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Episode 151



There is something to be afraid of in Springfield...

Cross Creek:

Bill just put HB down for a nap.
A knock at the door.
Bill sees Olivia, "What do you want now?"
She sighs, "We need to talk Bill."
Bill shakes his head, "I don't think so."
She looks at him, "Please."
He lets her in, "So let me guess. I'm a horrible person for falling in love with Michelle and allowing her to be a good mother figure to my son. Because I don't want to hear it."
She shakes her head, "That's not why I'm here. Bill I have been given suggestion to have Ava taken somewhere that she can get help. Mental and emotional help."
He nods, "Well if you love your daughter..."
She stops him, "Don't! Because after what we've done, how can either one of us say what is best for Ava. God! Bill I was sleeping with you while you were married to my daughter."
Bill sighs, "Olivia it's not like we were just hurting her. We had been in love for years. We share a daughter. We tried to fight our feelings for each other."
She shakes her head, "We didn't try hard enough! And it almost cost Ava her life. It cost her over half a year of her life. And in the end we didn't even stay together. It was all for nothing."
Bill walks towards Olivia, "Then make up for it. Save Ava's child from his mother."
Olivia has tears in her eyes.


Edmund is packing his things.
Ava sits on the bed, "I'm really tired Edmund."
He shakes his head, "We don't have time to be tired. I know your weak but you'll get stronger. You're getting better everyday. I'm going to take you to San Cristobal. That's where you were born."
Ava nods, "San Cristobal?"
He puts a suitcase on the bed, "You see I still have some good acquaintances over there. I can keep us safe. You me and the baby. We'll all be there together."
She sight, "My Baby. They named him HB?"
Edmund scoffs, "Harlan Billy Lewis IV. Ugh. I can't even say it without feeling like vomiting. But he's still able to respond to a new name. Something more appopriate."
She turns to him, "What did you have in mind."
He smiles, "Now that you mention it. I was thinking about naming him after my father. George."
She sighs, "George Lewis?"
Edmund shakes his head, "Well you need to accept that you are no longer a Lewis darling. "
She looks down, "I don't feel like a Peralta anymore either. I feel more like...."
Edmund smiles, "A Winslow."
She grins, "When can we get Baby George Edmund Winslow?"
Edmund hugs his daughter.


Jonathan and Liz are in the living room.
Liz pulls away from him, "It's not right."
Jonathan sighs, "I'm sorry I..."
She shakes her head, "I mean... it's not right because Sarah isn't here. We can't just kiss and pretend like our daughter hasn't been kidnapped. Jonathan I can't stand this."
Jonathan rubs her back, "I know. It's killing me."
Liz holds a picture of Sarah, "Oh God. I hate this. I know that she's scared and confused. And wondering where her parents are."
Jonathan hugs her, "We'll find her. Tammy is watching over her. Sarah will be safe."
Liz nods, "I know. I know because I can feel it you know. I mean I can feel that Sarah is still..."
He nods, "Of course you can. You gave birth to her."
She nods, "I remember. I remember for a years people were telling me that Sarah was dead. I had mourn her knowing in my heart that she wasn't dead. I always knew in my heart."
Jonathan looks at her, "Well I know this is difficult but you need to understand Aubrey. She can't feel those things for Sarah. But I mean she still loves her and is worried about her being kidnapped. Aubrey loves Sarah more than anything."

Old Cabin:

Sarah is still locked in another room.
Aubrey and Rafe are making out.
Aubrey grins, "Things are working out perfectly. Jonathan will never forgive Liz for neglecting Sarah."
Rafe nods, "Or for being so cold about her being kidnapped."
Aubrey kisses his neck, "All of this trouble is so hott!"
He smirks, "Let's kick things up a notch."
He starts to unbutton her shirt.
She shoves him away, "No. Sarah is in the other room."
She peaks in on her.
Sarah is napping.
Aubrey smiles, "She's always such an angel when she sleeps. I brought her some toys to play with. Just remember to burn them once we bring her home."
Rafe takes her arm, "Let's go outside. Let the little kid sleep."
He takes her outside.
Aubrey kisses him.
The two are celebrating their victory.
He grins, "What about Jonathan? Where do I fit in to that mess?"
Aubrey smiles, "Until Jon is done fooling around with Liz, I'm gonna keep this little friendship going."
Rafe laughs, "Have you ever done it outside?"
She smiles, "Well we've done it everywhere else."
Suddenly they hear footsteps.
Alan is standing there, "This is great. My Grandson is a criminal and he's a moron."
Rafe and Aubrey stare in shock.


