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Episode 2.01 "Sunset"




It's morning in West Hollywood.

The stores are filled.

Streets are busy.

And spirits seem high at 4616 Melrose Place.




Ella Simms lies in her pool chair next to her new roommate Chase floating beside her.

Ella sips her drink, "What did people do outside before pools?"

Chase sighs, "I don't know and I don't care."

Ella lifts up her sunglasses, "Obviously it wasn't to watch roommates hooking up a few feet away."


David and Lauren are holding each other and kissing in the pool.

Ella splashes water at them with her foot, "Hey! Take it inside."

David splashes her back, "Jealous?"

Ella laughs, "Jealous? Of what the fact that you took my best friend off to stole my roommate?"

Lauren smiles, "Aww El, you miss me?"

Ella sighs, "I did. Until I met Chase at the gym. He is by far the future of acting in Hollywood."

Chase nods, "I complimented her outfit and we became fast friends."

Ella nods, "Gay men have good taste."


Drew and Riley walk over holding hands.

Drew nods, "Hey straight men have good taste too. I for one have good taste in women."

Drew kisses Riley.

Ella rolls her eyes.

Chase smiles, "You are adorable."

Ella splashes him.

He looks at her, "What?"

She lays back in her chair.

David looks at Drew, "So how is the job search going? Post-ULA."

Drew sighs, "Uh. I'm taking it easy right now. Riley's been great."

David nods, "Well if you ever want a job at Coal just let me know."

Drew nods, "Thanks man."

Riley and Lauren stare at each other.

Drew turns away, "I forgot something in the apartment I'll be right back."

Riley follows him.

The neighbors proceed to enjoy the pool.

Apartment 7:

Riley and Drew walk back into their apartment.

Drew sighs, "I feel like such a loser."

Riley shakes her head, "Why?"

He scoffs, "Why? Maybe because I'm living off you right now. My medical career is over thanks to Michael Mancini. And I look like a pathetic excuse for a man."

Riley sighs, "If they knew you were sick-"

Drew shakes his head, "It would make me feel worse."

She takes his hands, "What happened to the guy I know? The guy who didn't give a damn what other people thought about him. The guy I fell in love with."

Drew smiles at her, "I know."

She kisses him, "I do love you Drew."

He grins, "I love you too. I was really hoping you'd just walk away when I told you I was dying. But you stood by me and I love you for that."

Riley stares, "I'm with you. You're everything to me."

The two hug.

He sighs, "You're everything to me too."

She sighs, "Just promise me that you aren't giving up."

He shakes his head, "Never. Never."

Riley wipes her tears, "Good. Because we are sticking to our plan remember?"

He nods, "The plan."

She sighs, "It's going to work. And then everything will start to fall into place."

Drew runs his fingers through her hair, "I just don't want you getting your hopes up-"

She moves his hand, "Well I am. Because I know you're going to get through this."

He looks down.

She nudges his head back up.

The two smile at each other.

She takes his hand, "Let's go back outside."

Riley and Drew stop in the doorway.

They see Jonah walking to the courtyard.




Jonah Miller walks up to the courtyard.

His neighbors all look at him.

Ella smirks, "Ladies and gentleman Jonah Miller."

Everyone applauds.

Jonah laughs, "Enough. Thank you."

David smiles, "How you been buddy? I was beginning to think you were never coming back."

Jonah scoffs, "You kidding me? I mean I loved the shooting process. I worked with and met some of the most amazing people you could imagine. But going to an empty hotel room? No. This is home."

Lauren grins, "Good to have you back Jonah."

Riley and Drew walk over holding hands.

Riley smiles, "Congratulations."

Jonah looks at her, "Hey Riles."

Drew nods, "Congrats Jonah. I can't wait for the movie to come out."

Jonah grins, "Well you are all coming to the premiere."

Ella nods, "Well I already knew that I was going. I am the woman that made this happen for you. So I expect a HUGE thank you in your acceptance speeches."

Jonah looks at her, "Of course El."

Ella sips her drink, "Oh. Let me introduce you to someone who will be starring in one of your future films I'm sure. Chase Matthews."

Jonah looks at him, "Nice to meet you. You're an actor?"

Chase nods, "Right now I'm a Daytime Hunk. But eventually I hope to move to film."

Ella grins, "As long as he sticks with me he'll be the next big star. And as long as he doesn't do anything to piss me off. He is my new roommate."

Jonah looks around, "Oh really?"

Lauren smiles, "Yep. I moved in with David."

Jonah grins, "Congratulations. That's great man!"

David looks at him as he gets out of the pool, "Thanks man. I'm the luckiest guy in the world."

