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The Hourglass, Premiere Episode

Dr Neil Curtis


Alice and Maggie get things together for the board meeting. "I hope the meeting goes well" said Maggie as she put the doughnuts out. "This will be a great chance for my Sarah to take the hospital back down the right path and come home to family". said Maggie. Suddenly a man walks up behind them. "Oh I didn't know my Sarah was the new adminastrator, I know I am shoo in as Chief-Of-Staff" he said, as Maggie turned around to see her former fling Dr. Neil Curtis

Phyllis Anderson walks over to her daughter and ex-husband's graves and placed flowers on them and remembered all the good and bad times they shared. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and faced her old friend Marlena. "Marlena" she said as she hugged her friend. "Great minds think alike, I was just visiting my sweet baby D.J." said Marlena as she wiped the tears from Phyllis' eyes. "What brings you back to Salem" asked Marlena. "The board meeting, to vote on the new Chief-of-Staff and various of other positions" said Phyllis. "Oh Wonderful, so who's up for the COS position" asked Marlena. "the only name I recognized is Neil Curtis" she said as Marlena looked on in Shock.

Doug and Julie arrived at Titan with their posposals for the new fragrance line. Suddenly Julie notice a box of imported chocolates, one blue rose, and a note on her desk. "Victor got to stop this" She thought as she stuff the note in her desk without reading it. "Darling old Vic must like the work you are doing around here" said Doug as he taste one of the Chocolates. "Julie these designs are not your best. I need you to make some improvements, PRONTO" said Phillip as he threw the designs on Julie's desk and stormed out. "BRAT" yelled Julie as she threw the Chocolates and hit Phillip!

Jo, Jack, Jennifer, and Kate goes over some papers left in Vern's Will. "According to these documents Vern bought The Spectator from Oliver Wentworth and in the event of his death Kate will be in charge, while the two of you take on the role as Editors-In-Chief." said Jo as she pass the papers to Kate. "Oh My God, I didnt know Vern that well, but he knew it was always my dream to get this paper back from Oliver" said Kate as she scanned Vern's dying wish. "He thought highly of your work Kate" said Jo. "We are back in business, Jennifer" yelled Jack. Kate went to the bar to order some drinks for everyone and came face to face with Laura Horton!!!

Next Episode:

Liz Curtis and Eugene Bradford returns

Hope gives it to Phillip and Victor

Julie recieves more gifts

Kate and Laura have it out

Mickey sees Neil

Sami gets news from the doctor.

Guest Stars:

Phyllis Anderson: Marla Adams

Laura Horton: Leslie Charleson


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