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The Hourglass, Episode 2

Dr Neil Curtis


"Neil Curtis is back in town" asked Marlena as She and Phyllis walk through the cementary. "Yes, he applied for the position and he is up against a Dr. Carver" said Phyllis as she looked over her paperwork. "Yes, thats Abe Carver's wife" said Marlena. Someone standing behind a tree with black gloves clinched their fist. "All of Stefano's kids will pay for destroying my family" said the woman in her mind as Marlena and Phyllis left.

"Katherine, how are you" said Laura sarcastically as hugged Kate. Kate pulled away and looked at Laura as if she was losing it again. "Kate, you look wonderful, who's husband are you sleeping with now" ask Laura. Kate went in for a slap, but Laura grabbed her wrist. "Kate, whats taking so long with the drinks, darling" said Jack as he pecked her on the cheek. "Oh My God, you're sleeping with Jack" yelled Laura. Laura went straight for Kate's neck.

Hope and Ciara visit Julie at her office, when a delivery boy come in with a box of chocolates and a dozen of blue roses. "Daddy sure knows how to treat a lady" said Hope as she taste a chocolate and shared it with Ciara. "From me to you, Darling, I think its from Victor, and Phillip doesn't like it at all, he snapped on me earlier" said Julie as she played with ciara. "I will handle them, both" said Hope as she handed Ciara to Julie and stormed out. "Hope, Darling, Don't" yelled Julie.

"Sami, the twins are healthy as a horse" said Dr. Bader as Sami and Lucas both looked surprise. "Oh My God, twins, Will is going to be so excited when he returns from Athens" said Lucas as he kissed his wife. Sami felt as if her life was coming together. "Here is your prescription, I wish you and Lucas the best, see you in two weeks" said Dr. Bader. "Thanks for everything, Karen" said Sami as Dr. Bader left for the meeting. Lucas, we got to surprise the family after the meeting" said Sami as they walked out the room. "Samantha Gene, is that you" asked a man. As Sami turned around to see Eugene Bradford and Liz Chandler!

"These are the samples of fragrance scents and these are the bottles designs and we owe it all to my son, Phillip" said Victor in his meeting as Phillip blushed. "I be damn, those are Julie's designs and she worked hard on them" said Doug as he stood up. "He just throw those same designs on Julie's desk an hour ago and told her they weren't good enough" said Doug as Phillip tried to talk over him. "Is this true Phillip" asked Victor as John, Doug, Abby, Briscoe, and others looked on. "She didn't do them right, so I made them my own" said Phillip frighten. Board members begin to mumble and walk out, bringing embarassment to Victor's face. As Victor and Phillip begin to argue, Hope burst into the office and slap Victor, then Phillip. "You stay away from my sister, you bastard and you never blast my sister for doing her job, Junior Bastard" Said Hope as she put her hair back in place.

Julie placed Ciara on the couch and read the card on the flowers. "Oh No it can't be" said Julie as she dropped the card. "What's Wrong grandma" asked Ciara as she ate another Chocolate. "Nothing, Dear" said Julie as she rambled through her desk to find the previous note. "Oh My God, he can't be back" said Julie. "Who can't be back" asked Doug as he walked in the office.

"Mom, what are you doing here" said Jennifer as she pulled her mother away from Kate. "Kimberly Collier and I came for the board meeting at the hospital, but lucky I stop by here, this bitch is having an affair with your husband" said Laura as she splashed a drink in Kate's face. Laura, all of us are here together celebrating our return to The Spectator" said Jack. Laura looked at Jennifer, who nods yes. Laura apologize to Jack and gives Kate a napkin to clean up. "See you around, Katherine" said Laura as she headed off.

"Uncle Eugene, Mrs. Curtis" said Sami as she hugged them both. "This is my husband Lucas Horton, Bill Horton's son. Lucas this is my Godfather and namesake , Eugene, and one of Salem's many songtresses, Liz Curtis" said Sami as Lucas shook hands with them. Liz looked at Lucas as if she knew him from somewhere. "Sami, Lucas" said Mickey as he came up and kissed Sami on the cheek. "Mickey we don't get a hello" said Liz as she flashed her beautiful smile. "Liz, Eugene, I heard you would be here for this year's meeting" said Mickey as he greeted them. "Do I get a hug" asked Neil as Liz and Mickey look at each other.

next episode:

-The Meeting begins

-Phillip flirts with Abby, but gets a surprise

-Victor and Hope have it out

-Neil Plays dirty

Guest Stars:

Phyllis Anderson: Marla Adams

Laura Horton: Leslie Charleson

Liz Curtis: Gloria Loring

Eugene Bradford: John de Lancie


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Short and Good... Love it! - This Hope isn't what I use too, but I can learn to love her...

thats the fiesty Hope from the 80's. She comes out every now and then on the actual show

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