David goes to dry off.

He looks at the missed calls.

Lauren looks over at him, "You okay?"

David sighs, "Uh I gotta get to Coal. But I'll text you later Babe. Welcome back Jonah."

David pats Jonah on the back as he heads up to his apartment.

Lauren looks at her neighbors, "Well I would love to stay in the pool all day. But I have rounds to get to."

Ella winces, "Ooh. Sorry Drew I imagine that's quite awkward for you to hear?"

Riley rolls her eyes, "Ella-"

Drew laughs it off.

Lauren dries off and leaves.


David walks inside.

The hostess greets him, "Hello Mr. Breck."

He smiles, "I know you're new. But you gotta get used to calling me David."

She smiles, "Sorry David. But Mr. McKellan is waiting for you at his usual table."

David nods, "Yes. Thank you."

David nervously walks over to the table.


Mr. McKellan smiles, "Breck."

David sits, "McKellan."

McKellan looks at him, "I don't like it when people don't return my calls soon enough. Think about that next time you leave your phone lying around."

David sighs, "I'm sorry okay."

McKellan slides a photo of a mansion to him.

David takes it.

McKellan stares at him, "That's the place. The painting your looking for isn't nearly as expensive as the last one but it's up there. I need it in 24 hours."

David scoffs, "Excuse me?"

He nods, "Oh you heard me."

David shakes his head, "No. My girlfriend worked hard to get the rest of the night off so that we could spend some quality time at home."

McKellan nods, "That's right. Your girlfriend. Dr. Lauren Yung. She stopped to get coffee on her way to work earlier. I'm surprised you haven't bought her a nicer car yet."

David stares at him.

McKellan stares, "Don't forget who you're talking to David."

David stands up, "24 hours. Consider it done."

David walks out.




Lauren walks down the hall of the hospital.

Dr. Michael Mancini walks past her.

She follows him, "Dr. Mancini."

He keeps walking, "Dr. Yung. Keeping busy I hope."

She nods, "Of course."

He looks at her, "Obviously you're not that busy if you have time to chit chat with me. You need to start organizing your priorities together or you'll never make it in this field."

She sighs, "Well one of them is worrying about my teacher."

He shakes his head, "I'm fine Yung."

She looks at him, "Are they investigating your heart valve?"

He stops.

Michael pulls her aside.

He looks around and then stares at her, "I am not in the mood to talk about that situation with you Dr. Yung. Especially after that little stunt you pulled."

She sighs, "I'm sorry Sir. That was a moment of weakness as I told you before."

He scoffs, "Yeah. I still don't buy it."

She sighs, "I bought into Dr. Pragin's lies. Obviously when he found out that his heart wasn't responding well to the valve he began making up excuses and pin pointing you."

Michael nods, "Couldn't have said it better myself."

She looks at him, "You have been very professional at work and I thank you for that."

He nods, "I'm a professional man, despite what you hear from Dr. Pragin or my son."

She sighs, "Of course. And if you need me to keep an eye on Drew as well as David I would be happy to. Anything to help you relax and do your job."

He looks at her, "Sure. I'll take you up on that."

Michael walks away.

Apartment 7:

Drew is in the shower.

Riley sits in her living room.

There is a knock at the door.

She walks over and answers the door.

Jonah stands outside, "Hey."

She smiles, "Hi. What's up?"

He nods, "Not much. Just got back from filming..."

She looks at him, "Yeah I know Jonah."

He shakes his head, "Yeah sorry I'm nervous."

She laughs, "Jonah. We lived together for years. You're one of my best friends. We used to be engaged. How can you be nervous around me?"

He sighs, "We haven't really talked since I came over and professed my love to you only to be turned down. Followed by me getting dumped by Ella."

Riley stares, "Did you really think Ella would stay with you after you tried to get back together with me?"

He shakes his head, "No. But I'm hoping Ella and I can still be friends just like I'm hoping you and I are still friends. Are we really?"

She nods, "Of course. I'm happy with Drew and I hope you can find happiness too."

Jonah nods, "Thanks. I really appreciate that Riles. And honestly I hope you're happy with this guy too."

She laughs, "Drew."

Jonah nods, "Yep. Drew. Dr. Drew."

She stares.

He sighs, "I gotta get to my place. Have a good day."

She nods, "Yeah you too."

Jonah walks away.

Riley shuts the door.



Ella sits in her glass office.

There is a knock at her door.

She looks and sees Chase.

She waves him in.

He walks in with coffee, "I thought I would surprise my favorite roommate."

Ella grins, "Ooh very nice. Lauren never surprised me at work like this. But then again doctors rarely had free time unlike struggling actors."

