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Casting Updates!



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Jammy and Jaubrey Gone!
Peyton List, Tom Pelphrey, and Stephanie Gatschet all exit as Aubrey, Jonathan and Ghost Tammy. No word on how the people will exit but it is promised to be big. And rumors still go that Tammy will be brought back from the dead.

The Doctor is Out!
Montel Williams exits as Dr. Chandler Tyler. The role didn't seem to work out and was written off. However a new story will soon begin for Reva that may involved the return of an old character from her past.

Cassie Lives Again!
After Nicole Forester left we thought we'd never see the character again. While the evil Cassandra is gone Cassie is not. Popular favorite Laura Wright returns to Springfield when Cassie Winslow wakes up in Cedars. FTL promises to see the old Cassie but still redemtion must be made for her actions as Cassandra.

Frank and Eleni Return!
Frank Dicoplous will make another return as Frank Cooper but this time Jennifer Roczell will be playing Eleni again. The returns are temporary.

Recurring Status:
Rick Hearst, Yvonna Wright, Sabine Singh and Terrell Tilford have been taken off contract. Rumors still go around that these characters have exits planned but FTL has yet to make a statement.

Rumored info:

Stars such as Lesli Kay, Colin Egglesfield, Jeff Branson and Tamara Braun are being considered to join the cast.

Jessica Leccia is expected to take some time off this summer as Natalia.

Kane Manera may return as Mark Guillespie.

Bonnie Dennison, Arielle Renwart, and Scott Clifton may be let go and the characters Maureen, Vi, and Jason may be recast.

If Reva's story doesn't go as planned KZ might exit FTL!!!


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Sorry! I had a lot going on and wasn't able to keep up as fast.

But I have the rest of my stories that were supposed to air in April done.

I will post them all and then move on to my May Sweeps stories!

Thanks for reading blossie!

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