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Episode 153



Secrets unravel in Springfield....


Ava walks inside with Emma and HB.
She sits the baby down, "Now this isn't our home. This is temporary. I have someone who is getting us a big house on an island. This place is only a little place to get ready for our trip."
Emma looks around, "Where are we going?"
Ava smiles, "It's going to be a big surprise sweetheart."
Emma sits on the bed, "Ava I think that if you told Mom and Dad you were sorry that they would forgive you."
Ava shakes her head, "They would just find other ways to keep my son away from me forever."
Emma looks at her, "Why do they want to do that?"
Ava sighs, "Because they are evil and sick."
Emma shakes her head, "They have never seemed that way."
Ava sighs, "Oh sweetie. You are so innocent. But Mom and your Dad hurt me. They broke my heart. So now I have to teach them a lesson. Like when they teach you lesson's. It's for their own good."
Emma nods, "Okay."
Ava turns to the baby, "Someone needs a diaper change."
As Ava is turned Emma sends a very quick text message.


Aubrey stands in front of Liz and Jonathan.
She talks very calm, "Okay. You caught me. I could never get this past you Jonathan. I had Sarah kidnapped."
Jonathan is in shock, "Why? Why the hell would you do something like that? Aubrey!"
She sighs, "I just needed you to see that Liz is a negligent parent. She is not a good mother. We need to get her out of the picture."
Liz scoffs, "You are a psychopath."
Aubrey sighs, "I feel sorry for you Liz. I really do. Jonathan and I are in love. He'd never leave me for you."
Liz shakes her head, "This is not about us! Or Jonathan! It's about Sarah! Why the hell did you do that?!!"
Aubrey takes a deep breathe, "It's not as bad as it sounds. She was fine. She had food and toys. It was like a little vacation."
Jonathan is furious, "What the hell is wrong with you! You sick and twisted bitch!"
Aubrey is shocked, "Jonathan what has gotten into you?"
Liz stares, "I can't believe you."
Aubrey turns to her, "What?"
Liz is in shock, "The thing that scares me the most is that you act like it's not a big deal."
Aubrey nods, "You are afraid of me. That's understandable. You should be."
Jonathan and Liz are horrified to see the psycho that Aubrey really is.

Alan and Natalia's:

Rafe is in his bedroom.
He is going through the ransom money.
He laughs, "This was totally worth it!"
He hears footsteps.
Rafe hides everything under blankets.
Natalia knocks on the door, "Can I come in sweetheart."
Rafe opens the door, "Come on in Mom. What's up?"
Natalia walks in, "Your room looks..."
He nods, "I'm gonna clean it up eventually."
She laughs, "That's fine. I'm back from work. I'm sorry I've been working so much. I'm practically running the Beacon by myself because Olivia has so much going on with Ava."
Rafe nods, "That's fine. It's your job. I'm happy for you."
She hugs him, "I'm so glad I got a good kid like you. Olivia told me about Ava. She just seems so lost. The horrible things she is doing. I realize how lucky I am."
Rafe sighs, "Ma!"
She smiles, "I'm serious. I know we had a rough time but now you are helping out at Spaulding business. You are really doing a good job. I'm very proud of you Rafe."
Rafe feels guilty, "Mom maybe you shouldn't be so proud of me."
Natalia is confused.

Reva Bend:

Reva sits inside after Chandler left.
Roxie walks in, "I'm home!"
Reva smiles, "Hey!"
Roxie walks over, "Hey Sis. What are you looking at?"
Reva holds up a photo album, "Just going down memory lane. Some old stuff from when Marah and Shayne were younger."
Roxie walks over, "I want to see. I love being filled in on all that I missed with those two."
Reva sighs, "Well I missed a lot two. But this is when they were a little older. Marah was always involved at school."
Roxie smiles, "Wow she is so beautiful. She is totally a Shayne woman. You can tell."
Reva nods, "Here's my Shayne. A lot of baseball stuff."
Roxie nods, "I remember you told me he played baseball when he was younger. He was good?"
Reva nods, "Oh he was great! I mean the best on the team and I'm not just saying that. No he had scouts hunting him. But after the accident he put baseball aside and went into the peace corps."
Roxie smiles, "You got some kids there."
Reva nods, "Well they get that from their Daddy."
Roxie smiles, "Let's look at that page!"
Reva turns to her, "What?"
Roxie shoves her, "I want to see all the sexy men in your life that I missed out on!"
The two sisters laugh.

Emma hides her cellphone.
Ava walks over, "You okay honey?"
Emma nods, "Yeah I'm just excited for our trip."
Ava smiles, "That's the spirit."
There is a knock at the door.
Ava peaks before she answers.
She opens the door.
The two thugs bring Michelle in.
Emma gasps, "Michelle!"
Michelle's face is bruised.
They throw her on the bed.
One turns to Ava, "Here's the chick Ms. Winslow. We got her."
Ava hands them an envelope, "Well I guess this is goodbye. I'll leave her here after I'm gone. Someone will find her eventually."
Ava locks them all in and walks the men to their car.
Emma runs to Michelle and ungags her, "Michelle!"
Michelle looks up, "Emma. You need to take the baby and get out of here."
Emma cries, "What about you?"
Michelle shakes her head, "Don't worry about me. Just save the baby and yourself. Please."
Suddenly the door flies open.
Bill runs in, "Michelle! Oh my God! Emma! HB! Thank God!"
He begins to untie Michelle.
Ava walks in, "I don't think so Bill."
Ava is pointing a gun at them.