Lucy just finished a meeting with her staff.
Marina approaches her, "Hey Aunt Lucy. How are you?"
She hugs her, "Oh I'm great sweetheart. How are you? Wow look at your little belly."
Marina laughs, "My big belly. yeah my due date is getting closer."
Lucy smiles, "I'm happy for you. Buzz told me you were keeping the baby. Now that Rocky and Shayne are broke up."
Marina sighs, "I made that decision before Shayne and Rocky broke up. But yes. I decided not to give my baby away. It was a mistake I was making while I was mourning Danny."
She hugs Marina again, "Oh I'm sorry honey. I know you've had a rough year. I hope you know we all love you."
Marina nods, "Yeah. I love you all too. I have the best family in the world. And I was hoping you would do me another favor."
Lucy nods, "Of course sweetheart anything."
Marina sighs, "Well the thing is that I was originally planning to ask Rocky and Shayne to take care of this. But now that's all done. But I was thinking you and David would be good to do it now."
Lucy gasps, "Oh my God! Marina you aren't asking me to raise your baby with David are you?"
Marina and Lucy both stare at each other in shock.

Springfield High:

Vi is walking out of the school.
Maureen is following her every step of the way, "Are you serious Vi? I mean Mr. Bradshaw?"
Vi keeps walking, "I'm not talking to you Maureen. You need to just go away from me."
Maureen keeps following her, "Vi you can't be serious about this! Mr. Bradshaw is our teacher. He is a grown man and he could be taking advantage of you. You have to be..."
Vi turns, "You are so stupid! We haven't done anything Maureen. It's sad how jealous you are."
Maureen is confused, "Jealous?"
Vi nods, "You've always been after my sloppy seconds. You are all over Jason now that I left him. You jumped on Kevin after I slept with him and now all of this?"
Maureen stares, "Oh my God. One year later and you actually admit it. You did sleep with Kevin at Spring Break last year."
Vi scoffs, "No kidding dumass! And when you were dating him I was still fooling around with him."
Maureen shakes her head, "I thought we were friends Vi."
Vi shouts, "I freaking despise you! You follow me around and act like we are friend. I don't like you Maureen! And now I am finally about to leave you high school punks behind and go into a real relationship with a man like Mr. Bradshaw."
Maureen starts to understand, "Oh my God. I get what's going on now. Mr. Bradshaw has no idea what's going on does he?"
Vi's anger grows.


Marina walks out from the restrooms.
She is still laughing, "I'm sorry. I have to pee every time someone makes me laugh."
Lucy nods, "So I guess you weren't asking me to raise your unborn baby. Okay it was a silly question."
Marian sighs, "No offense. It's not like I would think you'd be a bad mother or something."
Lucy laughs, "I would be. I am not real good with kids. I like them better when they are... grown up."
Marina nods, "Okay well I guess I won't ask you to babysit. But how do you do with houses?"
Lucy is confused, "Excuse me?"
Marina smiles, "I need someone to house sit for me. I'm going out of town and I need someone to water plants and get the mail. Stuff like that."
Lucy nods, "Are you even allowed to travel right now?"
Marina sighs, "There's this good hospital in Chicago. Good doctors. I'm going there for a few weeks. Nothing serious. But I just want to go to a real expert. And they deal with a lot of people in my situation. Women getting ready to raise babies with a deceased father."
Lucy takes Marina's hand, "We'd be happy to do it. I mean it would be fun. David and I can play house for a while."
Marina hugs her, "Thanks Aunt Lucy."
Lucy walks Marina back to her car.

Springfield High:
Vi is angry with Maureen, "You are pathetic. I mean is your life really so empty that you have to obsess over mine?"
Maureen sighs, "Wow. I mean I had you pegged totally different. You are always so sweet and kind."
Vi shakes her head, "I hate it. I hate having to be the perfect little girl every time I'm in this stupid school. Have to pretend that I'm some ignorant little twit like you."
Maureen shakes her head, "You are falling for your teacher. Mr. Bradshaw could get in trouble if you tell anyone about this!"
Vi gets in her face, "I'm not going to tell anyone. And neither are you. Mr. Bradshaw and I are going to fight to be together. We aren't going to let you destroy what we share."
Maureen stares, "I can't believe the words that are coming out of your mouth. You have lost it Vi."
Vi shakes her head, "No. You'll see one day. When we ride off into the sunset together. You'll see Maureen."
Maureen sighs, "Vi you are in way to deep."
Vi is filled with rage, "No you are. I swear to God if you tell anyone about this I will rip you limb from limb. Do you understand me?"
Maureen goes to say something, "Vi..."
Vi shakes her, "No you do not! I will mess you up you stupid bitch!"
Vi leaves the school.
Maureen is still quite shaken by all of this.

