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Get Ready



After a very long hiatus, Varied Lives will be returning to SON and SONOP.

"November is going to be a good month for Varied Lives and the stories are going to make up for the long hiatus." says the head writer.

So what can we expect to see? The head writer didn't drop many hints, other than that some characters that have been on the back burner will be moving to the front. "We'll be seeing some new character interactions, new friendships and of course, new rivalries."

And same as last year, Varied Lives will have a Thanksgiving Special that is a can't miss for viewers. Head Writer Phillip Connelly says, "This year, the special is going to be very character driven, but stories will be progressing greatly."

Varied Lives returns later on today. Get Ready.


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What up can we get some Varied Lives jumping off?

I have decided to get Varied Lives back on track. I have to make some adjustments to story because of the long hiatus, but it will still have the same tone.

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