He scoffs, "I'm not struggling."

Ella looks at him, "Not for long. WPK is the best firm in LA."

He sits down.

She sits back in her chair, "Yep P and K are raving about what a great job I'm doing. It's just the big fat W I'm worried about. Amanda probably wants my head on a stick."

Chase sighs, "This Amanda sure sounds scary the way you talk about her."

Ella nods, "Well she was the reason I became a publicist. She was my mentor. Then what does she do? She turns out to be a criminal and tries to frame me."

He looks at her, "But you got the last laugh."

Ella grins, "I did. It was fun seeing her walked out of here in handcuffs, in front of all her employees I remind you. That earned me some respect around here."

Chase nods, "But..."

She sighs, "Amanda declared war on me. And I know her history... if she gets out then I'm screwed. There is no way I can hold onto the company and handle the wrath of Amanda Woodward."

Chase jumps up, "Well tonight I'm going to be a good gay roommate and drag you to a gay club."

She shakes her head, "I don't know Chase I need to get to the gym-"

He stops her, "No. I won't take no for an answer."

She grins, "Ooh I taught you well. You sure you're not a little bi?"

He smirks, "Not even a little."

She sighs, "Oh well."

He looks at her, "There is this great one on Sunset. We'll stop there after work."

Chase leaves.

Ella sits up in her chair and gets back to work.

Apartment 6:

Jonah is in his apartment getting settled back in.

He starts to notice some of his stuff has been moved around.

He gets suspicious.

Jonah begins looking to see if anything is missing.

Everything seems to be in place.

Jonah's phone rings.

He answers, "Jonah Miller-.... what? Oh come on the studio can't keep making changes... I don't care what the... Okay fine. Just call me later and let me know what's up? Okay? Thanks."

Jonah hangs up.

He plops down on the couch.

LA begins to get dark as the night sets in.

Apartment 7:

Riley is sitting on the couch.

Drew walks over to her shirtless.

She looks at him, "Don't you need to get dressed eventually?"

He laughs, "I figured I'd do you a favor and put it off a bit."

She laughs.

Drew walks over and leans down.

The two begin to kiss.

She starts to undo his belt.

There is a knock on the door.

He rolls his eyes, "Way to block."

Riley laughs, "Be right back."

Drew sits on the couch.

Riley answers the door.

Lauren walks in.

Riley smiles, "Hey Laur. How was work?"

Lauren nods, "Good. Dr. Mancini is trusting me now. He thinks I've sold you down the river and I promised to fill him in on everything you guys are up to now."

Drew looks at her, "That's awesome."

Lauren sighs, "Unfortunately that still doesn't mean I'm going to get enough information anytime soon. I mean it'll take forever to get confessions about the heart valve."

Drew looks at her, "Listen that heart valve is leaking toxic chemicals. People like me are getting it and not knowing the risks. I don't want them to end up like me on their death-"

Drew turns away.

Riley rubs his back, "You aren't going to die Drew. We are going to get proof and once we do we can help find a way to reverse the damage."

He nods, "Yeah maybe."

Lauren sighs, "I'm not giving up. I just hate lying to David. After he quit stealing and I quit... my situation, we promised that we would have no more secrets."

Lauren looks at her two friends.

Beverly Hills Mansion:

The residents have left for the evening.

David walks up the street.

His car is parked down the block.

He walks up to the security system.

He types in the code he bought off from the maids.

David gets past the security system with ease.

He walks in and shines his flashlight around.

His phone vibrates.

David sighs.

He answers with frustration, "What? You know I can't do a very good job of not getting caught if you're hassling me every second I make a move in this place... I'll call you when I get out."

David hangs up the phone.

He wipes the sweat off his forehead.

He shines his light and sees the painting across the room.

He walks over to it.

David shakes his head.

He grabs his knife from his pocket.

David cuts the painting from the frame.

He quickly makes his escape.



Chase and Ella walks into one of LA's hottest gay night clubs.

Chase smiles, "See. I told you."

Ella looks around, "I don't know. I gotta say watching strong men dance around in speedos is a treat. But I feel like I'm cheating on Coal."

Chase laughs, "We always go to Coal."

Ella nods, "I know. I'm just saying maybe David could change his scenery a bit."

Chase laughs.

The two grab drinks.

A cute guy dancing waves at Chase.

Chase grins, "I'll be right back."

Ella scoffs, "No you won't."

He looks at her, "Come on. Have fun. Do something I wouldn't expect. I feel like I know everything about you."

She shakes her head, "Not everything."

Chase walks away.


A woman approaches Ella, "Hi."