Liz turns away from Jonathan, "I'm sorry but I just... Aubrey is so sick and cruel..."
Jonathan sighs, "She's not really always like this. She's such a good person. But think of all she's done. She is carrying my child and yet she was willing to move in here with my ex. She loved Sarah as if she were her own but now she has to watch you with her. It's very difficult for her. And I know that deep down she is a good person."
Liz sighs, "I get it. In a way I can relate to her. I was in her shoes when I was married to you. You were in love with Tammy.... Not that you are in love with me now. You are married to Aubrey."
Jonathan sighs, "Liz... it's not that. It's not about loving Aubrey or you. Honestly Tammy was the love of my life. I don't know if I'm ever going to stop loving her."
Liz sighs, "Well I'll never know that feeling. Because I never had a love of my life."
He feels bad, "Liz I didn't...'
She backs away, "No. I'm fine. I accepted that a long time ago. It's my karma. For what I did to Tammy."
Jonathan sighs, "If Alan gets to find the love of his life then you will find yours."
Liz turns to him, "When I'm my Granddad's age?"
Jonathan laughs, "No. Liz you have changed so much. Any guy would love to have you as his wife."
Liz nods, "But it's not you."
She walks away leaving Jonathan feeling guilty.

Old Cabin:
Alan stares at Aubrey and Rafe fooling around in the ground.
Aubrey realizes she doesn't have her fake pregnant belly on.
She grabs Rafe's coat and covers herself.
Rafe stands up, "Hey Granddad. What brings you by?"
Aubrey sighs, "How much did you hear Mr. Spaulding?"
Alan turns to her, "Enough."
Rafe scoffs, "So what did you hear that makes me a criminal."
Alan sighs, "It's not what I heard. It's what I found in your bedroom."
They realize he's oblivious to their role in the kidnapping.
Rafe laughs, "Don't embarrass me in front of the chick."
Alan sighs, "You couldn't just fool around with some random young woman. You had to choose the pregnant wife of Jonathan Randall. A woman who has a lot of hate towards Elizabeth."
She scoffs, "Are you gonna run and tell 'Elizabeth' about this?"
Alan sighs, "Even if I did she wouldn't believe me."
Aubrey nods, "I'd love to stay and listen to you go on about your 'Elizabeth' but I'm going to go inside."
Aubrey goes into the cabin.
Alan walks towards Rafe, "What are you doing? Aubrey Randall? What will your mother think?"
Rafe scoffs, "What will you tell her?"
Alan sighs, "Your mother doesn't need this stress."
Rafe stares, "How did you find me?"
Alan nods, "I have my ways."
Rafe backs up, "Well I'm busy. So I'll see you later."
Before Alan leaves he looks at Rafe, "Please Raphael. Don't do something you'll regret."
Alan walks away.
Rafe watches Alan leave, "No worries. Spauldings have no regrets."
Rafe walks back inside.

Edmund's stuff is almost all packed.
He is closing suitcases, "We are almost ready."
She looks around, "What about my stuff?"
Edmund smiles, "Oh my Angel. We'll buy you knew stuff. Beautiful things. Anything your heart desires."
Ava smiles, "And Baby George. We can buy him everything too. Give him a great life."
Edmund nods, "A better life. Better than anything a Lewis could ever give him. You know that?"
Ava nods, "I know. But Bill is still his father. And I don't know how long we can keep them a part."
Edmund looks at her, "Don't feel bad for Bill. He is trying to keep you son from you. So why not you beat him at his own game."
She nods, "I just want my baby. That's all I want. I just want my little boy in my arms."
Edmund smiles, "You will Darling. I promise you."
Ava grins, "I believe you."
Edmund grabs his stuff, "We need to get going."
Ava stands up, "When Edmund? When do I get to have my little boy in my arms? When?"
Edmund takes her hand, "Very soon my daughter."
The two leave the Beacon.

Cross Creek:
Olivia sits on the couch.
Bill brings her water, "I know you are going through a lot right now with Ava. But you need to understand that she is sick right now. She's been sick for a while but it's worse. She is a danger to her son."
Olivia sighs, "But how can we be sure she is?"
Bill looks at her, "Olivia come on. I mean do you remember how she fell into the coma? She hired someone to kidnap Marah. She fought with her and fell down an elevator shaft. It wasn't us who did that to her. She did it to herself. You have to see that. She could have killed the baby. You can't let her do that again."
Olivia wipes tears, "I'll go see Ed."
Bill nods, "That's good."
Olivia's phone rings.
She answers it, "Hello. Dr. Bauer I was getting ready to.... What? What? I don't... damn it!"
Olivia hangs up.
Bill looks at her, "What is it? What's wrong?"
She turns to him, "Ava. She's left the hospital. Edmund and Ava are gone."
Bill's stomach turns in knots.

Michelle's life is in danger
Ava drops by Cross Creek
Doris gets a visitor
Chandler is leaving Springfield
Sarah is rescued!


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