "Hey."

David kisses her, "You made it."

Lauren laughs, "Who needs sleep?"

David looks at her, "Work okay?"

She nods, "It was work."

She gestures to Riley and Drew letting them know she didn't get any information.

Tricia and Lauren shake hands.

David smiles, "Well Tricia welcome to LA. The land of young Hollywood, plastic, tan, and where women can wear bikini's all year round!"

Drew laughs, "Here here."

Riley nudges him.

Ella looks at Tricia, "Don't let that pressure you to dress more feminine."

Tricia smirks, "It won't."

The neighbors take their shots.

The night is filled with dancing, shots and partying.

Cabs arrive later to bring them home to Melrose Place.

Apartment 6:

Later that night.

Jonah arrives back at his apartment.

He stumbles inside.

Jonah looks around.

He can tell something is different but isn't sure what.

He then sees a glass of water on the table.

Jonah knows he hasn't made a glass of water all day.

He looks around at his empty apartment with confusion.

Apartment 7:

Drew and Riley walk inside.

Riley is laughing, "You're so drunk."

He shakes his head, "No, Babe that's you."

She looks at him, "We both drank."

He shakes his head, "Nah. I didn't drink too much. Once everyone else got drunk they hardly noticed that I was sober."

She stares, "Oh God. I'm so sorry... you're heart... Damn it."

He looks at her, "It's okay. I just need to be careful sometimes."

She looks at him, "Yes you do. Because I love you. I love everything about you."

She kisses him.

He smiles, "I love everything about you too."

She shakes her head, "No I love everything. I love your lips."

She kisses his lips and begins to work her way down.

Riley keeps kissing, "Your neck, your chest... your abs...."

Drew begins to smile, "You drive me crazy Riley Richmond.

She stands up, "You're the best guy in the whole world. Let me remind you of that."

Riley takes off her top.

She leads Drew into the bedroom.

She throws him down on the bed and begins taking his clothes off.

He laughs, "Slow down.

She looks at him with her drunk eyes, "Promise me you'll never leave..."

Drew sits up and kisses Riley.

The two lay down and undress.

A new day begins as LA wakes up to a sunny morning.


David is walking around.

The staff is cleaning up.

He looks around, "Sometimes I swear we might as well not clean it. No one can even tell at night and by morning the place is a mess again."

He hears footsteps behind him.


McKellan walks in, "Now you don't want health inspectors to hear that."

David turns, "Hey. What's up?"

David walks to his office.

McKellan follows, "Just checking on my man. I was impressed with your steal yesterday. I've been trying to get that ride for weeks."

David sighs, "I know what I'm doing."

McKellan nods, "That's why I can't lose you David. You're valuable."

David walks over, "That's it. I'm done. Find someone else to do your dirty work."

McKellan back hands him.

David's staff looks over.

McKellan looks at him, "Don't you ever disrespect me. You understand? Or you, and your little girlfriend will be as good as dead. You understand?"

McKellan walks away.

David holds his face as he walks into his office.


Ella walks into the building.

She stops when she sees Ciara chatting up the employees.

Ciara goes on about her night with Ella.

Ella walks over, "What are you doing here?"

Ciara stares, "See. She has anger issues, I'm telling you."

Ella grabs her by the arm.

Ciara smiles, "Ooh someone is rough."

Ella looks at her, "You stay the hell away from my work."

Ciara looks at her, "You can keep me away from the building. But you can't keep away from your career. I'll bad mouth you all over town. You'll be a laughing stock."

Ella stares, "What do you want?"

Ciara smiles, "What does anyone in LA want? Cash."

Ella grabs her checkbook, "You disgusting little bitch."

Ella writes out a check.

Ciara smirks.

Ella rips it out, "If I see you again... your life in LA will be over."

Ciara takes the check, "Goodbye Ella. Nice knowing you."

Ciara walks out of the building.

Ella storms off to her office.

Women's Correctional Facility:


Amanda Woodward is in line for the payphone.

Amanda gets on and calls a number.

She waits, "It's me... How do you think I am? Cut the small talk. How is the progress on Ella?... That's it? No that's not good enough. That girl crossed me and she needs to pay for it.... No you listen to me. You are not living in the same building as her so that you can hang out at the pool. I hired you to ruin Ella Simm's life. Don't forget what's at stake."


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