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The Hourglass, Episode 3

Dr Neil Curtis


"Hope, don't you ever come into my office again and place your hands on me or you will pay a great deal" said Victor as he grabbed Hope by her shoulders. "I just want you to stop sending my sister gifts and keep that BRAT in line" said Hope as she snatched away from Victor. "I am not sending Julie anything, now GET OUT" said Victor as he pushed her out and slam the door.

Liz and Mickey was shock to see Neil in their presence. Sami explain to Lucas the history of Neil, Liz, Mickey, Maggie and Marie. "Oh, He is the reason for Aunt Maggie Booze's history" said Lucas as he and Sami walked off. "Yea part of it" said Sami. "Neil Curtis, what are you doing her" asked Mickey as he flashed back to Maggie and Neil's affair. "I am up for the Chief-of-Staff, and I need every board members support" said Neil as he glanced over Mickey's shoulder and seen Phyllis. Liz and Mickey turned around and greeted Liz and Marlena. "Doc, How are you" asked Eugene as he touched Marlena's Shoulder. "GENE, wait til Sami finds out you are in town" said Marlena as she kissed Eugene all over his head. "I just met Adult Sami Gene and her husband, leaving the OB-GYN" said Eugene as Marlena wondered why they were at Dr. Bader's, together.

Phillip and Abby goes over some paperwork when Abby blast him for stealing Julie's plans. "Abigail, I just wanted to make my father happy" said Phillip as he looked over the designs. "Damn itm Phillip you could have came up with something on your own, I am sure Mr. K is not that hurt to please" said Abby. "You don't know my father, he is not like Jack Deveraux" said Phillip. Just as Abby looked into Phillip eyes and smiled at his dimples, The door swings open. "Phillip I have been calling you and calling you the check you sent me has been cancelled, you Jerk" said the woman with a 4 year old boy at her side. "Oh My God, Cassie DiMera" said Abby as she notices the pale white look on Phillip's face. "Its Cassie Kiriakis, Abby" she said.

Everyone gathered in the boardroom for the meeting. Abe greeted Phyllis, Liz, Eugene, and introduced them to Lexie. Laura and Kim came in and greeted everyone and took their seats. "The board meeting is now in session said Dr. Joplin as she helped Alice up. "Alice is still lovely" whispered Eugene to Phyllis, who nods yes. "First on the Agenda, Hospital Adminstrator will be Dr. Sarah Horton, Esq. She will be joining us shortly with her expectations of the staff. She has a degree in law and medicine, so she knows the ropes." said Alice. Dr. Marlena Evans, Dr. Laura Horton, and Dr. Kimberly Brady-Collier will be over our Psychiatry ward" said Alice as she handed folders to the three of them. "Congrats, Ladies" said Eugene as everyone applauded. "Now on to the voting" said Neil sarcastically. "Not So fast, Neil" said Alice. pediatrician and ob-gyn staff will be conducted by Dr. Bader. I am still looking for you an assistant, Karen" said Alice. "Now to the voting Neil" said Dr. Joplin. "Abe, he is going to get the position, he has more experience" said Lexie "Sweetheart, have faith" said Abe as he kissed her hand. "These are your Candiates for Chief-of-Staff: Dr Neil Curtis and Dr. Alexandra Carver" said Alice as she turned the meeting over to Board President, Dr. Lenore Joplin. "Excuse me, Dr. Joplin, first off you need to know somethings about this Dr. Carver" said Neil as he pulled out a thick file and everyone looked on.

Next Episode:

Phillip and Cassie secret is revealed

Roman wine and dine Nicole

The meeting continues

The Mystery Man hides out in Doug and Julie's penthouse

Guest Stars:

Liz Curtis: Gloria Loring

Eugene Bradford: John De Lancie

Phyllis Anderson: Marla Adams

Laura Horton: Leslie Charleson


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