Jonathan steps between the two women.
Jonathan looks at Aubrey, "Don't go after Liz. Liz has nothing to do with this. If you are mad at me then take it out on me. You don't do anything to Liz or Sarah."
Aubrey looks at Liz, "You are no different then me. I know what you did. You hurt Sarah, Tammy, and Jonathan. Tammy is dead."
Liz shakes her head, "You didn't even know Tammy. You have no right to throw that in my face."
Aubrey smiles, "Everyone hates you. Everyone loves me. Marah, Cassie, Marina. Even Reva loves me. No one trusts you. You are a Spaulding. Everyone hates the Spauldings."
Liz shouts, "Yeah! I am a Spaulding! So you have no idea how many ways I am thinking of that I can make you pay!"
Jonathan stays between them, "Stop! We need to stop this right now! This all has gone to far!"
Aubrey cries, "Jonathan will never love you! I am Sarah's mother! I raised her. Now I'm carrying another child for him. And we will be a happy family and you will be in the trash where you belong!"
Liz shouts, "You are a monster!"
Sarah walks over, "Daddy! What's wrong?'
The three of them all turn to her.


Reva Bend:
Reva is going through her shelf.
Roxie is waiting, "Come on! I want to see the men from your past!"
Reva smiles, "It's just funny. Chandler mentioned something similar. He was here earlier. He left town today."
Roxie sighs, "Awe. That's a shame. I liked him. I actually thought you two would hook up."
Reva nods, "I did too but I don't know it just never happened."
Reva brings a photo album over.
Roxie grins, "I'm excited. I hope there are some hotties in this one. Only the best for my big sis."
Reva smiles, "Well let's see. Here is me when I was married to Buzz."
Roxie turns, "You were married to Buzz? Buzz from Company?"
Reva nods, "Yeah. Even I forget sometimes. It wasn't the longest marriage but he's a good guy."
Roxie flips through, "Is that Jeffrey?"
Reva looks down, "No. That is Richard. Jonathan's father. They look identical. It's a long story."
Roxie nods, "That is crazy. He is very handsome though," Roxie flips through but stops on one page, "Who is this guy?"
Reva smiles, "That is Noah. A Doctor I dated a while ago. I really loved him. Josh was married to Olivia at the time."
Roxie nods, "And it all comes back to him. I have a feeling one day you and Josh will be reunited."
Reva sighs, "I guess only time will tell."
Roxie and Reva continue to flip through the albums.

Ava holds Bill and Michelle at gunpoint.
Bill sighs, "Ava you put the gun down!"
Ava shakes her head, "Oh Bill. Why did you come here? All you had to do was stay at home. I would have left Michelle here. You could have got to her later if you were patient."
Bill sighs, "What about my children."
Ava smiles, "You obviously love her more than them. Why would you care about them as long as you had her."
Bill stands up, "I love my children. I will not let you take them away from me."
She gets angry, "No! You want to take my baby from me! So I am taking both away from you!"
Michelle finishes untying herself.
Still holding the gun, Ava picks up HB, "I'm not leaving without my baby boy. Come on Emma."
Emma shakes her head, "Please Ava!"
Michelle takes Emma's hand, "It's okay."
Bill walks towards Ava, "Ava put the gun down," he talks to Michelle, "Michelle take Emma and leave. Now!"
Michelle slowly walks out with Emma.
Ava shouts, "Get back here!"
Bill grabs her.
The two struggle.
Bill is able to safely get HB away from her.
Ava turns her gun to his temple.
Olivia walks into the motel room, "That's enough Ava. This has gone way to far."

Sarah stares at her parents.
Liz and Aubrey are both standing in front of her.
Jonathan walks over to Sarah, "Hey Sarah baby. Did we wake you up?"
Sarah nods,
Jonathan picks her up, "Well let's get you back in bed. Everything is fine over here."
Jonathan looks at Aubrey, "Don't go anywhere."
Jonathan takes Sarah back to her room.
Aubrey sighs, "I'm gonna make her some warm milk. It helps her fall asleep sometimes."
Liz follows her, "No! You don't get to do that. Just walk over and go into the fridge like nothing happened. Aubrey you had her kidnapped this whole time. You were guilting me. The whole time you were the one who kidnapped her. You were treating her like an animal."
Aubrey sighs, "Liz you are just so overdramatic. You don't even know Sarah that well. I'm her real mother."
Liz slaps her, "You don't get to say that. Not anymore. Not after we find out what a sick person you really are."
Aubrey turns to her, "Did you just hit me?"
Liz nods, "Yeah. You deserve it."
Aubrey turns around, "I can't believe you had the nerve to smack me. You are such a bitch."
Aubrey opens up the drawer and pulls out a huge knife.
Liz backs up, "Aubrey..."
Aubrey grins, "You are going to be so sorry."
Liz stares in shock.

