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Episode 152



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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The past catches up with them in Springfield...

Bauer Home:

Michelle is in her kitchen cooking.
Her children are out with Rick.
Michelle has been torn up inside about having to break up with Bill but she knows she had to do it.
Michelle talks to herself, "You did the right thing Michelle. You did the right thing for everyone."
There is a knock at the door.
A part of her hopes that it is Bill but she knows it's not the case.
She opens the door, "Hello?"
Two thugs grab her, "Come with us lady!"
Michelle fights, "Who are you? Let go of me!! Help!"
The two men fight her and drag her into a car.

Old Cabin:

Detective Boudreau is outside.
He got a message from the kidnapper to come here.
Remy knocks on the door, "We have the building surrounded. Come out now! Come out now or we're coming in!"
After a few moments there is no response.
The sound of a little girl crying is coming from inside.
Remy kicks the door in.
The cops run in to see Sarah sitting a lone in a room.
Remy walks over to her, "Sarah. Are you okay sweetheart?"
She is in tears, "I want my Daddy!!! I want my Daddy!"
Remy picks her up, "You'll be okay sweetheart. We'll get you to your Daddy very soon."
A cop turns to Remy, "Do you want me to call Ms. Randall and let her know the news?"
Remy shakes his head, "No. I want to make sure that Liz is there when I bring Sarah home. It's only right that she is there with her daughter as well as Aubrey."
The cops begin to search the place.
Remy takes Sarah home.

Reva Bend:

Reva has just got home from work.
It's been hard to concentrate at work with Sarah still missing.
Reva had to come home early.
She sits on her couch to relax.
Her doorbell rings.
She is very tired, "The door is open!"
Chandler walks in, "Reva what the hell? Have you learned nothing? You never let a stranger just walk into your house."
Reva laughs, "I saw you pull up! I knew you'd throw a hissy fit but I thought it'd be funny."
Chandler shakes his head, "This is how I want to remember you Reva. Always a fun woman."
She looks at him, "What's going on? What do you mean remember me? I don't plan on dying on you."
He sighs, "I'm on my way out of town. I just wanted to come say goodbye before I left."
She sits up, "What? You are just leaving? Just like that?"
He laughs, "Reva you knew I wasn't staying in Springfield forever. Come on this was only temporary."
She nods, "Well yeah but the whole Annie thing has been sort of settled. At least your part in it. So I thought something else was keeping you here?"
He nods, "Yeah. Springfield is a nice town. I enjoyed it. But I have more work to do."
Reva walks over to him, "There was nothing else keeping you in Springfield all this time?"
The two look into each other's eyes.

Women's Correctional Facility:

Doris Wolfe is being led down the hall.
She has a visitor.
She is very confused since Ashlee was just here the day before.
Doris is sat down at a table.
She waits for her visitor to show up.
Roxie Shayne approaches the table, "Hello Doris Wolfe. It's nice to see your face."
Doris stares, "I'm sorry have we met?"
Roxie laughs, "Oh you are just too cute. Doris did you really think we would never see each other again. You can always run but you can never really hide now can you?"
Doris shakes her head, "I have no idea what you are talking about."
Roxie nods, "Okay. We can play that game. I'm Roxie Shayne."
Doris scoffs, "Another Shayne? I'm guessing you are related to Reva Shayne? The town trollop."
Roxie sits down, "Oh yes! Now you are catching on. But don't act like you didn't know me long before this. You met me a long time ago didn't you Doris? If that is your real name."
Doris shakes her head, "What do you want Ms. Shayne?"
Roxie grins, "First I wanted to see you behind bars. Lets me know that karma is a bitch. And this is only the beginning for you."
Roxie's evil eyes see through Doris.

