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Episode#324: History Repeats




Episode#324: History Repeats

-Jan and Nicole sit in the Secret Room…Jan still worried about her baby and everything between Lucas and this Eugenia Willens, and Nicole continues to try to come up with other plans to escape….Jan looks at Nicole, and asks if she really thinks Lucas would get with another woman.

-Lucas and Eugenia spend time together, Eugenia asks how Will and Destiny are, Lucas says they’re fine, he told them they were just in a minor accident, and didn’t mention Sami or the other person who died after going off the cliff…Eugenia and Lucas continue to bond and kiss, Lucas wondering if he’s found love with someone knew!

-Abe and Maggie are at Abe’s house, and Abe is doing more physical therapy…Maggie continues to help him…Abe says everything’s coming along so well, but then there’s a knock on the door…Maggie answers it to see…Faye Walker!

-Alexis walks into Chez Rouge, and says to herself maybe Jeremy’s here…she just got released from the hospital after that crazy stabbing and needs to find him…she looks around, hoping since its his aunt’s restaurant he will be SOMEWHERE there, but suddenly…Laura walks up in front of her, and says:

Laura:You can just stop right there….

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Nicole laughs and says sure, she was married to Lucas…he goes through women like wildfire. Nicole then says seriously, though…she thinks it’d be odd if he just went on, for years he was fixated on Sami, with minor women inbetween like her or Alexis Kefer, until Jan came along…if he moves on with Eugenia, she will be VERY surprised!

-Lucas and Eugenia have a romantic time together…

-Abe looks in shock at none other than Faye Walker at his doorstep, and asks what she’s doing here…he tells her Brandon told him she was back in town but he almost forgot….Faye walks in and greets them both, and Maggie watches, and Faye tells Abe she was just here to greet one of her favorite men!

-Alexis asks Laura who the hell she is, and Laura tells her she’s Jeremy’s grandmother, and Alexis exclaims not ANOTHER bitch from Jeremy’s family…Laura tells her she’s not here to get angry at her, she’s not like Robin…even if what Alexis did was wrong…she tells Alexis she knows her pain, because…she cheated on Jeremy’s uncle Mickey with his grandfather Bill once…she was in the exact same position as Alexis is in now!

-Jan says she knows, but still…Lucas thinks she ran off or something, he’d move on after awhile, and she’s sure he’s tired of searching for her! Nicole groans and tells Jan that until they get out of here, she needs to stop worrying about who Lucas is having sex with…first they just need to escape from crazy Greta Von Rabies!

-Lucas and Eugenia continue to romance each other, both enjoying their new relationship…

-Alexis’s eyes widen…and she says wow…she didn’t know someone RELATED to Jeremy and Mike would hear her plea…Laura says she is by no means condoning what Alexis did, but she does know how she feels…Laura says that Mike’s paternity was a subject of confusion for years, as she hid the affair from Mickey…Alexis asks what happened, Laura says that Mickey lost his memory and fell in love with Maggie, but in the end it all came out…she and Mickey never got back together, but did remain friends…she and Bill never lasted, either, but she truly loved them both…however she feels there is hope for Alexis and Jeremy!

-Abe tells Faye its so great to see her, and Faye nods…saying he was one of the few men who ever treated her nicely…Maggie continues to watch as Faye and Abe get re-acquainted, talking and laughing about old times and also Abe explaining his condition to Faye…Maggie slowly clenches her fists!

-Alexis asks Laura what she should do to get him back…Laura tells her she heard about how he saved her when she was stabbed…go to him, thank him, and try to just get re-acquainted with him…she knows her grandson, he will come around…Alexis slowly thanks her, running off to try to find Jeremy…Laura smiles, but Robin approaches from behind, having heard everything, and she yells:

Robin:Oh you crazy bitch! I’m gonna kill you!

Laura:Oh try me, Robin!


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