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Episode 154



Lines are crossed in Springfield.....


Police are all over the property.
Liz and Jonathan are in the living room.
Their parents are present.
Remy walks over, "We have people out searching for Aubrey. We are looking all over Springfield."
Beth is confused, "I don't understand. The woman is pregnant, she can give birth at any time. Why are you having such a difficult time finding her in her condition?"
Remy sighs, "Well our guess is that once she got out of here she found a place to lay low. I can't imagine where. Do you have any ideas?"
Reva turns to Jonathan, "You guys moved to Springfield last year but has she really made any friends?"
Jonathan shakes his head, "No. I mean she was friends with Marah but she wouldn't help her. And Marina..."
Remy nods, "Marina's out of town. She probably has no idea that any of this is going on. So I guess that rules her out."
Liz sighs, "Aubrey can't get away with this."
Phillip hugs Liz, "Don't worry honey. The police will find Aubrey."
Jonathan nods, "Let's just hope they find her before she does something even worse."
Remy walks out to talk with the rest of the police.

Marina's House:

Marina pulls into the driveway.
David and Lucy have been house sitting, their cars are gone.
They are out for the night.
Marina walks inside of her house.
She flips on the lights and is startled.
Aubrey is in her living room.
Marina gasps, "Oh my God. What are you doing here? How did you get in?"
Aubrey sighs, "Your back door wasn't locked. I just thought that you were here."
Marina shakes her head, "I've been out of town. Lucy and David are watching my house. I just got back."
Aubrey nods, "Oh. So you talked to anyone yet?"
Marina sighs, "No. I am laying low. I'll get caught up on everything tomorrow. I'm not feeling well."
Aubrey is relieved to see that Marina knows nothing about the kidnapping.
Aubrey looks at her, "Are you okay?"
Marina shakes her head, "I am having some contractions. But I think they are braxton hicks. It's nothing serious."
Aubrey sits her down, "Well let's relax. We don't to hurt my baby now do we?"
Marina is confused, "What?"
Aubrey turns to her, "We don't want to hurt your baby. So I'm going to go get you a glass of water."
Marina rests on the sofa completely unaware of the psycho who is in her house.

Country Club:

Springfield High is having their Prom.
All of the kids are dancing.
Maureen walks over to see Vi standing against the wall.
Maureen walks to her, "Vi I really wish you had brought a date. You look lonely by yourself."
Vi sighs, "Just because I can't dance with him doesn't mean he isn't my date. Mind your own business."
Maureen sighs, "Vi, Mr. Bradshaw is a chaperone. And he is not here to be your date. He has no idea about this crush you have on him."
Vi turns to her, "I feel bad for you. We are about to graduate and that means that I will prove you wrong. Because then Mr. Bradshaw and I can be together for the rest of our lives."
Maureen is worried, "What are you going to do?"
Vi smiles, "I got a hotel room at Towers."
Maureen gasps, "You really think Mr. Bradshaw is going to sleep with you after the prom? You are insane."
Across the room Coop steps out into the hallway.
Vi looks at Maureen, "Excuse me. But I have to go let him know how I feel. Tonight is the night."
Maureen grabs her arm, "Vi, no. Please don't."
Vi pulls away, "Leave me alone. I'm going to see my man. You'll see by the end of the night I will be in his arms."
Maureen watches Vi walk out of the room.
Vi's goes to the hall but stops.
Coop is talking with Stephanie.
Coop grins, "Are you here to see your niece?"
Stephanie shakes her head, "No. I thought I might check and see how you are doing."
He smiles, "Well I am bored. You know just a bunch of immature kids acting all cool and more grown up than they really are. But everything is a lot better now that you are here."
Coop kisses Stephanie.
A heartbroken Vi stares as her blood boils.

Police Station:

Olivia, Bill and Michelle sit and wait.
Gus is interrogating Edmund.
Michelle sighs, "I hope they put that son of a bitch in handcuffs and drag him off to prison."
Bill nods, "Well they have to. There is no way that Edmund could get out of this one right?"
Olivia looks down.
Michelle turns to her, "What?"
Olivia sighs, "It's just... Edmund is a smart man. He always seems to get out of things. I'm just not getting my hopes up."
Bill shakes his head, "Olivia. Come on. The man hired those goons to kidnap Michelle. He helped Ava do all of those crazy things. There is no way he can get away with it."
The door opens up.
To their surprise Edmund walks out with a smile on his face.
Edmund looks at Bill and Michelle, "Well I'm done here. I hope you to enjoy your happy life for now. It won't be that way for long," he turns to Olivia, "As for you... I'll talk to you soon Olivia."
Edmund walks past them.
Bill looks at Gus, "What the hell? Why is he leaving?"
Gus sighs, "We don't have anything on Edmund."
Michelle is confused, "What are you saying?"
Gus looks at all of them, "I'm sorry but as of this moment. Edmund Winslow is still a free man."
The three of them stare in horror.