Cross Creek:

Baby HB is in his crib.
Bill walks out of the nursery and downstairs.
Emma is standing in the living room with a guilty look on her face.
Bill sees her, "Emma. What is going on sweetheart?"
Emma looks at him, "Daddy I..."
Bill walks towards her, "What is going on?"
Ava walks in from the kitchen, "Emma why don't you run along. Your Daddy and I have to talk."
Bill stares in shock.
Emma slowly walks to her room.
Bill is angry, "What the hell is wrong with you Ava? You get Emma to let you in?"
She nods, "Well Emma is my little sister. And my son lives in this house. I'm not going to let you keep him away from me."
He worries, "Ava you have lost your mind."
She laughs, "Oh I have lost my mind now? Well you are going to lose far more if you don't give me my son right now!"
Bill stares, "Are you threatening me Ava?"
She smiles, "Oh now you are catching on!"
He worries, "Ava what are you going to do?"
She grins, "You give me my son. And then nothing happens to your sweet little Michelle."
Bill's body begins to shake in fear.


Aubrey is in the living room.
She's been staring at the phone waiting for it to ring.
She left the ransom note this morning and assumes the cops have found Sarah by now.
Liz walks down, "I have to call my Dad and...."
Aubrey stops her, "No! You can't use the phone right now!"
Liz stares at her, "It's my house Aubrey! What the hell is wrong with you? I'm just making a quick call."
Aubrey shakes her head, "That's just like you! The cops could call at any minute and you are just going tie up the phone line."
Liz stares, "Why would the police call right now Aubrey?"
The doorbell rings.
Jonathan answers it.
Remy brings little Sarah in.
She runs into Jonathan's arms, "Daddy!!!!"
Jonathan begins sobbing, "Sarah! Oh my God! My Baby! I missed you! I love you! I love you!"
Liz and Aubrey run over in tears, "Sarah!"
Liz hugs her, "Oh baby! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry."
Aubrey kisses Sarah, "I missed you baby. I missed you so much my little sweet angel."
The four all stand together covered in tears.


Reva Bend:
Chandler stands in front of Reva.
He smiles at her, "We have a had quite an adventure. I know it started as just you going to find Annie Dutton."
She nods, "And it became you protecting me. Moving all the way over here to just keep me safe. You barely new me."
Chandler nods, "There is something about you Reva. You have such life in you. It's like this big warm light that just shines and it's contagious. People like you and like being around you."
She laughs, "Well aren't you the charmer."
He smiles, "Well it's true. You've been a good friend to me Reva."
She sighs, "Friend?"
He laughs, "You have no idea how many times I imagined that we'd cross that line. But I think we both know that it wouldn't end the way either of us need it to."
She looks down, "Is this about Josh?"
Chandler smiles, "You love the guy."
She shakes his head, "He's hanging around with his ex!"
He nods, "And I'm not your ex."
She sighs, "I think you are going to be the one that got away."
He smiles, "You've lived a wild life Reva. Maybe if you think about it there is one that got away that aren't even thinking about."
She laughs, "To many men to count."
Chandler smiles, "Will you walk me to my car?"
Reva nods, "Sure. I'm gonna miss you Chandler."
The two walk out to Chandler's car.
They share a hug before Chandler leaves Springfield.

Cross Creek:
Bill is in fear of Ava, "What are you going to do to Michelle?"
Ava smiles, "You mean what have I done?"
The phone rings.
Ava laughs, "Let me guess is it the Bauers?"
Bill looks at the phone.
He can see the Bauer name on the caller ID.
Bill shakes his head, "I can't believe what you are doing Ava. Please leave Michelle alone."
She is angry, "You have kept my child away from me!"
He shakes his head, "You have no excuse to just go crazy!"
She starts knocking things over, "You try and take my child? I will go crazy! I will downright psychotic!"
Ava is tearing the room a part.
Bill runs to the phone.
Ava grabs a lamp and throws it at Bill's head.
Bill falls to the ground.
Ava walks past his unconscious body upstairs to the nursery.

Jonathan sits on the couch with Sarah.
Aubrey and Liz are right next to him.
The four are actually all happy in that moment.
Aubrey turns to the door.
A cop is bringing up a little clear plastic bag to Remy.
Inside of it is a bracelet.
A bracelet that Jonathan bought Aubrey.
She had lost it at the old cabin.
Rafe said he had cleaned the place out but must have missed this.
Remy is talking with the cop.
Aubrey's heart is beating.
She can't hear anything going on around her.
Jonathan would have to recognize it.
Remy walks over, "I know you are all very emotional right now. But we found this at the scene and wanted to know if any of you recognize it."
Liz shakes her head, "No. I don't think so."
Aubrey is about to pass out.
She turns to Jonathan.
He stares for a moment.
But to her surprise he shakes his head, "No."
Remy looks at Aubrey.
She quickly shakes her head, "No. I've never seen that before in my life."
Remy nods, "Okay well we'll take it down to the station and look at it and everything. We'll let Sarah have a good night's rest. We'll be back tomorrow. I'm happy for you guys."
Liz smiles, "Remy... thank you."
He nods and walks away.
The three of them all sit on the couch with Sarah.