Ella smiles, "Hi."

She nods, "I'm Ciara."

Ella looks at her, "Ella."

Ciara grins, "Have I seen you before?"

Ella smirks, "I used to hang around these kind of bars a lot when I first came to LA. But it's been a while."

Ella takes a shot.

Ciara smiles, "Well maybe we can go talk and you can tell me all about it?"

Ella nods, "Okay. But just so you know I'm not in the mood to talk."

Ella takes Ciara's hand and the two walk away together.

Apartment 9:

David walks into his apartment.

He carries the painting and walks towards the closet.

He takes off his gloves.

The door opens.

David turns.

Lauren walks in, "Hey. When did you sneak in?"

He stares, "Sneak?"

She laughs, "I didn't even see you go across the courtyard."

He looks at her, "You were here?"

She nods, "Yeah I was in Drew and Riley's. Why?"

He shakes his head, "I just didn't expect to you to get off this early."

She grins, "Well I did. How was your day?"

He walks towards her, "Hell. But it's a lot better now."

He puts his arms around her.

The two kiss.

She smiles, "Well we can't have too much fun yet. We are all going out to the courtyard for drinks. We are celebrating Jonah's homecoming."

David grins, "Well let everyone else wait a minute."

The two continue kissing.


Jonah stands by the bar with Drew and Riley.

The three are waiting alone.

He looks around, "This isn't too awkward."

Drew and Riley awkwardly laugh as they look around.

David and Lauren walk out.

The three turn and holler, "Hey!"

Lauren smiles, "Sorry."

Riley shakes her head, "Just come on down."

Lauren and David walk downstairs and head over to the bar with their neighbors.

The 5 of them all stand together.

Jonah starts pouring drinks.

A tipsy Chase and Ella stumble into the courtyard.

Chase laughs, "Come on. Where were you that whole time?"

Ella laughs, "None of your business. Nosy."

Jonah looks over, "Hey! You two. Join in."

They walk over.

Chase helps pour the drinks.

Jonah looks at Ella, "Hey. I hope you aren't still upset with me. I know I deserve it. But-"

She shakes her head, "Please. Don't flatter yourself Jonah. You aren't that hard to get over."

She pats him on the back.

He nods, "Thanks."

Ella laughs, "Well no offense. But I'm Ella Simms. I could have anyone I want."

Jonah grins, "Nice to see that you're confidence is still high."

She nods, "I'm on top of the world Jonah. Why wouldn't it be?"

Women's Correctional Facility:


Amanda Woodward sits with her attorney.

He looks at her, "Ms. Woodward I assure you, we are doing everything we can to get you out of here as soon as possible. Just please be patient."

Amanda shakes her head, "I shouldn't be here in the first place. You're lucky I haven't fired you yet."

He sighs, "Amanda please-"

She sits up, "Quite frankly I'm appalled by this entire situation. I have been here long enough, I'm paying you a great deal of money to let me get back to my life."

He shakes his head, "Money can't buy everything."

She nods, "Oh yes it can. If you can't make it happen I'll find someone who will."

He looks at her, "I know it's tough to let go of everything-"

She scoffs, "Let go of everything? Please. Everything is still in my control, including that little twit that got me into this situation in the first place. Ella Simms and that entire apartment complex are in the palm of my hand and they do not even realize it yet."


The seven neighbors stand together.

David makes a toast, "To Jonah. In the city where everyone wants to make their dreams come to true, it is awesome to see someone so worthy make it happen."

Jonah shakes his head, "I want to make another toast, to everyone here at Melrose Place. Like a lot of people in LA we gave up our families to come here to make our dreams come true. And I think it's awesome to have neighbors that become your family. Each one of you is special to me. Even you Drew."

Everyone laughs.

Drew smiles.

Jonah nods, "But seriously, we've all had our share of drama but it's nice to know that we're all past it and can go on to have normal happy lives. To Melrose Place."

They all toast.

Drew kisses Riley.

David kisses Lauren.

Ella scoffs, "Well this place is getting coupled out. So Chase is going to rub my feet while I take a bath."

Chase laughs as he follows Ella back to their apartment.

Lauren looks at David, "That's sounds nice."

David picks her up, "I have something better in mind for you."

David carries Lauren back to their apartment upstairs.

Riley hollers, "Be careful."

Drew and Riley head back to their apartment.

She looks at Jonah, "Goodnight Jonah."

He grins, "Goodnight Riley."

Jonah walks back to his apartment.

The neighbors are unaware that they are being watched.

Someone walks around the pool and over to the bar.

They knock all of the bottles to the floor.

The glass shatters everywhere.


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