Harley's House:

Harley is cleaning up in the kitchen.
Susan walks downstairs, "Hey I didn't know you were here. When did you get home?"
Harley turns to her, "Oh I just got here. I had to pick up Zach and Jude from baseball practice. I have to get back to the station soon though. I'm just cleaning up before I leave."
Susan sits at the table, "So where has Cyrus been? It's like he doesn't even live here anymore."
Harley sighs, "That's because he doesn't really live here anymore honey. Cyrus moved out."
Susan is confused, "What? He moved out? When did this happen?"
Harley sighs, "Well he got a room at the Beacon for a little while. And I'm still not ready for him to come back."
Susan shakes her head, "Mom come on. You and Cyrus are really good together. He makes you really happy."
Harley nods, "Cyrus is great. I mean he taught me to have fun again but... I don't know sometimes I wonder."
Susan looks at her, "Wonder about what?"
Harley smiles, "I wonder about whether I should try and start things up again... with Gus."
Susan is alarmed by these words.

Marina's House:
The thunder outside is getting louder.
Marina sits on her couch.
There is a picture of Danny on the side table.
She picks it up, "Oh Danny. God I miss you. If you were here you'd be able to comfort me."
Marina has a really strange feeling.
Is Danny trying to warn her about something.
She smiles at the picture, "I wanted to tell you I got a sonogram again. It's a boy. We are having a boy. And I picked out the perfect name for him. Daniel. My little Daniel."
Suddenly a huge sound of thunder startles her.
Marina tries to get up, "Aubrey where did you go-"
Marina gets a sharp pain.
She begins to stand, "Ow. No. I can't have the baby now I... Ah!"
She collapses.
Marina's water breaks.
Marina shouts, "Aubrey! I need you! The baby is coming now!"
Aubrey walks in from the other room.
She is holding the sonogram photo she found in Marina's bag.


Police Station:
Bill and Michelle are confused by Gus.
Gus sighs, "I'm sorry I wish I had better news for you."
Bill shakes his head, "This doesn't make sense Gus! Edmund convinced Ava to do all of those things. He helped her. He was involved in all of it. If she is locked up then why isn't he?"
Gus sighs, "Because we have no evidence. Ava has said that Edmund had nothing to do with any of it. She came up with it all on her own. And she left the hospital on her own accords."
Olivia sighs, "I knew it. That manipulative bastard."
Bill is angry, "There is no way that Ava could have done all of that all on her own! You know that Gus!"
Gus nods, "Bill I'm not giving up. I'm going to keep looking for evidence. But right now I have nothing to hold him on."
Michelle turns to Bill, "We have to get home to the kids."
Bill nods, "Your right let's go."
The two leave the station.
Olivia walks over to Gus, "Thank you for all you tried to do. I know you did your best. It's great to see you back at work."
Gus nods, "I'm clean now."
She smiles, "I'm very proud of you. You are really clean. No more pills. But there is something. I don't know what."
Gus backs up, "What?"
Olivia shakes her head, "Not drugs. But something is making you... I don't know but you seem very... There is something different. What is it?"
Gus sighs, "Nothing. I just have other things going on right now."
Gus is thinking about Susan.

Harley's House:
Susan and Harley are in the kitchen.
Susan looks at her, "So you think it would be a good idea to get back together with Gus?"
Harley smiles, "Don't you think it would be nice? Having Gus back in our lives again?"
Susan stares, "How long have you been thinking about this?"
Harley sighs, "After the whole Belinda thing, I just kept trying to work up the courage to call him and ask him to meet me somewhere and talk. I really think he would be up for it. And now that we are working together again. It makes sense."
Susan gets up, "Well you know he has been hanging out with Olivia a lot more lately. I thought maybe they were together."
Harley shakes her head, "No. I think they are friends. Gus doesn't go for the bad girls."
Susan sighs, "Don't be so sure."
Harley looks at her, "What does that mean?"
Susan turns away, "Nothing. I just... I don't think you and Gus should get back together."
Harley sighs, "Gus is the love of my life."
Susan nods, "I know. But you and Gus have changed. And I just think it would cause to much false hope for the kids."
Harley sighs, "You are probably right."
Susan feels bad, but she isn't about to give up on whatever it is she has with Gus.

Marina's House:
Marina rolling around in pain.
Aubrey slowly walks over.
Marina looks up, "Help me! Call 911! I need an ambulance to take me to the hospital."
Aubrey smiles, "This is to perfect. Our baby is about to be born right here right now."
Marina cries, "Oh God! We are running out of time!"
Aubrey gets down, "I took some classes a long time ago on birthing. And you are a cop so you should be trained. We can do this Marina. Don't you worry. We'll get my baby out just fine."
Marina is confused, "What are you talking about?... Ow!!"
Aubrey is getting her ready, "Wow this is happening fast Marina. You are dilated a lot already."
Marina cries, "No! Stop! I need a doctor please!"
Aubrey has a first aid kit she had grabbed from the other room, "I think we have everything we need. This should work out fine."
Marina screams, "Oh God! No!"
Aubrey begins to deliver Marina's baby.