Alan and Natalia's:
Rafe and Natalia are in his room.
She stands up, "What is going on Rafe?"
Rafe sighs, "It's just.... I'm not perfect. I never have been and I never will be."
Natalia smiles, "I never said you were. But you are my son and I love you no matter what."
He turns to her, "Do you mean that?"
She nods, "Of course."
He sighs, "No matter what? Even if I did something unforgivable? I mean something..."
The baby starts crying.
Natalia gets up, "I have to check on him. I'll be right back sweetheart okay?"
Natalia steps out.
Rafe shuts the door.
He starts to go through the stuff he grabbed from the old cabin.
He picks up a bag he found.
Rafe opens it up to find a video camera inside.
He smiles, "Nice! I could totally pawn this!"
Rafe sees that a tape is inside and plays it.
Rafe is shocked when he recognizes who is on the tape.
Susan is talking into the camera about her drug use.
Rafe has no idea that this is the camera Susan used that night she spent in the cabin with his father Gus.

Olivia steps between Bill and Ava.
Bill backs up with Baby HB.
Olivia rips the gun out of Ava's hands, "That is enough."
Bill sighs, "What is this? Is Edmund on his way?"
Olivia shakes her head, "No! I don't know where Edmund is but he's not here."
Ava runs towards Bill, "Edmund is no his way!"
Olivia grabs her, "No! Stop it!"
Ava turns to her, "I'm sorry for yelling at you. But Olivia I forgive you. Help me get HB. We can take him and Emma. We can be free of everyone in Springfield. We'll be fine!"
Olivia shakes her head, "I'm sorry Ava but that won't happen."
Ava tries to get past but Olivia won't let go of her.
Bill looks at Olivia, "What is this?"
Olivia sighs, "I finally understand."
Ava shouts, "Understand what?"
Olivia turns to her, "You have been sick for a long time. You had Emma kidnapped two years ago! You had Marah kidnapped! Now this! And now you are working with Edmund. The Prince of Darkness! Ava what are you thinking!"
Ava cries, "I just want my baby!"
Bill sighs, "Olivia are you sure."
Olivia nods, "I am doing this for Ava. I'm doing this for her by saving my baby by helping save her baby!"
Ava screams, "No! You can't do this!"
Olivia wrestles her to the floor.
Olivia turns to Bill, "Run! Emma and Michelle are waiting outside! The police are on their way!"
Olivia holding Ava on the floor.
Ava cries, "NO!!!"
Olivia whispers to her, "Ava I've done two good things for you as a mother. The first was giving you to a better family. The second is helping you do the same!"
Bill walks out with HB.
Ava claws and screams at them but a sobbing Olivia won't let her out of her arms.

Aubrey is holding a knife to Liz's throat.
Aubrey grins, "Oh Liz. I've wanted to do this for the longest time. The longest time. God do I hate you."
Liz shakes her head, "Aubrey... don't do something that you are going to regret."
Aubrey stares, "I love Sarah and I had her kidnapped. Just imagine what I could do to you. You ignorant little whore!"
Aubrey tries to stab her.
Jonathan grabs the knife, "No!"
Aubrey turns, "Jonathan... she attacked me! She... I had to defend myself against Liz."
Jonathan shakes his head, "Aubrey you are sick. You need help."
Aubrey rubs her stomach, "Jonathan I am pregnant. I'm carrying your child and this is how you treat me?"
Jonathan nods, "Exactly! You are pregnant! Your due date is coming up. You are putting the baby in danger every time you do these crazy stunts."
Aubrey nods, "Well then this is going to really bother you. Because until you are ready to get rid of this slut... you'll never see me or our baby."
Aubrey runs out the front door.
Jonathan chases after her.
But once he gets outside it is far to dark.
Suddenly they see the car lights go on.
Before Liz is even out the door with him Aubrey is driving off.

Marina returns home
Jonathan and Liz worry about Aubrey
Olivia, Bill, and Michelle get bad news
Harley asks Susan about Gus
Vi finally confesses to Coop!


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Okay now. Wow, Aubry did like a 180 from the novel. I mean, damn her father was like a total nut job in Jonathan's Story and she is like the fruit cake now!

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I really hope you don't write Reva/KZ off. My favorite of all so I'd hate to see her gone from this as reading through all of it there hasn't been much for her. I say bring Kyle back for her and have him for the first time really around Josh and see what his reaction would be to Ryle back together.
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Thanks for reading!

Yeah, Aubrey. The Apple doesn't fall to far from the tree. A lot of this comes from her father. But prepare yourself because Aubrey isn't done yet!!!

As of now Reva is staying on FTL! We have a huge story planned. I can't say who but an ex of Reva's will return for her. And we will see a lot more of her. She has a huge role in Jonathan's exit which leads into her next story.

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