Women's Correctional Facility:
Roxie is sitting with Doris.
Doris is angry, "Did you just come here to tease me and taunt me because I'm locked up."
Roxie smiles, "Oh you are just so innocent huh? I mean I guess I should just overlook all of the things you have done to me."
Doris shakes her head, "You are nuts."
Roxie laughs, "I didn't know you as Doris Wolfe. So I had no idea you were the mayor of Springfield when I came to town. But wow was I surprised when I got that little piece of information. Now I'm really going to make your life hell."
Doris shakes her head, "There is nothing you could do to me. I'm in prison. I lost my job. I'm cut off from my daughter. I have lost everything and have nothing anymore."
Roxie sits back, "Oh my God. That's right. Your daughter. Ashlee Wolfe is your daughter."
Doris is alarmed, "What?"
Roxie smiles, "Of course she is. That annoying little brat is just like her mother Doris."
Doris shakes her head, "No. You leave my Ashlee out of this!"
Roxie gets up, "Oh you have done far worse to me Doris. Now it's my turn. I think I'll give Ashlee a call later."
Doris jumps at her, "You stay away from her.
The guards run over and drag Doris out of the room.
Roxie is pleased.

Cross Creek:
Ava goes into the nursery.
She sees Baby HB.
She slowly picks him up, "Oh my... my sweet baby! My adorable little boy. We have separated for far to long."
Ava takes his stuff and walks downstairs with him.
Emma is sitting next to her unconscious father, "Daddy! Daddy please! Please wake up!"
Ava walks down, "Emma I have to run. I'm taking baby HB. I'll talk to you later sweetheart."
Emma looks up, "What is wrong with my Dad?"
Ava sighs, "He's okay. He'll get up later. But I have to go."
Emma cries, "Ava please! Please don't take him!"
Ava smiles, "Do you want to go with me?"
Emma sighs, "I can't... Mom and Dad said..."
Ava walks towards her, "Emma. I'm your sister. You can go with me. I'm not a stranger."
Emma looks at little HB.
He's very helpless.
She can't leave him alone with Ava.
Emma nods, "Okay. I'll... I'll go."
Ava takes her hand.
Before they leave Emma grabs her cellphone from the table.

Aubrey is in the bathroom washing her face.
She has her fake pregnancy pillow off.
She was covered in sweat.
After she puts it back on she walks out of the bathroom.
Aubrey walks into the living room.
Jonathan is standing there, "We need to talk Aubrey."
She looks around, "Where did Sarah go?"
Jonathan isn't happy, "Aubrey... Don't worry about Sarah."
Aubrey worries, "What's going on? Where is my little girl."
Liz walks in, "What's going on?"
Jonathan turns to her, "Keep Sarah in the other room."
Liz is concerned, "She is very tired. I had her go to sleep. What's going on?"
Aubrey stares, "I don't understand."
Jonathan sighs, "The bracelet that Remy had. It was Aubrey's. I wasn't sure but I checked your jewelry box it wasn't there."
Liz turns, "What?"
Aubrey backs up, "You are wrong Jonathan."
Jonathan stares, "I can't believe you. Is this for real Aubrey? Were you involved in Sarah's kidnapping?"
Aubrey gasps, "Jonathan! How could you even say that?"
Jonathan looks at her, "Yes or no?"
Aubrey looks down.
They stare at her.
Finally she looks at them, "Okay it's true. I had Sarah kidnapped. But I did it for you Jonathan. Everything I do is for you."
She smiles at her husband.
Jonathan and Liz stare in complete shock.

Aubrey confesses to everything
Rafe feels guilt and turns to his mother
Roxie and Reva have some sister time
Ava puts more lives in danger!


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