Reva is with Jonathan.
She shakes her head, "I still can't believe this. Aubrey? She seemed like such a sweet girl."
Jonathan nods, "I was so stupid. This whole time she has been acting nuts but I thought it was just the pregnancy. Now she is out there carrying my child and I don't know what to do."
Reva hugs him, "We're gonna fix things. Okay? We just have to keep out faith and trust that Remy will find Aubrey before something worse happens."
Remy is in the other room.
Liz walks over, "Hey Remy. I never got a chance to really thank you for bringing Sarah home for me."
He nods, "It's my job."
She sighs, "I guess I just... I mean you never liked me. And you really never liked Jonathan. But you did everything you could and you found out daughter for us."
Remy nods, "Well don't flatter yourself. I didn't do it for you. I did it for Tammy. She died for Sarah. It was the least I could do to honor her memory. Sarah was her daughter too."
Liz sighs, "I know. Thank you Remy. I-"
He turns away, "I got to get back to work."
Remy walks outside.
Liz goes back to her family.

Country Club:
Vi watches in anger.
Coop and Stephanie are kissing.
Stephanie smiles at him, "So how long do you have to be here?"
Coop grins, "Well the dance is almost over. I'll be done soon. I can meet you back at the apartment."
Stephanie sighs, "Actually I was thinking that since Towers is still open we could go get a bite to eat."
He nods, "That sounds nice. How about I meet you there?"
She smiles, "I'll see you there."
Stephanie walks away.
Vi walks over to Coop in tears, "How could you?"
Coop turns, "Vi? What's wrong?"
Vi stares, "How long has this been going on? How long have you been having an affair with my Aunt Stephanie?"
He is confused, "An affair? What are you talking about Vi?"
She cries, "Just go! You are such a bastard!"
He walks towards her, "What is wrong?"
She is upset, "You really don't know? How could you not know? Are you that blind?"
Coop puts his arm on her shoulder, "Just tell me what is wrong Vi? What is going on?"
Vi shouts, "I'm in love with you!"
Coop backs away in shock.

Marina's House:
Marina begins to wake up.
She looks around, "What happened? Where's..."
She begins to get up but has extreme pains.
Marina sees blood all around her.
She hears a baby crying.
Aubrey is in the corner cleaning off a little boy.
Marina looks up, "My baby..."
Aubrey smiles, "My son is here. I did a pretty good job. If I do say so myself."
Marina looks at her, "Can I hold him?"
Aubrey shakes her head, "I don't think so. I have to take care of something. Just really quick."
Aubrey sits the baby down and walks outside.
Marina screams, "No! Aubrey! Aubrey where are you going! I need the baby! What is going on?"
After a couple of minutes Aubrey walks back in.
She returns with gasoline in hand.
Aubrey looks around, "Your house is missing something."
She starts pouring it everywhere.
Marina still can't get up, "What?"
Aubrey continues talking as she pours it, "You know what this place is pretty dark right now. Let's light it up."
Aubrey is holding matches.

Aubrey sets Marina's house on fire!
Jonathan has a proposal for Liz
Vi stuns Coop
Susan and Gus hook up again
Alan confronts Rafe
Annie, Dinah, and Olivia have a meeting


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OMG I'm enthralled with this series right now. Seriously man, your writing could've saved GL with countless recasts and good story telling.

The character who I love the most has to be Aubrey. The girl is psycho and so much fun to read. How could Marina be that naieve to trust her? She's a Randall for crying out loud.

That's awesome that Susan is going after Gus. You have the perfect character representation for this plot because I really couldn't see Bonnie Dennison pulling it off properly.

The Springfield prom was nice as well. I sort of thought that was what Vi would've been hinting at.

All and all this was a good episode and what GL should truly be.

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Thank you so much Matt!

Aubrey is so much fun to write for! Even though she started out in the book I feel like I somewhat created her as I took over from her and turned her into a huge villian. I love everything I've done with her. And she is raising so much hell.

Marina will have to learn the hard way not to trust everyone.

For like 4 years I have imagined Gus/Susan. Then BD showed up as Daisy. Lame! But I'm glad I got to do this story. Do you prefer Olivia or Susan for Gus? Or should he get back with Harley?

Vi has a lot of big stuff this year. All I can say is that this story has a lot of sorta twists coming up.

Thank you so much. I'm behind on episode posting but so much big stuff is coming up and Aubrey Cross is at the center of all of it.

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